I can confirm I just met with two Special Agents with DoJ OIG…….

As I stated earlier, I have not been subpoenaed by Team Horn nor do I expect to receive one.  I gave a general description of the kind of people that speak with me but did not identify anyone by name.  I was asked if I were willing to identify my sources and I declined, citing the promises of confidentiality that I made to my sources. That said, I did swear that to the best of my knowledge and belief that I have never received information from Jim Letten’s office, the US Attorney’s Office in general or any state or local investigative agency.  I swore that because it is the God’s honest truth.  We rake our muck the old fashioned way here at Slabbed and will continue to do so in the same fashion.

All hell is breaking loose on a number of fronts folks. Please stay tuned.

21 thoughts on “I can confirm I just met with two Special Agents with DoJ OIG…….”

  1. Way to go Doug! How can we not stay tuned? These past few years are coming to a head, and i don’t think anyone here would miss it for the world.

    1. Naaaaaa! That dude’s got testicles the size of cannon balls. You’d have to running a webpage based on outing all the corruption that the local press won’t touch.

    2. The cannonballs involve being nervous and doing it anyway, because you believe it’s the right thing. A BIG, BIG thank you to Doug & accessories. 🙂

  2. “to the best of my knowledge and belief……” – but did you tell them about the Camp St. wino who is not a federal employee but just hangs out around Lafayette Square receiving occasional “tips”.

    All the G men need to do is find the wino and interview him about his “tips”.

    1. We specifically talked about my composite source, The Wino. I told them truthfully the Wino remains pissed I moved her from Lafreniere Park to Lafayette Square.

      When I was asked if there was anything else I wanted to tell them, I requested that they lock up Aaron Broussard as quickly as possible.

      Nervous does not exactly describe it. I’m an auditor from way far back so I typically get along quite well with the investigative community. :mrgreen:

    1. Brilliant?! I can’t wait until the missus sees that.

      Actually I could not do any of this without people like you Inc thus it is true that great minds think alike.

  3. What an exciting life you lead, Doug!! Meeting w/the DOJ and all…kudos for not revealing your sources (what did they think you’re stupid? unscrupulous? untrustworthy?….you’re not part of the local govt !!). 🙂

    I wondered what happened to you as I went to the old site and saw the “out of business” msg.

    Glad you’re back (not that you went anywhere) and I’m back w/you.

    (Tampa, FL)

  4. P.S. The thing I love most about your site is that the comments are not CENSORED!!! We comment it and its posted w/o having to be censored, edited, etc. To me, that’s the true meaning of enjoying the freedom of expressing one’s opinions, thoughts, etc.

    (Tampa, FL)

    1. I was asked if I got any leaks from politicians. I laughed and said the politicians, especially in Jefferson Parish, wanted to wring my neck so no leaks from sitting politicians here on my JP coverage. It is no secret we were close with certain members of Gene Taylor’s staff when he was in office thus the qualifier.

      A leak from Mini-me? Yeah that’ll be the day………

      1. Chrissy only leaks stories to da’ TV media when he wants to get his illusionist, good gov’t face on da’ big screen.

        Heard he was recently nominated for the Golden Fickle Finger Award for his performance in the horror video film, “Sittin’ on da’ Terlit”

        1. Lee Z and the Mack Attack are Chrissy’s personal outlets du jour when he wants his attack pieces out. Landrieu only uses Lee Z and Nola.com to push his agenda.

  5. On a completely different note, Mitch Lanrdrieu was quoted as saying it’s a “sad day” in New Orleans based on Nagin’s indictment. This “sad day” line makes me want to puke. Why is it EVER a sad day when a felonious public official, or former public official, is prosecuted for crimes committed while in office? Mitch and John Young use the same playbook on this kind of thing.

        1. Ha! nola.com LOVES that photo, and so do I– Stacy Head yapping away, and Mitch leading with his chin (nola.com/politics/index.ssf/2012/12/mayor_mitch_landrieu_has_a_big.html). :_)

          1. Good job, Doug. It seems they are conducting a thorough investigation. After the Mann debacle, DOJ is not going to hand in a declaration stating that they are not familiar with the Comment section of NOLA.com!

            I’ve guessed previously that DOJ has interviewed everyone in that office (probably under oath) as well as checked all the government computers (and quite possibly private computers and phones).

            I think step 2 was reading all comments to articles about the cases of interest. Then they subpoenaed those that appeared to have any non-public information and that outright claim to have sources in that office. Example, Copperhead repeatedly said he was a personal friend of Letten’s. That would get DOJs attention.

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