I can confirm I just met with two Special Agents with DoJ OIG…….

As I stated earlier, I have not been subpoenaed by Team Horn nor do I expect to receive one.  I gave a general description of the kind of people that speak with me but did not identify anyone by name.  I was asked if I were willing to identify my sources and I declined, citing the promises of confidentiality that I made to my sources. That said, I did swear that to the best of my knowledge and belief that I have never received information from Jim Letten’s office, the US Attorney’s Office in general or any state or local investigative agency.  I swore that because it is the God’s honest truth.  We rake our muck the old fashioned way here at Slabbed and will continue to do so in the same fashion.

All hell is breaking loose on a number of fronts folks. Please stay tuned.