If I may be so bold as to suggest those wanting perspective on Heebe’s internet commenter witch hunt….

You should click here because the harassment first became manifest when former NOLA City Attorney Bob Ellis threatened Jason Berry at American Zombie with a SLAPP suit.

Less than one year later Interim parish Prez Steve TheRiot sued the blogosphere conducting a witch hunt for certain online critics. Slabbed was mentioned in TheRiot’s suit in a clear shot across our bow.

And then there are the SLAPP suits from Canada, well covered here on Slabbed.

The dots are all out there folks, they just need connecting.

11 thoughts on “If I may be so bold as to suggest those wanting perspective on Heebe’s internet commenter witch hunt….”

    1. One key piece of information stated in the article that is necessary to identify the user is the IP address. This is the crux of most of the speculation surrounding Heebe’s assertions from the minute we learned about them. How did Heebe get his hands on the poster’s IP addy? Yes, you can lump all the different aliases together via linguistics, but it cannot be linked to an actual person absent finding identifying information revealed within the posts (which has not been discovered in the Perricone posts that I am aware).

      1. I would have to agree that with all the comments submitted to nola.com there had to have been some IP addy help in identifying these people. It would take a lot of man hours to sift through all the comments and then pick out phrases from court filing to match with the online comments. I just don’t think it could be done. If the IP addys were discovered/given/stolen(which wouldn’t surprise me with this crew) and then an expert looked at the comments and court filing with the knowledge already of who the commenters were, then an expert would have an easier job.

    2. “it cannot be linked to an actual person absent finding identifying information revealed within the posts”

      Well, in Perricone’s case he sometimes chatted on nola.com with other anonymous commenters, and it was clear in a few cases that he and the other persons were known to each other. Here’s someone talking to Mencken in a congenial way (“I’ll see you at the Owl Bar old friend,”) nola.com/opinions/index.ssf/2011/08/reader_comment_how_will_new_la.html), and here’s someone talking to Mencken in a less complimentary fashion (“Anyone who has had professional experiences with some (most, but not all) of the folks in the office of the EDLA U.S. Attorney would initially be surprised by your comments — until you thoughtfully provided the reference point that you admire John Volz,” nola.com/crime/index.ssf/2012/01/federal_judge_wants_prosecutor.html).

      Perricone answered that last comment by saying, “Oh how wrong you are, Louis,” which sounds like there may be some acquaintance, but even more interesting is that reference to “the office of the EDLA U.S. Attorney.” :_) And you can see a comment from eweman to the same person on that page (“Brlawyer – you’re a racketeering-convicted EWE admirer, a Judge Porteous impeached defender, a prosecutor basher and god knows what else”), which sounds personally directed.

      Also in Perricone’s case, Mike Magner knew he was commenting as early as 2010, according to Engelhardt’s order (“in December 2010, a former EDLA colleague still in the employ of the DOJ, but stationed overseas, communicated to Magner his belief that Perricone was ‘legacyusa'”), and that’s a second avenue for the information to travel, since Magner and Gibbens used to work together.

      Something similar may have happened in the case of Mr. International House, but there’s no way to know without more information.

        1. Very much agreed on unbagged cat. I asked brlawyer about the conversation later on, and here’s what he said: “And you’re right, at the time I thought that they were likely AUSAs (I mean really — who else would take the time to write a post defending John Volz?).” He’s a very sharp guy, but many of the legal types are, and it was clear Mencken & eweman were taking no pains to conceal their identities in any meaningful way.

          Mark Moseley at The Lens said something interesting in his last post (“I think we

          1. That rumor involving the judiciary has legs IMHO. I’ve heard a name but will not elaborate beyond saying I have heard a name.

          2. I’m aware of the comments some have made regarding my exchanges with Mencken and eweman, wondering whether I knew them. At the time, I thought it was likely that they were current or former AUSAs — I guess the possibility that a current AUSA was commenting didn’t shock me, because after all the topic was the death of John Volz rather than some current prosecution. As it turned out, I did know them although I had no idea who they were at the time. I had some very brief professional contact with both of them several years ago — I barely recall the details of the case Perricone was handling, and what I remember most about Mann’s case is how surprised I was that she would be so unpleasant to a then-young attorney she’d never met before. I thought it was amusing that Mencken referred to me as “Louis” — I know who he thought I was, but he was mistaken.

            So — no, I’m not friends with either of these folks and I’m pretty sure that my life hasn’t suffered as a result!

          3. Doug,
            Thanks for the links. I’m finally paying more attention to Heebe and company.

            re: brLawyer,
            Just curiosity, reading between the lines, Louis was a mistaken reference to well known Edwards lawyer Lewis Unglesby?

          4. Splendid! Here’s my very sharp guy in person, deus ex machina style. :_) Good morning to you, brlawyer, and I imagine you helped place those two* for a number of people who read the exchange. That was SUCH a shrewd hit on “the office of the EDLA U.S. Attorney,” and if they’d had any elementary caution it would have shut them up forever.

            But by then it would have been far too late, because that was January of this year, and Heebe’s team had been searching for commenters since at least February of 2011, the month when Mr. International House was trailed. That date means the hunt was underway just after Mike Magner reported Perricone’s comments to the three EDLa supervisors who did nothing, after receiving the tip from yet another DOJ employee (December 2010).

            You remember the Perdigao case, yes? Doug says he currently has investigators like some people have termites, and then points the way to that particular case in a new post, so I’m wondering if the investigation might hearken back to all the very interesting things Perdigao said before Letten succeeded in disposing of him. The business about Guidry’s civil immunity comes to mind, as always. 🙂

            * And I see, below, steed coming up with Lewis Unglesby, which places us squarely in an identifiable legal arena in terms of that exchange.

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