Who knew we all shudda put in for combat pay……..

When I read this last bombshell from NOLA Media Group Editor/Reporter Gordon Russell my first thought was to take a peek back at Slabbed circa February 2011. I think I understand why Heebe was searching for an internet commenter and this snippet from Gordon’s must read explains it:

The hotel has a computer set up for public use by guests; it was easily accessible to anyone walking in off the street. Heebe’s legal team had identified a comment that intrigued them — one that referenced James “Dutchie” Connick, a lobbyist for River Birch, the landfill Heebe co-owns.

As I recall the heat was on Heebe then as he had the full court press going with Judge Ginger to undo parts of the FBI raid on River Birch HQ.

Finally all eyes on Jason Berry over at AZ as he shared that surveillance photo used in Gordon’s story with me many weeks ago. He is promising to add some info and I personally can’t wait.

“The truth is beginning to emerge.”

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  1. Sop: great minds – same gutter i immediately thought of Nowdy’s painstaking architectural analysis of the innards of the River Birch/ Butler headquarters on the Westbank during Judge Ginger’s travels there Many thoughts turned to concealed crawl spaces/rooms capable of recording the goings-on in the various conference rooms and offices . Bad habits are hard to break.

  2. So, Sean, can I have the videos of you and Mitch partying at the IH? I mean, you rolled over for Heebe, so what’s a little video between friends.

  3. There are so many possibilities here. Was the T-P’s commenting system hacked? Did Heebe have a mole in IT? It could be IH’s guest computer was hacked.

    I say this because we should give NOLA benefit of the doubt due to the large number of possibilities. If I had to guess they are just now finding out some things for themselves.

    This people, is getting good, mission impossible good.

    1. Looks to me that this comment from the NOLA thread may answer the question:

      “…although Schonekas suggested there was no special technology used…”

      Another tell told by another Heebe lawyer. Thanx Kyle you answered the question of how your client came about having possession of a name/IP address. Hmmm.

      1. “Another tell told by another Heebe lawyer.” Ha! Full of sound and fury, but signifying something. :_)

  4. My candidate/s for the mystery commenter’s nola.com user account would be JeffCorrupt & JPCorrupt, which came to mind from Engelhardt’s order (Sal was asked whether he had ever commented as JeffCorrupt, and he said no). Comments are on these index pages– http://connect.nola.com/user/jeffcorrupt/index.html and http://connect.nola.com/user/jpcorrupt/index.html — and JPCorrupt makes remarks like this:

    “Note KASS BROTHERS has millions of JP contracts and millions in CHANGE ORDERS. The daughter of Calvin Kass is married to DA Paul Connicks brother. Many of the Connick family including The DA’s father are on the KASS payroll !”

    Anyone recognize the guy in the video still? If that’s his real hair/bald spot, someone HAS to know who he is. :_)

    1. I’m sorry to disappoint you muspench but this a good example of a point that I’ve made over and over … there is nothing unique about the Kass/Connick quote … anyone whose been around these JP Politico Mafiosos knows the time of day when it comes relationships, business and money … Sal Perricone, along with hundreds of other people, including AUSA, FBI, JUDGES, all have been privy to this information for generations …

      As I’ve written so many times over, there are no secrets to tell a US Grand Jury in the EDLA because there are NO SECRETS !!!

      Whoever Jeffcorrupt and/or jpcorrupt is does not matter as it relates to the same information any number of people could have commented upon …

    2. Good morning, ‘gate! :_) “there is nothing unique about the Kass/Connick quote”

      I know, it’s pure conjecture, but there is one detail in which these two accounts differ from all the others posting the same information: one of them was mentioned as a putative identity of Sal’s. And from the other side of the question, Heebe was sufficiently interested in the single user pictured in the video still to go to some lengths to track him down.

      What I was hoping is that someone who does know the material would look at those two accounts to see whether any of the name-dropping was of a nature to draw that type of intense interest. I can’t help there, because names like Wayne Ory and Ronnie Constant aren’t at all familiar to me, but that’s where all you JP experts come in. 🙂

  5. http://www.theamericanzombie.com/2013/01/right-back-at-ya.html

    I have enough data points to understand where this whole deal with those federal subpoenas is going and the irony is rich.

    As clumsy as Sal was as an internet commenter this does not change the fact the guy knows where lots of bodies are buried. Behind the scenes the fight between Teams Heebe and Letten must have been intense.

    From a reader email:

    Turning over a copy to of the hotel video to Letten

  6. can you imagine if heebe asked for video from say the ritz carelton. they would have told him no way. i used to see meffert hanging out in the IH bar. looks like the place is a rat’s nest.

  7. That was the most odd part of the story to me. How many private hotels would, without a subpoena, voluntarily turn over surveillance. Also, most private entities have a “destroy” rule meaning surveillance is destroyed within so many hours or days of when footage is captured, Why did the hotel hang on to the footage and why was this individual pin pointed? Seems like there is someone or someones, a plant or plants, helping Heebe at every turn.

    The more I look at this the more I think the FBI linguist was a front meaning Heebe had inside information on Perricone and Mann and used the forensic linguist to try and hide the fact Heeber had inside information.

      1. I agree Doug. You have to wonder how wide a net was cast throughout Southeast Louisiana. Once again, this goes back to resources. Those that have them can fight (fairly or not fairly is a different issue), those that don’t roll over and take a beating/jail time.

    1. would sean cummings give out credit card numbers of guests? would he let heebe inspect a guests room? the only reason a hotel should give out information like this is due to a court order or if a crime was committed.

  8. Just to clarify a couple of things. There is no “video”. There are stills from security cameras but no video. Security Systems can easily record stills for 1, 2, 3 or even more years so there is no plot to capture people on the hotel’s part, they simply complied with the request and also turned the info. over to Mr. Fed to make sure nothing illegal was going down.

    Mitch would never be partying at the International House, trust me.

    1. Hello, should it help… Being in the industry, I find that most hotel CCTV systems record about a month on average. With the exception of casino hotels, it is very rare to find a DVR system designed to record for over 6 months. Once hard drive space is exhausted, the DVR overwrites older video with new video. Unless a section of video is intentionally archived to another drive or recording media, or snapshots of certain frames are made, the data should be lost forever once overwritten.

      While possible, it is not likely that the DVR was automatically generating snapshots and saving them to a separate database, as most systems do not support this feature, and when they do, the automated routine is typically activated by facial detection. Facial detection typically requires a quality, frontal view, of a subject’s face.

  9. “While possible, it is not likely that the DVR was automatically generating snapshots and saving them to a separate database”

    It was. That’s what I’m telling you. The stills were being archived.

  10. I just want to put to bed the speculation that the IH was purposely tracking this guy down and working with Heebe and Connick to do that. That’s simply not true.

    1. I take you at your word on this. But dude, really, if one of us walked in off the street and asked for surveillance when no crime had been committed, what are the odds Cummings and co. would give it up? Even if Joe Blow lawyer asked for it, what would the response be?

      “Hey Mr. Cummings (son of ultra wealthy class action lawyer John Cummings), somebody wrote something mean about me (ultra wealthy lawyer-businessman Fred Heebe) and Dutchie on one of your hotel computers. Can you do a bother a solid and check your surveillance; then give it to me?”

      1. Sounds to me like Cummings does not have a sack. That said, since the man was not a guest, I do not think Cummings owed him a duty of privacy per se, but no one else besides a fellow member of the rich and famous class could have strolled in and nabbed a private business’ security pics like Heebe did of the mystery guy.

        The criticism, at least parts of it, are valid IMHO.

        1. how would heebee know the post came from cumming’s computer? sounds like cummings is a bit more involved in this caper. i smell a rat.

    2. I have been involved in litigation and had to obtain a court order to produce surveillance videos. If hotels that are invloved in litigation do not voluntarily produce surveillance, then what are the odds of getting surveillance videos without a subpoena? The chances are next to zero. There is simply too much risk for a private entity to voluntarily produce surveillance videos.

      One of two things or a combination of the following two things occurred: Hotel proprietor/manager is an incompetent or there was some serious weight behind the request.

  11. I have done the “Hey, Mr. Businessman, can you voluntarily give me your surveillance of an event?” And the swift and sure answer was “Yes, with a subpoena.”

    The point has been made on here already, but businesses do not give up surveillance voluntarily. Considering that, the only logical conclusion is collusion.

  12. As Doug is fond of saying: “Here, kitty, kitty.” It is just a matter of time, now, before the whole Sean Cummings connection to this sordid and ongoing affair is revealed. Cummings has gotten a pass for far too long because of Daddy and his money and connections. His handling of the WTC deal was suspect and while the MSM did some articles on it, their investigative reporting stopped far short.

  13. All things are possible with:

    1. Faith or

    2. Lots of money

    IMHO it is money 99.9% of da’ time. As they say “Money talks BS walks” and “Money is the root of all evil”.

    It doesn’t take a rocket scientist to know that politicians and the rich influence and control the established, old time media.

    That said I’m with Sockpit’s theory 100% until proven otherwise.

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