Hark did someone mention Buddy Caldwell and the Oil Spill????

Yesterday Melenda Deslatte and Michael Kunzleman at the AP did in fact.

Gulf Oil Spill Case: Buddy Caldwell, Louisiana Attorney General, Has Already Spent Nearly $24 Million ~ AP via The Huffington Post

I’ll let all you newbies out there in on a little secret. Slabbed was one of a select group of local blogs everyone in the National Media read during the oil spill, often times ripping off our material without any attribution. My own perspective is it is hard to respect anyone in the media that does not have the common decency to attribute where they got their story leads which is why I have such little respect for the national media.

So what in the heck does this all have to do with Buddy Caldwell and the Huff Po?  Mainly because on the “Around the Web” widget at the bottom of the story that I linked above, Slabbed’s previous coverage of Louisiana Attorney General Buddy Caldwell is linked at the #2 slot right below Bloomberg.  I personally think we should be #1.  😉

Well tickle my ass with a feather……. :mrgreen:

3 thoughts on “Hark did someone mention Buddy Caldwell and the Oil Spill????”

  1. Thievery at its zenith. Buddy Caldwell should be prosecuted for stealing $24 M that could have been used for other worthy causes, like mental health care, teacher raises, infrastructure, coastal erosion. Hell, I say we take all of the “outside counsel” lawyers he hired and pile them up on the coast to stop erosion. Probably more cost-effective that Bobby’s Berm Boondoggle, and, as an added benefit, we get rid of tons of lawyers.

  2. Right on Carpe, I’d like to say I also agree with Slabbed it’s clear given the work and reporting this is the best place to get the goods on the political criminal element in New Orleans, bar none. Slabbed #1, it works for me.

  3. By the way, also ask Caldwell why he didn’t want to bother with a crack legal team which would have investigated the “Dirty Deeds” bit and put to rest the decades of ripoffs – and before anyone says that is “old news” and not subject to litigation, here’s a tip for you – that dog don’t hunt, see Plaquemines Parish Government v. Delta Development et al.

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