Former Goatherder in Chief Aaron Broussard now claims he gotta bum rap…..

Drew Broach’s report on same for the NOLA Media Group is very good but the reader comments are even better:

What is taking the justice dept so long to send this scum bag to jail.

If it were me meting out the punishment, I would throw this clown in a pit with three hungry lions.

At this point in time, I would recommend that Judge Head set aside Broussard’s sweetheart Letten plea, order a trail date and change the venue to Corpus Christi.

Clearly Broussard does not understand the implications of pleading guilty as reflected by his continued filing of these frivilous motions. Enough said, go to trial with a jury and let the dice roll like St.Pierre.

Broussard pled guilty because is WAS guilty. Same with Wilkinson. They need to go to jail. Mann and Perricone and Letten should also be charged. They should also all go to jail. Connick should be charged with failing to do his job and corruption. He should go to jail. I’m sick of the corruption, cronyism, and thievery. Put them all in jail (sic). This includes Heebee and Ward, Shane Guidry and his wife and Robert “money bags in the dumpster” Guidry. Thank you.

this baldheaded crook should get the maximum prison time allowed by law and all of his personal property that he acquired from his thieving ways forfeited.

“District Attorney Paul Connick Jr. was out of the office Friday”

No way, you’ll never convince me of that.

Oh Aaron….

10 thoughts on “Former Goatherder in Chief Aaron Broussard now claims he gotta bum rap…..”

  1. Oh yea, I sure hope Lil’Nap plays Russian roulette at trial on the merits in Judge Head’s homeplace before Corpus Christi- latin for ‘ the body of Christ’.

    Couldn’t get a better Judge and jury than in Corpus Christi, all according to the free will of Lil’Nap.

    The Lil’Nap can then go straight from federal purgatory to spiritual purgatory where not even 10,000 favorable prayer letters from his theivin’ cronies will matter.

  2. The only people getting a bum rap are the people of Jefferson Parish, it’s time to throw all these scum bags in jail!


    Looks like Lil’ Nap’s Good Ship Lolly Poop is taking on more water. Da’ Feds are looking for assets and have upped Nap’s forfeiture
    to $280,0000.

    What happened to all his cashed in assets in Nova Scotia. The Feds found Titus and wife committed a felony selling off Titus’ assets prior to sentencing but are they going to allow Nap to do what appears to be the same. activity?

    P.S After viewing the TP picture of Nap I wonder if the TP had a hidden camera in the District Court restroom cause it appears Nap is forcing someting’ out of da ‘body i.e. perhaps a brain fart?

    1. He “sold” one lot to his exwife and her hubby and another to the Desai family of Super 8 Motel infamy.

      5 days until sentencing? Normally they would ask for an extension for a cooperating witness but it appears Mr Broussard may have to cool his heels in the cooler while some of this unfolds.

  4. Hey wait one minute- dat ‘picture Lil’Nap, he’s not forcing a brain fart- it is the absolute perfect picture of a person with tightly held, “sealed” lips.

    It was rumored that Al Copland’s attorney, White, and his family were taken care of while White sealed his lips, took all the heat and jail time concerning Al’s “homecooked” 24th JDC divorce case before the “Wrinkled Robe” of Judge Bodeheimer.

    Heck, me thinks Lil’Nap could easily get the $280,000 forfeiture debt “pumped out” of his sinking boat from “bail out” donations from his many CCM( Crony Capitalism Monopoly ) playing buddies.

    And how bout’ shaking da’ “bail-out” can among da’ countless pump operators whose lives he saved by shipping dem'( despite the fact some dedicated ones had homes near the levee and wanted to stay and save them) to da’ dang north pole befo’ Katrina hit.

    Ship Ahoy Lil’ Nap, all is not lost, you will done float yo’ own “Love Boat” in time again. Cept’ yo’ won’t be using da’ Parish’s money to give away and play da’ ” Godfather” role wit’ yo’ constituents and CCM buddies.


    After further study I’ve concluded that Broussard’s picture in the TP article above is not him forcing a brain fart – but instead is the perfect picture of a person with tightly held, sealed lips.

    Most Parish citizens remember how Al Copland’s lawyer sealed his lips, took all the heat and jail time.It was rumored that Al took care of his lawyer’s family after Copland’s divorce case was “homecooked” before 24th JDC ,”Wrinkled Robe” Judge Bodenheimer.

    So possibly Lil’ Nap will get some monetary “bail-out” help with his $280,000 forfeiture debt from all his CCM(Crony Capitalistic Monopoly) buddies.

    Then Lil’Nap could also past the “bail-out” can among all the pump operators whose lives he saved by sending them to the North Pole before Katrina.

    With such “bail-out” potential Lil’ Nap’s “Love Boat” may again be floated but he won’t be playing Godfather with Parish monies and his CCM buddies nor doing Godfather favors with Parish resources for his voting constituents.

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