Welp, looks like Piyush Jindal is running phony baloney appraisal scams in Red Stick….

Emails reviewed by The Advocate show the Jindal administration told legislative staff last year that an unfavorable appraisal on state-owned land near the State Capitol was unavailable because it had been “discarded.”

State Sen. Gerald Long’s staff asked for the appraisal while preparing for a public hearing on Gov. Bobby Jindal’s bid to sell 17 lots bounded by North Fifth Street, State Capitol Drive, North Sixth Street and Lakeland Drive.

Jindal initially hoped to generate $5 million by selling the property that once was home to Huey P. Long’s alleged assassin and now holds a parking garage.

An appraisal dated Jan. 17, 2012, by Sharon D. Pruitt valued the property at $4.9 million. The appraisal was unusable by the summer because state law requires an appraisal to be obtained within six months before the sale of state-owned land. A subsequent appraisal, by Cook, Moore and Associates, valued the property at $2.8 million.

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Former Goatherder in Chief Aaron Broussard now claims he gotta bum rap…..

Drew Broach’s report on same for the NOLA Media Group is very good but the reader comments are even better:

What is taking the justice dept so long to send this scum bag to jail.

If it were me meting out the punishment, I would throw this clown in a pit with three hungry lions.

At this point in time, I would recommend that Judge Head set aside Broussard’s sweetheart Letten plea, order a trail date and change the venue to Corpus Christi.

Clearly Broussard does not understand the implications of pleading guilty as reflected by his continued filing of these frivilous motions. Enough said, go to trial with a jury and let the dice roll like St.Pierre.

Broussard pled guilty because is WAS guilty. Same with Wilkinson. They need to go to jail. Mann and Perricone and Letten should also be charged. They should also all go to jail. Connick should be charged with failing to do his job and corruption. He should go to jail. I’m sick of the corruption, cronyism, and thievery. Put them all in jail (sic). This includes Heebee and Ward, Shane Guidry and his wife and Robert “money bags in the dumpster” Guidry. Thank you.

this baldheaded crook should get the maximum prison time allowed by law and all of his personal property that he acquired from his thieving ways forfeited.

“District Attorney Paul Connick Jr. was out of the office Friday”

No way, you’ll never convince me of that.

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