From one political grandstander to another: Rep. David Baria panders on Palazzo and Sandy

When one politician slithers out to grandstand it encourages others.

South Mississippi legislator pushing measure asking Congress to help Sandy victims ~ Michael Newsom

About the only thing we can say with certainty about Rep. Baria’s resolution in the Mississippi legislature is that it was guaranteed to get his name in the paper because it stands less than a snowball’s chance in hell of ever getting passed.

9 thoughts on “From one political grandstander to another: Rep. David Baria panders on Palazzo and Sandy”

  1. I never did have any respect for anyone who dined on
    road kill, especially politicians. Baria could have
    promoted help for Sandy victims in Sept. He waits
    until Palazzo shoots himself in the foot. Is it any
    wonder our state and our country are in the shape
    they are in, with “leaders” like this!

  2. Get me started. Wonder if the little gipplet fucker will make another visit to the Slabbed Nation. I’ve done my part to get him all the public eyeballs I can send his way. All the stupid motherfucker had to do in October 1998 was get some of that 84 million offer accepted two months prior which belong to me and agreed to by all parties of the court. Let us get on with our life.But no, the personified asshole had to hold a trial to prove there were no others injuries and forcing the court to place all the awards on my family alone, And IF i COULD ASK THE BRAINLESS DICKHEAD SHIT FOR BRAIN HO, what was the amount because after 17 years now we’re still harassed over his part of the Hinds County Court of extortion plot. And how much was it, you ball-less bastard 2 billion 3 hundred 30 million or just the $330 million.Guess when the court keeps it all it just doesn’t matter. David couldn’t push a hard turd out his ass if his ass depended on it. Maybe Asshole should take care of his own extorted victims before he blows his corn-hole over Sandy Victims.

    After his family targeted hit and run the sorry bastard only filed three withdrawals before running of with whatever he and graves agreed to for the extorting deal they made.Guess a lot of folks don’t realize just how made up the fraudulent class they put together was. Wife and I still don’t have any ideal what all the breathing medication taken by the class was about. Oh wait now I remember the patient bill of rights. Let me go before I start writing something bad shit about this two bit hood.

    1. You and the commenter ‘viewfromhell’ would get along well together … I love your ability to express how you really feel … good stuff !

  3. Oh, so it’s okay for the GOP to stomp over Baria last year, but when he stands up for what is right, he is”grandstanding”???? Please folks….if you watch David Baria in action at the Capitol (which I have done last year), you will see what he is made of. I disagree with classvictim on this one. In general, he is for the hard-working underdog.
    As far as Palazzo….I think we ALL know what he’s made of and what his character consists of. And it’s NOT Congressman material….I wish David Baria would run for that spot next time. I think he would make a great Congressman and would be available to his constituents. I’m tired of the pomp and chrome wannabes….give us someone that will work hard for us and has some moral character and fortitude.

  4. CS, what’s a person to do? I hold an opinion of David from personal knowledge and although he can fool some of the people some of the time, from the court documents I have on his ass proving he’s still an extorting piece of shit. Read the story and understand his only concern with storm victims is that he may once more become one. Go to his blog site and bring tissue and read all about how the world revolves around his ass and those in that den of thieves known as the Hinds County court. Nope, just re-read my comment and that’s who this person is, the end.

  5. Last encounter in court, don’t know the person holding his hand but you could tell it was a person who had to tell him what to do. Saved his ass to, when I showed the judge two of the settlement papers and it was handed to one of his lawyer buddies who next broke out in a sweat, started wiping his forehead with little hanky and tried to return the document to the judge, who said don’t you hand me that paper.It was all I could do not to say “hey asshole , before telling him just give my papers.

    These folks have a place they claim that papers go to and are never seen again. One judge tells my wife that’s where her medical records which they have, have gone. Kinda like that book where names are removed, what’s called again? oh yeah life.

    1. Robert I’m personally happy to see you use this and like internet forums to air your complaints about Baria instead of taking other, less civilized courses of action to vent your anger.

      1. Why thank you Doug, But I think me not to civil still. Fact is it’s a fear of God and an understanding of his word that holds my actions.The real gospel has left me without questions about not all, but most things. I’d like say David is really a brother of mine only sick in the gray matter, but let’s face it he’s a child of Satan knowing only about flesh and getting over in this world age. I understand enough to know we’ve all been with our heavenly father for a very long time as spirits before having this eye blinking flesh test lasting no more than 120 years the life time given us. We have had the memory of before taken away and it will be taken again. That is how every tear will be wiped away.These folks took a lot but hopefully my crown remains. We’ve kinda been given to what the life of flesh represents in Ecclesiastes.

        Is there anything of which it may be said,

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