Must read: “U AN OVIOUS”

This is exactly what one of the legendary Davichy brothers told me way back in the day on Yahoo Finance when I tried my hand at the dark arts of Sockpupperty. I’ve since become accomplished at said Dark Art but it is magic I do not use on Slabbed and rarely use anymore anyplace on the internet.

Why do I mention this? Mark Moseley over at the Lens has a new column out on Sal Perricone, new blogger “Randall Cajun”, Slabbed, American Zombie and NOLA that is very good. It appears a secret regarding Slabbed is now out.

Sal, drop me a line.

31 thoughts on “Must read: “U AN OVIOUS””

  1. Doug, how much did Carmex pay you to doggedly pursue Charles Leary and Vaughn Perret from Louisiana to Nova Scotia to Mississippi federal court?

    You’ve been one cool cat offering up soothing balm for some time now.

    1. Could it be, based on reader comments as well as analysis of posts & comments on Slabbed, that Anne-Marie Vandenweghe posts under the following identities on Slabbed (and
      viewfromhell (Slabbed &
      lettenhaveit (
      Could it be that Ms. Vandenweghe also keeps a revealing YouTube channel as “unslabbed”?

      Could it be there are more Vandenweghe identities? Let us know what you think in comments.

      They have also posted a page on Slabbed commenter Kevin LeMaire, who tells me his computer has now been hacked twice.

      Could it be that Kevin P. Lemaire, a paralegal at Williiam Goodell, Jr. in Prairieville, Louisiana is “Not At All Surprised” publishing on Slabbed, member of the Slabbed Nation?

      Could this be the same Kevin Lemaire of “LEMAIRE v. CIBA GEIGY CORPORATION” fame? Represented by Wendell H. Gauthier, James R. Dugan, II, Bruce C. Dean, Metairie, LA???

      Lemaire, who had worked for IT Corporation as a technician since 1982, took a very active role in the cleanup of the [Ciba Geigy] sand bed filter pond. ? According to Lemaire, he would spend a

      1. Interesting and unintentional connection, right? Goatherders in Nova Scotia all up in arms about an assistant attorney in Jefferson Parish outing kleptocrats in Jefferson Parish. The unintended consequences/revelations are enough to give one a laughriot.

        1. LeMaire knows Abel’s girls and their bullshit intimately from back in the day. That is why he is dangerous to them.

          1. I am not a paralegal to William Goodell. That’s a lie and I will sue them in a Louisiana court for saying that.

            I am the Kevin LeMaire of LeMaire v. Ciba-Geigy. If you really knew me, you would know that I am tenacious and inexhaustable when it comes to righting the wrongs committed against me, my family and my friends. It took me 13 years of Adams & Reese bullshit to get my case to trial. When I finally did get it to trial, I was awarded damages for injuries suffered from an exposure to the herbicide Atrazine. I am the only such individual in the United States to obtain such an award. I reviewed over 1 million pages of documents, made numerous trips all over the country following the smallest of leads on the science and toxicology of Atrazine and other Ciba-Geigy pesticides.

            Now, addressing the injuries caused to me by someone whose mother had to be committed for mental problems no less than 5 times should not be much of a task.

            1. Ms Laura? Oh my is this getting good. I think Perret has a niece with a tendency to cry when watching the news. Must run in the family.

          2. Yep. Wendell, Bruce and James represented me as a client. I also did an awful lot of work for them. Me and Charles Leary and Vaughn Perret know some of the same people, including some people who don’t like Leary and Perret.

            Sorry, Doug. But, I want that Kitty, now.

          3. Seriously, I was just kidding. I’m not going to sue them. To do that would be like…. well, it would be like Leary and Perret – sue because somebody published something about me that is misspelled or whatever.

            But, I am seriously attracted to correcting injustices.

  2. Ha,Ha,He,He, and a Hoe,Hoe to http//real-malice blogspot which I suspect is nuttin’ but a hoe house front for da’ Rich and Famous

    Wouldn’t probe dat site for fear dat my big, brown browser may done acquire yo ‘queer internet disease bros’

    Just for da’ record da’ last time I did saw between my legs I had two hairy tings swaying in da’ breeze (no offense Drew)

  3. I don’t think what the various folks did was sock puppetry unless they either took multiple aliases in the same forum, or posted on their own forum under a different name.

    I have always taken sock puppetry mean someone using an alias to pretend to have a conversation.

      1. Then I’d better change my screen name. And for whoever is interested, I am not now, nor have I ever been Ms. Vandenweghe.

        1. Oh! If you must, please consider changing it to “SockPit,” though, because it would be ten thousand pities to lose the Sockiness. :_) Second choice would have to be U AN OVIOUS, because that is just too funny.

          I ran all that RandallCajun business past my internal horse puckey detector and found that while it wouldn’t be outside the realm of possibility for AMV to post here, Doug is certainly not AMV, nor would any of that much matter to me. I judge people online based on quality of comments & information, and that’s the extent of my criteria. P.S. Of course you’re not. Good heavens.

          1. Anne Marie posted here at least once by name and written a couple of open letters, which Slabbed published so that is not much of a leap. I’ll add she makes excellent eggs benedict and she is still madly in love with her hubby after years of marriage. And she knows where lots of bodies are buried. The Goatherders were foolish to mess with her.

          2. Can’t get more OVIOUS than using your own name, can you (unless you’re “Jack,” of course)? I’m going to have to look up the Davichy reference when I get a minute. :_)

            1. I ended up being inducted into the Royal order of the Davichy. Without admitting or denying any guilt I’ll add one of the Davichy handles became so infamous it ended up on some sort of master user blacklist unable to register for user accounts accross a wide variety of finance discussion bb’s.

              When one discovers that, within the confines of the law of course, that posting a combination of few simple words can move certain stocks almost 1,000 basis points in minutes, such is quite the discovery.

              Russell witnessed some of this as he is one of my very oldest cyber friends. His lips are forever sealed. 😉

  4. I am a subscriber to Rural Delivery magazine. Here is a quote from the Stinky Cheese deal article published in March 2002:

    “The July meeting seemed to be an opportunity for La Ferme D’Acadie to regain ACOA’s confidence. It might have worked. But an unsigned and undated memo prepared after the meeting points that Leary failed to mention a fairly significant detail. He had sold the Chebogue Point property and cheese plant.”

    Now compare and contrast that with the article of June 2001 that was trying to establish the creamery was in operation and producing 2 year old aged cheese. Impossible. The building was put on the market in June of 2000 and the sale closed August 15, 2001. RD asked the locals what they saw going on:
    “Longtime Chebogue resident Howard Jenkins comments wryly on the public image presented by the hilltop creamery. “They put it in the “Doers and Dreamers” guide as a tourist attraction, he says, ‘but there’s been a ‘No Trespassing’ sign on it since it was built.”

    The only question remaining unanswered is why there was no criminal investigation.

  5. Look at me you delusional clowns. Do I look like AMV ? I sure hope not for her sake.

    I’ll be sure to look y’all up at the Courthouse in Mississippi so I can watch the colluding Judge pounce upon your goofy heads.

  6. Re Davichy: Ha! And here I’ve been thinking all that market volatility was just the effect of automated trading. You’re the virtual hand on the virtual lever that moves the virtual world. :_)

    Re hazy recollection: At various times over on, I’ve apparently been Laura Maggi, Claude Mauberret, a “Media Matters operative,” and most recently David Christenson, but I’ve never had the pleasure of being AMV. Maybe we should all give it a try, especially if the pretense brings with it a working knowledge of eggs Benedict.

    1. Most volatility is automated trading. But on occasion opportunity knocked. 🙂

      OK I’ll admit it, AMV had a sex change operation and changed her name to Doug Handshoe. And yes I make my hollandaise sauce from scratch.

  7. Well I know I am not the love child of Douglas Handshoe and AMV nor was I raised with the timber wolves up north or on a farm in Manitoba, so there.

    Back to Leary and company threatening our beloved magazine Rural Delivery. This is news, not good news and not what I expected. I somewhat believed Leary when he said somewhere in a document posted here that he has never threatened a Canadian journalist. Suing a publisher is just that. The truth will come out, it always does.

  8. Eni, meany, miny, mo’ – who do my multiple personality Sybil want to be today? Hmmmmmmm

    I could be whislteblowing AMV,rockin’ SOCK, little e-trading hot head SIMADOWNAH,da’ graphic enema girl PATRICIA , ever eye opening EYEWIGGER, da’ incredible INCROYABLE, forever
    optimistic VIEWFROMHELL, da’ always surprising NAAS, connecting da’dots STEVE or maybe even diggin’ DOUG

    Can’t decide as dem’ all be crawling over me brain, so I just be da ‘classic ex-nint’ warder LOCKEM today

    1. I think once a 9th warder, always a 9th warder; it’s the only neighborhood in New Orleans that shares that trait with the city itself. You can convert among the other areas simply by moving, but the 9th is very special somehow.

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