In this episode of As the Libel Terrorist Turn: Scrooge forgot they filed for an appeal the day after Christmas

Is it just me or is the fact team Goatherder filed for an appeal on December 26, 2012 in their resounding SPEECH Act loss to me kinda make their motion for a time extension citing the holidays bogus? Proof:

TPL v DKH Doc 39

My reply via my crack attorney Bobby Truitt.

TPL v DKH Doc 40

14 thoughts on “In this episode of As the Libel Terrorist Turn: Scrooge forgot they filed for an appeal the day after Christmas”

  1. As they say, when you cant argue the law or the facts, dazzle them with bullshit! I doubt it will work, but what other avenue do the libel terrorists have?

  2. If the motion is denied and they fail to file a response by the deadline does that mean the appeal is dead?

  3. MONOPOLY, Nova Scotia libel tourist edition:

    No ferry, no tourists, no rentals, no money, no get community card/grants, no bond, no appeal, no get out of judgment card so roll da’ dice but when you pass GO all monies go to judgment creditor but you can begin to mortgage Park Ave, etc.


    1. I think Leary filed a bogus DMCA complaint against Slabbed on New Year’s eve. They have or caused to be filed with my webhost 4 bogus DMCA take down notices since the day before Judge Guirola handed down his decision. I have filed counter notifications on each and every one.

      Here Kitty Kitty Kitty………

  4. Like Jones Walker doesn’t have legions of law clerks and lapdogs to write briefs. It’s the big firm playbook – delay, stiff arm, deny. Great post, Doug, to point out the complete disingenuous nature of the pleading. Wait, you can file an appeal the day after Christmas but need time, due to the aforementioned holidays, to do your opposition brief. Sophistry at its zenith.

  5. The key to privacy is to avoid taking public funds for private profit ventures seeking anonymity.

  6. Gee I thought they needed more time because of the holdidays. Hot off the wire folks more jackassery.

    Filing your legal briefs on time is basic professionalism. At this point I hope Mr Laird’s partners are noticing the hits he is inflicting to this firm’s reputation.

    At some point in time the baseless legal positions taken by Jones Walker in this case will come back to bite one of their local media clients in the ass.

    Here Kitty Kitty Kitty.

  7. Wait, I thought they needed more time due to the holidays. Haven’t the “holidays” long since passed? And they have the nerve to say you offered no good reason for opposing their request for an extension. Talk about specious.

    1. Perhaps the holidays hadn’t actually “passed” for them at the time. Gin-soaked brain cells and a lack of wit at the outset do not admit to good lawyering under any circumstance.

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