I was given some grief for terming certain Goatherders as “Girls”……..

But all I can say is when Charles Leary and Vaughn Perret were applying for taxpayer funded grants from the USDA, they claimed sisterhood for themselves.  Proof.

Unlike Jones Walker’s Andy Gipson, who upset the gay community quoting Leviticus in May of last year, I did not request police protection when I received death threats from misguided gay Canadians less than a year ago.  That said the good folks at the hard line Democrat resource Cottonmouth do ask a good question wondering what Jones Walker clients think about their curious associations.

As for the girls?  I simply take their own word for it.

I’ve got more coming on the US taxpayer fleecing that was Chicory Farms. (H/T Incroyable in comments)

12 thoughts on “I was given some grief for terming certain Goatherders as “Girls”……..”

  1. Cottonmouth, though, will do you no favors, Doug, because they ARE equating public comment or discussion with public imposition. I don’t see you and your divisions at work imposing your viewpoints on the populace. Unfortunately Cottonmouth’s belief of nothing outside the State does tend to confuse the poor souls on such issues.

    1. I look at the Mississippi Democrats and see the same special interests that ran it into the ground are still in charge.

      I need no favors from Cottonmouth.

      1. Actually, Doug, you meant to write you don’t need Cottonmouth “doing you any favors.” That’s where yoiu end up on the short end of the stick with your mouthpiece bargaining a plea whilst others go laughingto the bank (lol).

        Thank goodness I do no more criminal law.

  2. Well at least you gave Charles something to do today. He can sit down and write a terse note to the internet gods asking they remove false statements of fact implicating him and Vaughn Perret as minority women.

  3. Mt.Herman, smelly sheep,women with mushrooms. Hmmmmmmm

    ‘Edible mushrooms and smelly sheep’- why do those two items seem a little strange combination of agriculture for La. and by women no less. I’ve heard of broomcorn with cattle and cowboys, rice with crawfish and cajuns, but not sheep,women and mushrooms – really?

    Mt.Herman, wasn’t that where Lil’ Nap evacuated all the ‘pump operators’ to in order to save them from the tsunami waves of Katrina?

    Pumpimg, sheep, women and mushrooms, Hmmmmmmm – certainly a riddle only high IQ minds could possible solve.

    Can’t wait to hear if the loan was approved, for how much and was it fully repaid by the nouvellian enterprising sheep shearing, mushroom mamas.

  4. Lockem…the women tend the sheep and the shrooms grow in the sheep poop! I ain’t eating one of them.

  5. So Andy Gipson embarrassed Jones, Walker by having contrary views of homosexuality that some of their major clients do not share.

    So now Jones Walker is making up to the gay community by having Henry Laird represent Dr.deLerious and his Parrot ?

    Is this the jist of what I am distilling from this post ? If so, this isn’t about free speech or biogtry, it all about the money…legal fees !

  6. Turtle: quote – “I ain’t eating one of them”

    So yo’ opinion done be dat nuttin’ on dat Chicory Farm was edible. Hmmmmmmmmm

    Dat’ bro’ could be done deemed Ex ‘Post Turtle” Facto defamation nort’ of da’ border son.

    Done better get yo’self a Ninja Turtle lawyer.

  7. These were grants, not loans. Vaughn Perret’s mushroom business plan netted them $50,000 in 1994, it is classified in the ‘woman and minority owned’ eligibility class. In 1995 they were back for $55,000 to create a commercial sheep breed that could withstand the heat. LOL
    In 1996 they were the 3 restauranteurs giving interviews about their Chicory Farm Cafe – difficult to make ends meet Perret said, thank goodness they had their part-time law practice.
    When they were not busing tables they were negotiating with the Canadian government for interest free stimulus cash, how they qualified for such is anybody’s guess.
    By May of 1998 they were moved into their new homeland,clarifying that they were “food-world entrepreneurs” with successful companies in Spain, Costa Rica and New Orleans, or as Concrete Busters calls these ‘shell corporations’.

  8. On fire, like the grass outside their farm in 1996 when the fire department and authorities would not show up, and nobody would record their 911 calls and the FBI had to be called in?

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