Hard times at the Legal Department of the Super 8 Motel on Clearview…….

If this doesn’t sum up Goatherdian legal jackassery in 2 short sentences nothing does….

On appeal defendant does not specifically allege that any of the requirements for entry of default judgment were not met. Rather the defendant alleges that ASAP misled the court by suggesting that there was no communication between the parties and providing material facts in its affidavits that were not true…..

Aaron Broussard’s shadow law partner Danny Abel clearly struggles at the practice of law without Wendell Gauthier’s pants to hide behind. Click the pic below the jump to get the 5 page decision.

2012 CA 0784 Decision Appeal ASAP CRS v Abel

11 thoughts on “Hard times at the Legal Department of the Super 8 Motel on Clearview…….”

  1. You are right, Doug, the fellow exhibits all the wit of one who acquired his law degree listening at the barbershop. What he seems to have wanted to do is to challenge the ruling on fraud & ill practices, which requires a nullity action, not an appeal. An “action” would require a new petition.

  2. obviously he matriculated at the same law school as Tom ‘F__k ’em, let’em sue’ Wilkinson and Louis ‘ the law is what i say it is’ Gruntz
    And i always thought those Jesuit boys got great study skills in high school! Silly me

    1. Seeing he started at a defivit if he “learned” from the Gauthier firm. Gawd help him if he is still “learning” from the characters now there.

  3. Conversation at the “Front Desk”:

    Clerk: “Welcome to Superrr 8. Do you have a reservation?”

    Process Server: “I’m here to serve these legal papers on Mr. Abel and he lists this address as his office. Will you accept service on his behalf?”

    Clerk: “HOLY COW! We do not accept this sort of thing. We do not know Mr. Abel! I must go now. I believe my computer has a wirus.”

  4. Conversation at the “Front Desk”:

    Clerk: Welcome to Superrrr 8, can I help you?

    Inquiring Person:” Some person just rammed into our Mercedes Benz van carrying 9 disabled Afro-Americans to the Fast-Tax to receive their annual tax credit loan. Do you have a Yellow Pages so I can call Morris Bart”

    Clerk: ” Morris Bart?, no sir just see the Special Men in the Legal Office on da’ first floor”.

  5. Mr. Daniel G. Abel:

    Is it an ethical conduct violation of some kind when an attorney fails to pay third-parties (especially a court reporting service) and makes them have to resport to litigation to be paid?

    Would you say the court reporting service was damaged as a result of your failure to pay them timely?

    Have you made any payment on this bill, or are you still withholding payment while you work this matter through a writ application to the LASC?

    1. ASAP is the tip of the iceburg. Check out Abel’s third party venders in Eric Paulsen v State Farm and ye shall strike gold. :mrgreen:

    2. Mr. Abel:

      You should know the answers. The following is taken from public information:

      “Mr. Abel teaches continuing legal education classes in Internet research for lawyers, discovery outside the rules of civil procedure, jury selection using Internet resources, ethics, and professionalism.”

      If the conduct described in the appellate decision qualifies as ethical conduct violation(s), are you going to self-report to the ODC?

  6. The Louisiana Supreme Court probably put an end to this matter today when it denied Daniel G. Abel’s writ application – 2013-C -0273 ASAP COURT REPORTING SERVICES, INC. v. DANIEL G. ABEL (Parish of St. Tammany) HUGHES, J., recused.

    Of course, I guess he could waste more time and trees and file a request for reconsideration or something like that.

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