21 thoughts on “Amy you look absolutely marvelous! Part 3 of 5”

      1. As in look for Randolphs associated with Broussard? I don’t know that’s the question to ask, but it might be.

    1. After reading this and contemplating the individuals involved i just threw up in my mouth, thanks a lot gate.

    1. Dolph owns Pelican Events. They do the Tarpon Springs Rodeo; their facebook page has lots of photos from that party.

  1. Operating a matchmaking internet service out of the President’s office with official letterhead no less all without a license, permit, etc.. Oh that’s right,I forgot he was only a part time President and I’m sure he had his own personal computer for his social networking.

    But Lil’ Nap was e-mailing a picture of a female he got off the internet to other men over 30.Hmmmmmmmm

    I’m sure it would not be considered date pimping, it was all innocent social fun and Amy, who at the time I believe was director of news at WDSU, gave him permission but it goes to show his charming ways of attempting to obtain possible favorable light with influential members of the local media.

    If during this social fun era some unknown tipster had called WDSU with a tip of political corruption in Jefferson Parish would it have been ethically,objectively and aggressively investigated. How about if the tipster had mentioned corruption in another Parish in which there were no political charmers would that tip have been handled similarly.

    Besides his champagne lunches with certain TP reporter/s how many other social networks did he use to charm other members of local news media.

    1. Watching political leaders in other parishes do clumsy hits on blonde newscasters in prior years, this is truly an “occupational hazard.”

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