Welp, I see Tom Wilson is still in charge at Allstate…….

Folks, it’s not that Wilson and his cronies in Northbrook are assholes that is the problem here.

Staten Island family says Allstate Insurance hasn’t paid out after Sandy, but used images of their flattened home in a commercial ~ Victoria Cavaliere New York Daily News

The problem is they’re God-damned assholes.

7 thoughts on “Welp, I see Tom Wilson is still in charge at Allstate…….”

  1. Perhaps they might get sued by Allstate for speaking. Seems the Internet has been used by some Judges to amend our Constitution from the bench. Of course the Judge was reversed on appeal but it is still amazing that some a judges can’t separate the medium of free speech from the rights of free speech. Even after our Nation was formed via a new form of communication used by our forefathers to establish our Nation. America was not formed by the point of sword but by the point of a pen. When Judges forget this it really supports the reason we have such liberties. ie the original Yelp decision is proof positive we need free speech in spades.

    Yelp! Comment Case: Order for Woman to Delete Parts of Comments Reversed


  2. Oh can you do a yelp review on Judges? If so I say we start one on the original Yelp caseJudge ASAP. Perhaps he will sue us…

  3. Mississippi Conressman declaired Jackass by National media. Care to guess who he is???

    ‘Bunch of jackasses:’ Former New York Sen. Al D

  4. Dont be fooled by this family. Very sad they dont have a house. No one arguing that.

    But where is the neighbor who saw the wind take down the house. Do you honestly think the insurance company would let things go this far without having talked to the neighbor–that is if the neighbor exists?

    The insurance company loses far more than what this claim would be. It does not make sense for them to fight this unless these people were not covered. And if they werent covered, it is still sad–but it isnt the company’s fault. It is their fault.

    Find the neighbor who was the eyewitness and everything will come to light. I am sure the insurance company has tried and maybe even spoken to the neighbor, which should tell you everything you need to know about this.

    1. What kind of company has a claims dispute with a customer and then uses that customer’s wreckage to convey to the world they are treating their insured’s right? This sounds exactly like the company that screwed over people by the thousands down here after Katrina.

      So no Marista, I am not fooled.

      1. Marista betrays a bit of forced niavete. How many depositions & trials have you sat through with a third party who at the end of the day is antagonized by some industry thug ranging from “your eyes are lying” to accusations of fraud and perjury and what have you – not to mention that, yes, Virginia, the industry DOES keep tabs on you and payback is a bitch – denied claims or cverage, for example.

        People like to do the right thing but seeing witnesses get beat down by government attorneys and politically connected industry, you can well understand the reluctance.

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