The former Goatherder in Chief never met a felon he failed to like…….

A letter a day will keep the Goatherders at bay. For those that read us from officialdom please not the numbers on the bottom right of each page were placed by the Parish Attorney’s Office as my PRR return was fully indexed. ¬†First of a 5 part series.

Letter to Judge Williams on behalf of Nick Baroni

8 thoughts on “The former Goatherder in Chief never met a felon he failed to like…….

  1. lockemuptight

    I wonder if Broussard first as a Christian friend tried to get Baroni to humbily and sincerely get before his Creator and Savior to admit his mistake/s for Nick’s redemption.

    Or was it to immediately support Nick’s character on the PARISH’s LETTERHEAD to an outer state judge without first addressing Nick’s position of moral wrongdoing and promised change of his life’s values. And if he did, did Nick Baroni turn around and change his life. And did Nick’s experience in 2007 affect Broussard in any redeeming way.

    As imperfect creations we all fall into sin, ‘no, no not one of us are deserving of forgiveness but for the saving Grace and Mercy of Christ’.With Christian redemption and forgiveness should come new enlightenment and changes to the good.

    It is my hope and prayer that the former situation happened with Nick and that currently Broussard, instead of being smart ass and smug with his Dragonlike fire mouth to the press, will see the LIGHT and one day fall down, not just in private before his Savior but before his peers,and ask for his forgiveness. Thereby becoming a vessel of LIGHT for other men especially politicos to emulate.

    If Broussard would and could sincerely do that I would have no hesitance to forgive and speak of his great Christian example.

    If Broussard or one of his Christian friends are out there in cyberspace, inquiring minds want to know the TRUTH.

    1. oyster

      Lockemuptight is made of sterner stuff than I, if he can read Broussard’s saccharine grotesquery in support of Baroni and still hold out hope for sincerity, christian “enlightenment” and redemption.

      Yes, we all sin and so we should all forgive our fellow fallen, when asked. But let’s not be foolish, either. How do you know when a longtime liar is sincere? How do you know when a longtime criminal is no longer thieving? Confessions are nice, but how about spending a few years spent in a prayer-room closet and then another few quietly doing good works before other Christians designate these high-profile fallen as light-vessels?

      If politicos need an example to model, they can look to those who have already truly and permanently changed their lives for the better.

      And for goodness sakes don’t confuse a renewed Christian with a TRUTH-teller (as the last line of your comment seemed to do.) Proclaiming to the world you are reborn in Christ, as Baroni and Broussard no doubt felt after their Medjugorge pilgrimage, doesn’t mean one is no longer a deluded maniac or dissimulating weasel. Parading a “transformed life” around the community one has harmed doesn’t make one a de-scaled Saul of Tarsus.

      While I respect those who demonstrate spiritual renewal (often after undergoing personal nadirs), experience suggests the god-intoxicated are not necessarily truth-intoxicated. (Which is only to say: they are not Benedictus de Spinoza.)

      Admittedly, it sounds pretty assholic to counsel cynicism in the face of those who’ve claimed newfound faith and who have radically changed their lives… but a lifetime of experience has taught me it is warranted. Many of the reborn forgiveness-askers (of all faiths and cults) are no more willing to confront uncomfortable truths than the rest of us.

      1. whitmergate

        brilliant critique. It seems That a disproportionate number of Jefferson Parish Politico Mafioso hypocrites visit both Medjugorge and Manresa, and upon their return as the same hypocrites, they remain just as vocal about their renewed hypocrisy.

        1. The Empire Parish

          Whitmer, one may observe the elected extortionists visit Medjugorge and Manresa in order to see what they wish to avoid as they conform themselves to the world, right?

  2. William Dwyer

    When Jesus saw Nathanael coming toward him, he remarked: “This man is a true Israelite. There is no guile in him.” Jn1:47. guile n. insidious cunning; duplicity; artful deception. syn. trickery. See deceit.

  3. whitmergate

    “Common Characteristics of Pseudo-Repentance
    I have already mentioned some instances of false repentance in the Bible, but let us pursue this matter a little further, so that David’s real repentance can be viewed in contrast to the false repentance of others. Specifically, I would like to draw your attention to Saul, who three times before has uttered these same words,

  4. lockemuptight

    Gate: Can’t argue with the possible failure of the complete redemption and rebirth of Saul of the old testament before the birth of Christ.

    But after the Passion and voluntary Death on The Cross of Christ things changed from burnt offerings to faithful acknowledgement of the Death and Resurrection of Christ as being justification for our sins provided one in sincere humility and sorrow confesses and does not use such gift of Grace and Mercy in a self serving way just to intentionally keep sinning in the same manner.

    The Saul of the new testament or Saint Paul was a true reborn person who once murdered Christians but was redeemed and converted into an apostle traveling the world preaching the “Good News” and who suffered and willfully died for his beliefs and Faith in his Savior.

    Therein lies the question – which only Our Savior Lord can search the heart and soul of sinners for their truthful intent and sincerity to want to change and develop a personal relationship with Our Savior in order to walk a more Christian life. Perfection is not possible but its the continuing sincere desire to keep improving and modifying man’s natural habits and desires connected to the physical world to truly change and desire, be more attune to and into the Spiritual world with greater Faith.

    I can tell all unbelievers in cyberspace that until one is truly broken and desiring a rebirth you will not truly experience it just by saying the words without the feeling of the heart in support.

    An example of a typical characteristic or thought pattern of an unreborn or pseudo-reborn person would be the persistence of the natural man’s thoughts when experiencing a tragedy, trial, suffering, etc. by asking – ‘ Hey Lord I’m a pretty decent person why has his happened to me’.

    The true reborn person attune to the Spirit and Faith would respond to the same trials, sufferings with the Spiritual observation and acknowledgement that the Lord is sovereign and His Will be done not ours. He or she might say,’The Spirit, or the Helper Christ left us with in His absence, sometimes knows whats best for us more than we know ourselves’. A followup question may be, ‘ What can I learn Spiritually or how much Faith can I build by going through these trials or suffering?’ See James, Chapter 1 verses 1-6

    Another telling characteristic of a true reborn person is there is usually a life changing testimony he/she is very willing and obligated to share ( just as St. Paul did many times in his epistles to the early churches). He/She admits usually in a story of circumstances that at a certain time he/she humbled himself greatly before the Lord and surrendered his will to Christ and thereafter was suddenly or over a period of time changed Spiritually.

    Finally, unless one is reborn it is hard for the typical person to understand and I was that way for many years myself.

    Hope this helps interested Slabbed readers begin to understand and if there are any readers reborn please help me out here and share your comments..


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