Friday Jefferson Parish Omnibus: Mark Titus, Aaron Broussard and the 24th JDC

I do not have much time this morning so here is a quick rundown of three stories I followed over the past week or so:

Mark Titus’ wife claims most of the assets government plans to seize ~ Manuel Torres

Run “Mark Titus” through the search box on the right sidebar to find Slabbed’s previous coverage of USA v Titus. Manuel posted a comprehensive update to the forfeiture portion of the prosecution and Mrs Titus has changed lawyers and is fighting for her share of the property subject to Judge Lemelle’s forfeiture order. I recall getting a bat signal from Team Titus before Christmas that went something along the lines that NOLA commenter JPChirper was an idiot. I’ll continue to keep an eye on this case.

Aaron Broussard’s prosecutors dismiss his attack as ‘fishing expedition’ ~ Drew Broach

I’ve gotten some reader email on this story. It is a complicated critter as Judge Head just may hold an evidentiary hearing to DQ the local US Attorney’s office from his case due to press leaks and Sal Perricone / Jan Mann playing on the internet. I’d be dishonest if I did not say this latest turn of events has continued to fuel speculation that Slabbed will be subpoenaed by John Horn’s folks at DoJ but I have no indication such is forthcoming.  If something does happen you guys know the drill by now.

Finally Paul Purpura checked in with the social promotion revolving door that exists between the 24th JDC and the Louisiana 5th Circuit Court of Appeals. The bottom line is despite several openings on both courts there is only one opposed seat up for grabs as all the other judges get a freebie pass to their new jobs.

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  1. As an aside, this nugget from the latest release from the LA AG’s office:

    Jefferson Parish may not donate surplus computer equipment to a private company for
    recycling and refurbishing. The surplus computer equipment may be sold at a public
    auction conducted pursuant to La. Rev. Stat. 49:125, through an Internet computer
    auction pursuant to La. Rev. Stat. 33:4711.1, or at a public sale under La. Rev. Stat.
    33.4712(F) if the property to be sold is appraised at less than $5,000. (Vallan)
    Op to Ms. Deborah Cunningham Foshee, Parish Attorney, Jefferson Parish
    Government, Jefferson, LA
    Date Released: December 21, 2012

    This wouldn’t be two laptops they are trying to “donate” to a “landfill” would it? 😉

    1. What is even more pathetic for an attorney allegedly advising a public body is to even need a worthless AG opinion when the law is (ahem) very clear.

  2. Reverse engineering the River Birch proxy defense.

    Much can be gleaned by the DOJ from the use of pawns by the River Birch defense network. First, the constant background noise from Canada trying to discredit Slabbed and recast its coverage of events as being prone to conspiracy theories prone…when in fact Broussard pled guilty to committing conspiracy. So this begs the question Are their more conspiracies being committed in Jeff Parish? Find out who is behind the attack on slabbed and the nature of the attack on Slabbed might tell you what they believe is their own weakness. Ie using proxies to discredit another is revealing of the person who engages in such tactics. Clearly conspiracy is one of the self perceived problems of the group of people attacking slabbed holds. Read their filing and all will be revealed. You just nave to reverse engineer it and take how they want to cast slabbed as a road map to their own weakness. Reverse engineer it DOJ and use it as your road map. Hope this helps the DOJ.

  3. The FBI investigation of JP corruption is ongoing and not at an end. I have this on good authority from a friend of mine named Touhy.

  4. Good. Because if Slabbed was a conspiracy site it would have already made the conspiracy theory that an attorney turned African-American President and an African American Attoreny General as surely familiar with Martin Luther King conspiracy theory involving the former owner of the Jefferson Parish landfill business ie Carlos Marcello. Seems the waste management biz in New Orleans has been targeted by the lated Dr. Martin Luther Kings family as being a possible source of his murder. The fact King was helping a group of waste management employees organize to strike for higher wages makes the theory rich. If I were in the waste management biz in New Orleans I might develop my own conspiracy theory that payback is multigenerational hell. There is more than one way to skin a cat.

    DOJ website link

    King Center link


    A. The King v. Jowers Trial


    A. The King v. Jowers Trial

    From The King Center website concerning the lawsuit filed by the late Dr Kings widow—

    “As we move into the next area, we

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