The abiding question: Why did Judge Brown recuse herself from Vandenweghe v Jefferson Parish

This is the question I have been asking myself for a few weeks now. Some of you folks may remember I did something over the Christmas Break I have never done, ever in the history of Slabbed: I pulled a post. Tomorrow I hope to roll it back out thanks to a steer Slabbed received from a new friend and share the impetus for writing it to begin with. Whatever the truth is, it is far bigger than Slabbed New Media and I think we’re closing in.

3 thoughts on “The abiding question: Why did Judge Brown recuse herself from Vandenweghe v Jefferson Parish”

  1. Slabbed nation, you will need a bigger boat. If I knew tech stuff, I would reply with Tom Petty & the Heartbreakers ‘Something In The Air’ or in the alternative ‘I Won’t Back Down’. It’s useful to have a copy of the unpublished ‘little black book’ on political code enforcement. Years ago, Tulane held a conference on the topic.

  2. The question I pose is why hasn’t ALL the judges in the EDLA recused themselves knowing the situation with the Heebe influence factor there including Jay Wilkinson – U.S. Magistrate.

    Or phasing it from a different angle, Judge Brown recused herself probably for the same reasons the EDLA judges recused themselves from prosecuting Broussard and Wilkinson and assigning a Texan, Judge Head.

    1. They are patient for Justice in New Orleans or else they get the hose again. Yesterday’s stale news was that Jim Letten went the way of attorney Paul May (Safety & Permits) in BZA#4-2000. Moving forward…yes Ray Nagin, there is a God. Dear God make me a bird so I can fly far far away to Texas and talk ex parte with Judge Head. Your Honor, I confess that I’m a rainbow rider but tempered by Saul Alinsky. Please be patient with DOJ. Forst Gump was a wise man who knew what love was. It happens…sometimes. The story to be told is unfolding. When I was in prision litigation, U.S. Magistrate Jay Wilkinson was fair with me. Slabbed nation, Have a nice day.

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