Blissfully disengaged…………:-)

I’ve taken a few days away from Slabbed but I noticed all hell has broken loose over with the good folks over at NOLA Media Group. The long and short of it is I received numerous inquiries yesterday if Slabbed had been subpoenaed by John Horns folks from Department of Justice. Those inquiries were prompted by this Gordon Russell story regarding the subpoena NOLA received requesting user and IP information on 11 alaises that commented on certain Times Picayune stories posted to NOLA.

Some of the commenters are defending themselves on Gordon’s story, which makes for an interesting read all on its own. My own instant reaction is that Horn has issued a very broad subpoena and the reason for that will be fun to figure out. It appears a legal fight is brewing between DoJ and Advance Publications.

In any event I’m tuning back out but am interested to hear View From Hell’s take on all this as I know View is a regular reader.

Oh yeah, back to those inquiries I received. This is working out about like I thought it would. Slabbed has not been subpoenaed to my knowledge and I do not expect to receive one. As I earlier wrote I’ve put the pedal to the metal as I sense journalistic opportunity in this chaos.

The chicken is in the pot, I repeat…… :mrgreen:

546 thoughts on “Blissfully disengaged…………:-)

  1. On A Steed

    ?Gulf of Mexico seafood industry leader is remembered following sudden death

    Mike Voisin passed away into murky waters.

    Voisin once declared, “I have oyster liquor running through my veins.” An autopsy has revealed it wasn’t oyster liquor.

    He is one of those people who come along every two or three generations.” — Chris Nelson

    When in FL, Chris writes for Copperhead54

    God Bless Mike!

  2. On A Steed


    The world mostly knows that Goats Head Soup was recorded in Jamacia me crazy man. Unknown is how the most famous single from the album came to be.

    It is a hardly known that Mick was enjoying a bowl of Goats Head Soup when he got a bit of the scotch bonnet stuck in his throat and exclaimed Ah Ah Ah and then finaly An gie I still love you baby, which went on to be a run away hit.

    From there on he sang that song each time he made a bowl of that special soup. It seems to be a known fact that the NS boys have a fondness for that Mannish Water.

    I’m thinking Joe Cocker is great and especially his Mad Dogs and Englishmen, but maybe there is something in common here? What do the NS boys sing to each other?

    “Everywhere I look I see your eyes
    There ain’t a woman that comes close to you”

    Should they try a different language???

    1. NOLA born

      Hey, Steed–I wouldn’t presume to say what charges should be filed in a specific federal case. That’s up to the USA in that district. Just not comfortable with that-sorry.

    1. muspench

      Polite is listed as “Shareholder,” which I suppose means partner, and not admitted to Louisiana bar until 2010. That seems a little odd ( :_)

      1. On A Steed

        Ah there you are dear? Been discussing with Doug, if you haven’t noticed, the possibility of a broader blog along the lines of the old Puck Magazine.

        Content being mission critical, have been thinking in terms of station chiefs or regular and ongoing columinsts/contributors. Your choice of subject matter of course. Would you have the time and or inclination to contribute regularly and of course gratis, at least to start?

        I told my source that it was impolite to notify me at 9:55. The TP story was already written! Damnation as Rhettswife would say.

        I will pose the same question to NB. She would make a fantastic one person crime bureau chief…

      2. NOLA born

        Shareholder same as Partner. He was an AUSA in SDNY (NYC) handling major cases per his resume with his firm. That’s one of the top USA offices in the country and so if this is accurate he has a high level of experience as a prosecutor. Plus he has some civil experience before and after his time with USAO. Ivy League–Obama likes that.

        I think it’s a plus he’s only been here a short time–almost an outsider.

          1. NOLA born

            In looking at the timeline of his resume, it’s hard to say how long he was an AUSA–maybe just a few years??
            He graduated 2000, 6 years civil firm and been here since 2010. That only leave 2-3 years to be an AUSA enough to get some trial experience but maybe not as impressive as it appeared at first glance.

          2. On A Steed

            Delighted to hear that. That magazine existed for about 50 years and was interesting. As we have discussed, I like diversity and view differences, but only pay attention to those that have a base or background of knowledge. I don’t have any particular agenda in mind, but I am thinking broader perspectives than many of the local editions.

            I’m working on organizational and legal questions of structure. I hope M has the inclination and time to join. I’ll keep you “posted”

        1. On A Steed

          Would seem to be a great choice and I’m betting already has Mr. Holder’s approval!

          The tie to the Fazio case is interesting.

          How long before commenters and River Birch is wrapped up?

          You saw my note to M, if you have been following, you have been quiet. I’m thinking about a BANK of weekly contributors along with a few other things with more of a digital paper/blog feel Topical experts, real time news from feeds, more than single focus, andy rooneyish humor, etc. lack of censorship, i think.

          Take a look at the old Puck Magazine.

          1. NOLA born

            Yes, I recall Puck. Actually my brother was a BIG fan. His politics are way to left but he’d love something like this. Did talk radio for years.

            I’d be happy to be part of your venture! Sounds fun. And if we’re reading all this stuff, may as well write too.

          2. NOLA born

            Do you have a cartoonist in mind? I know somebody who might be interested, especially if you gave them ideas of what you wanted.

          3. On A Steed

            What an interesting question. Something I had given some thought to but along the lines of the old stuff being in the public domain…

            Of course fresh is better! but professional & gratis???


            I’m excited about the possibilities but still fleshing out what if s…

            I have a lobbyist friend shouting go go go 8-)

            You my friend, woudl be surprised at the Kevin Bacons we have in common.

          4. On A Steed

            Sounds better than real. If you know mail dot com, set up there and we can go where this thing isn’t on. M, too if she is listening.

          5. NOLA born

            I’d have to speak to her but I think she’d be interested. You’d have to give her ideas/direction but the drawing is excellent. I know a retired journalist in NOLA who might be interested too, he’s a published author–older, retired would probably do it for fun. My new name is
            barrygoldwater (if you know what I mean).

    1. NOLA born

      Judge upheld the NOPD Consent decree. What was Mitch thinking trying to back out of the deal he negotiated?
      Time to fix the NOPD and move on.

  3. RhettsWife

    Good morning, dears, we will be leaving soon for our plantation to the west. Rhett refuses to bow to Rex and therefore, we will be taking a rest. However, I am still upset over the failure of to address through its reporters the causes of the crimes in the city of New Orleans. History will show the causes and reality must stop these murders, rapes, robberies, etc. Some of you might have seen my recent post when that 15 year old was arrested for the rape, etc. of that innocent woman in the “uptown” area. I even suggested that I might have to flaggelate myself in Jackson Square to get some action. I had to get the smelling salts for Rhett when he read that posting. Must run, dears.

    1. NOLA born

      Rhettswife, I was just commenting on the same theme on another blog here at slabbed. I am a retired Juvenile Court Judge and I can tell you (sadly) that it is TOO LATE for these 3 arrested. That they have gone too far off civilized behavior at this age. When I saw a 16 or 17 year old with this type of behavior, their path in life (with very few exceptions) is set and it’s NOT pretty. Prison, gangs, destruction and death.

      On the brighter side (and there MUST be a bright side) there are programs working in other places where younger kids can be identified from risk factors. Supervision and services can be provided to them and their families and this can Break the Cycle of violence and prison for many of these families. It is working in other places.

      I hope you and Rhett enjoy your vacation FROM Mardi Gras. Hope to see you when you come back!

    2. On A Steed

      Dear thanks for the visit! I noted and responded to your insightful comments in regard to that tragic situation.

      I wouldn’t be gentlemen if I allowed you self-flaggelation for the wrongs of our city and media. Can I offer myself in your place? You can administer the beating.

      My best to Captain Butler. With all of the illicit items in the city around this time, be careful what you hold close to his nose.

    3. NOLA born

      Rhettswife, so wise of you and the Captain to leave town as it’s been crazier than usual. Hope to see you when you return.

  4. muspench

    Hello, everyone! I have a, if that will do– I’m sloooowly catching up with work and what’s been going on here, but if you ever need to reach me for any reason I can always be found at that address. Valentine’s Day already? At least that explains why someone threw us that red plush “Be Mine” heart last weekend. :_)

    I’d love to participate in the magazine– I’m a little pressed for time at the moment, but the project I’m working on is winding down (second-to-last group of pages has been distributed) and I anticipate its end within two months. I LOVE the term “station chiefs,” too, because it sounds like it comes with solar topees and those look fabulous. Topees for everyone!

    Speaking of fabulous, the old Puck art I just glanced at is excellent, but I had no idea the magazine was American; I always thought British, but no doubt I’m confusing it with Punch. But yes, it sounds like a great deal of fun, and thank you SO much for asking me. :)

    Carnival Day was incredibly relaxed on St. Charles– at one point Rex was stopped, band members downed instruments and were wandering around talking to the crowd. In fact, there were stretches where the parade was not distinguishable as such at all, because it seemed to be a huge group of friends mingling and chatting on the avenue. There was a group of Swedish musicians in perfect formation looking bemused, which made an amusing contrast.


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