Blissfully disengaged…………:-)

I’ve taken a few days away from Slabbed but I noticed all hell has broken loose over with the good folks over at NOLA Media Group. The long and short of it is I received numerous inquiries yesterday if Slabbed had been subpoenaed by John Horns folks from Department of Justice. Those inquiries were prompted by this Gordon Russell story regarding the subpoena NOLA received requesting user and IP information on 11 alaises that commented on certain Times Picayune stories posted to NOLA.

Some of the commenters are defending themselves on Gordon’s story, which makes for an interesting read all on its own. My own instant reaction is that Horn has issued a very broad subpoena and the reason for that will be fun to figure out. It appears a legal fight is brewing between DoJ and Advance Publications.

In any event I’m tuning back out but am interested to hear View From Hell’s take on all this as I know View is a regular reader.

Oh yeah, back to those inquiries I received. This is working out about like I thought it would. Slabbed has not been subpoenaed to my knowledge and I do not expect to receive one. As I earlier wrote I’ve put the pedal to the metal as I sense journalistic opportunity in this chaos.

The chicken is in the pot, I repeat…… :mrgreen:

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  1. has 86’d the story. I found it on their search site but that link does not work either.

  2. Happy New Year Slabbed!

    Is that a Russian call girl in the above clip? Good one! Santa gave me a copy of the Racketeer too. Chapter 8 is a good indication John Grisham is one of those 400,000 unique visitors to the Slabbed blog.

  3. Commenter “On a Steed” is a champ. The interplay among Steed, Muspench and Coppehead504 is fun to watch. I used to jump into the discourse from time to time, but alas . . .

    In my opinion there will have to be much more than the Feds simply issuing a subpoena a-la TheRiot. One would think the Feds will have to convince the judge that there is substantial, credible evidence as to the position and/or identity of each of the Letten Eleven. Otherwise, this would appear to be an easy subpoena to quash. I predict more secretive, clandestine, sealed proceedings over the enforcement of this subpoena.

    1. Hey sock, looks like somebody is pissing on your Champ over on NOLA:

      “On a steed
      In case you are still pointing a Heebe finger at me, tell it to the feds investigating the child porn guys?

      ‘On a Jackass” is more like it. Re Heebe, you must mean my middle finger. And about the child porn guys, do you really want me to give up your friends.”

      To tell you the truth, I think Steed is a fucking Heebe troll too.

      Whoops. waypastenough’s reply to the troll was deleted. This news organization belongs in this fucking hell hole since they helped create it.

      1. Don’t worry, he’ll piss back. I think he is far from a Heebe troll. A real problem comes when people converse with themselves in comments (here and nola)under different screen names. That’s just weak.

        1. Ha! I remember my Latin teacher looking sly when he told our class that joke, and I didn’t have the heart to tell him my grandparents told it to me years before, especially since it still made/makes me laugh. I used to imagine a lady of the evening dressed like a dryad. :_)

          1. HA! Always do, Sockpit– it’s an old bad habit. :_) In that same Latin class, one of my best friends delighted in that very line, which strikes me as a happy coincidence indeed. Vivite ut vehatis, vehite ut vivatis!

            Re DP: Isn’t she a miracle of masterful acerbity? My feeble “I run the gamut through speculation all the way up to outright guessing and then back down to just plain ignorance” below was ineptly modeled on her classic review of Hepburn (“ran the whole gamut of emotions from A to B”). Maybe when the Heebeant allegations recur you can quote her and say, “I don’t care what is written about me so long as it isn’t true.” 🙂

          2. M,
            Well that most certainly does seem appropriate at this time of year.

            Maybe a new thread can open, who is The Dictator?
            of Le Krewe d’Etat

            I don’t want to give DC any ideas but perhaps he could coin Unknown Spokesperson?

          3. My favorite time of year, actually, and d’Etat is one of my must-see parades. We live in the Irish Channel, so we ride bikes up to Prytania and then walk, which is perfect. Maybe DC could join up as the VERY Special Man, and defend the krewe against the attacks of the Muses girls? :_)

        2. see Dorothy Parker and Algonquin Round Table.

          My favorite….”because I was too fucking busy or vice versa.”

          and what i gave the cop only this a.m., “given the crown of thorns I’ve worn, why should I be bothered by another prick like you?”

          Not sure why, but I still laugh at these.

    2. Interesting times, eh? :_) Doug’s right, the question is why the subpoena targeted these eleven commenters. Aside from alafbi, who does sometimes have peculiar information, it’s not immediately obvious (to me, at least). I imagine there are more to come, anyway, but it would be helpful to figure out the first lot before that happens. The judges are apparently restive, so DOJ’s usual glacial pace may not be permitted.

      Re deleting comments on entire conversations were consigned to oblivion almost immediately, which only adds to the general confusion. Re interplay: Ha! I just stay as far away from THAT quarrel as possible, because it’s a huge waste of time. NOLA Born finally threatened to give them both time-outs, which sums up the situation pretty accurately. 🙂

      P.S. Happy New Year, everyone!

      1. Interesting times indeed. If you know that you don’t know everything then we can speculate. There are some indicators and/or signals the scandal may be bigger than the rumored 4 employees that posted from Team Letten. Further there are indications the larger corruption scandal is far more expansive than what is in the public domain at present.

        My New Year’s prediction for 2012 was a bust but I predict 2013 will be a huge year for both Slabbed New Media and a few other NOLA area New Media outlets.

        Regarding the vanishing comments on NOLA, some are taken down for a short time, others are sniped permanently. NOLA has commenters being sniped that are themselves newsmakers featured in the T-P, evidently good enough to make the news but not good enough to leave a comment to NOLA stories.

        Of all the forums I’ve posted on, through time one could get a feel for where the limits and boundries were with the moderators. Consistency is key there. Since the switch to the new NOLA I have not been able to divine anything about their comment moderation policies beyond they strongly appears to be arbitrary and capricious.

        I know nothing about the internals at NOLA media group but if I had to guess it may be a case of too many chefs stirring the pot.

        1. Ha! You know me- I run the gamut through speculation all the way up to outright guessing and then back down to just plain ignorance. :_) If it weren’t so much fun watching these events unfold, I would be seriously annoyed by not knowing, but as it is I can’t complain.

          About wider scandal: that could cover a lot of ground in time as well as space, and maybe that’s what Chick Foret meant when he said “nuclear.” Letten was originally appointed in 2001, of course there was talk about the deal he & Eddie Jordan gave Robert Guidry even before that time, and there have been persistent rumors throughout the rest of his career (black book, Patrick Graham, Perdigao), about which you know more than I.

          Any of that could float to the surface, I suppose, but there’s also the possibility Jan Mann brought up to Judge Engelhardt: “During a discussion with all counsel participating, First AUSA Mann indicated her belief that certain individuals, perhaps even employees of this Court, posted opinions on” That was BEFORE she was outed, and we now know she’d be in a perfect position to know what other federal employees were on the comments board.

          Maybe the wrist slaps for Broussard & co. are more problematic than we know, or there was a plan to delay Heebe’s prosecution. I got a nasty shock when I found out where Maurice Landrieu was working, so perhaps whatever is it has a Landrieu connection. Every road in New Orleans seems to lead to that family these days, and it really is a bit much at this point. 🙂

          P. S. re comments: there are N.O. mods and also mods, some threads are proactively moderated & others are not, which may explain the lack of consistency. But yes, no coherent goal is apparent (to say the least). :_)

  4. I have written this truth time and time again: The only fucking freedom you have in this country is when the Government is not looking at your fucking ass !!!

    What makes anybody think that any of those names are people associated in any official capacity with the Government. I didn

    1. About those Letten 11 we read this crap from the Heebe team,

      “Contacted by The Times-Picayune about the subpoena, Gibbens declined to talk about whether he recognized any of the aliases sought ”

      Well, well, well I believe Mr. Gibbens has given us a fucking tell. Could it be that Heebe’s BS has caught up with him?

      I keep telling y’all, the fucking HELLHOLE of all hell holes is deep and wide and big enough for Mr. Gibbens too.

  5. I’m not a ‘white gate’, although I feel that sometimes, there’s a lot of info passing on my sidewalk to my house through that gate, that is of no consequence … and I’m beginning to believe this ‘Letten 11’ is just another attempt by the Heebe team to spin and spew their idea of what is fair … that said, there can be no excuse for the unethical, and possibly illegal, conduct of Letten and his posse, including but not limited to Perricone, the Manns, Kennedy, Harper, Comen, Landrieu and others …

    I am whitmergate … and I have been hammering the Jefferson Parish Politico Mafioso since 2008 … I have not been able to comment on since late 2009 … I was fortunate to have been directed to this site, SLABBED, and am very appreciative of Doug’s support these last three years …

    Happy New Year Sop … and I’ll let you in on a little secret, ’13 is my lucky number … and now I’m going to eat cabbage and black-eyed peas to enhance that luck !!!

    And a Happy New Year to the Slabbed Nation …

  6. Wow, the Department of Jackasses are looking into it. Hum what’s in it for them? whitmergate, the number 13 was made a major use of in attacks on my family from the courts for about three years when I told those shit for brain attorneys, that shit would look real good before a jury trial. The ass holes tough the next few years of filing court papers and false arresting using the day, month and year to a resulting number 13 went nu-noticed, I didn’t say a word till I got them in federal court in 2002. All those recordings from at least 4 folks recording at the time. The court minutes stated no recording was had. Here’s how it works, my cousin died from something he drank given him by the Sheriffs cousin. No cause of death ever given. He died on 2-9-02 = 13. Sad though the Department of Jackasses can’t arrest its counter part friends and family.Why with the need of our money to support state functions and all. All this shit makes for any right to have a gun made moot. Not the first one of these a-holes could endure the shit they dish-out. Just another story from the crypt and the James Graves/Babara Dunn gang.

    1. “Just another story from the crypt.”

      Your story is all-too-familiar to me with the poisoning, the numbers, and the mootness of carrying.
      I can personally attest that number sensitivity is used to great effect with the intention of mind-raping and disabling peasants who don’t know their place, or who accidentally threaten the proper upstream flow of money. A large numbering system would be required, but simple to manage at a glance. Our Gulf Coast thugs are nothing if not organized. Ingenious, really, when one can step back from all of the CARNAGE to appreciate it.

  7. Speaking of “Blissfully disengaged” and Happy New Years…..My New Year Resolution is to pray constantly until the La.Board of Supervisors votes not to honor and approve dat proposed contract extension and pay raise for dat shit for brains coach who claps like a spastic and eats grass like the Chicken-sh*t-fo’- mo’pay cows.

    Furthermore, any coach who dyes his hair different colors not only needs a new hairdresser but needs to be “blissfully disengaged” from LSU so he can spastically clap fo’ Michigan with his other weirdo wolverines.

    If only we could get dat jet with dat big word MICHIGAN emblazoned on its side to land again in BR… talking super celebration with signs like “Eat Mo’Snow”,”Only His Hairdresser Knows fo’ Sure”, etc..

  8. No one I know was surprised in the least that Lettenemgo’s office leaked like a sieve. On any given day at any given lunch time one could spot AUSA’s and defense counsels and AUSA investigators breaking bread and bottle tops together yucking it up. Uh I don’t know, ya think maybe they were sharing secrets? Or like in the old days at the Jeff Par D A office watching videos together and taking bets on who would plead or pay? Let’s remember, the longer it takes for the feds to drag the defendant through the process the more the defense atty makes…and the more lunches they can comp? So are they scratching each other’s backs? Do some defense attys get the inside info about what the feds have on a defendent and so know who to represent and who to get rid of quick fast and in a hurry? Maybe I am just a little paranoid. Or realistic. Or cynical? Or right.

  9. I wonder if someone at Advanced Media provided the IP logs & user names to someone outside of Advance Media and the justice department is working on solving the puzzle. Could Advance Media be preparing themselves for a fight with the justice department in order to thwart this information from coming out? Otherwise why would AM start preparing for a legal fight over the subpoena?

    The possibility of this happening is just as big as having someone on the inside spilling their guts. But the person spilling their guts would need to provide proof which is why the Advanced Media leak theory is a huge issue. If the justice department confirms that Advanced Media was the source of the leak (the reason Slabbed hasn’t been subpoenaed) then Advanced Media/ will take a hit unlike anything the modern day media has ever seen.

    1. You think someone at passed on commenters’ info (presumably to Heebe’s legal team, if I understand your implication)? That’s a popular idea; American Zombie supports it, whereas Mark Moseley thinks it probable the commenters were identified by what they wrote, and backs up that contention by finding an unreported alias belonging to Sal (martyfed).

      Some of the other commenters obviously knew Sal, so if you were able to identify any one of them you would then be able to collect an associated group of insiders. I think that’s how some of them were identified, but it’s entirely possible someone at was able (and willing) to provide server-based proof.

      For Sal, though, that wouldn’t have been necessary, because Engelhardt’s order said Magner testified as follows: “[I]n December 2010, a former EDLA colleague still in the employ of the DOJ, but stationed overseas, communicated to Magner his belief that Perricone was ‘legacyusa.'” So that was common knowledge at the office, and as unslabbed said above, “Lettenemgo

    2. Advance will have little choice but to turn over the information.

      As Muspench says, Jason Berry at AZ has consistently maintained there was a Heebe leak at Advance. With each new gyration the speculation about the new Federal Subpoena intensifies.

      With that said, one of the handles TheRiot sued when he sued the blogosphere told me, in fact insisted to me in 2010 that TheRiot got those handles from Sources familiar with the workings of Jefferson Parish Government circa 2010 and TheRiot in particular tell me he and Ashton Phelps were particularly close. I ran across it during the massive PRR I had with the Parish last summer.

      Pres if this line of speculation is accurate its gonna be bad, real bad for Advance Publications.

  10. The leak info is legit. Moseley’s hypo is incorrect. You can’t identify commenters on who only posted one or two times. It is impossible unless someone at provided the data to a third party in exchange for something of value.

  11. i have been wondering why those specific 11 names? specifically what comments written by those 11 names set them so apart to warrant the feds action? and if the average comment diver could not access archived comments until very very recently ( oh miracle of miracle they were gone today but here tomorrow) just how did anyone including the feds find the comments to make their choices? and why aren’t the specific comments by those 11 names part of the request: ya know like” here are samples of the 11’s comments which made us decide to ask forntheir names’? sounds more and more to me like a veiled message being sent to someone(s) that “hey, we can play the outing game too assholes so just keep pushing”! maybe there was a leak or sale or trade of the names (quid pro quo anyone?) and to cover the source a handwriting expert was brought in to say he had reviewed and discovered the similarities etc and identified the culprits to be Perricone , Mann etc. If this is the scenario then there exists a master list, leaked/sold/ or traded by the owner(s) or hacker(s) of said list which list has ALL commenters IDs and info. And oh has Pandora’s box been opened . Makes the Canal Street Madam’s little black book pale in comparison . Mon dieu.

  12. question: anyone else noticing that the number of comments on the Jan Mann Vitriole story keeps changing in the downward spiral? wtf ? why?

    1. After all these years, I don’t think I’ve seen a conflict that Phelps, Dunbar would not embrace; it’s all about churnning out fees, isn’t it ?

  13. Good morning! :_) The old comments were still in place on the old stories, but were not collected under old user accounts. That’s what the restoration fixed, and I see the story does say that (“When’s commenting platform was upgraded in the fall of 2012, comments made prior to the update were not viewable on individual profile pages, making it difficult to track all comments by a single person”).

    Until that fix, everyone who wanted to look at comments, no doubt including the new investigators, had to locate an old story and THEN read comments attached to it in the hopes of finding what/who they wanted. The new comments system still lacks critical functionality (no timestamps, no pagination, no replying to every comment or seeing all your own replies collected on one page, all of which we had before), but at least you can go to a user index page and see a list of that person’s comments.

    But old comments are still NOT searchable at all via Google. Search for this term (“belly causa”), and you should find this page (, see Rodeo Bill’s comment), but will not. Sock Puppet thought old comments had been selectively removed after the fact, and I thought so too at first, but I’m starting to think that replies nested past one or two levels did not load into the new system because the new system does not HAVE those levels.

    See my comment (Monday, September 05, 2011, 6:23:59 PM)? There was a conversation that started with a reply to my reply, and it’s no longer visible. Since the content was the same I think the nesting level may have influenced the drop. That’s the kind of thing that happens ALL the time in data transfers this size, it’s why you NEVER attempt them without extensive testing, and the odds are that if that’s what happened, not one single person at,, or RealTidbits is even aware of it.

    Re changing number of comments on Jan Mann story: Yes, good eye. A commenter named NOLA born (says she used to be an “AUSA and Criminal Division Chief in another district years ago (1980-1995),” intelligent & observant) said conversations she participated in vanished immediately, stayed out for a while, and then appeared on her profile page but not the page where they were posted.

    But of course comments used to be deleted sometimes, removing them from the system, and user accounts were sometimes blocked (like Sal’s legacyusa account), so you couldn’t see remaining comments gathered on their index pages. The restoration didn’t change that: blocked accounts are still not visible, and neither are previously deleted comments.

    1. Thanks for the informative, albeit way over my head in some respects, response. I don’t even bother posting on anymore. I posted a very innocuous phrase as a comment about their “glitch,” but it was immediately removed. I’ll read, but my days of commenting there are over.

      1. ! OK, I saw that comment immediately, responded to it, and every time I check back on that page it is there. This one, right? “Son of a glitch!” I loved that, I responded to it, and it is now and always has been absolutely, I swear, untouched. We HAVE to figure out what’s going on. What browser are you using? Because I’m seeing it in Firefox, and I just went to IE and “Son of a glitch!” is there.

        Here’s the thing: you must, and I mean must, click those buggering View more links, which I hate with an intense and burning passion at this point. Please, please check: go here , sort Oldest first, then start clicking View mores until you find it. The easy way to find this reply is to search for unique text in the original post (“performs a vital function” will work), and then start clicking from there.

        Let me know what happens ASAP, and yes, I’m being pushy. 🙂

        1. It’s still not there, and you and I use the same browser. One of my “likes” was left up, but the comment is not there, at leas when I try to find it. Shortly after posting it, I logged on again and viewed it, then it was gone. Weird.

          I always sort them by “oldest first.” In fact, I posted a comment a while back complaining about how you have to use that function to read the comments in their sequential order.

          1. OK, I have a .jpg of the screen capture, and I just posted it to my photos page , so you can see it. Those long threads are onerous to read, especially because of all the clicking, and I think some of your comments are hiding in place. On the shorter threads, of course you can tell when they go. Some of them probably go to quarantine– if you compare NOLA Born’s comments as listed on her index page to the ones that appear on the Jan Mann story, you’ll be very surprised to see how many appear only on the index page. I’ve had that experience.

            I honestly wish they’d just reinstate both the old commenting system & moderation policy as it was in the six months preceding the transition, when it seemed to me most well balanced.

          2. Nope, those comments are not there when I go to the article and comments. I’ve read each one closely and gone through the comments about 15 times. I have no clue.

          3. Please, please send a screenshot of where the comment should be & is not to, and give her the link to my photos page so she can see what I’m seeing. But we have to figure out where what you’re seeing stops. Can you see the original post of the conversation (mine starting “THANK YOU SO MUCH for restoring those archives!”)?

            That should be followed by reply 1) NOLA born’s “Muspench–agreed” and then reply 2) from me (“What seems to be the case for the few accounts”) and then your “Son of a glitch!” as a reply 1 to my reply 2. Just in case this helps, nesting is like an outline level for comments: original posts aren’t nested, the reply1 and reply 2 are at nesting level 1, and your reply 1 to my reply 2 is at nesting level 2.

            Incidentally, nesting level 2 is as far down as the new comments structure goes; level 2 replies have no reply links of their own. That’s why I think all the old comments below nesting level 2 may have dropped out– they had nowhere to go.

          4. Even with “view more,” here is what I see (sorry to do this):

            THANK YOU SO MUCH for restoring those archives! I can now see my original muspench account with associated comments, and while we really need the old pagination system instead of having to click endless More links, this is a major fix which performs a vital function. EXCELLENT job, and I’m very grateful you took the time to make the data available. [1/4/2013 8:12 PM]
            crooksrus, StopOverspending, topeka9, Vamps and NOLA born like this.

        2. Oh, PERFECT, and yes, apologies to everyone else, but this really is an emergency, and thanks very much for your patience. And there you have it: OP, replies 1 and 2, then the View more I think you missed:

          Re comment: Oh, very good! Will you please point me to it? Thank you. [1/4/2013 9:39 PM]
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          1. Nope, still not there. It’s not that big of a deal relative to that one comment because I did not put much time or thought into it. But, as I am sure you have seen, the majority of my recent comments are taken down almost as soon as they are posted. I am not the only one who has observed this, and it has nothing to do with technical issues or glitches.

          2. You go to that spot and click one View more, and you see brlawyer’s “Muspench — great work providing the link” and then click the NEW View more (same place) and see Son of a glitch! I know, that’s far too much work– the new commenting system is not designed for long threads, because all that clicking is just maddening,

            That’s just it, I haven’t seen very many comments from you lately, but I haven’t seen any come & go (which may mean only that I’m not quick enough). I’ll pay more attention in future.

            1. I think comment moderators over at NOLA have cured Sock Puppet from ever commenting there again.

              The calculus that goes into running off such a quality commenter mystifies and amazes.

          3. Re calculus: They’re not doing any, because they no longer have the journalistic vision required to enumerate & achieve any respectable goals. It’s not easy to turn a solid news organization no longer in its prime but still firmly ensconced in the daily life of a unique city into just another generic local site, but that’s what they have done, and choosing a Ricky Mathews to head up LocalNews-ishSite tells us everything we need to know about what we now have. Heartbreaking, is what it is.

            @ originalgate: Some of those comments are still in place, but a number of others have escaped Earth’s gravity altogether. There were 218 comments when I last checked yesterday, 181 first thing this morning, and there are currently 187. What I’ve been doing, and it is insane to have to work so hard just to read comments, is search for the text “view more” until I’m certain I’ve clicked all those little obstacles.

            I’m no longer bothering to comment on most long threads because of them, and because of the lack of pagination. Those old page links served as bookmarks, and I could access separate portions of a thread in a meaningful way when they were in place, but no more.

            P.S. to SocKPiT: I agree that comment, much as I love it, is not the point, but I’m very annoyed at losing your input from those conversations, so I want to know what’s going on. And I used to work in technical support, so that doesn’t lessen my curiosity. 🙂

  14. mus: u can still read Sock’ s erudite comments on Slabbed. Much easier to navigate that website and Handshoe is a hands-off the commenters kind of a guy.

    1. Oh, I do, I just think more Sock = better Sock. There’s yet another factor to be considered: Maggie the moderator now has a coworker named Valeya Miles, and maybe that’s why the intensified drive to comments gulag. :_) Speaking of new oddities, actually linked ( to one of Mark Moseley’s pieces, where I found this comment:

      Randall Cajun says:
      January 7, 2013 at 10:19 am

      Speaking of what was happening back in the late

      1. Leary and Perret without doubt as they are indeed that transparent. They think that anonmizers and the like will cover their cyber tracks and they are dead wrong.

        This would mark their third attempt at blogging. The targets are the same – me and AMV.

        1. The standard rule is never to underestimate your enemies, but sometimes they make that pretty darn difficult. :_)

  15. There seems to be a third piece to the whole IP address thing that I’m missing. Unless you know what person/entity has been assigned an IP address (i.e. maybe it is/was common knowledge that computers in Letton’s office use an IP address block of XYZ), there isn’t a whole lot of info you can get from it…unless you can get that info from the ISP that assigned the addresses. Since they are the actual owners of the IP addresses they would know what person/entity had possession of any IP address at any given time. So I’m not sure how anyone could say, without prior knowledge, that IP address X belongs to so-and-so without having that third piece of information which is usually considered private unless subpoenaed by FBI or other such entity.

    1. That is exactly the problem I’ve been having. The commenters who worked in the USAO could have used work computers, mobile devices, and home computers, and for 2 and 3 the IPs would belong to an ISP. The USAO’s IP addresses might be identifiable as belonging to that federal building, or to USAO, or to big DOJ, for example, but there the trail would end as far as an outsider is concerned. But the investigators would know exactly which work computers had been used.

      Maybe the subpoena means work computers were NOT used? My problem is that once I got over the shock of discovering a federal prosecutor had been stupid enough to comment, I put no further stupidity past any of them, but perhaps one or more of them DID take the elementary precaution of not using their own computers.

  16. I’m assuming that DOJ wants IP info to verify that the posters were/weren’t using USAO property to post. Beyond that, there is no other information that any other party with an interest in this could glean without access to the lease info from the ISP.

    1. Well, they could take the IPs collected from and send subpoenas to the relevant ISPs. What’s interesting to me is I’ve commented over there for several years and the list of 11 names didn’t belong to people who had demonstrated any particular interest in the NOPD prosecutions (with the possible exception of Uckzerto) or the outing of Sal and Jan (with the possible exception of Copperhead, but he said his interest was as a personal friend of Letten). I’m less familiar with comments on the JP prosecutions, but I think the same applies.

      And that brings me back to the supposition the investigators acquired the list in some way not related to the content of comments, unless I’m very much misunderstanding their interest. That’s a digression, but I find the more I think about the problem, the more it puzzles me.

      1. Agreed. Something’s not Kosher about this scenario and will remain so until we are made aware of what particular comments, by any one of the 11 individuals, assuming one person isn’t all 11 or that several people have multiple names, raised a red flag sufficient to warrant a subpoena being issued ?

        Simply stated … where did the government get these 11 particular names and what was identifiable in the comments to relate to each of the individual names ?

      2. Looks to me that instead of a name calling brawl,the Government has tacticay switched over to a name using fight with team Heebe. Freddie should have this comming, THE GIT BACK for his public humiliation, albeit justly deserved

  17. Muspench referred me to your site. This is rollicking good fun here–and without the constant frustrating deletions! Look forward to joining in the discussons.

    1. Welcome aboard NOLA. Your first comment has been approved so you have be able to post freely from here on out. Enjoy.

    2. NOLA born, welcome back to the Crescent City. I’ve been trying to get back as well after a quarter century away, but at least I’m no longer in the Frozen North. This is a fun site and I usually just lurk and enjoy, but wanted to welcome you home.

      1. NB,
        I am remiss in not having done the same. We need people to return and particularly people that have pride in the city! Welcome Home!

  18. My guess as a retired AUSA (from another District) is that the FBI is scouring the comment sections on all articles about the cases of interest. They probably noticed comments that appeared to contain “inside information” and subpoenaed to find out if the poster is from USAO EDLA, FBI or someone who knows people with inside information that is being disclosed by a 3rd party.

    1. I have no idea what District you practiced as an AUSA in, and I mean no disrespect to your former professional background … but know this: THERE IS NO SUCH THING AS INSIDE INFORMATION in the EDLA ! So there goes your premise and the alleged pre-text for Governmental action in the guise of carrying out Englehardt’s order.

      I believe this subpoena farce is a Government ruse to embarass Team Heebe … we’ll read soon enough …

      1. You could be correct–I don’t know the people conducting the investigation. But, IF the DOJ is conducting the investigation as directed by that Court order, I’m assuming they are looking for any comments that might contain non-public information. And with these subpoenas will be seeking to find the source of that non-public information–even directly from a member of the USAO or indirectly from someone they know who is posting. As I said this is just my guess, as I don’t know the players here.

  19. One reason I think they may be looking for 3rd parties is that Copperhead posts that he is a personal friend of Letten’s. Well, DOJ wants to know if Cop posted anything he heard from Letten. DC made claims that Cop posted comments that contained info from 2 emails that Letten had exclusive possession of. DC was asked several times to post his proof of that and he never did–he said it was being deleted which is possible.

    1. Glad to see you here, NB. DC being David Christenson, yes? Everyone at Slabbed knows about Christenson, but I don’t know whether he’s ever been here himself. I can well believe he posted something he considered proof of inside info from Copperhead and it was removed, yes, but whether or not he was correct is much less certain. :_)

      About the whole issue of what is happening/has happened to comments, it seems the technical problem with comments restoration that Sock & I were discussing above is verified. Someone sent me a deep link (link not just to a page, but to a part of a page) to one of my old comments, and it brings up my comment as a separate page.

      And on that separate page, there are MORE comments as replies to mine that don’t appear on the main page. Here’s the main page in that example (, here’s the deep link to my comment with extra replies (, and another deep link to someone else’s comment that also has extra replies not visible on the main page (

      I think you’d have to follow all those deep links and collate all those comments to restore the page as it originally appeared (and then you’d be able to notice that very long old comments are cut off in the new system, but that’s a separate issue). And unless you compared the comments count on the main page, which I think includes hidden comments, to the number actually appearing, you wouldn’t realize the deficiency.

      That’s a real problem. But back to what you were saying about Cop, yes, there’s a very funny impassioned defense of Letten on the page with my comment plus replies (“Letten is like a shiny new sports car who is perfect in every way. Powerful, efficient, reliable, sleek, and flashy. Then one day, it gets a scratch. It’s still all those same things, but it’s not perfect anymore”). You think that sort of thing might attract official attention, then? Oh boy. 🙂

      And that brings up whitmergate’s “name using fight,” which is a terrific phrase. The problem is, surely Cop’s oeuvre couldn’t be construed as a product of Team Heebe? This is SO confusing, in that Heebe is the person who was in bad odor with the government, but the new investigators are here to examine Letten’s team. Aaargh! 🙂

      1. Muspench, Glad to be seen and thanks for sending me here!

        I’ve been reading your exchange with sock puppet with interest. I think I do open ALL of the “View Mores” but will need to check even more carefully. We know there were wholesale deletions on that Jan Mann article–it was crazy just to try to get a legitimate post out before it disappeared.

        I haven’t read all of Cop’s past posts (that one above that you quote is a doosey) but he constantly refers to himself as a personal friend of Letten’s–that alone would make them want to issue that subpoena. I agree Cop’s comments that I’ve seen are definitely NOT Team Heebe.

        I haven’t researched the other user names they are seeking. I was just saying how an investigation per the Court order could/should proceed. First, they would interview everybody in that office to find out if they will admit to posting on cases and/or what was known in the office about people posting on cases. These offices are very insular, tightknit places to work. I can guarantee you more people knew about this.

        Second, check all government computers for posts about cases.

        Third, review all posts on all articles about cases of interest and from the comments identify people who may be posting non-public information. People could have posted from telephones, home computers, etc.. The fact that Mann and Perriconne used their office computers to do this was he most astounding part of this whole thing to me.

        Fourth, re-interview people in the office and otherwise follow up on leads. Anyway, you get the idea. I’m assuming that they are conducting a thorough investigation as the Court ordered. After the Mann fiasco they will not want to be further embarrassed.

        Remember this investigation is being conducted by an outside AUSA sent by DOJ. He’s not invested in protecting anybody in that office (or in making Heebe look better or worse)–in fact quite the contrary, he will want to do his most thorough job no matter where the chips may fall because he was entrusted with this responsibility.

        1. Muspench–yes DC=David Christensen–I assumed incorrectly that everybody here knows all the characters from and he IS a character!

          1. We know David. Everyone with an area blog knows him. Tom aka JPChirper and David’s cyber battle last month caused me to give Tom a time out. Provided they get along well with the others they’re both welcome back anytime.

            Except for the first comment I try my best not to moderate comments and assume adults can act (mostly) like adults in commenting. It is a formula that has worked well for Slabbed.

          2. Funny, Doug. At least you can enforce your time outs. I actually threatened to send Cop and Steed to their rooms if they didn’t behave! It seemed to help the bickering a little.

          3. “These offices are very insular, tightknit places to work”

            Yes, and that goes not just for the USAO but for the local legal community in general. I agree the commenters’ behavior would have been widely known, which is why I’m not sold on the idea that outing had to occur by way of passing on IPs.

            “The fact that Mann and Perriconne used their office computers”

            They certainly posted a great deal in a time frame in which that would have been likely, but I haven’t seen proof of it. I agree it’s probable, because Mann ran the office and she, Letten, Jim Mann and Sal were the core (if not the whole) of the insiders’ clique over there, if my impression is correct. They felt far too comfortable, obviously. :_)

            And re “most thorough job,” I’ll be willing to bet the one eventuality no one at the USAO had anticipated was an independent review. That runs directly counter to the way business has always been done, and if we could harness the energy of the terror thus generated we could power the entire city. :_)

            Re onasneed: I saw that over on the Jan Mann thread, for which someone probably should call Minyard’s office, and burst out laughing. Ouch! That is positively Rabelaisian as a sobriquet for Heebe (though I don’t think that’s Steed, or anyone else in comments for that matter).

            I have to go with “Sockpit,” though– wonderful word, treasures past associations but sheds unfortunate & inadvertent connotation, altogether forward-looking. Excelsior!, and so on. 🙂

      2. Doug made a funny observation recently: that my true persona had been mentioned in a TP/ article during the same time period my comments were being arbitrarily (and capriciously) removed from unrelated articles. What he did not know is that in the past month, my real name has appeared in 3 separate articles in the TP/ I did not comment on any of them.

        1. That is funny Sock! What’s up with that??

          You were online the 2 day period of those mass deletions. It was so weird hoping that the post was up just long enough for someone to get the message before it was deleted. Almost all of my deleted posts are back on my profile now but not back on that article. I don’t post personal attacks or obscenities so I couldn’t figure out how so many of my posts were deleted—but I think the one that remains deleted I did ask if someone we all know is a “nutjob” as I was trying to determine whether to take his posts seriously or not. Oh, well. Nice to find a forum where free speech reigns. And frankly I think the level of discourse is a little higher as people seem more informed.

          1. “It was so weird hoping that the post was up just long enough for someone to get the message before it was deleted.”

            So true, so true. Sometimes calling someone a nutjob is not a personal attack. Speaking of, is it just me or did DC make some real traction in terms of credibility during the Letten meltdown?

          2. Yes, I agree. That was the gist of my deleted message: DC I must admit t always thought you were a nutjob, but you are making many salient points here today.

  20. Writing is an audacious act: it makes a person very vulnerable, open to public criticism, ridicule and rejection. BUT it also opens conversation and thought; stirs minds, touches hearts and brings us into contact with our souls. So how can it possibly be a waste of time, an idle act, a mistake, a betrayal of truth? Who can possibly tell us not to do it? But they do: institutions silence and suppress thought regularly. Governments jail dissenters; churches excommunicate them; corporations fire them; and, communities shun them. Tomorrow’s great new insight is always yesterday’s foolish idea. ( Distilled from Called to Question by Benedictine sister Joan Chittister, 2004) So I say: Write On!

  21. M and Doug,
    Thanks for the invite.

    The reports of my death have been greatly exaggerated.

    M. – The turf comment was only an attempt at humor on the changing land and air conditions in CO. Totally unrelated to anything from Doug.

    As to the bigger questions of happenings and insight both retrospectively and prospectively, I’m unsure and can’t offer much analysis. I regret having to report that I don’t have any profound inside or outside sources. I have been away and from what I have read, NB seems to have a good take on the why and what to expect.

    It would seem that any report to Engelhardt et al. would need to be painstakingly thorough. Beyond that, it might be quite a hoot to watch it take place.

    For the record, at the end of the day I don’t see any targets walking. Reform is needed in the office culture on Camp and I hope that takes place.

    1. “It was so weird hoping that the post was up just long enough for someone to get the message”

      ! That sounds just like a WashPost story I read yesterday about a censor on the Chinese version of Twitter who lost it & posted an honest message of frustration. Here’s what he said, in part: “Please think about this: You guys keep posting messages like machines, and the micro-blog secretaries keep deleting them. If we don

      1. M,
        In fact I have noticed the very machinations at the other place but am reluctant to say much about it. They won’t honestly tell you, and that just leaves speculation.

        I have smiled at some of the gang tackling going on in a few of the threads. I am of a mind that words never really hurt, and if you can’t take the heat etc. My speculation is that with the new digital orientation, there is considerable attention to holding and expanding audiences. I can only guess at what tactics they may employ.

        As an old paper guy that mostly looked forward to Jack Wardlaw, Iris Kelso, James Gill,and a few of the others, it is a changed world.

        I grew up in a educated, but rough and tough family so some of it makes me smile. I just smile and remember that there are many vested and not interests. If I’m not called names here, I might just have to visit every now and then for fun.

        I have noticed that the posting here seems more informed. That’s why I have always enjoyed your posts. Anyway, keep up the great thoughts!
        P.S. the gates seem very familiar at the risk of sounding like a linguistic analyst…

          1. Hello, Muspench–I have that same perception-that tv news wasn’t/isn’t true journalism. But it seems journalism is a lost and dying art, doesn’t it? Newspapers folding everywhere–not just here.

            I recall an article a while back on about why American media often fails to offer objective, unbiased journalism that accurately reports all sides of the story. I posted a comment that I thought the problem was with the Journalism departments in American colleges where I think students are taught to get “their message” out, not to really be a professional journalist.

            I’m sure you all followed the media on the terrible school shooting in Newtown, Conn. Was that the WORST reporting you ever saw? They misidentified the shooter as the son of a Kindergarten teacher (who was that son that they thought shot up the school??) It turns out the mother of the shooter was never a teacher there or anywhere. Then they misidentified him as his brother, a decent young guy who had nothing to do with this. The rush for the scoop had them reporting incorrect information—and I never heard an apology or even an explanation from any of them.

          2. Hello, NB! There was some old television reporting that did qualify (Walter Cronkite, Harry Reasoner, local boy Howard K. Smith), but that was SO very long ago I’d quite forgotten it when I made the exclusion. :_) Agreed that journalism has been fatally weakened by an overemphasis on viewpoint at the expense of facts. Facts were de rigueur in the old school, and they’re now completely optional.

            Newtown coverage failed utterly– for example, people used Facebook to ID the shooter incorrectly, then tweeted that error. And the network of small town gossip that propagated across the U.S. replaced a large part of what should have been news coverage, IMO. 🙂

        1. Agreed on the rough & ready nature of comments– I’m so accustomed to it I hardly notice any more, but the funny thing about the ‘gates is how he/they assumed we were a closed shop (you, Dame, NOLA, & I) because we’re friendly to each other rather than not. Why not just join in? But if they sounded familiar, perhaps that explains it in some fashion.

          Re Wardlaw, Kelso, et al.: they were names to conjure with when I was young, growing up in a journalistic household. I very honestly never thought the words “journalism” and “television” went together, and is no longer anything I recognize as news. But to balance that, we have the rise of blogs like this one, where there’s more willingness to challenge the old conventions that would have kept an Ashton Phelps from releasing documents like Amy-you-look-mahvelous, which was perfectly hilarious. 🙂

          P.S. Thank you very much, steed. Were you a paper guy in New Orleans, then? I have some ancient & indirect T-P roots myself.

          And P.S. to originalgate: Vandengate, the natural hybrid of the two themes! If I’m ever an AMV, I have to be Anne Marie Vandengate. :_)

          1. M.
            The clubhouse gang sounded familiar and I agree with you, why not join in friendly banter rather than needless worry about narrative?

            You are remarkably perceptive. My parents had roots in newspaper and radio. They worked in both N.O. and B.R. and many of the legendary names were frequent visitors to our home and friends. Yes, the times are a changin…

          2. Of course Conkrite et. al. were journalists, guys of that caliber ain’t dere no mo’!

            It’s as if there are no adults present with a clear head in the news. Some station chief or newspaper editor to say–we don’t have confirmation, this is gossip not fact, etc… They get swept up in the sensationalism and spew false info. And most shocking to me is they never apologize or analyze why they went so far off base. They just carry on as if they didn’t make a huge blunder—as if nobody will notice or remember.

          3. Muspench–Thanks so much for the link to the Daily Beast piece. The author states the case much more eloquently than I that the media blunders were inexcusable. I do wonder if Ryan Lanza will sue the media for defamation/libel. He may want to try to put it all behind him but they did a terrible disservice to him and all viewers with their rush to judgment.

        2. I assumed that the gates were the same guy, with all the gates suddenly appearing at the same moment with the same surname!

          1. Or we could look at it another way. Suppose there are several people having commenting fun at the same time, at the same place, sharing a computer or using their smart phone with each adopting their own gate name.

            Remember what Nowdy used to tell us about getting your exercise by jumping to conclusions.

            Sock puppetry can be played by more than one person.

          2. Oh! What an interesting idea. Yes, that’s entirely possible– that would explain the aimless quality of the ‘gates, if they were hanging out & just generally mucking around, and that scenario captures the tone of their posts perfectly. I like the jumping as exercise; that’s much less violent than saying “you’ll break your neck jumping to conclusions,” which is what people used to tell me. :_)

          3. Hello, eyewigger: Good point, it could be a group of people acting in concert to post messages about the same topic at the same time, but who does that? Oh, I mean, except for folks at the USAO’s office?

    2. Steed, I think you’re right that being a fly on the walls of the US Attorney’s Office EDLA would be quite an interesting place to be these days.

      From what I’ve read, I don’t see any convictions getting reversed either—but who knows what else will come out?

      People don’t like going down on these ships alone. When people were speculating about why Letten had only demoted and not fired Mann, I was wondering if she told him she would take him down with her if he fired her. She would know where the bodies are buried there, if there are any. This could all still come out, if she flips on him as part of this investigation.

      1. NB,
        Aren’t set aside standards onerous and the judiciary very slow to open the gate?

        You gave me a funny thought, JM wearing a wire on JL! Then we would have a real GATE. My name would change to “is this thing on?”, “speak up”, “i can’t hear you”. Would seem to fit there with all the “reality” tv and of course, I would seek work as a writer.

        Hmmm, perhaps you, M, me, and a few others could have our own room at Antoines’ while dining and fine tuning the scripts?

        I remain puzzled why so many seem to think that targets and others get a walk? Maybe slow down an already slow process, but walk? Why? How? I can’t see it. Guess we’ll have to stay tuned.

        1. Steed, That wire could well have already occurred. A phone call or an in person meeting. I wouldn’t be surprised in the least. Whether he would still be saying anything useful is the question.

          It’s a very very difficult standard to get a conviction reversed in federal court. I can look up the caselaw but it’s an extremely rare thing for a federal case. Not saying it couldn’t happen and really if a federal judge is really furious he could do anything–but I just don’t think it’s likely unless a LOT more comes out about other/additional prosecutorial misconduct—hiding favorable evidence that could have changed the outcome of the case, etc…

          1. Re ‘gates: You think it’s the same gazebo, then? I think that’s highly probable, and I LOVE saying “gazebo.” :_) Re Letten, Mann & Perricone: See, I thought the only reason Mann could have for not resigning immediately was that she planned to state he knew what she was doing, even that she did it at his behest. I didn’t think the Nuremberg defense would get her anywhere, but I suppose she had nothing to lose by making the attempt.

            Re “hiding favorable evidence”: That’s the kind of thing I’m afraid of; as Sockpit pointed out, a lot of those prosecutors are graduates of Connick’s office, and the whole country knows about him. I don’t know whether you were reading comments on stories about the NOPD prosecutions, but there was a lot of strong language about lying government witnesses. Engelhardt picked up that theme in his “using liars to convict liars” speech, and another federal judge who had to decide which party was telling the truth about a belated document find, the convicted killer David Warren or a government witness, took Warren’s word.

            That all worries me a great deal, frankly.

          2. Hi, Mus: I’m not sure this reply will show up in the right spot. Maybe you can help me with that? I lack computer skills. Yes the gazebos—have they disappeared as quickly as they appeared?

            Wow, I hadn’t considered that he TOLD her to do it. That would be REALLY devastating stuff.

            I do consider it a distinct possibility that he knew–that they joked about it over coffee etc.. Apparently they knew each other (with Periconne) for 25 years and all grew up as AUSAs together in that office. As I said on the other site, those relationships are VERY close and lifelong.

            I do think she may have well told him “I am not going down alone on this mess.” And so she stayed until DOJ told her to resign or be fired.

          3. Yes, gazebos have gone, vanished back into the virtual realm (and one other commenter’s fertile imagination, IMO). 🙂 Re replies: You have it, I see; I think you just scroll up from the position where you’d like your remark to appear and reply to the post at the top of the chain, usually the last post in that direction with a reply link.

            Sal apparently thinks Jimbo tried to save her, according to his few known subsequent comments on other sites. That one is perennially disgruntled, always feeling hard done by (a natural betrayer, really), and here is the quote (posted under the name “jack”):

            “Perricone did the right thing from day one. He fessed up and didn

          4. Remember that Heebe’s biological father is a Senior Federal Judge; Englehardt is a newbie and is brought to us by way of David ‘The Diaper’ Vitter; and Jay Wilkinson is a brother of disgraced former JP Parish Attorney Tom Wilkinson…don’t know if any of that matters or ties together but any excuse to ‘get really angry and teach the prosecution a lesson’ is a frightening thought…fed judges do have some sombitchin power…and IMHO no one, and I mean NO ONE wants to see that Madame’s little black book go viral on the internet less than those guys. So much to cover up and so little material…

          5. eyewigger: You bring up an excellent point.

            With Heebe’s dad as a District Court Judge, I would think there’s a possibility that the whole federal District Court bench here may well have to recuse themselves if there is ever an indictment of Heeebe. Then a District Court Judge from another District would be appointed by the Chief Judge of the Circuit to handle the case.

          6. Mus,
            We never talk anymore! I assume you have seen Office Space? Perhaps this is a game played on Camp?

            And no remark about our gunman (men)?

            Doug does a great job here, but should I be looking for Dredlocks Heebe in drag around every corner…

          7. Interesting stuff.

            COmmented on article about wife of Titus. Says she sold $300K property to her own Mom for $25K–looks like a sham sale to me. She’s up to her eyeballs in this and could be facing charges herself.

            Raises serious doubt about the claim there was ANY agreement re:forfeiture. WHy would she be hiding/dumping property IF Titus had a deal that they could keep it all.

          8. Yes, we probably should pick a spot for this conversation, shouldn’t we? :_) That’s just it: deal was fundamentally surreptitious, evidence = uninterrupted transactions themselves, affidavit of Texas P.I. backed up by Titus’ attorney, and so on for 87 pages’ worth of motion & exhibits. I agree it’s a VERY difficult allegation to prove, but one of the problems is that Sal & Jim Mann were the AUSAs who supposedly made the deal, described thus by the P.I.:

            “19. I had another conversation about Titus’ concerns about the forfeiture provisions in the plea agreement in which both AUSA Perricone and AUSA Mann each assured me that the Government would not execute or act on that provision.”

            And now both those AUSAs are soundly discredited. I hate to keep referring you to the motion itself, but it really is remarkably convincing– the sort of thing you’d expect to be thin, frivolous, improbable, unsupported, but it’s not any of those things. That’s why I keep nudging you in its direction, because it presents the case SO much better than I ( 🙂

          9. Hi, Mus: Of course I haven’t seen the moving papers. Has the Court ruled yet or is this still pending?

            You’re right that having discredited AUSAs who may not want to testify at all on this issue would put the government at a distinct disadvantage. The plea agreement may well have standard language that “this is the totality of the agreement between the parties. There are no other written or oral agreements regarding his matter.” If it does, I’d say case closed.

            This is a perfect example of why little side deals that are not in the written plea agreement should not be done. What if (God forbid) the AUSA gets hit by a truck and the replacement comes in to forfeit the assets??

            If they can’t put it in ink and sign it–there’s a problem and they are all hiding it from someone. IF that’s what happened in this case (and IF is intentionally in capital letters), maybe they knew Letten wouldn’t approve of it and/or they didn’t want to share that info with the defendant he was testifying against. Neither of those would be good–one is undermining their boss, the other would be hiding important info from the court.

          10. M & NB,
            Don’t shoot me, I don’t have a horse in the race, but there is such a thing as custom and practice.

            I’m not saying that is what is applicable or happened. I’m just saying that friends have told me that there have been gentlemen agreements as part of the custom and practice of the office for years. The four corners of the documents give them deniability in just such a situation as the instant.

            Just saying…

          11. Steed, I would never shoot you even if I was wearing my hat.

            I guess it’s conceivable that an office would have that kind of “custom” but I’ve never heard of a custom to put some benefits in and leave some out. What is the legitimate reason to do that?

            And frankly the defense counsel would be remiss not to get all the benefits in writing. Just look what can happen when they don’t!

        2. I meant to say set aside by the District Court as opposed to overturned on appeal–although the issue would be presented in both forums.

          1. Mus: Thanks for the links. That old TP article in the LEns article on the Letten/Heebe lunch was priceless! Friends/enemies do have lunches! Reminded me of lunches with defense attorneys—you fight to the death in the courtroom accusing each of misconduct etc.. BUT when the case is over you to to lunch or grab a drink and put it behind you. Because you’ll have another case soon where you’ll have to deal with each other.

            Many good points in the Mark Mosley piece too. So I take it nobody’s heard from Jack lately. Thing is “Jack” made a point. If Mann had resigned immediately, it is conceivable that Letten could have hung on. But either Letten was trying to protect her as Jack says or Mann threatened to take Letten down with her (my theory).

            It may all come out.. Does anyone have a due date on that report to the Court??

          2. M,
            Office Space made fun of a guy that developed a game akin to twister that was titled “Jump to Conclusions…” it was a Jenifer Anniston movie some years back and funny. I watch the news, some history and little else. I’d rather read.

            You make very good point on inter relationships. Maybe there is more running for cover than imagined with an outside judge and prosecutor. I have found it hard to believe there would be lots of fall out. I guess we’ll see.

            I almost forgot Parker on Ayn Rand Atlas Shrugged –

          3. Mus, you are correct that condo would have caused problems elsewhere. I know if a similar case in CA where an experienced attorney received serious public discipline from the State Bar over the sale of a time share at a resort to another attorney who sometimes sat as a pro tem judge in superior court. He didn’t reveal that transaction to parties on a case and it came out after he pro tem ruled favorably for his client.

            As I said, I wouldn’t let a defense attorney buy me a cup of coffee. Didn’t want to have to report it; didn’t want to owe them a thing! Years ago an Irish defense attorney traditionally would send the judges chambers and USAO’s office green bagels for St. Pat’s. He was told not to do it anymore.

            I’m expecting this investigation will uncover more (Kennedy and maybe others). I’m sure they are all freaking out over there and not getting much real work done. I do believe that DOJ wants to get to the bottom of it and deal with it, clean it up and eventually move on.

            Mann really embarrassed the Department with her false statements and the resulting court order. I was taught and taught others that One thing that is sacrosanct is you do NOT ever make misrepresentations to the Court. Doing that puts every DOJ attorney’s credibility at risk. After years of establishing a reputation, I think every federal judge knew if I told them something it was accurate to the absolute best of my knowledge. A prosecutor is foolish to jeopardize their reputation for one case—there’s always another case.

            They must have asked the Court for an extension. Who knows how extensive this conduct was–if they are still uncovering stuff it could take a while. It will be interesting!

          4. Re office space: MOVIE! Oh, I see, and thank you for correcting me. I don’t keep up with those either, as a rule, and I’m sure I miss some entertainment thereby, but I’m more than happy with the umpteenth rerun of “Bringing Up Baby,” to tell you the truth.

            And DP, as always, nailed it. Ayn Rand is the sort of author everyone loved in middle school and then forgot entirely until the tea partiers started placing themselves by referring to the books. :_)

            Re the cup of coffee: But you said you could buy for them (“I

          5. Hey, Mus: Glad to clarify. I would pay for lunch/coffee if (when–ha) I won or if they insisted we would go Dutch. I would not let them pay for me ever. That was the point I was trying to make.

            Don’t know that case but if Letten actually made a final deal, the govt. would be bound. So it sounds like it was still an open issue when DOJ came in. With assets of course the AUSA is leading the team but usually needs the law enforcement agency to trace the assets and make the case for forfeiture. I handled a lot of criminal cases with forfeitures and the agents/forensic accountants did the painstaking work to make that possible. Maybe that part was still in progress when DOJ got involved? Just guessing here.

          6. There was some confusion. Titus’ attorney swore they’d been promised a deal, and Letten’s office permitted Titus to transfer ownership of known assets for quite some time (May 2011-February 2012), then stated in writing they knew of no assets to forfeit (February 2012). Titus’ pre-sentence report ‘states unequivocally that ‘the government indicated it is not seeking forfeiture in this case.'”

            That’s all from a pleading filed by Fazzio’s attorney; the deal was apparently intended to remain unwritten, and to be accomplished by means of some evasion on the part of Letten’s office, as in overlooking the asset transfers. There seemed to be a mutual understanding of limited restitution Titus would be asked to make in exchange for shielding most of what he owned.

            When the new boys interrupted the momentum, though, the deal fell apart. Given the entry of Titus’ plea in June 2011, the investigation of his finances would have been very lengthy indeed not to have concluded before big DOJ arrived. :_)

          7. I don’t know that case but if what you say is correct it doesn’t smell right to me on many levels.

            In a case of any size, there is usually a written plea agreement.

            DOJ must think the guy should forfeit the assets and that they don’t have a deal to the contrary. If Letten made an “off the record” deal he should have shared that info with DOJ—but maybe he is embarrassed by it because it’s not kosher the way you said it was done.

          8. Yes, that’s just it– that kind of deal seemed very questionable to me, and concealing it from the new boys would be even worse, IMO. I see Doug agrees, which is always a good sign ( :_) I think that sort of thing had become force of habit over there, actually.

            The other reason Letten might not have disclosed is simple: he may not know. I got the impression he didn’t keep his hand in over there when he sent Sal in for the government in a hearing for a defendant about whom he knew Sal had commented. In fact, Letten delayed his own public admission of Sal’s wrongdoing until the afternoon of the day that hearing was held. :/

          9. Mus, I gave this a little more thought. Caviat, I know nothing of this case so I’m speaking in generalities.

            Whether it’s the USA or AUSA doesn’t matter–either can bind the govt. The reason a written agreement is needed is of course for the record for the 2 parties and the COurt. But just as important–if this is to be a cooperating witness, then the govt has an obligation to reveal ALL benefits received–including an agreement to not forfeit assets. THis is turned over to the defense and ultimately the jurors hear about it as it goes to credibility.

            It’s clear they know how to make such disclosures over there because from what I’ve read Guidry was allowed ot keep his proceeds from the casino as part of the deal in testifying against EWE and that is public record.

            If things went as you said, sounds like they have been playing fast and loose for a while.

            The only thing that makes me think there was no deal is that DOJ would be bound if there was a deal and apparently they don’t think there was.

  22. With recent desertions from, aka NOLA knows best, such as the mighty muspench, sockpit, NOLA born and On A Steed there may come a day when is left only with da’ pseudo-commenters of da’ politically indicted.

    Hmmmmmm Very similar to what was reported,printed and endorsed by the previous 7 day printed version.

    Welcome to all new commenters and let political revelations via brainstorming begin with earnest.

    1. Oh, that’s so sweet! Thank you VERY much. :_) I was nervous about coming here, because you guys really do know a great deal (as NOLA Born could see immediately) and all I ever do is research points & speculate from there, which slowness I thought might be somewhat exasperating. But if you are exasperated, you’re very nice indeed about not showing it. 🙂

      P.S. The only real novelty I’ve noticed at since the advent of Ricky has been the unexpected appearance of national shills promoting Jindal’s vouchers. Two of them have showed up so far (Kevin P. Chavous/American Federation for Children, Robert Enlow/Friedman Foundation for Educational Choice), and it’s very strange to see what I assume are heavy hitters taking an interest in local education.

      1. Well I don’t know the specifics of Jindal’s voucher program. But I was a Catholic school girl from Kindegarten through law school–never been to a public school for a day. The nuns would have loved vouchers. And from what I saw in NOLA the Catholic schools did a better job and got better results with a lot less money than the public schools.

      1. Steed, Good to see you here! I thought you changed your name to Sneed but with my limited linguistics expertise (I only took one course at Dominican College a thousand years ago), I couldn’t tell if that was you or not!

        1. NB,
          Helen Prejean would have preceded you I’m guessing? And no, Toole didn’t teach me in a writing class 😎

          Thinking about Queen, tell me, did you develop a guilt complex and a certainty that we are all guilty of something?

          Re: Vouchers, nothing knew about the issue, at least 60 years old or at least permutations are that old. Why is it assumed that private is better than public? I could make a case that it is all about home encouragement and expectations.

          I also noticed the heavy hitters and my thought process was along the lines of involvement in our local politics being central to their national agenda?

          1. People were still talking about Toole when I was there. Confederacy of Dunces is one of my favorites. You were there too!? Did you see the recent article about the nuns selling Veritas Hall?

            I’m missing your point about Queen and guilt complexes. Please explain.

            Vouchers: I think test scores bear out better results. I’ve seen studies where minority kids do remarkably better in private schools with vouchers than public. I think that was a study of the DC program. But I think you have a point that the child who has parents who would make the effort to find the private school and get the voucher has more involved parents than some of their peers.

          2. NB,
            No, I wasn’t there, I just remember reading it somewhere or another and I too enjoyed Confederacy. I think Camp Street may have stolen the title page.

            Re Queen, aren’t all catholic girls guilty or at least feel guilty?

            Private v Public may lack any definitive study. My wife was a teacher and she would tell you that it is all about the home encouragement and expectations.

            Did you see this one –

            In this crazy world I feel sure that I know of at least one person defending the right of this man to carry concealed weapons. I respectfully disagree.

          3. I forgot to mention you told me that when you won a case and I assumed a “guilty” verdict you enjoyed the music. So I’m just wondering if there is one to one correlation of Catholics and guilt…..Probably my warped humor again!

          4. Steed: Yes of course, you go back to the office and celebrate a bit after a win—and sing that tune. I’d usually take opposing counsel out for a drink or lunch afterwards–just to show no hard feelings. Put the files in a box and on to the next case.

            Well of course ALL Catholics have guilt–but that’s what Confession is for!

            Yes I saw that link and commented below. Awful but Goes with the territory. I lived under protection of US Marshals for a few months at one point.

            Doug, et al: I seem to be attaching my replies in the wrong places and not to the comment I am trying to reply to? Can somebody give me some advise on this??

            1. I need to write a dedicated post as several people have noticed decreased functionality in commenting among other things. Long story short, after the last Goatherder cross border attack on Slabbed trying to shut us down I had to disable certain plugins that reported certain data back to Automattic’s servers in the interest of self defense. I’ll add since the middle of last month Leary and Perret have filed or caused to be filed 4 bogus DMCA takedown notices against my current webhost Dreamhost.

              They have also threatened to sue Dreamhost in Canada for hosting Slabbed.

              I apologize for any inconveniences this causes but my hands are full simply keeping the place online to fool with installing new third party plugins to duplicate those features I had to disable with Automattic.

          5. Re vouchers & test results: The problems in N.O., where the pilot program was held, were the quality of the private schools and the lack of pedagogical accountability (no serious demonstration of academic acceptability required). In fact, voucher students in grades 3-5 scored lower than RSD students in 2010 and 2011, which is dismal because the RSD students do so badly as a group. Here are the 2011 averages:

            Statewide: 75% performed on grade level (Basic or above)
            RSD schools: 49% performed on grade level
            Voucher schools: Only 38% performed on grade level.

            That worries me (

          6. Mus: Re: vouchers. As usual YOU have all the facts. Those stats are abysmal. Do you know what private schools were involved in that study? Were they existing Catholic/private schools or were they schools created for purpose of getting the voucher money?

          7. Steed that Advocate link didn’t mention that the source/witness was his shrink—as was fully described in the article today. That puts the shrink in an awkward position, doesn’t it? He’s required by law to make the call to the potential victim, but I’m sure he doesn’t want to be a witness against his patient.

            Gotta say, I feel for Letten and family on this one. He’s got a lot on his plate and doesn’t need this right now.

          8. NB,
            You would know better than me the professional obligations and law. I agree, Letten doesn’t need or deserve it. It may go with the territory, but is undeserved by a man simply doing a job.

            Did the article explain motivations other than being a certifiable lunatic?

          9. NB,
            You would know better than me the professional obligations and law. I agree, Letten doesn’t need or deserve it. It may go with the territory, but is undeserved by a man simply doing a job.

            Did the article explain motivations other than being a certifiable lunatic?

          10. I only read that Letten met him walking in his neighborhood and only later realized he was a convicted child killer. Apparently the guy was stalking him for a while.

            The guys case wouldn’t have been federal–so I don’t really know how he got fixated on Letten.

            One commenter surmised that the guy wants to go to a loony bed for a warm place to stay, regular meals, etc.. Apparently he’s homeless, living outside right now. Maybe the guys’s not all that crazy, assuming correctly that the federal facilities are considerably better than state!

        1. Thanks Doug. It’s just taking me a little while to get used to your system. You’ve probably observed that I am not really computer literate. I much prefer to the “other site”!

    1. Where was Connick you ask ? Either looking up Letten’s skirt for cover or looking for an afternoon delight under the covers. His tenure as DA has been a disgrace much to the delight of the JP politico mafioso that he his the Don for.

      1. Word I get is that Connick is scared shitless Letten will run for DA against him. Mr. Letten would be an improvement IMHO.

    2. onasteed: Why hasn’t he investigated the 25 million in cost overuns on the Airline Hwy’s grey elephant?

      Or the alleged payroll fraud case alleged by ex-employee Leon Melancon in the JP Drainage Dept. or the subsequent, incomprehensible Parish Attorney’s persecution of another drainage dept.witness to that fraud, namely whistleblower Lonnie Robinson.

      Lonnie Robinson, a drainage employer for approximately 25 years, has been falsely accused of being mentally paranoid(i.e just for truthfully claiming he witnessed payroll fraud) by a JP paid forensic psychiatrist before the Personnel Board; all for his persistent,supportive allegations of payroll fraud. He has been moved from the westbank to eastbank and when that didn’t encourage him to quit he was recently suspended for over 6 months causing him to use up all his sick and vacation time( you see Lonnie has never been one to miss work or use his sick or vacation time).

      Talk about character defamation and assassination, the Parish Attorney’s Office has falsely alleged Lonnie is an alleged danger to others and himself due to his ‘delusional paranoid payroll fraud claims’ and will not let Lonnie back to work until he is put on mind altering, psychotic drugs by a psychiatrist.

      All this despite over 35 pages of documentation collected by the Citizens for Good Government proving that Lonnie’s allegations are not only true but were never investigated by either the Sheriff or DA’s Office, though the Administration to this very day falsely claims said investigations were done.

      So goes the life and future employment of another persecuted whistleblower only telling the truth but this time under the watch of a new Administration.

      The information above, including 35 pages of evidentiary proof, is no secret but has been sent by CFGG to all Council members and Administration without one whisper of reply.

      1. I don’t know any specifics and any guess would be just that, speculation.

        This will sound funny coming from me, but do keep in mind that with any office, there are always a variety of competing factors. Those factors would include money, time, staff, higher priorities and so forth. Did I fail to mention politics and press ? Sorry !

        Many people don’t realize that the prosecuting offices can’t handle all of what they know about that is easy.

        As I said, just speculation on my part.

          1. Thanks, and for the record, I am not now, nor have I ever been, guilty of being any of the names I have been called.

            In the words of the late Earl K. Long….”I’m just an ordinary gazebo.”

            However, I do like the guessing…and might serve if paid. 🙂

        1. You’re so correct on this point, Steed. People would be dismayed to learn about many cases where prosecution was declined. Usually because they are not “big” enough or not a priority of the powers that be.

      2. I Lonnie Joe is the keywitnes too payroll fraud in the Jefferson parish drainage department that has happened on the westbank drainage department with two employee so ask all of them for a copy of keywitnes written statement that he sign with his signture or recorded statement with him being question by the person are a video tape with what person is question him about payroll fraud crime with taxpayer money and did they brought Lonnie Joe Robinson throught all of this too cover up racism decrimnation and payroll fraud with two employees and told so many lie with too of there doctor like Dr.Glindmeyer lie and Dr. Reiss lie on Lonnie Joe Robinson.

      3. Why knowone can come up with the investgation report that Leon Melancon file for public record requests from so many department in Jefferson parish and knowone can come up with the investgation reports and he got evidence who he file too get this one report on the investgation on racism decrimination and payroll fraud with taxpayers money and also who question the keywitnes Lonnie Joe Robinson about this crime and nobody can up with this report of the investgation. So let’s exposed corruption for Leon Melancon. Ask John Young and Paul Connick.

      4. If Lonnie Joe Robinson is mentally paranoid at work for Jefferson parish drainage department but at home he fine this is what Dr. Glindmeyer said that was hire by Jefferson parish this is same doctor said that I was delusion about being Keywitnes in Leon Melancon versus Jefferson drainage department with racism decrimination and payroll fraud she said that I was delusion about this case until I show her a document from Equal Employment opportunity commision said in a document that when they did there investgation on this same case that keywitnes Lonnie Joe Robinson has not work for the respondents for some time now in 2009 and said they have a statement from keywitnes Lonnie Joe Robinson so hearing officer Mr. Theodore Nass told her there is a case of Leon Melancon versus Jefferson parish drainage department now you all will know why Doctor Glindmeyer lie read between line she needed too help cover up racism decrimination and payroll fraud look at the three transcript in all of my hearing case where I questioned everyone in my hearing you will see is I am mentally paranoid or delusion.

      5. Mr. Leon Melancon file for public record request too Jefferson parish attonery office , too Jefferson parish human resources department , too Jefferson parish sheriff office , too Jefferson parish personnel department , and three time too Jefferson parish district attonery office for investgation report on racism decrimnation and payroll fraud that had happen in the Jefferson parish drainage department with the two employee committed payroll fraud together with taxpayer money there names are Larry Palmisano and Frank Maness did that Leon Melancon reported this too Kazem Alikhani and Philip Rupp as Lonnie Joe Robinson is his keywitnes, and knowbody can come up with this investgation report just look at all of the above office and department just wont too exposes all of them in Jefferson parish with cover up of racism decrimnation and payroll fraud.

      6. It bad with corruption of Louisiana board ethics when two of there employee in there office name Martha Wood and Michael Dupree lie about there investgation in Jefferson parish westbank drainage of payroll fraud and racism decrimnation too prove they lie ask them for there investgation report you fine they also left out the keywitnes Mr. Lonnie Joe Robinson written statement with a signture of his on it or record statement or video statement with the person question him about payroll fraud crime in the Jefferson parish drainage department on westbank I am keywitness Lonnie Joe Robinson who is exposing the corruption with Martha Wood and Michael Dupree that they both lie about the federal investgation of payroll fraud with taxpayer money so exposing corruption in there office so too prove me wrong but they can not so is they covering up this payroll fraud crime with taxpayer money so anyone can steal taxpayer money I Louisiana state because the Louisiana broad of ethics just lie about this investgation so prove Mr. Lonnie Joe Robinson my job is too expose corruption in the Louisiana state corruption so surprise Martha Wood and Michael Dupree remember Leon Melancon versus Jefferson parish westbank drainage department with the payroll fraud and racism decrimination complaint with his keywitness Lonnie Joe Robinson that this crime is true and real your office cover it up.

      7. Did Jefferson parish attonery offie report to 5th circuit court of appeal that Lonnie Joe Robinson is a keywitnes to payroll fraud in the Jefferson parish westbank drainage department that Larry Palmisano and Frank Maness committed too with taxpayer money and everyone lie about there investgation because they knew that keywitnes Lonnie Joe Robinson would not lie for Jefferson parish drainage department to cover up a federal crime with taxpayer money so that why they harrass him so bad, if all of these person all in on this federal crime.

      1. I think some relation, better explained by others here, to people that are subjects and mentioned from time to time.

  23. I think I previously mentioned on that other site, that I was detailed to OPR, DOJ for a year or so at the end of my tenure. How that came about is a story for another day. At that time (mid 90’s) OPR had really TOP NOTCH attorneys on staff and they would bring in Senior AUSAs to handle overflow cases in other districts. I have wondered why they chose to bring in the First Assistant from Georgia rather than have an in-house DOJ/OPR attorney handle the investigation. I am in no way saying the attorney doing this investigation is not up to the task—he may be the best for the job. I’m just wondering, has anyone heard any discussion about this point?

    1. I tried to say and ask the same line of questions over at the other place. My guess is that there is a story in that appointment.

      I have heard that Holder isn’t disengaged or all that far from the office…. But, I’m not sure what “that” means?

      1. I like how you guys are now referring to the comment Gestapo as “that other site.” It got so bad over there, I posted a comment about how I did not believe Saints running back Mark Ingram justified his worth as a first round draft pick and Heisman Trophy winner. It was yanked in short order.

        As Muspench observed, the consistent removal of my comments at seemed to have commenced in earnest when I began posing questions about the amount of time Jindal spent out of State doing things unrelated to his job. Why was it payroll fraud when Koala Bear Broussard’s wife collected a taxpayer salary for not doing her job, but it’s fine for Bobby Brady Jindal to be a professional, traveling fundraiser and campaigner for losers like Perry and Willard Romney? Hell, Little Bobby was even out campaigning for a candidate running for the Iowa Supreme Court . . . that’s right Iowa!

        As soon as I used Little Bobby’s name in the same sentence as “payroll fraud,” it seemed like I became persona non likey over at “that other site.”

        1. I have been admonished about name calling. I’m trying to be better.

          At the risk of being paranoid, when I made comparisons to the nutria pictures and our governor and went so far as to suggest elephant dressage in his retirement, all of my troubles began….(I’m joking)

          He had as much chance as John McKeithen being VP and as much chance as a nit in a tar net (as a friend use to say) being Prez. When history makes its judgement, I don’t think he will be seen as anything special and just another opportunist.

          1. I emailed this link and certain observations related to the deleting of comments to a contact I have at NOLA.Com I understand my remarks have been sent to the person that is in charge of their digital operations. I appreciate what can bring to the table in terms of good journalism and hope they use the feedback on this topic as a tool to improve their product.

          2. To On A Steed : Since we comment for “sh*ts and giggles”(h/t to Doug) here at the SlabbedNation please do not hold back on your “name calling”.

            TheRiot,Garlandfill,Lil’Nap,LargASSE are just some of the names born here in live uninhibited political comments.

            Especially names that tell a story or characteristic of da’ purson, dem be da’ bestest.

            And if da’ NOLA word police read this, yo’ censored, Nazi sight done bee politically corRECTUM but constipationally borin’.

          3. Thanks, Doug. That’s very nice of you to try to help them out. I tried to write constructive messages to their censors about deletions and didn’t even get a reply. I’m sure you have more pull than I there.

          1. Sock: can you fill me in on your name? I’ve read some recent posts on sockpuppetry but thought your name pre-dated those.

      1. Thanks for sending that link. Sad to say but threats go with the territory. I had a psychologist who was calling me weekly (after his appointments with a defendant) giving me Tarasoff warnings (this guy is making threats that he wants to kill you during our sessions) I finally told him to stop calling me about this guy. I chose not to pursue charges because I thought he would just get more fixated me, but made sure his photo was with courthouse security. I lived to tell the tale. The threats against Letten’s family are NOT cool.

        1. NO and I shouldn’t even joke. I know that, but I also think those that threaten don’t and those that don’t, do.

          Anyway, that said, one of my biggest rants has been about Perricone pointing the way to Nagin’s home. This has been construed as Nagin support. No so, but it seems overlooked in the broader picture of Perricone…

          glad you lived to tell the tale….

          1. Thanks–I’m glad to be here too. You’re right I wasn’t as concerned about the guy seeing his shrink (although it wasn’t fun). The one that was a little more unnerving is when I had marshal protection. I never got a threat but FBI got info from an informant. And another AUSA in Texas had already been shot at by the same group of Mexican mafia folks and he and his family were moved out of state. I couldn’t/wouldn’t move because of a case, so instead I lived with marshals for a while. Aaahhh, good times.

  24. And, today, we hear that Punjab the Governator wants to do away with income taxes and shift to a massive sales tax. What a moron and heartless bastard. Don’t get me wrong, I will never be mistaken for a Democrap, but that is insanity. Punjab needs to go back to India where he can be the head of state in Punjab.

    1. Not only insanity, it would be a heavily regressive tax on the people of one of the poorest states in the union. That is alright though because all of Piyush’s rich buddies would see their tax bills drop to next to nothing as a percentage of their income.

      Piyush is one of the very worst sitting governors bar none and this persistent talk that he has a political future after screwing up Louisiana like he has is plain silly talk.

      Bullshit like that is exactly why I stopped identifying myself with the GOP years ago.

        1. Not a shot. He has so fucked up our State. To think that so many people had so much hope. I would dare say that Punjab makes Blanco and Edwards look good, from a historical standpoint. History will not be kind to his legacy of being an absentee governor and gutting the State’s programs, mainly education and mental health care.

          1. I understand the strong negative feelings people have developed for Jindal, especially where it regards his heavy-handed, vindictive style of governing and his absenteeism. However, while he may be the one pulling the trigger on healthcare and education, the people of this “great” state bear the blame completely for providing him with the loaded gun and writing the specific instructions for when and how to use it. For decades the populace has approved amendment after amendment to the Louisiana Constitution which has now limited any budget cuts to two primary areas, healthcare and education. Everything else is constitutionally protected.

            Addressing the tax idea, on its own merits – again, I understand that Jindal proposing it nauseates many, including myself – could be very good. Unless I am missing something, and that is not beyond me, it seems eliminating the income tax/corporate tax system would eliminate many of the “good ‘ole boy” loopholes and “credits” that have long promoted corruption in Louisiana. And to all those bemoaning the “regressive” nature of such an idea, it would immediately bring 50% of the piss-poor Louisiana sheeple (or it should) back into the mix.

            1. But those 50% sheeple to which you refer VZ already pay one of the highest sales tax rates in the region so to act like they are not alreay paying taxes is disingenuious and the exact type of class warfare to which I referred. We’re all in this together, especially the 99% that are not obscenely wealthy. Seems to me the 1% are the ones that currently enjoy all the benefits crony capitalism provides including preferential tax laws.

              Jindal could have addressed revenues but he is the guy that let a tax on cigarettes expire in deference to Grover Norquist. People need to understand exactly how much their government costs and papering over the theivery with debt deprives everyone of that and puts the costs on our kids and grandkids. If everyone had to pay up every year to fully fund the systemic crony capitalism for which this Nation is famous maybe the populace would be more engaged in what charlatons like Jindal are doing.

          2. Jindal is merely another corroboration of the course of leadership development originally noted by Suetonious. We see in our executive offices from 1600 Pennsy to the states to the cities …

          3. Wow Doug, seriously? That is what you got out of my comment? Disappointing. Let me try to clarify since I accept that my delivery may have not been so clear…

            The income tax/corporate tax system favors crony capitalism. Eliminate the income tax/corporate tax system and eliminate many of the tools employed by the crony capitalists.

            100% of the people in Louisiana pay the high sales taxes, yet because of the above mentioned income tax/corporate tax system, neither the “1%” or those at the bottom (that either pay no income tax or actually make money by filing income tax returns) have any skin in the game. Your last two sentences are spot-on and in total agreement with what I am trying to convey. Perhaps the extra 1.6% sales tax (or whatever it is) will be the catalyst to get the sheeple (and I am referring to the voting sheeple and not people living in poverty as it appears you thought I was referring by your cliche’ “class warfare” remark) off their collective ass and join us in the fight to take back our governments.

            1. Well, you know VZ. 😉 Tax loopholds are not quite the same as crony capitalism though I see your point. That said the sales tax also has exemptions.

          4. Don’t know the details of his plan. But states that elimiate corporate income tax get a huge influx of business = jobs.

          5. Of course there are a few nickles and dimes which could be gotten if we take a few more look-sees at the division of mineral proceeds since the 1930s.

            It worked in Plaquemines Parish and the applicable law covers the other 63 parishes – and the state government.

            Just food for thought.


        2. Well you’re right about LA needing to get our share of mineral and oil rights. I’ve been to Alaska several times and know folks there. They pay NO income tax. In face, each citizen of the state gets a check each year for their share of those resources. Depending on which year, it is sometimes in the thousands of dollars!

  25. Steed, My understanding is that the Oil companies are paying the State of Alaska and Alaska is using their money to fund the services in the state (rather than having an income tax), and the remainder is paid out to the citizens.

    How so you think this would that work in the great state of Louisiana? I doubt anything would trickle down to the citizens and I wonder how much would go to services. But corruption aside, “wouldn’t it be NICE?” (sung to tune of Beach Boys song) if our state could harness our resources to benefit our citizens?

    1. NB,
      Not sure. Under Long the battle cry was standard oil and whether direct or indirect isn’t the net effect about the same? Foster Campbell, a friend, you may recall from another thread has wanted a processing tax on natural gas through our pipes. The lobby interests have beaten him time and again and one of the major arguments against is that it will be passed on to the consumer. Aren’t all processing taxes passed on and wouldn’t it be true in AK?

      I’ve visited Ak several times, am familiar with the tax, and have vacationed in HI with friends from there spending there annual checks. As you probably know, HI is a convenient destination if you live in AK.

      As for working in LA? You may tag my thoughts with a belief that Buddy Roemer while a bad governor in some ways was right in his presidential campaign and plan. Until you take the lobbying, special interest money out of the equation there may never be a true chance for anything remotely close to a utopian model and getting what is best for the state and its citizens.

      But I like the music! One of my very first concerts was to see the Beach Boys, The Strawberry Alarm Clock, and The Buffalo Springfield. I listened to Pet Sounds until I needed a new needle or there was a hole in the lp I guess. I was at New Orleans Pop and Festival for Life also. Yes, yes I cut my hair. Got a hell of an education and will never wear an NRA Hat.

      We will revisit that subject another time. P.S., I’m counting on you for that use and derivative use immunity agreement review when I need it. Does any district use transaction agreements or are those reserved for Sammy The Bull and Copperhead when they want higher targets?

      You wouldn’t be precluded from representing both of us. We aren’t conflicted. He isn’t bright enough to leak intentionally except from his diaper and I don’t have an insider knowledge or contact. 8-)I don have an intense dislike of the office tactics if that matters.

      1. Steed: First to the most important thing–the music. Tell me you didn’t miss The 2012 Jazz Fest with 50th Anniversary performance of Beach Boys–with Brian Wilson. I’ve seen the Mike Love Beach Boys group (the one with John Stamos) several times in much smaller venues in Cali (a hotel, even a high school gym for a charity fundraiser) but to see Brian there too–all the people. Wow! Singing every word to every song with everyone there. Quite an experience.

        One of my kids went to school with one of Mike Love’s kids–he has a ton of kids from a series of wives.

        Best concert ever: When the Beatles came to New Orleans $10 ticket to the stadium in City Park. Unforgettable.
        Second favorite: The Monkees! seriously. They put on a really funny and memorable show. Simon and Garfunkel, Jim Croche and Janis Ian (couple of years ago, very small venue, she can still sing).

        On a different “note”: They would say you don’t need anything but you would say That’s okay, I’ll take it anyway. I think the use immunity/dirivative immunity agreements should do fine for this situation. I’ve also used the transactional immunity agreements–whatever it takes to get the info needed. Making deals and getting cooperation is how cases are made. But heh, you’re a lawyer too right?

        Poor Cop, You are so mean—The leaky diaper??.. but so funny. I do wonder what’s happening with him– if he had anybody call the feds or if he’s just sitting tight.

        1. Mike Love can still sing—sounds exactly as he sounds on the records. He’s been singing those same songs all these years with his BB group. Mike’s group exactly duplicates the originals. Poor Brian can’t really sing anymore. At Jazzfest they had new/young guys doing a lot of the singing/back-ups to duplicate the sounds of the originals and it really did pretty well. It was just neat to see them all together.
          I saw Garfunkel a few years back and very sad but his beautiful voice is really GONE. Hard to sit through.

          Separately I saw Paul Simon and he’s still great and puts on a fun show. I think it’s really hit and miss to try to see the old guys. But I like to try to see them when I can because who knows how long they’ll be around?

          Frankie Vallee put on such a good show (about 5 years ago) that I couldn’t sit through Jersey Boys because the imitation just didn’t measure up.

    2. Steed: back to the taxes on oil. If I recall correctly gas prices in Alaska are cheap. I guess the taxes are passed on to the recipients of the pipeline gas in the lower 48. It seems LA should harness that earning potential for citizens and there’s a working model for successfully doing so in Alaska. Wouldn’t you like to take that HI trip with your Alaska friends using your fair portion of your state’s resources?

      1. NB,
        This was my original point, though perhaps not artfully stated – there isn’t escaping the tax, just shifting it.

        That is, once you get past deciding the level of service to be provided. I’ve noted your absence of defense for the federal system duplicating state laws and the attached cost to the existence of it.

        LA has been robbed beyond compare in respect to its natural resources. If you haven’t read the story of Win Lose Oil Co., start there. Move on to Leander Perez and company and keep going.

        In response to your earlier question, I didn’t like and made a decision to not stick around for law school. My dislike was probably more of my professors than the subject. Though I have been around lots of politics, have many attorney friends, my education was a liberal arts degree and then in business and math.

        I joke about being to the right of atila the hun, in fact I like to think that my views are middle of the road with a left curve here and right curve there. Maybe because my consulting and business endeavors have met some success, I’m fortunate enough to not worry about state sponsored trips.

        The last time I saw Mike Love was at the Reagan Inauguration. Haven’t been to Jazz Fest in awhile. At the risk of sounding ready for a nap, I’m not much on the old guys past prime. It was painful to watch Ali box past his prime, the last concert by the Stones had remarkable energy but was more commercial than ever etc.

        I haven’t stopped listening – my Iphone has 2,500 songs and stays on!

        1. I don’t think I need the hat, but I’m glad you can understand where I am coming from by insisting on maintaining the ability of self defense and defense of others.

          I would agree with those reasonable weapons restrictions you mentioned. I also with the ones proposed by Judge Burns.

          The assault weapon bans and large cartridge bans were federal law for many years when I was a federal prosecutor but they were allowed to expire. I didn’t sense that there was a huge burden in not having those freely available and it may have well prevented some crackpot for doing more damage than he did.

          I am especially concerned about how we can possibly keep weapons away from the mentally ill. There is no registry of people with mental illness. I don’t think most people would think that would be a good idea as most mentally ill people are not violent.

          Should mental health professionals be given an additional reporting requirement to report to a central location that would block gun purchases, if someone says they own guns or are getting guns who they think are in imminent danger of harming themselves or otehrs? Mental health professionals already have the legal obligation under Tarasoff to warn potential victims as the one who just warned Jim Letten.

          I think we need to deal with the mental health aspects of this problem because most if not all of these mass shooters are nuts (clinical terminology) at some level.

          1. I refuse to register for any political party. I’d like to see them “Meet in th Middle” on many issues and don’t find their partisanship helpful to the nation. I too lean conservative on crime/economy issues and liberal on most social issues.

            I wasn’t at the Reagan inauguration, but Ed Meese was a law prof who I was friendly with–and then he became AG when I was an AUSA. I’d have lunch with him when he came back to town. Decent Nice man and he had many great stories.

          2. NB,
            You struck a nerve with your partisanship comment.

            At a recent funeral with a gathering of friends that was strangely similar to the one depicted in The Big Chill there was a recalling of more simple times. Times in this country when we all seemed to put aside differences and pulled together for a greater common good as opposed to the currently fashionable march to destruction.

            My conjecture was that Vietnam and Watergate were the turning points for our generation. Others there said we simply made money and got older.

            Speaking of music, I will always recall a conversation with a good friend in which I argued The Beatles as being better than Frankie Vali (sp). He called me when John Lennon was murdered and expressed sympathy knowing I would be very disturbed…

          1. Cop’s over on the other site but he doesn’t seem to be commenting on these issue anymore (probably right thing for him to do). Steed’s still relentlessly teasing him of course.

          2. Doug, Mus, Steed and Everybody:

            Not to stir the pot (okay maybe to stir the pot). I discovered something interesting.

            On the days of mass deletions on the Jan Mann story—do you all recall a comment that was briefly up about DC?
            The poster, named unocpagraduate said that an FBI agent was in a grad level course at UNO last semester and kept running his mouth revealing details of old cases. The FBI agent claimed to have investigated DC in Colorado and here.
            That post is NOT on uno’s profile but I specifically remember it and my reply to him is now on my profile.
            I wonder if DC saw this. I always thought he was a little nuts, but it’s not paranoia if they’re actually after you, is it.

          3. I do recall it, but I must admit that I skim past most of DC. and the related comments.

            In one of my earliest comments Chirp accused me of being him, I gave one of the videos a look, and since then move on because of the endless repetition. I did read about what gave rise to the stalker charge and it indicated he has clear problems.

            When called out, as copperhead has done to him, he either doesn’t answer or claims to be deleted.

        2. NB,
          At the heart of the Copperhead stuff is his relentless obsession in repeatedly asserting that I made a statement about the existence of 100 round clips. I never said that and it wasn’t even close to my original point or thoughts in support of Gill as I have mentioned.

          The gun stuff has never been a big topic to me. I grew up hunting etc as many of us in south la. My support of Gill was that the right to own and bear exists, doesn’t need expansion and moreover, there are much bigger issues to fry such as habeas corpus, drugs, prisons, economics, class welfare and warfare and so forth.

          I have come to understand that the high capacity magazines is at the core of the gun zealots case. I was never an opponent of them until I encountered Copperhead. I don’t know the answers about mental health privacy issues etc.

          In general, I have had an understanding that we as a society give up some things in order to gain others. Perhaps this is an area where more limitations are necessary.

          BTW, I don’t buy the argument that the capacities and capabilities won’t go away with enforcement. A couple of thoughts – the so called assault weapons ban was very watered down by the gun lobby and allowed for the manufacture of copy cat weapons. Years ago, it was decided to prevent the “Tommy Guns” that gangsters used. Guess what happened? Sort of like heroin, are there still addicts, yes, is it commonly available and a problem – not so much.

          1. Re unocpagraduate: I didn’t see that specific comment, but if I remember correctly, DC posted a comment saying the 11 commenters request was “classic misdirection,” a “head fake” to lead us away from the fact that the commenters they were REALLY interested in were… [list followed, and as I recall the list was mostly a list he’d previously posted of people who used to be mean to him when he first showed up]. He said something like, “I am very disappointed in all of you” because we hadn’t seen it that way. :_)

            I’m on that list, so is RodeoBill, and I think unocpagraduate may have been there as well, although he was a new addition. If my memory of abnormal psych serves me, DC is what they used to call paranoid schizophrenic, and it’s not at all unusual for those guys to fixate on the FBI or CIA in their delusions of persecution.

            But you’re correct, it’s more complicated in DC’s case because he WAS arrested. That was because he scared an FBI agent, if I remember the reporting accurately, so maybe they’re following him because he keeps approaching them in alarming ways. I would imagine the problem began with his mental illness, though. That’s all pretty straightforward, but I find the idea of the FBI agent talking casually about confidential matters alarming.

            Re Cop claiming you said something you did not, in fact, say: Yes, he does that to me all the time, and it’s quite a task to untangle what he’s saying, then figure out where the mistaken conclusion arose. :_) The last instance in my own experience was this: “wasn’t it YOU that said recently that ALL of NOPD should be fired. Yes, it was, but oh wait, you decided in retrospect that one guy can stay.” The first I did say and the second I did not– that was the conclusion Cop drew months after the fact when I praised an officer for bucking command about collecting FICs illegally.

            I think he himself is confused when he does that, which he could avoid simply by looking up the reference. It would save arguing time in the long run, but try to tell him that. 🙂

          2. Thanks for unraveling the DC mess. I was amazed at that comment because I wrote DC off as a nut (maybe that is the correct assessment as you say). unocpagrad says in other posts that he’s a graduate student at uno and sounds credible.
            He was replying to the Mann situation saying he had an FBI agent in his class discussing cases and naming names and specifically mentioned DC. His point was that others including FBI agents are revealing info about specific cases that they shouldn’t be discussing. From the details provided it wouldn’t be hard to identify an FBI agent taking classes at UNO who investigated DC in NOLA and Colorado–that was the gist of my comment.

          3. “an FBI agent taking classes at UNO who investigated DC in NOLA and Colorado”

            Ho! And lived on the Northshore, and had family troubles plus run-ins with local law enforcement, perhaps? 🙂 From princessbrides:

            “I know first hand about an agent who discussed ongoing cases. This agent was our neighbor when we lived on the Northshore. We left Louisiana due to many factors, the crime and corruption. Our whole small gated community couldn’t believe the character and actions of this agent. He had been transferred from Colorado and from the day they moved in, they were nothing but trouble… .”

            And gave a presentation on “Suspicious Activity Reports,” apparently, and much more in the same vein ( See lengthy, unwieldy comments thread here (

            There’s a conversation between princessbrides & SuperbowlXLVll, who apparently agree they both know the agent in question:

            “@SuperbowlXLVll You could be right, we may be referring to the same Federal official. In all probability we are. How many agents transfer from Denver to NOLA then retire and have the same circumstances. This agent was studying to be a CPA.”

            And later on in the same thread, unocpagraduate:

            “I am studying for my CPA, when I become a CPA I will be held to a higher standard. I just attended a special class about recognizing suspicious activity. A Retired FBI Agent gave a presentation on SUSPICIOUS ACTIVITY REPORTS at UNO last Thursday. It was a Chapter Event provided by the LCPA.”

            At this point I’m thinking this is way too coincidental, quite frankly, although I know what a small town this is. “Last Thursday” would be the Thursday before December 3 (the story date), meaning November 29. I can’t find any mention of such a presentation, but then again I can’t even find an events calendar for UNO online. :_)

            Closest thing is this: UNO Chapter of the Association of Accountants and Financial Professionals in Business (IMA), “The Pros & Cons: Government Employment V. Public Employment” (, which is not very close at all.

          4. Great research Mus.

            So you think all these different people are talking about 1 FBI agent independently or together—or are the posters actually one person? The same discussion we had about the gazebos. At the risk of sounding like a nutjob myself, is there a chance they are in fact DC himself?

            That would be a LOT of game playing–and for what?

          5. I think not, because DC’s other accounts always sound just like him and he makes no serious attempts to deceive. If you look at comments from John Honor (, you can tell that’s DC, and I believe this one probably is as well (

            The user account DrKatrina seems to have been removed, so I can’t offer that example, but as far as I know DC focuses on the DOJ and on mysterious illnesses caused (he thinks) by the government, seeing himself as a martyr-savior who tries to help people by informing them. I think he was trying to “help” the FBI agent who got him tossed in the clink. :_)

            princessbrides, SuperBowl & unocpa represent either one person playing sock puppets or three people caught up in one of those coincidences featured in Vonnegut’s Cat’s Cradle. In that book, they’d all be members of the same karass, fated to meet. I’d swear they’re not DC, though.

            It’s funny, because the best-known local FBI agent who retired recently is David Welker, who was especially permitted to stay on after reaching mandatory retirement age and then suddenly had to go “because he reached mandatory retirement age.” :_) I’ve been wondering about that, but when I asked Gordon Russell in comments he thought it was quite ordinary (

            As to WHY the game-playing, if game-playing there is, maybe someone very much dislikes this particular agent, or thinks it’s important for the public to know about his misconduct for another reason.

          6. Thanks for the insights.

            Not unheard of for agent to stay on to finish a particular case or project.Most happily move on to other interesting things (corporate security, practice law etc..) many very successfully.

          7. Steed, thanks for explaining where the 100 round clip discussion came from. I was wondering what you both were talking about.

            Maybe it’s time to call a truce with Cop? I don’t know why I feel protective of him. Guess I really noticed him when he was throwing himself under the bus on the other site.

            Remember that crazy day: His name was in the newspaper article, he was freaking out in the comment section… It was surreal. He is the story, he’s commenting on the story, they update the story to include his comments and he comments some more. He was a mess.

            You’re the one who told me to talk to him about needing representation. That was the right thing to do. Anyway just a thought. Maybe time for an olive branch?

  26. Did ya’ll follow the comments on the story about the threats against Letten?

    SOme longtime commenters Fermosan and Johnny B posted comments about their own felony convictions and complained that they received harsher sentences than this guy got for killing his child.

    1. Incidentally, that oak tree dendricide has all da’ CSI markings of a classic Mafia hit.

      Done in broad daylight with the hit team calmly walking away leaving their saws with their serial numbers filed off.

      Look for a plea deal to be worked out by ex-councilman Thomas for his client, Shane Guidry, with the Tree Guillotine Queen, Mrs. Forshee – 5 day suspended sentence with Shane walking Northline with sign “I disembody trees”

      1. Lock, I’ve posted a lot of replies about the tree case on To the people who ask why is this tree a big deal, I have said: it’s not just about a tree.

        It’s about a man who secured a position for himself with JPSO, yet disregards the law. It’s about a woman who associates herself with Jefferson the Beautiful, but when she has to decide between a tree and a door… It’s about ill gotten gains and karma. It’s About old rich and new rich trying poorly to be accepted.

        But most of all, it’s about people who believe rules do not apply to them.

    2. Hi, Lock: You realize that’s probably NOT actual picture of the person (male/female) who is posting right?

        1. Sure, Lock: larger or non-existent! Ha!

          I really enjoy comments by Rhettswife on She’s always clever and she has a lovely Southern accent.

          1. Chirp said I ran her off…

            but who has time for all of the names and conversations?

            well here goes for the speech and a large head…

            Letten Courtwatch Remarks Interrupted by NRA HAT HEAD
            by Manuel Noreiga

            At the New Orleans Hilton Riverside Hilton today fired and former U.S. Attorney Jim Letten

          2. NB,
            Once again M has done a great job of connecting dots and should be congratulated.

            I try to connect em but in a humorous way that I suppose could exist. Accordingly, it seems reasonable for Letten to soon be making the rounds of the talk shows before ending up on Springer and Cop to be in the room wearing a hat and bragging of a personal relationship.

            It probably is time to move on to this guy that needs Brylcreem worse than anything I’ve ever seen. The sad truth is this stuff writes itself (no pun intended.)

            I say sad, because if you love the city and state as I do, you know it has been and could be so much more. The clowns and the Boston Club have let Atlanta, Memphis, Nashville, Dallas, Houston etc eclipse it.

            I would rather see our rich history told in a narrative of its contribution to our country rather than referenced through our proximity to an alligator and Swamp People or a former D.A. and conspiracy theories.

          3. Very well stated, Steed.

            I’m looking forward to what these investigations by DOJ reveal and the resulting consequences. Then, it’s my hope that the office and the city can move on.

            Hopefully the next bunch in there won’t become as arrogant and that they can successfully and ethically prosecute the bad guys without stooping to their level.

          4. NB,
            Agreed, and I have said very much the same from the start.

            I have been irritated at the Camp Street office antics together with a flagrant disregard for process and have been anxious to see it move on and to a better place.

            My screaming at Letten has been misjudged by others. Is it just me that thinks there is a refusal to accept responsibility? Doesn’t the office demand that very thing of the others that are prosecuted and move on?

            I genuinely hope that there isn’t more of the same coming from the office, but I have begun to believe that it was wishful thinking on my part.

            Have you developed any thoughts about the high profile target(s)? The sites seem riddled with people that either work for him, know him, have judged him etc. The latest revelation doesn’t make him look good.

            Is it correct to assume that if a signal was intercepted, it is a violation of federal law?

            I’ve never understood how others thinks he walks, assuming he is guilty of something? Of course the other thing is obviously that if there is such a lead pipe cinch case, why hasn’t it been made?

            I have begun to pay attention some of the core allegations.

    1. Thanks for that link, Lock. Reporters get a LOT of push back when they are getting close to a story like that. Politicians and their buddies can threaten to cut them off from info/exclude them from reporting important stories, etc…

      1. Very arbitrary. I cleaned the Letten speaking piece up a bit, but didn’t expect it to remain and it has.

        About yours, shouldn’t you let me have the gutter to myself?

          1. I thought your comment was funny, so no disrespect. It seemed out of character for you and though I laughed out loud, I thought I should have said that…

            On another note, I saw your comment about fried green and remoulaude poboy. I have a recipe that is spot on for Ruth’s white remoulaude sauce if you want it.

            Did Cop answer your request for gun solutions? Other than arm all citizens to the teeth that is… I suspect you may have made his bad list since he knows you aren’t in lockstep with his view that elements of the constitution are not subject to limitation.

            Last thing I saw, he was teaching civics…

          2. Oh, gosh. I thought it was flippant but not nasty! Where’s their sense of humor? Maybe it was inappropriate after all?? Oh, Well I’ve been censored once again. Funny thing is someone else posted essentially the same comment and it’s still there–so it occurred to somebody else too. Everybody else had covered the righteous indignation angle.

            Would love Ruth’s recipe. I’d love to try to make that poboy at home. Doesn’t it sound amazing?

            One of my sisters is close friends with Ruth’s son. He’s a history prof whose area of expertise is Viet Nam war—that floored me because I was an Army officer at end of Viet Nam era, so we’re officially old enough to be history!

            I don’t know if Cop will answer. After reading his 4 very lengthy and heated replies, I sense that he may not be open to any real discussion on that topic. It’s a hot button issue for him. That’s why I told him “we may have to just have to agree to disagree on this”.

            I really don’t mind him challenging/insulting me but my friend the Judge I mentioned is a leading conservative member of the federal bench. If another Republican is elected President, I would bet that he would probably be nominated to the Supreme Court. He was specifically chosen to handle Loughner case because he’s considered the best. And yet Cop said he wouldn’t even take a moment to read his Opinion piece in the LA Times? Like I said, I don’t think I’m going to change his mind. And that’s okay.

  27. More About the comments.

    I posted a comment yesterday on the story of the young woman prostitute who was arrested and she had her young son with her.

    I said: “And it wasn’t even bring your kid to work day”
    It was deleted.

    Now somebody else has posted almost the identical comment:
    “Take your child to work day?” and it’s remained up.

    I don’t see anything that should be deleted. Sure it’s a flippant comment but nothing otherwise inappropriate.
    And the other comment is still there.

    The censorship is VERY subjective and arbitrary at the “other site.”

  28. M,
    Could you tell me a bit about “Tom” and his problem with you. I noticed Cop has one too, but my interest is in Chirp, the mispellings, motivations etc. What sort of insider is he?

    “It seems that the only people who know the IP address and exact time are the blog managers”

    Re exact time: the commenting system used in the relevant timeframe included precise timestamps, which was a very helpful feature. That’s where the time came from, because they were reading the timestamped comments. Now you have to add your own, or go without. [1/16/2013 9:44 AM]
    21 Minutes Ago

    1. M,
      Thanks very much for taking the time to explain. I do appreciate it. As you have noted, I haven’t been around all that long and a fair amount of my time was spent haggling and being irritated by Copper.

      The Perricone story drew me in because I was outraged at the audacity of it, pointing a way to Nagin etc. I suspected more to it and Chirp of course said I was D.C. I even listened to a D.C. video because Chirp sounded as though he might be lucid and have insights that could have merit.

      For me it has always been about learning more than imposing my view. I’m open to most opinions unless they are obviously as misguided as JL is some sort of candidate for sainthood. I noticed you early because you constantly had a historical command of the facts.

      You might laugh knowing that I have an off line friend that comments online every now and then and we have discussed you. He wears an NRA hat and we have discussed Copper, you, NB and a few others in the vein of your command of the facts and knowledge. We have speculated on your background and are glad that NB openly provides an ethical perspective to the JL story.

      Anyway, know you are appreciated for your guidance.

      Based on what Doug is saying is coming I’m thinking of comedy club tryouts. I’ll stay tuned.

      1. Oh my goodness, thank you so much! 🙂 I’m just an ordinary gazebo– worked in law offices & banks, done database work, now doing website writing for a company in Georgia. I don’t think you can make any sort of approach to the truth without facts, and even when they’re present it’s very difficult sometimes. But I’m delighted to have your good opinion, because I respect your obvious knowledge.

  29. Re steed’s “Is it just me that thinks there is a refusal to accept responsibility?”

    Good lord, no, not at all– Letten’s still out & about pretending none of this ever happened. He actually expected to stay on & help in the transition, and Dana Boente gave him the boot at lunchtime (, which is bizarre until you compare it to what Gordon Russell called his “emotional and strident 11-minute speech” upon departing.

    Re Tom/JPChirper: Just a random internet nutter– showed up suddenly on and started screaming incoherently because I was convinced Letten was history. That was a few days before Jan Mann was sued, and at that time I was still trying to humor Tom/JP out of the you’re-David-Christenson nonsense he had started, because it was funny at first. :_) The person he’s REALLY obsessed with is DC, and that is probably because he can tell there’s another disturbed individual like him & that makes Tom/JP very uncomfortable.

    He made the same DC accusations about any number of people, we ALL lost patience with him and started yelling at him, and then I tracked him down here and quoted something said about him on this site to him on, with the idea of letting him know the local blog scene wasn’t compartmentalized and his type of jackassery would come back to haunt him. :_)

    That was of some assistance, and site management had started removing his many personal attacks anyway, so he’s now confined to incessant whining over his self-induced grievances (he’s been “censored,” if you please). I treat him like the idiot child he is, and that’s all I know. He’s posted his name, or a name purportedly his, here, if I’m not mistaken (, but I don’t think he’s anyone in particular– doesn’t sound like it to me, anyway.

    Re Cop: he waxed wroth when I said something he didn’t like about Rick Santorum, and he’s been like that ever since, determined to sulk for paragraphs at a time. :_) It probably doesn’t help that we agree about very little in terms of issues, but at least he’s fun to read– that type of grumping amuses me, as opposed to the peevish self-pity of Tom/JP.

    Re commenters: Remember that mysterious “nolacat60” commenter from the subpoena, the one didn’t recognize? I was trying to figure out something else altogether and it dawned on me the subpoena MISSPELLED the name, which should probably be “nolakat60.” Here’s nolakat60 commenting on the same story as JPCorrupt:

    “Times-Picayune, you should file a public records request and find out who was on the selection committee for the awarding of the garbage contract and the River Birch contract! I’ll bet most of these people didn’t even read the proposals. File a public records request and to see what the committee’s recommendation was —- especially on the River Birch deal…” (

    Last comment for the account was in September, so the commenter wasn’t spooked by the outing of Sal.

    1. I found Letten’s parting speech particularly tone deaf. He gave a victory speech that failed to even mention a regret for lack of management and the scandal that ended his tenure.

      I lived through many transitions of US Attorneys and it’s always stressful for everyone left in the office. It’s just like getting a new boss at any job. Everybody’s waiting to see who gets promoted/demoted or moved to another section. Sometimes new US Attorneys bring in AUSAs from the outside who are put in charge of people who have been there for years and it doesn’t always go over well.

      DOJ didn’t want or need Letten there for a transition. All the AUSAs probably had to write a status report with a list/summary of their pending cases and investigations. That’s all the transition needed in these circumstances.

      With the ongoing investigation taking place inside the office, they wanted him (and the Manns) out asap–so there’s no interference with that. My guess is that every AUSA has probably been interviewed, possibly under oath, for that report to the Court.

      I’m sure there’s LOTS of training and re-training meetings occurring too. Ethics lectures, etc…

      Love to be a fly in that office these days!

      1. I’ve read about the son. His mom was truly an amazing lady and I asked her for the recipe constantly. She told me she couldn’t stand the loss of business. 😎

        Over the years I’ve made many efforts to duplicate it and this is what I think comes very close.

        At the risk of Doug banishing us to a recipe site here goes and I hope you enjoy:


        1. Thanks so much for the recipe, Steed. Sorry, Doug, but I really needed a great poor boy and this is essential. You may get ribbed about this Steed.

          On the report to the Court, I don’t know if the Court instructed them to send to him in chambers or file with the Court through normal channels. In such a high profile case of high public interest, even if the Court gets it to review first, I think it will be made public. They obviously had to ask for more time. The Court file may reflect a minute order with new deadline.

      2. “He gave a victory speech”

        Perfectly phrased! Yes, it was the sort of reaction that might be understandable if the issue had come to light and he’d been deposed all in a matter of days, when stunned inability to comprehend would make sense. This had been brewing for a very long time, and his imminent departure was obvious even to outsiders like me.

        “DOJ didn

        1. M,
          I wanted the original, but I think it is under lock and key. This one is very close. I’ve tried dozens of imitators. Like you, I like a spicy red also, but the white has always been my favorite.

          An old and very dear and departed friend, Jim Carvin introduced me to the double white remoulaude lunch with martini, politics and poll numbers on the side. Joe Walker would join now and again. Those were the days.

        2. Steed: I’ll let you know when I make the sauce! I’m assembling ingredients.

          Mus: I think you’re right on point with the timing of the transition. At that point, it would be foolish for AUSAs to try to take any heat or lie for Letten—he was already on his way out.

          Loyalties shift on a dime during a transition. One day you’re behind the old guy and the next you’re on the new guys team. Sometimes that’s pretty tough, especially on the top people when it’s after an election. So today in EDLA, I’m betting they are ALL Team DOJ unless they have been identified as being in trouble themselves–and those will be gone soon.

          I’m also guessing that Letten speech REALLY infuriated DOJ. Never saw anything like that speech. Frankly, my jaw dropped. From the inside I’ve seen 5-6 US Attorneys transition. From the outside (after I left the office) another 5-6 (the range is if you count “actings”.

          Many USAs leave quietly and enter private practice or move to the bench with maybe a thoughtful interview with a legal publication, or a local newspaper. The USA is NOT (or at least should not be) the story. It’s the work of the office –the cases– that should be the story and the work speaks for itself.

          I’ll admit that Letten was more of a rockstar type prosecutor than most, and he was there much longer than normal. He garnered a lot of publicity and support for his corruption cases. But there’s something to be said for leaving with a little class.

          There was no need to review his accomplishments—that’s a matter of public record and nobody was contesting that he had a good record as an AUSA and USA. Anyway, that speech really made me consider my impression of him and question his judgement once again.

          Anybody have any word about the nature of the challenge to the subpoenas? I’m certain DOJ will ultimately learn the identities of the commenters they are seeking. Really they can subpoena anything that might possibly lead to something of evidentiary value.

          Finally, Steed, you are correct it may be time to focus on Heebe and other investigations. Before we get too serious, I’m not trying to be mean, but TP uses the most unflattering photos of people. Is that his hair or a wig? I’ll feel really awful if you tell me he has cancer and lost his hair to radiation.

          And, horray! Finally an indictment with Ray Nagin’s name should be coming soon. Do you all think he’ll offer to fall on his sword to protect his sons? That would be a decent thing to do—those boys wouldn’t have been involved in that but for their Dad.

          1. NB,
            Well now aren’t you prophetic? I mean we all knew it was coming but really, are you Dana J. Boente? Did you blog as it was filed? M has taught me to look at date stamps.

            I’m telling M about this!

            Now about that hair! The TP along with seemingly all other papers delight in publishing the most unflattering pictures. The depiction of Mary L almost rises to the level of a crime as she was once very beautiful and the depiction suggests a bloated albeit (fat) DC cat. Sad. and I don’t think true.

            I guess life in the city means having your picture taken in the Camp & Poydras Street wind tunnel. Having lost a mother and wife to the Big Casino, I would never suggest the electric nature of the appearance being due to radiation treatments, however color may be another matter.

            As I have previously noted, smart guys prepare for the inevitable and I think it is being grown out in order to report with dreadlocks in place and blend in? If you are dreading the dreadful, then dreadlocks don’t seem dreary, do they?

            I of course, see two possible claims for being housed in a CO facility. One on religious grounds, and the other on medical necessity. Not sure the federales would agree, but with his $, he could give it a try.

            Ray should consider a fro, if it isn’t too late, with a concealed pik. He may need that pik.

            I doubt that most readers will consider the weight of his wife and children’s fate in his upcoming decision making. The smart money will say he needs Monty Hall.

            Hmmm, you’ve given me an idea. A poster to be sold in shops around the quarter featuring hairstyles of those newly inducted as guests of the government…

          2. Ha. yup, I’m right on top of things! I drafted that comment early AM but left it open on my computer. Then when I got home in the evening I pushed Post Comment without thinking or editing to check my emails. A little embarrassing.

            Important thing is Ray Nagin has been indicted and from what I read it is a very multi-faceted investigation and they seem to have him from several different angles. Looks like a good job by those conducting this investigation.

            I liked a comment in an article I read that Ray is the last fish swimming. In other words there probably aren’t any bigger fish he can turn in. And all the little fish have turned on him. If he has wise counsel the best he can probably do for himself is take the fall for his kids and get a reduction for saving the government the time and expense of a trial. It’s still going to be a considerable sentence. But it will be in a federal facility which is the way to go if you have to go.

            I prosecuted a major drug dealer who earned a RICO conviction and substantial custodial sentence. I saw his lawyer a few months later and he told me the guy had won the TENNIS TOURNAMENT in his new federal abode.

          3. PS not making fun of big C at all. And I am very sorry for your losses. I was thinking it was a wig.

          4. NB,

            Sure, sure, I’ve already told M and I’m expecting a full report of all comments date stamped and cross referenced. You are in big trouble.

            I’m applying to the Sheebe School of Communication Intercepts for a grant to study your wi fi activity since you have revealed an interest in high fidelity.
            The TP may be publishing your picture any day and there may be a public profession of love from a NRA hat wearing gun nut. God help you.

            What will we all do if the TP publishes a pic of a person leaving a hotel with dreadlocks?

            A sentencing/induction specialist atty friend of mine says no such things as Tennis courts and he has been to most of the establishments. He said the atty was pulling your leg or you are pulling mine.

            Have been meaning to tell you I missed the Monkees, but I was listening to Daydream Believer when my screen name struck me. I was a fan of lots of artists in the day including the 5th Dimension. Watching the R&R HOF the other night I learned I think for the first time of Laura Nyro. What a talent!

          5. I’ve been to several federal (and state) prisons too including the opening of Florence, CO.

            That case was in 1985 so things might have changed since then with all the discussion of federal country clubs, budget cuts, etc.. It was a fact that the guy had played tennis in college (we have such a nice class of crooks in federal court) so (according to his lawyer) he was happy to see tennis courts at his facility. And he swore to me he wasn’t joking and that they did have an annual tennis tournament. His guy was new to the facility so he was kind of a ringer. We’re talking almost 30 years ago. I really do think it was true at the time.

            I’m afraid any report of my activities online or other would be pretty mundane.

            And TP already has a REALLY dreadful file photo of me. If they published it with anything but an obit, I would die. So my sympathies to Heebe and Mary L on being victims of bad photograhpy.

            Spouses and children are collateral damage, often unseen victims in criminal cases. I always felt sorry for them. Except for the fake family that federal defenders used to bring in to sit through trials to get juror sympathy. We’d see the same sad woman and kids sitting through trials and figured it out. Of course main concern is for the crime victims, but the kids being raised without the criminal parent are victims too.

  30. Does anyone know why Heebe dismissed the first defamation suit against Perricone, only to file a second one a couple of months later?

    1. Hi, Eunice. I don’t know but I bet others here do. I read about a truce between the two recently, halting a civil case. I’m assuming that is the 2nd one you are referring to?

    2. Carvin sounds like a New Orleans gentleman of the old school. Did you see James Gill’s piece on the occasion of his death ( Mentions Joe Walker and Ray Nagin’s two mayoral elections, so very timely. Re Dana, NB may enjoy re-reading her first comment:

      “My father is in this photo–he was 16 at the time and enlsited in the Navy upon graduation from Aloysius. He and my Mom were raised on St. Roch–high school sweethearts. I love seeing the huge mural of this picture at the WWII Museum” —Saturday, November 19, 2011, 12:20:29 AM

      But it is my hope NB’s been gently directing the conversation so it will be helpful to any newcomers reviewing local comments for the first time. 🙂

      And of course I can’t just give a link to the WWII story because all the old comments recently imported into the new system were suddenly deprived of their page links yesterday afternoon. It’s very odd indeed– here’s a page reference so you can see what I mean ( I e-mailed Keith Marszalek yesterday, so we’ll see what the links look like Monday.

      Re infuriating speech: I’d say it drove home the point this USAO has been ignoring protocol for some time now, which was inexplicably helpful of Letten. 🙂 And his subsequent interviews show that’s not an aberration, but truly reflective of his attitude. Letten has always been enamored of the camera, which struck me as a danger sign– I used to joke with a Letten fanboy commenter, Mark Richard, about that bad habit, and looking back at those conversations I have a feeling Mark Richard & TooMuchCorruption (one of the identities about which Sal was questioned) might be the same person.

      Re why withdraw & refile suit: I was wondering the same thing. Heebe has a purpose in mind, maybe hanging on to the action as leverage to depose Perricone, and perhaps that maneuvering lengthens the window of time for pursuing the case? I don’t think Heebe wants it in federal court, but I think Sockpit is the expert who’d be able to give us a better idea. 🙂

      1. Muspench: Thanks for defending my honor and reputation with my very first comment on Very clever. I am endlessly in awe of your research skills and resourcefulness.

        Thanks for the ammo for Steed–I needed that. We all know that he possesses a devilish sense of humor and he may never let me off the hook! I’ve seen him in action with poor old Cop, and the committees he’s formed, Letten’s speech, etc… So here I go…

        Steedo, clearly Dana was not around in 2011 nor would he have folks raised on St. Roch. And let’s face it, none of the DOJ guys would ever consider posting on after this scandal. Case closed??

        I haven’t heard from Cop since his last diatribe on the 2nd amendment, have you? I’m pretty sure he’s no fan of mine from his recent posts.

        Mus, Amazing comments about Mark Richard and Too Much Corruption. If that was Perricone and he was vocally defending Letten, you would think that’s something they could easily have been discussing over coffee. Frankly Letten has only looked worse since he left that office. I don’t think he’s doing himself any favors. A nice low profile would be a good idea right about not.

        Isn’t Too Much Corruption still on NOLA? That name sounds familiar.

        1. Mus, I’ve been meaning to discuss your revelation about Nolacat=Nolakat–this is astounding. Of course, /TP won’t provide anything on Nolakat because it’s not subpoenaed, but I think you are really on to something there. I wonder if DOJ has figured this out and amended the subpoena?

          That is someone with very specific confidential information blatantly directing TP to file an FOIA request. Really at that point, the person should just be a confidential source and speak off the record to the reporter. He would have a LOT more protection. A journalist would go to jail to protect a source. Plus, they wouldn’t be airing their info on public comment section.

          Any further word on this situation?

        2. NB,
          I knew that M would save your day and was only joshing you. I would never seriously impugn your honor. Besides, I intended to oppose your nomination when Mary called to ask me about it. She has requested a box at the fairgrounds and a place on the committee.

          I told her the committee was recessed (something she should know about) and I would get back with her on her request.

          Where do the guys put their rackets? I think this is a little much, but if you say so.

          Are you serious about fake families? That’s a new one for me. Should be reported in the press.

          Thanks for the sympathy, those things were a long time ago. My mom, upon my brother’s death in my arms, told me time was better spent grieving for the living. Her remarks made an impression on me and I’ve always thought her right on the subject. Anyway, thanks.

          Speaking of CNTRL, I faithfully recorded another meeting but never posted it because I was tired of battling the speech police at Picayunne Office To Replace Letten Yearning (PORTLY). When I made fun of their committee they didn’t seem to care for it and I also grew tired of circumventing the rules to post.

          In the next episode, my brother Double appeared with his son, my nephew riding a dark horse, I was undecided but leaning towards M winning, and the crowd forgetting Letten and loving the introduction of Doubloons…but I don’t want to reveal the ending.

          I may have stopped because my wife assured me that readers didn’t appreciate the “devilish” humor.

          I did see the Gill piece and you of all people would have enjoyed knowing Jim. As I recall, he was a code breaker in the navy. I knew of the involvement in the RN campaigns, but he was also involved in dozens of campaigns as that was what he did. I seem remembering that there was a firm of Carvin, Weil, Strother at one time and those guys individually and collectively handled people from McKeithen to Gary Hart and more.

          BTW, your deciphering of subpoena info is amazing, and they should ask you to join the investigative team! I would miss you, but I would rather know what member(s) of the judiciary has been commenting?

          The feeding frenzy over RN seems expected but misplaced to me. RN is right about the venom of the post(er)s. If me, they might give me pause for refreshment. I suppose it is a overall reflection of the economy and discontent with elected officials in general in our country etc. I responded to your post about wrestling and musing of the whys of corruption.

          NB may be right that he is the biggest fish in the chain, but I think he is small potatoes and small time operator in view of what’s coming down the pike. Don’t make us wait! 😎

          1. Steed: The fake families really did and do happen. The District where I worked had/has a large number of cases involving “foreign nationals”, “undocumented aliens” however you want to say it. Many criminal aliens involved in drug trafficking, etc.. do NOT bring their families up here. So at trial, federal defenders started bringing a really sad looking woman with two or three small kids, to sit through the trial to garner sympathy of the court.

            Of course, Trials are open to the public so they had a perfect right to be there. But they sat right behind the defendant. There was no question they were there to mislead the judge and the jury into thinking they were the defendant’s family. It’s highly unusual to see children in federal court.

            When I was Chief of Criminal, as often as possible, I would make a point to observe opening and/or closing statements in the trials to support my folks and see how things were going. So I saw this family during one trial and assumed it was the defendant’s wife and kids. The very next week, I saw them again so at at break, I asked the woman if she was related to anybody in the case. She said she was the sister of an investigator for federal defenders–not related to the defendant. SO our AUSA’s tried to figure out a way to get on the record that the defendant had NO family in the US. The jury would look over at this woman and wonder who she was.

            They continued to do this on and off for years and probably still do. I have no idea what they paid the fake family but I’m sure this woman didn’t drag kids downtown for hours for nothing. Your federal taxes at work!

          2. I have been starting to pay some attention to Trainasse, actually, but that’s just since the subpoenas came up. I’m trying to guess at who’ll be included in round #2. What were you thinking in regard to his comments?

            Re devilish humor: ! I have no wish to contradict Mrs. Steed, but I do like it, because I enjoy watching your imagination darting about in the depths (like koi in a lily pond, sort of). I don’t pretend to understand it all the time, but it’s still fun. :_) Code breaker sounds like a challenging occupation, but tremendous amusement for a pattern-spotter. Carvin must have been a delight in conversation– can you imagine him chatting with Gill about local politics? A real gathering of the eagles, that would be, both men possessing a sexton’s encyclopedic knowledge of the buried bodies.

            Re RN: I agree on his lack of importance. His venality and governance were equally lackluster, and Gordon Russell’s account of his financial problems made it seem Nagin was manipulated for political purposes, to his own detriment. Someone took a standard-issue middle manager and tossed him into the fray without regard to his personal qualities, then abandoned him when he failed to perform, and that’s quite callous.

            Doesn’t excuse his misconduct, but I found myself in the uncomfortable position of feeling sorry for the man. :/

          3. Master Po–I mean Mus—I tried to use a little of what you’ve taught me of the workings of “T” from prior posts is a retired federal employee probably at least in his mid 70’s, who worked in NASA in early 1960’s. He’s a college graduate and I’m guessing retired federal law enforcement officer from many of his posts, perhaps US Marshal as he has an interest and background in forfeitures.

            I don’t think he’s an attorney based on a few of his comments, but I could be wrong about that. Many of his posts about federal law enforcement matters are excellent and he attributes a lot quotes to friends in federal law enforcement.

            I don’t think he’s a current or former AUSA.

            Why do you think there will be a 2nd round of subpoenas to

          4. Steed, Can you ask Mrs. Steed (or can you tell me) do I just mix or blend the recipe? It seems like there will be lots of bits of stuff unless I stick all this in a blender!

          5. NB,
            I blend and refrigerate overnight. Mrs. Steed makes some adjustments for taste. I am her work in progress.

            We both cook, and I of course think she is perfect.

        3. Ha! Steed’s a terror when he gets going, isn’t he? :_) Honestly, there would be no harm in it if you were Dana, aside from the irony, but I just didn’t think that was the case. Cop is confining himself to tiny posts on the Letten matter, which I am quite sure is darn near killing him ( Re fandom or lack thereof: Cop’s trademark is disliking people, with very few exceptions; actually, there’s only one exception I can think of, and that person’s views are sufficiently similar that he can sustain cordiality. On a scale of one to Cop, NB, I thought he liked you rather than otherwise, but there’s no point worrying about it either way. :_)

          Re Perricone and coffee: Actually, he was uncomplimentary toward Letten quite often (“Another Letten news conference?,” “Letten is great for taking credit for other people’s hard work,” and so on), both as Mencken and as legacyusa. The word is “waspish”– often a sting in the tail of his remarks.

          TMC is indeed still on, and accosted me incomprehensibly here ( S/he insisted I’d said Letten would be gone in 2009; I found that unlikely, but checked as well as I could without being able to search properly, and found the nothing I had expected. Mark Richard and I used to joke about my disapproval of Letten’s grandstanding, and if that person were TMC those old exchanges might have created the mistaken impression I’d predicted Letten’s demise at the time.

          TMC is now cheerleading for Dana, in fact. :_)

          Re nolakat60: Here is where it would come in handy if you were Dana. Sure you won’t change your mind? 🙂 I was hoping you could reach into your old bag of tricks and pull out a discreet way to pass that note along.

      2. M,
        Thanks just saw your note at the other place. I’d forgotten the press officer.

        Have you noticed all of the colors flying these days? How do you do that here? I’ve noticed Doug and a few others. Is it necessary to go through some 3rd party site? Been thinking about changing my doo.

      3. I don’t know the answer to that question, but I don’t think it is that Heebe’s lawyers realistically thought they would get to depose Perricone first. Although it is not codified by any rule, the standard custom and practice is that because the plaintiff is the one initiating the lawsuit, he/she gets deposed first. Absent exceptional circumstances, Heebe would be deposed first.

        This is the problem with filing a defamation lawsuit when the plaintiff has serious 5th Amendment considerations. As the lawyer for the plaintiff, you know that discovery cannot commence, or it will be very dangerous for your client. You are then forced into the position of having to ask the judge to stop a lawsuit YOU started in the first place. I’m not sure why Judge Vance ruled on the joint motion to stay before ruling on the remand back to CDC. The law must allow it, or Judge Vance would not have done it.

        And even though one of Heebe’s lawyers and Judge Vance both worked for the Stone Pigman law firm at one point, my weak opinion would be that his defamation suit has less of a chance than Jonathon Vilma’s did.

        1. Sock, Thanks for your insights on Eunice’s question. You really explained it well. You are so correct that Heebe would NOT want to be deposed–but wouldn’t Sal RELISH the opportunity to make the criminal case against Heebe in the civil arena? Because truth is a defense to defamation, they would effectively be able to PROVE the criminal case in defense of the civil case. Such fun.

          It really sounds like the court should dismiss it if the plaintiff cant’/won’t do anything to advance it.

          Sock, you bring up another important point. Why wouldn’t Vance recuse himself if his former law partner is one of Heebe’s lawyers? I sense that recusals are a much more common practice elsewhere than here. There are certainly enough federal judges here that you would think it would be assigned to someone without that conflict or even “appearance” of a conflict.

          As Lock mentioned earlier, Heebe’s grandfather? is a Senior Judge. Why aren’t Judges recusing themselves because of that? In other districts, you could see that case removed to another District or a District Court judge brought in from another District, unless there is a District Judge here who does not know Judge Heebe or his family (unlikely).

          This is what happened in Loughner case in AZ due to federal district court Judge Roll being a victim. Judge Burns from San Diego was appointed by Justice Kosinski, Chief Justice of 9th Circuit. For hearings where just the lawyers were present, they were held in San Diego. For hearings with the Defendant, victims, etc. present, they were held in AZ.

  31. I’m going to tuck this reply at the bottom, for ease of use. Re NB’s “Has the Court ruled yet”

    OH, just saw this, and the answer is yes: “U.S. District Judge Ginger Berrigan said some evidence at a hearing Wednesday alleging misconduct in U.S. Attorney Jim Letten’s office ‘was credible and therefore disturbing.’

    The stinging phrase referred to part of an affidavit by Tim Wilson Sr., a Houston private investigator who took the stand Wednesday. Wilson’s main assertion was that former prosecutor Sal Perricone and Assistant U.S. Attorney Jim Mann expressed in 2011 an undisclosed verbal understanding that the government wouldn’t seize defendant Mark Titus’ properties” (

    But the motion was denied.

    Re “What if (God forbid) the AUSA gets hit by a truck”: As you see, that’s what happened: figurative truck, a juggernaut driven by cruel Fate. Snort! :_)

    Re sharing info with other defendant: They’re brothers-in-law, as luck would have it, and apparently the family has pressed Titus not to testify against Fazzio. Titus is doing five years and still being ground between the millstones of Heebe + family on one side, and federal prosecutors on the other; it’s a hellish predicament, really. He actually showed up here and chatted briefly with Doug (


    1. Steed:

      Judges DO hold onto cases, unless of course a Fed. magistrate’s brother is a defendant. Then, they recuse themselves en masse, not only from his case, but also from the case of Parish President Koala Bear. We all have the reasonable expectation, as U.S. citizens, that our Govt. should be transparent whenever possible. The blanket recusal from the Wilkinson/Broussard cases (at considerable expense to the taxpayers)was done without any written reasons whatsoever. And by recusing themselves from these cases in collective fashion, each and every judge of the Eastern District of La. effectually admitted that he/she could not be fair on these cases. That’s pretty weak. And yes, I know some of them as both judges and people.


      What can one say in response to your well-supported reasoning? But check this out. We need to start thinking about whether Dana Boente is going to cut the same kind of sweetheart deals for corrupt public officials that Letten did. First up, Clarence R. Nagin.

      1. Sock, I hope you don’t me jumping in: I think Judges should be commended for recusing themselves in appropriate cases. It’s NOT saying they can’t be fair. It’s saying they have some type of personal relationship or contact that could create “an appearance” of a conflict. Why not send to a Judge who is not burdened with that conflict?

        Also, I don’t think you’ll see the DOJ attorneys making off the record deals. I predict it will be by the book. Especially now, they will be leading by example in that office.

        1. NB, I agree; I’m all for recusal when it is warranted. I’m also all for the basis being “the appearance of impropriety.” But it does not seem to always work like that.

          And the Fed. recusal statute is very arcane because if one of the parties moves for recusal, the motion is heard by the very judge the party is seeking to recuse. It makes about as much sense as lifetime appointments. At least in state court, another judge hears the recusal motion. But trust me, that Wilkinson en masse/banc recusal was very odd.

          1. Recusal, or at least the informed public’s perception thereof in the LAED has been prominently on display here on Slabbed through time. Besides the questions about the mass recusals in USA v Broussard / USA v Wilkinson and how Judge Berrigan can recuse herself from cases involving the brother of a Magistrate and not from a case involving the son of a senior Judge there.


            What landed this topic on my radar screen was the way insurance litigation was handled both on the Mississippi Coast in the MSSD along with the LAED, LAMD and LAWD federal courts. What we found, as legal laymen was a wide disparity in how these cases were treated by the individual judges. Certain Judges, Berrigan, McNamara, Engelhardt and Feldman, made it as close to impossible as they could for an individual plaintiff to successfully sue an insurance company, assuming the plaintiffs had a competent attorney, which was not a given by any stretch.

            On the coast we frequently highlighted Magistrate Walker and his curious discovery rulings, which frequently pre-gutted a plaintiff’s case before trial forcing settlement of cases that legally were worth far more to the plaintiffs.

            Muspench has been spoiling me by linking prior Slabbed posts. Before Trannygate our previous #1 post was this one on Judge Feldman as we broke the fact he owned oil stocks just before he ruled in the drill moratorium case during the oil spill.


            And after the Katrina litigation largely played out professor Carl Bernofsky landed on our radar screens with his excellent website Tulanelink.


            And then there are those fabled cases involving Cisco Systems, Patrick Vance, Jones Walker and Judge Vance we’ve never examined on Slabbed that bubble up from time to time in comments.

            For lack of a better term we’ve gotten feedback from the federal judiciary twice during the last 5 plus years. First time was from an article 3 judge via a former law clerk who wanted to know some about my and Nowdy’s background as this person was a fan of our insurance coverage.

            Second time was over the commentary left on the mass recusal coverage here at Slabbed in USA v Broussard / USA v Wilkinson. It did not come from a particular chamber in the LAED but a source made a point to tell me that the good word from the peeps at the courthouse was they were not pleased with the coverage. As I stated above, I would not have given it a second thought had Berrigan not held onto the Search Warrant case involving the FBI raid of River Birch corporate.

            There is a sidecar to the above in Slabbed tackling the tough subjects like the local federal judiciary in how the Goatherders tried to use remarks left in our insurance blogging about Magistrate Walker to poison the well at the Federal Courthouse in my recent SPEECH Act victory. I fully intend to address that topic when the time is right but the fact Goatherder lawyer Henry Laird was unsuccessful in his use of such tactics speaks volumes.

            I’d love to sit down with some of those folks, pick their brains to figure out the back story on this. Recusal, or lack thereof was damning in the Porteous Impeachment. I’m delighted to know our local judges seem to err on the side of recusal these days because public perceptions are important.

            Finally I suspect the courthouses are somewhat insular. That said, to the extent there are websites willing to say the emperor has no clothes, perhaps in today’s day and age of free information exchange some of that insularity has been peeled back.

          2. About recusal: Doug: Please keep in mind I am not familiar with the cases you are discussing but I found your comments and the history of the issue very interesting and informative.

            I was a state court judge (Juvenile Court) in CA for 10 years before I retired. In CA, the practice regarding recusals is the same as federal court. In both, it is the Judge who must recuse him/herself. So that’s the only practice I am personally familiar with. I tended to recuse myself when a case was assigned to me if I had a personal relationship with a party or counsel. That case was reassigned without the parties ever appearing in my Department. There was no record as to the reason for recusal, just a minute order stating I recused myself and the case assignment by the clerk to another department.

            I recall denying one recusal motion from a defendant who was making regular weekly Tarasoff threats against me. I thought I could still be impartial and didn’t want to hand off this problem. I had no personal relationship with him. The threats were simply because I was the Judge on his prior cases and he was back before me. I assumed he would just begin threatening the next Judge based on his history and denied the motion.

            I have some experience with recusals in federal court as an AUSA. In a fairly high profile case, I tried 2 Cuban nationals for murdering a guard at the MCC during an escape attempt. He was a single father with 2 young kids. There was a memorial service held for him at the MCC during lunchtime less than a week after the murder. Representatives of all federal law enforcement agencies attended but it was mostly for the victim’s co-workers as the man was from out of state and his body (and the kids who were present at the service) were permanently leaving the area. A federal judge attended as the representative of the Courts assigned to oversee MCC and BOP matters. He made no comments– just was present like everybody else.

            I presented the case to the Grand Jury, got an indictment and the case was assigned by the wheel to the Judge who attended the service. He put on the record that he attended the service but was keeping the case. There was a very hard fought motion to get him to recuse himself. The federal Judge denied it and his ruling was upheld. (I think on interlocutory appeal (this was a long time ago).

            He said he attended the simple service as a sign of respect for the loss of a member of the Court family whom he did not personally know. He attended as the representative of the Court and that he could be fair and impartial. He did not know he was going to be assigned the case when he attended. And he made the point that he would not consider anything said in the service (that the victim was a good man and loving father and that 2 small children were without a parent (their mom was deceased too) but that the same information would be before ANY court at trial and sentencing if there was to be one. I think his ruling was correct. But another federal judge could have gone another way if he felt attending that service raised an appearance of impropriety.

            I guess my point is that Recusals are very subjective but reviewable on appeal.

            As to the vagaries of varying results among different courts. That’s a fact of life. For many years when I began practicing there were no federal sentencing guidelines. The results from one federal judge to another were wildly different—the same case would get probation in one department and 10 years or more in the Court next door. It truly was the luck of the draw. And the most important thing in the judicial process for a defendant back then was the lottery as to what Judge was assigned.

            The Sentencing guidelines really changed all that. Judges still had some discretion but our District was really a poster child (and one of the major reasons) for the guidelines. The Judges hated losing their unfettered discretion but the guidelines were not perfect but they did introduce a semblance of predictability and fairness.

            It’s a fact of life some federal Judges are wise, just and hardworking. Some hardly ever make sense at all. They are political appointees with widely varied personal and professional experiences. I most dreaded the ones with only civil experience with liberal leanings. They usually hated the federal criminal cases (and prosecutors) but that’s just my experience.

            I understand and agree with the case for lifetime appointments for federal judges but that’s a discussion for another day.

      2. Sock,
        I think you are quite right. All very insular as well and I wish I wasn’t cynical.

        As to Boente, I’m thinking NB may be correct that it will be by the book. Isn’t the real RN and AB deal about getting to HEEBE JEEBE?

        I continue to speculate why, after all that has taken place, they don’t have him on a platter? And the other side, was he shaken down?

        Just playing devil’s advocate, but I don’t see the crime in Roberts or Mouton. I haven’t seen it yet in Fazio and Titus as it relates to Heebe. So called shell corporations, making contributions, what’s new and is that a crime?

        I have recently begun to pay attention to Heebe. He hasn’t held much interest to me and I don’t know directly who all of the players are in the case.

        Is being sleazy or having to deal with sleazebags a crime?

    2. Mus, Love where you went with the truck metaphor!

      Sounds like I echoed the Judge in Graham. She is correct. There’s a reason EVERYTHING is included in a written plea agreement. The defense attorney is remiss in representing his client if he does anything less. In fact it COULD be grounds for a malpractice suit in my opinion.

      And the prosecution has no legitimate reason to not do so. If the deal is too sweet to tell your boss, or put in front of a judge or jury, that should tell you something–why and what are you hiding? In my opinion, All that baloney about the “culture” or “habit” in this district is bs (excuse my language). It’s subterfuge for bad practices. And those practices have come to roost here. This is VERY strong language for me. I usually try to be more circumspect but it’s enough to make an outsider angry.

      I bet the standard language that all agreements between the parties are contained in the 4 corners of the written plea agreement is there. What officers of the court (both sides) are signing that if it’s a lie??

      You can bet DOJ will straighten this out with a TON of in-house training. It is unfortunate that the ones who were responsible for training new AUSAs were the ones abusing basic rules of federal prosecution and setting a terrible example.

      I did notice Trainese made some very good comments about the Nagin indictment: not being allowed to post bond with forfietable property and not being allowed to pay counsel with forfietable property. Seems like he knows of what he speaks.

      He’s saying the government could have filed even more charges because there are no 18 USC 1001 (False statements) charges. I would guess they didn’t have a good 1001 by Nagin or they would have put the 1001 in the indictment.

      Somehow defense counsel always finds a way to get paid. He’s known he’s been under investigation and retained counsel a while back. So I don’t think we have to worry that he won’t have competent counsel of his choice. IF he runs out of legitimate (non forfeitable) assets the Court could allow his retained counsel to become court appointed counsel–at the standard panel rates.

      Trainese is correct that prosecutors will not let him put up property for his bail that is subject to forfeiture. So that should be interesting. Bail conditions are set based on danger to the community and risk of flight. Well, he’s not in a position to take any bribes anymore, so he’s really not a risk to re-offend right now. And, He has known about this investigation for a long time and has not run. I would think bail will be set relatively low secured by property he can show is not from criminal activity (retirement accounts/property bought before these crimes occurred, or property belonging to his family and friends.)

      1. NB,
        I mentioned custom and practice somewhere or another I think in this thread. I have heard it from people that have dealt with the individuals and the office.

        I’ve also heard there is Rule #…, or procedure such and so, but they don’t use that in the EDLA. BTW, don’t seem shocked that the judges know it and look the other way.

        I suppose the ends justify the means is the rationalization, but it doesn’t make it correct.

        I know nothing specific about any of the forfeiture issues that are being bandied about. Maybe what I am referring to is simple quid pro quo? You agree to this, and we aren’t interested in that, has been practice in the office BS, bad practice or not, so I’m told.

        This bad practice goes to the core of my JL rant. I don’t know people that favor corruption or criminal behavior, but how hard is it to win a prosecution if the rules are stacked in your favor and you break the ones that don’t suit you?

        Isn’t that “bad behavior” the very same criminal type behavior at its core, that is prosecuted? What does a criminal do different? Doesn’t a criminal simply ignore the rules that don’t suit his objective? Such “bad behavior” is a perversion of the system and should shock and dismay any person that understands it!

        I suppose if the wrongfully convicted are ignored, it may not matter in the end.

        Maybe I should be colored Oliver Douglas?

        1. Steed, first Thanks for the additional info on the recipe. I’m still learning but have become a much better cook since retiring.

          Well, I understand your point but bad practices are not criminal unless they are crimes (if you know what I mean). I deplore bad practices we have discussed but they would have to rise to the level of a crime to be one.

          Prosecutors shouldn’t stoop to their (criminals) level. Other sanctions we’ve discussed are available —motion to withdraw plea or for a new trial, referral to State bar and/or OPR/DOJ, and resulting discipline.

          One thing I don’t want overlooked is defense counsel’s role in these off the record deals. They have an absolute obligation to represent their client zealously and that should include making sure all agreements are properly memorialized–or their client suffers the consequences.

          I think you meant to say Justice William O. Douglas my childhood hero and reason I attended law school? I think Oliver Douglas was the guy on Green Acres! Ha!

          1. NB,
            I saw you like oysters, so I’ll figure out what is best in my collection. They are all digitized after the project to improve the scraps of paper on the floor of the castle larder. The project began in order preserve family recipes. I’ll let you know when I publish the steed dining and dying with laughter first edition.

            Re bad practices
            I didn’t mean it was criminal behavior on the part of the prosecution or that the defense wasn’t culpable, just that there was irony engaging in ends justify means behavior and the hell with the rules.

            And yes, I was referring to Green Acres but on reflection, perhaps Granite Acres is more applicable?

          2. Steed, Raw is best but open to other suggestions! Did you see James Taylor sing at Inauguration? Love Fifth Dimension and Laura Nyro–those songs were like the soundtrack of those times–on albums or 8 tracks of course.

            Gotta Love Granite Acres! Agree with you that Ray Nagin’s case is not a major corruption case “dollar wise” or in sophistication. But isn’t that a shame how cheaply he sold out the city? Did you see comment over there stating that Nagin was caught because he didn’t have the machine to insulate him from corruption that Morial and others had. So he got his hands dirty rather than having 4-5 layers of people between him and the graft. And like an organized crime family if he had that machine they would never testify against him. I don’t know how to link that here but it’s worth reading.

            If you have a moment, check out hysterical comments about “Georgia tourist found alive” on too.

            Please see above I made a little attempt at research a la Mus on Trainese. Call me Mini-Mus (I wish).

          3. NB, M
            Ok, ok, is this thing on? I love em raw also and in light of the quote attributed to former New Orleans Mayor Robert Mastri (How ya like dem ersters?) I’ll let you in on one of my favorite ways to eat raw…

            Cadillac Jack Oyster Shooters


            Fresh Shucked Raw Oysters
            Romanoff Black Lumpfish Caviar
            Freshly Shaved Rhizome ( If you can get it ) or Wasabi Paste ( I make mine from the dried horseradish powder )
            Crystals Hot Sauce

            Assemble as follows:

            One oyster into a shot glass followed by a dash of Crystals Hot Sauce and then followed with a small bit of wasabi paste and topped with a generous amount of salty lumpfish caviar.

            Enjoy alternating (chasing for the newbie) shooter with ice cold beer or vodka!

            I did see the GA tourist notice and it reminded me of:

            ATTORNEY: Now doctor, isn

          4. OMG Oyster shooters with caviar? And Mrs. Steed’s recipe sounds just like Drago’s charbroiled! Please tell her muchisimas gracias from me. It will be dangerous but I will try these at home.

            In college we used to get oysters by the sack (a huge canvas 50 lb bag) from the Gulf and pour them in a bathtub and sit there and shuck them for hours (eating half as we did it of course). Might just have to try that again!

          5. NB,
            I did watch the inaugural festivities and with great pride, hope, and steadfast belief that Yes We Can!

            About the music, I have explained to my kids that the music of the era had as a central theme love and peace which aren

          6. Ah, the music! While I was in school, I did a stint as a Valianette with Vince Vance and the Valiants. Three of us sang all the old girls group songs (Leader of the Pack, My Boyfriend’s Back, Soldier Boy, etc..)–the lead singer was a girl named Tomato. Then the Valiants started getting gigs outside of NOLA and I had to finish college…

            Gospel at LA Gov’s Mansion sounds wonderful, but I never saw that. I was a New Orleans girl and as was common hardly left the city growing up. I did spend a lot of time in the Gospel tent at Jazzfest last year and loved it.

            No patience at all for rap/hip hop. I love when my kids want me to hear a great new song–and it’s a remake of something from when I was a kid. I just smile and say “Oh, yes that IS a great song!” But my kids all know all the Beatles music, so I feel I’ve done my job. Ha.

            In current artists, I really like Bruno Mars–multi-talented, amazing voice and lots of prior influences evident in his music. Did you see When he hosted SNL and was the music performer all in the same week? He really can do everything.

          7. NB,
            OMG, I may have been a wannabee groupee of a valiantette in the day! I heard them play any number of times and places. Who didn’t like Vince Vance, Clutch, John Fred, LeRoux, Johnny Rivers, etc.?

            Proving the 6 degrees of separation theory, a friend of mine was the inspiration and originator of the la music hof. Don’t tell me you know Kevin Bacon! Did you formally apply? see: and


            I hadn’t heard of Bruno Mars and listened quickly on itunes. Liked it and I will revisit. I do enjoy very much Hawaii influenced music. Jack Johnson is a favorite and every time I have visited there, the radio stays on playing local artists.

            The gospels at the mansion were jimmy davis i think and john mckeithen sponsored events featuring numerous artists and open to the public. With family scattered from one end of s la to the other, that may have been the reason we were there.

            Like you, my kids know The Beatles complete playlist along with much more. The kids laugh that I like the movie About A Boy because of the contrasting music.

            My parents both enjoyed music and liked a wide variety, so I was fortunate. I remember my dad listening to Sgt Pepper to see what the fuss was about and he liked the White album. My mom liked Janis Joplin and went with me to hear her at N.O. Pop!

            If you can imagine, my mother took me to venues that she probably didn’t want to go alone! I have very early memories of standing in Preservation Hall late night with school the next day. I guess she was giving me a different kind of education.

          8. My whole family, all the siblings and parents, were musical and sang in musical theatre, etc. I sang for church weddings (Carpenters, Ave Maria).

            The original Vince Vance group was just starting out and they decided to try out a girls group to give them a little breather during shows. My older brother was one of the original members so he brought me in, Tomato was Andy Stone’s girlfriend at the time and the 3rd girl was her friend. I wasn’t old enough to be in the clubs we were playing in but nobody asked.

            When they started booking gigs out of town, the original Vince Vance dropped out (if I remember correctly he was in law school) and I was in high school, then college, so I could only do local gigs too. Plus I’m sure my parents would have NEVER let me go out of town with them! So that was my “summer job” for a few years. When I was with them it was all 50’s music.

            If you have a chance to look up SNL online (Oct 20 episode) where Bruno Mars was host and musical act, I think you’ll be a fan. I saved in on my TV and show it to anyone who will watch. He does singing imitations of both male and female stars–hysterical. I think he’s going to be a big star.

            On another “note”, what do you think of the Pentagon allowing women in combat? I have mixed feelings. Current warfare is so different and the women ARE in harms way in Iraq and Afghanistan, just not getting combat pay which is wrong. But from my time in the Army, I know I could not actually be in combat. I was able to run, fire weapons, etc.. but barely met the minimum height/weight requirements to get in. There are a few women physically capable of being firefighters, etc… and they of course should be able to do it. But most women cannot carry those 100 lb. backpacks and weapons and meet the other physical demands. Will everybody be in more danger because men are trying to protect the women? Or will it be every man for themselves and if the women can’t keep up, they all get shot or captured (God forbid)?

          9. Steed, you remind me that my Uncle would take me to hear jazz as a kid, Al Hirt, Pete Fountain in the Quarter. Sarah Vaughn at Tipitina’s, Preservation Hall, etc.. He had taken trumpet lessons from Al Hirt and was (and is still) a big jazz fan. I thought (and still think) all those places were fabulous.

          10. NB,
            Thanks much for Bruno Mars! What a talent. I now use You Tube for a bunch,


            I saw and loved this

            and if this isn’t you, maybe the m o is unchanged?


            So question, does she belong in uniform and on a battlefield? Answer, if her singing doesn’t improve.

            But on a serious note, I’m unsure. I’m for equality period. I always have been but I also open the car door among others for Mrs. Steed. Teaching a boy that is taking tae kwan do about hitting girls is another subject, but let me point out that in my view, ultimate denigration of women in the view of our society would be a most unfavorable outcome.

            When my own mother who worked all of her life and raised kids and was asked about her thoughts on feminism in the 60’s and 70’s, she would say, “If I can burn my bra and attend ladies luncheons at the country club, I’m all for it.” Come to think about it, maybe she had an influence on my humor.

            Except as a guest speaker, I doubt if she ever attended a ladies luncheon in her life, but her point was equality was one thing, and the privilege of choice was another. Accordingly, I think they are some ladies equal to the task and if they make an informed decision then so be it. There will always be men and women not equal to the task.

            I may be mistaken but I am under the impression that women serve in combat positions in the Israeli Army. I suspect the military will handle the gender issues properly, the greater question may be the stomach of the public for women being killed in the line of duty not to mention other likely atrocities?

          11. Steed, Thanks for the links. Glad you enjoyed that SNL parody. My brother has been back for a few V V reunions (he’s not in this linked one) and whenever he goes to see them they still bring him up on the stage to sing. When we started out at the beginning, we wore 50’s costumes and tried to be very authentic to that period. One of my songs was “Leader of the Pack” and one of the guys always rode a motorcycle on that stage! That was fun. I know it went way over the top after the early days but still fun.

            Your Mother sounds like an amazing woman. I could never do baby showers, ladies clubs, etc.. so I understand. I do think women have more choices in life.

            If the Army is selecting the best people for the jobs, than I’ve got no problem with it. And there certainly will be some women who can handle the combat positions. But, the battlefield is no place for a diversity experiment so hopefully it’s all sorted out in the assignment and training process.

          12. Very cool–and quite ahead of her time. Probably explains your interests and talents in these areas too! I really did assume you were a JD.

      2. Thank you very much, Sockpit, for disposing of that sickly theory, which would never have pulled its own weight in the world. 🙂 We know it can’t be a random or ill-advised move, and it has to represent leverage of some kind. Heebe’s legal maneuvers have been as economic and effective as possible, and he’s done away with Letten and Letten’s cohorts in record time.

        So the question is what Heebe wants going forward, and how a hold on Sal can help him accomplish it. The normal discovery process would imperil both parties, Heebe more so than Sal (presumably), but maybe that’s not the plan. The joint stay is not what happened to the first suit; I have no idea whether that signals genuine cooperation. If Heebe & Sal do reach a mutual aid pact, that would change the game.

        But absolutely agreed the one thing this action cannot be is an ordinary defamation suit with some chance of prevailing. :_)


        1. Ah, yes “The enemy of my enemy is my friend”. Wonder how that stacks up with Sal, Heebe and Letten?

          I like Steed don’t know all the ins and outs of Team sheebe yet. So maybe Ray Nagin isn’t the last fish swimming? Maybe he is someone who can help with that investigation?? Having the person bribed testify against the briber (if that’s actually the case) isn’t always viewed as very attractive. But if it is so, things may not be looking so bad for RN after all.

          M, a note about “T” is posted above.

  32. Re Heebe: I wish I’d paid more attention, but as it is I don’t understand why he would be considered bigger game than corrupt local pols, who surely are in a position to deal the public much more material damage (and have, in fact, done so). In most of the federal prosecutions, the businessmen who provide the bribes are used as a means to nail the pols, but for some reason that process seems to be reversed in the Heebe investigation.

    Re roosting practices: the Graham affair took place just before Letten became USA in April of 2001. Whatever was going wrong there began very early, meaning Letten’s entire tenure should be reviewed. I doubt that’s going to happen, but I suspect it should. But that would far exceed the scope of what Horn has been detailed to do, and such an investigation would require large amounts of people and time.

    However, I see it was brought up in other litigation as well: “Brown contends that the Government’s case against him rests on an unlawfully obtained wiretap application. He contends that the Assistant United States Attorney who requested the initial wiretap order misled the district court as to (1) the trustworthiness of Patrick Graham, the Government’s cooperating witness, and (2) the content of consensually-taped conversations between Graham and Brown.

    Brown thus asserts that the evidence obtained via the wiretap should have been suppressed and, at a minimum, he was entitled to an evidentiary hearing on his motion to suppress evidence” (

    That AUSA was Letten, and the appellant was another Louisiana crook named Cecil Brown.

    Re Trainasse: Good read, isn’t he? I’ll be keeping an eye on him in the upcoming weeks. :_) Thank you VERY much for placing him, as your evaluation makes perfect sense when read after a review of his comments, and I’m adopting it forthwith. And thank you very much for the compliments, but anyone can tell you’re the professional– as soon as you’re accustomed to the resource of the comments system, you’ll be turning it inside out with ease. 🙂

    The possible second set of commenters is just a rumor at this point, but it’s the sort of rumor that has a habit of turning up aces. babycajunboy mentioned it at one point and sourced it to a local television station, but didn’t specify which. I have to say, I LOVE reading about the Lucullan habits of the Steed menage, to the point of looking up cultivation of the wasabi rhizome, but since it’s particular in its habits and prefers “cold mountain streams,” you can forget any wasabi farming at the muspench cat ranch. :_)

    Re Nagin’s lonely pond: See, if he’s not the last fish then said last must be invisible to the public, because he didn’t associate with very many people and those associates have already gone down (with the exception, I suppose, of the garbage doyenne Veronica White). And perhaps there’s also the former city attorney turned federal judge, Nannette Jolivette Brown, who recently recused herself from civil suits against Heebe. But I’m not sure to what extent Nagin can assist with the stinky web of garbage intrigue.

    There’s that time issue again– I’m wondering how much of Heebe’s legal clock has run while Letten was fiddling around.

    1. On T, at first I thought he was a lawyer because he posts a LOT of statutes and caselaw, but some of the things he says about specific laws is a little off.

      And, he has a few telling posts about getting rid of all the lawyers, not trusting lawyers, etc…

      Excluding all the hunting, fishing and sports stuff, most of his references involve federal agents including IRS/CID and US Marshals.

    1. There is much about the Titus prosecution that was related to me off the record because the information was related to the then current legal wranglings.

      Based on what we know my opinion is Perricone did indeed have a sidecar with Mark Titus.

      Titus was a means to an end for the feds, who never would have prosecuted him for looting his own company had the evidence not shown up in the River Birch raid. Dominick “Big D” Fazzio is who the feds really want but this is not secret.

      There is a level of skullduggery in the Titus saga that has never seen the light of day – it may never see the light of day.

      Jim Letten’s senior people were not in the same league as the people that populate Team Heebe and this is why they are now all in the chop shop.

      Mark Titus was expendable and he was indeed expended. To fight the battle with his wife over the forfeiture is to fight off in the weeds with a bit player IMHO.

      I well understand why it has come down this way but from a big picture standpoint is misguided.

      1. Doug, I hear what you’re saying. I think Gill’s September column posted by Mus really nails it and Steed’s comment there was prophetic too. Why were there only 2 comments on that article??

        You will not hear me justifying dubious conduct by prosecutors. As discussed above, the attorneys on BOTH sides need to make sure all agreements are contained in the written plea agreement. If the deal falls apart, it’s the defendant will bear the brunt of the consequences. So Titus’ own lawyer is a big part of the problem too if he didn’t get everything in writing.

        As far as the forfeitures, in my experience, they are usually handled for the government by specialized staff and attorneys. So it’s really no distraction at all for the prosecutors. Community property claims on seized properties are routinely filed and granted. The interesting twist here is that the wife got herself personally involved by selling $300,000 property to her own mother for $25,000 after the guilty plea. Now that kind of conduct WILL get her some attention. If she just sat quietly and filed for her community property share, she probably would already have it by now.

        Mus, You are absolutely correct that it is not the usual progression for the government official to testify against the one paying the bribe. Just like we wouldn’t want to use the major drug dealer to testify against a customer. But in unusual cases, weird things can happen– and both of these have been done before. If the customer is a big enough fish (to keep that analogy going) it can happen. Everybody including the jury has to hold their noses but they could eek out a conviction if the defendant is dirty enough.

        Was the wiretap upheld in the Graham case? Defendants can (and do) say anything in a motion. If the Court upheld the wire than it’s all admissible. The resources spent on a wiretap are huge so usually the FBI and AUSAs are extremely careful to do those meticulously. And once they are upheld, all that sweet evidence comes in. I had several cases using wiretaps and they are a huge investment of time (24/7 for months)–but the payoff is usually great results in the end. Every wiretap case I did resulted in guilty pleas from every defendant almost immediately once the motion to suppress the wiretaps was denied. Almost 100 defendants in one case. That’s how good they usually are.

        On a second round of subpoenas to It certainly could happen if they uncover more names during their investigation. BUt I’m thinking they have a deadline with the Court and need to get the report done… Really looking forward to seeing that report to find how widespread (or not) that conduct was.

    2. M,
      I’ve been trying to start at a River Birch/Heebe point and read forward. This is not a story that I ever followed or did much more than a cursory glance. The way I am seeing it in TP jumps around.

      My reasoning was I simply didn’t see much more than some payoffs to a few pols. What’s new? I was surprised seeing it expand, but again it didn’t hold much interest. In my defense, I read trade journals, for leisure and a handful of online papers. I am bound to have passed over numerous articles after the headline or few lines in to a given article.

      Do you have a timeline of events I should be following, or a recap article you can point to that is good and correct I would appreciate it.

  33. “most of his references involve federal agents”

    Yes, just so. I don’t know anything about specific laws myself, so I wouldn’t have noticed those errors, but he miscalls a few other identifiable issues (terms of the BP escrow account, for instance). But his overall fund of general knowledge is perfectly respectable, and I really enjoy him on environmental issues that affect wildlife. :_)

    “Why were there only 2 comments on that article??”

    They tucked it away, because I most assuredly would have commented had I seen it. It would have saved me some time to read Sir James on the topic, because as it was I had to go through at least some of Lemann’s third motion to dismiss (but that’s fine because it was SO much fun).

    Re outcome for Brown: the wiretap led to three prosecutions, and he and other defendants all tried unsuccessfully to suppress the evidence gained through the wiretap. The general idea underlying the denials was that although the unreliable Patrick Graham had been used in securing permission for the wiretap, there was still enough evidence without using that tainted by government misrepresentation to obtain the wiretap order legally. :_)

    Brown was one of the Edwards defendants.

    Doug, that’s exactly the way I see it on Titus. The government is really making an example of him and Mrs. Titus is collateral damage; it’s not as though Titus wasn’t crooked, but he certainly wasn’t going to be keelhauled in his own right. Garner Services may still be eligible to receive ACOE contracts, in fact– that remained true as of May (

    And now Fazzio is demanding the government’s records on the commenting scandal. Ha! That man is an endless source of what NPR calls “quality programming,” just pure entertainment of lasting comic value. Here’s what Manuel Torres says Lemann asked for, in part:

    ‘”all documents, including agent notes and prosecution memoranda,’ about the role played in the investigation by Perricone, Mann, her husband and former prosecutor, Jim Mann, and Assistant U.S. Attorney Greg Kennedy. …

    Lemann’s filing also asked whether Jim Mann and Kennedy ‘engaged in blogging, and if so, under what handle.’ Both Jim Mann and Kennedy have denied any inappropriate conduct in sworn affidavits” (

    How Kennedy can keep from giving himself up, I have no idea. 🙂

    I don’t know that they’ll be able to flip either Titus or Fazzio at this juncture; Judge Berrigan was not optimistic about the government’s chances in the upcoming joint trial, to say the least. Re Letten’s Chopped non-champions: The picture I gather of Letten’s office was the Mann clique at the top insulating Letten and alienating competent people like Magner, who was a favorite butt of Sal’s scorn.

    Re possible round 2: Yes indeed, original deadline for report has passed, but I think there’s a more general investigation afoot (simply because it’s apparent the 11 commenters are not all USAO employees, unless I’m reading Copperhead all wrong). They’d probably also be looking at employees of the courts & other local federal agencies.

  34. P.S. I see Valerie Titus intends to press for discovery from the government, and I’m wondering whether that could be a possible avenue of establishing the existence of what Doug calls the “sidecar.”

    1. Mus, you are way too humble. You should know that you are the source of so much factual information for many people and I’ve never seen you state anything not absolutely correct in law or fact! You are greatly appreciated. Eriatim posted a comment on
      “As usual, I learn more from the comments about this story than the TP article”. Perfectly stated. My tiny venture into T let me know the time and effort it takes to do what you do.

      Of course, you are correct, Mrs. Titus can/will raise the side car issue again. But again: if they truly believed they had a deal for no forfeitures, why was she dumping/hiding assets?

      I enjoy T’s comments too. Actually I think the crowd over here would like him a lot. I only mentioned I didn’t think he’s a lawyer because I thought, in part, you were trying to figure out if he might be an AUSA or former AUSA. It is conceivable that he was a lawyer for a federal agency. But my guess is still retired agent.

      Very interesting that you say Kennedy and Jim Mann filed declarations. Did they specifically say they did not comment on cases on Or was it a more general denial?

      1. M & NB,
        My speculation about bigger fish down the PIKE and a developing interest in mr. sheebe is simply that there must be an interest in him beyond paying the few officials that we have heard about?

        I know the feds don’t work fast, and there have been many roadblocks, with perhaps a talented construction crew, but there has to be more to this story than what I’ve read so far.

        As I have been trying to catch up I noticed this interesting and somewhat cryptic note:

        “In light of this development, I wonder if the Magnificant 7 will continue this charade of a study (at tax payers expense). Remember

      2. EXACTLY, Steed. Heebe’s been under investigation for so long and has fought so publicly and so hard, that everybody is wondering WHAT IS IT ALL ABOUT!
        Investigations are supposed to be SECRET (a novel concept here maybe after all the Mann/Perricone stuff other leaks, Heebe’s lawsuits, etc…).

        In most other districts, the first public inkling of an investigation is the return of the indictment. Somehow here cases seems to be tried in the Court of public opinion way before a federal Grand Jury ever returns an indictment. This is very strange to me and I’m sure DOJ lawyers will view it as quite irregular as well.

        Doug, I’ve mentioned before I have great sympathy for the wives and children of defendants because they are collateral damage that most people don’t even consider. If you have had personal contact with Mrs. Titus, I can understand completely your sympathy for her too. And that you’re pulling for them in this mess. And that the case has very real consequences for her and her family.

        For me, these discussions are an academic exercise and to enjoy some fun and lively discussions with some very bright people. ALL my comments should be placed in the context that I don’t know ANY of the players here in these cases because I have a 30 year gap in time when I was not here except for family vacations. I was born and raised in NOLA but my entire professional life was elsewhere.

        BTW, Sometime we should discuss the brain drain from NOLA. All the siblings in my family who had kids moved away to raise them. All the siblings who did not have kids stayed. I wonder if that’s been studied?

        1. NB,


          not very public? clearly they thought they had something, but what? and then…

          I’m sure Doug is pointing, but I’m not getting it yet and I have limited time. (Don’t we all?) Accordingly, I’ve asked M for the definitive synopsis.

          To coin a phrase, as a sidecar, forget Perricone, wouldn’t you be screaming tainted fruit on what may be some evidence?

          I know my dislike of Letten wasn’t popular, and I’m not pulling for Sheebe. Like you, I don’t know the players WHATSOEVER.

          I have begun to wonder about this thing and as they say, “Something isn’t right in Denmark.” I’ve assumed Heebe was in serious trouble, but I’m wondering now.

        2. Hello, NB! Re Mrs. Titus’ foolish sham sale: Those used to be standard issue in transferring property around here. You’d see very large & valuable properties listed as “sold for $1 and other considerations,” or some such nonsense. I always suspected that was to avoid taxes, especially those triggered by a new valuation of the house (houses in New Orleans were revalued only at time of sale before Katrina).

          The government thinks she was avoiding gift tax, apparently (“The government’s filing also questioned whether Valerie Titus filed an appropriate gift tax return after she sold two of the properties to her mother for ‘nominal amounts.’ The properties, the government said, were originally purchased for about $300,000, but were sold to Stelzer for only $25,010 after Mark Titus signed his plea agreement”)

          The hazy picture I see looks something like this: Titus arranges financial deal (“You’ll have to pay back taxes & make restitution, but that will be based on whatever property & assets are STILL in your name, since we haven’t officially identified any assets to seize”) followed by some equivalent of comic-opera nudges & winks). Asset transfers proceed unimpeded, including Valerie’s sham sale, until new boys arrive, driving the 18-Wheeler of Justice. :_)

          Re compliments: Thank you so much, NB, that means a great deal, but I have to tell you the truth: it all comes of looking things up. I know very little, but my friend the interwebz is one smart guy. 🙂

          Re declarations from Kennedy and Jim Mann: here are two quotes.

          “Lemann said Kennedy last year submitted an affidavit ‘affirming that he was unaware of any prosecutorial misconduct’ even though he may have known about Perricone’s activities” (


          “Then, in December 2010, a former EDLA colleague still in the employ of the DOJ,
          but stationed overseas, communicated to Magner his belief that Perricone was ‘legacyusa.’ (Id.).

          Thereafter, although Magner was unclear as to the approximate dates of his conversations
          with supervisory personnel in the U.S. Attorney

    2. I think it would take an admission from Perricone and I do not see that happening Mus.

      Regarding the transfer to Valerie’s mom, she lived at the place previous to Mark’s trouble with the law. They point to the transfer and the very open way it was done as proof they had Perricone’s blessing so there is two ways to look at that IMHO.

      Somewhere back yonder on this blog are the two wiretap transcripts between Mark Titus and Dominick Fazzio. I highly urge a close read of the interpersonal dynamics between the two gentlemen evident from the dialogue.

      Mus a sidecar is insurance slang for a modification to a reinsurance contract, either written or unwritten. In USA v Fergueson of Gen RE infamy, A Berkshire Hathaway subsidiary had a sidecar that voided their reinsurance with Reciprocal of America. Lots of docs with malpractice cases and some of the victims got raped in a major way. I Slabborized the term to mean any unwritten modification to a contract or in this case a plea deal. I’m a big fan of 4 corners and no trap doors.

      Mark Titus, unfortunately walked over the trap door and fell in. I get the impression from my communications with Valerie Titus that she has nothing to hide and is completely sincere.

      If that is true, based on my own recent personal experience, she has nothing to fear when she enters the Federal Courthouse.

      1. P.S. Speaking of sham sales, here’s one from February: “Meanwhile, Heebe and Sneed sold their former Metairie house on Farnham Place last month. Although valued by the Jefferson Parish assessor’s office at almost $1.2 million, the property sold for $100 plus ‘other goods [sic] and valuable considerations,’ according to the act of sale. The actual price was not disclosed in public documents, but records show the buyers, Scott and Lynn Brown, took out two mortgages totalling $1.1 million.”

        onasneed, where are you? :_) And I agree wholeheartedly on T– natural Slabbed denizen, if ever there was one.

        Re secret investigation: This is SUCH a small, gossipy town, though. When you have informed commenters like FSU1982 posting remarks like this, secrecy is manifestly impossible (


        Connect the dots — start with the M-4 Zoning classification, look at the recommendations made by the Recycling Advisory Committee in 2007-08, look at the RFPs that were generated as a result of those recommendations and the final outcome that resulted in a garbage/disposal contract, rather than recycling contracts with a long term environmental benefits. Pay particular attention to the timing, the process and how it manipulated to achieve what appears to be a desired end, in my humble opinion.

        Did this all come out of the

        1. The Court’s ruling on Broussard may put a damper on those hoping to overturn their cases because of Letten, Mann, Perricone, et al. Broussard admitted guilt so the judge saw no reason to have a hearing regarding the former prosecutors whom he referred to as “bloggers”.

          The Court said: “There’s a new Sheriff in town.” That gives us a hint that the Judges have some confidence in those DOJ lawyers brought in to clean up the Letten, et al mess.

        2. M.
          Had been doing just that, but was wanting the easy way out with a definitive synopsis rather than having to reread the same stuff. Oh well, guess I’ll do it the old fashioned way and earn the knowledge. 😎

          1. You’re probably correct Steed. I have heard of this but didn’t think it would affect property taxes.

        3. M,
          I once had an excellent MAI appraiser taught business class that said the plus other good and valuable consideration grew out of churches buying surrounding land for expansion and the technique was used to keep other landowners from being sure of what their neighbors property sold for.

          Don’t know for sure, but the use may not be as nefarious as tax avoidance as the assessor determines it anyway and other taxing entities would employ a variety of methods to determine value.

          1. Today’s article on Nagin was interesting.

            “Experts” weighing in seem to think the Mann, Periconne, Letten mess will not impact his case (though Nagin’s lawyers may certainly try). As they stated, the sought after remedy would be to get those AUSAs off his case–but they are already gone.

            Perricone’s old post telling gun owners where Nagin lived is truly awful. Who does that??

          2. NB,
            That post yanked my chain and set me off. That abuse of position and insider knowledge is as egregious as it can get because it takes the additional step of an implied encouragement of violence!

            You posed a question as to why some of your kids have left the area and while I might suggest a lack of any cohesive vision and direction on the part of business and political leadership that can be found elsewhere, I would also suggest it is because of smug pricks like Perricone.

          3. Agreed, Steed. The Mann posts were mean spirited, “vitriol” against lawyers, Judges, defendants–totally inappropriate. BUt that Perriconne would even entertain the thought of directing gun owners to Nagin’s residence is so outrageous as to “shock the conscience”. And I think THAT post WILL come back to haunt Perricone and that we haven’t heard the last of it. Maybe in a disbarment proceeding??

            On the brain drain: I had a sense growing up here (many years ago) that no matter how hard you worked if you were not in certain families/clubs (which I certainly wasn’t) you could never really get “in”. I think a lot of young people leave for opportunities. I think poor race relations and crime are also factors–at least they were for me.

            Of course there are all the wonderful things here–my close family, the culture,history, food and music (and I admit I took a lot of it for granted and didn’t realize it did not exist in other places). BUt when I decided to become a lawyer during college, I learned that I had to choose between the Napolianic code (Louisiana) and common law (the rest of the country). Even though nobody in my family had moved away from New Orleans for generations, I did. I’m guessing everyone here knows people who made this decision.

            But while I was gone for almost 30 years, I always considered myself a New Orleanean. I still cooked Louisiana food, enjoyed the music, celebrated Mardi Gras, etc.. and ultimately I found this place hard to resist and have been drawn back…as so many are.

          4. NB,
            Of course I think you are quite right about the problems of the city cliques, but I think the trouble goes past that in other ways and boils down to leadership.

            From several points the city has it over others. If nothing more the port, as the logical gateway to south and Central America as well as to the hearland of the US, it offers opportunity like few other cities could enjoy.

            Though my heart will always be in the city and the area of s. la, today I spend little time in it. I enjoy fishing and the fl coast. What it lacks in the things that make n.o. great it makes up for with a good business climate, beautiful water and plenty of ex-patriates,

  35. Woman’s intuition (aka logic) tells me that THEY ALL work in concert to taint the process & avert justice.

    HEEBE, LETTEN, Wilkinson, Whitmer, Connick, NAGIN, Mann, Perricone are all legally protected criminals & will NOT DO ONE DAY in JAIL.

    Taxpayers continue to be robbed & lawyers continue to be paid, judges & politicians sell out to keep the big money at the top.

    If you think there is discourse between LETTEN & HEEBE, you are WRONG.

    They devised this circumstance

    They play for the same team.

  36. Rhettswife invited ….

    seeking to make ammends –

    Joey, dear, you said it all in your last paragraph. We must start saying bye, bye to many of these politicians and their families.
    crooksrus likes this.
    1/24/2013, 7:55:20 AM

    1. Steed,dear, I finally realized that you were on a different site. I thought you meant the dueling oaks in the park. Nice to see so many of the posters on nola and others here. Remember that I a just a little old Southern gentlewoman now and it does take more time for me to post, etc. Hope to see more of all of you here and on

      1. RW, Scarlett Dear,

        These reply buttons can be so confusing, I just saw your parlor card. Thank-you!

        I’ve been busy defending your honor, and apologize profusely for you thinking I meant the dueling oaks as opposed to 12 Oaks. Prior to your invitation to duel, you may recall we last saw each other at the party and you admired my mount and were puzzled as to my choice of battle gear.

        Alas, my armor has shielded me in more than one battle, I have been waiting my turn hoping all the pretenders would just fade away and I would have my turn albeit in rusty metal?

        And how is Captain Butler? Has he succumbed or was he able to beat that nasty case of the misery he most assuredly caught from Belle?

        I know you have been busy, what with the nation at war, Atlanta burning, New Orleans drowning, losing your beloved Tara alaong with all of your belongings to those wretched carpetbaggers, and of course dear dear Bonnie.

        I am certain that your vitality and wit will be equal to all challenges and I wish to extendeez a warm welcome to slabbed nation.

        I have been recently asked to examine the door from a fellow lockeduptight and accordingly may make one of my long pilgrimages for God and King, but please know that the mannered are welcome.

      2. Rhettswife: I haven’t ever followed your posts on but I welcome you to the SlabbedNation as I try to do to all new commenters.

        Hopefully we can all get along here and post meaningful productive comments on Doug’s lead blogs and all brainstorm and enjoy an uncensored blog site.

        OnASteed: If I offended you with trying to nip what seemed to be a personal controversy in the bud from spilling over from I apologize but internal personal conflict is not Slabbednation’s purpose or desire.

          1. OnASteed: Ha,Ha – No sir, don’t know what a mouthpiece is other than the one I chewed on when I played linebacker for Kennedy High and knocked one out of a Sproles-type halfback one time. I apologized because Iam first a gentleman,peacemaker and a bro’ man. I have no fight with you, I just like people to get along, contribute and respect this unique appreciated blog for its intended purpose .

            Our fight here is not with one another bro’ and you have to be a real pain in the ass to get censored or canned here. So try to contribute occasionally to the timely subject matter blogged that is when you are not all riddled up.

            Besides I look for the good in people and fine you very funny with all your bizarre riddles and weird unknown words which you want me to read s l o w l y for meanings I have no clue about.And absolutely and totally no clue what you are cryptically talking about 100% of the time.

            Rhettswife: OnASteed seems harmless my dears. You take care, I think you are safe, don’t think he is stalking you and feel free to post and brainstorm with us anytime.

          2. From Steel Magnolias:

            “As they always say,
            If you don’t have something nice to say…

            come sit by me.”


    There seems to be here at the SlabbedNation a personal invitation of a duel extended by new slabber, On A Steed, to Rhettswife, who comments on, under The Oaks in City Park.

    Since I don’t know their personal internet interactions, don’t know the whys or how such a duel would benefit the SlabbedNation or On A Steed for that matter but it has my internet antennae up high.

    Are we talking sabers, black powder pistols, fists,sharp nails or dead ray posts?

    Our SlabbedNation is a non-violent site despite the Goatherders’ warped opinion that we are a bunch of bigoted, violent rednecks which they allege only to give greater weight to their libel tourist case.

    On A Steed the floor is yours. And is your ultimate desire to get into a war of posts here on the SlabbedNation with non-slabber Rhettswife and for what purpose pray tell.

    1. lockem,
      I seem to do little other than run between posts, but as to weapons, I must choose my lance as any gentlemen wood with a (more or less) lady.

      Regardless, the gauntlet has been extendeezed.

      Sorry, I felt the need to need(le) Copper over at Gill’s place. Oops, I did it again.

    1. Rhettswife is a genteel Southern lady with a lovely accent. She would definitely bring her Southern charm, wit and manners to this establishment.

      p.s. I’ve never seen her break character.

      1. NB,
        I tried for southern hospitality:

        on a steed
        Scarlett Dear,
        I informed the village of the invitation, and they are most anxious for you to join in our games. Your ears should be on fire like Atlanta darling.… And please, my regards to Dear Mr. Butler, how is he?

        Next I’ll try telling her that some of us enjoy negro spirituals and singing about those old cotton fields back home. That ought to do it!

        1. Muspench: On A Steed has done more than a few “dears” but instead fired a volley of vial accusations and threatened to drive a wooden lance into a commenter,Rhettsville of censored NOLA, over what and for what purpose.

          What commenter would accept to interface with OnASteed on a new uncensored blog site like the SlabbedNation after such vial posts on NOLA and here.

          A few weeks ago I welcomed OnASteed to the SlabbedNation from censored NOLA but if Steed is more interested in bringing personal commenter controversy( baggage) from NOLA over here I can’t say that I would welcome that despite Doug’s open invitation to referee.

          OnASteed: If you personally know Rhettsville and have personal grievances take it to a back alley, such subject matter is off subject here.

          1. lockem,
            Just saw your kite (that’s what they call it in the joint I believe) and I’m thinking you are sounding remarkably like a jailhouse snitch?

            Are you in fact a desperate AB? Up for trying anything to get out of the noose? And what is the penchant for headwear anyway? Are you sleeping with a dog that has fleas?

            Maybe you have just had more than a fair shake of Bastard Sauce on your prison “dip?” uh, I meant trip.

            I am quite tempted to extendeez an invitation to my dear dear nearly departed friend Copperhead 54 to aid in the defense of my good name. You must know Copper, as he is a big mouthpiece. Copper specializes in libeling others and exclaiming iibel and defamation at the slightest inference.

            I have noticed that Rhettswife accepted my invitation to make an appearance and am not totally understanding of your remark “fired a volley of vial accusations and threatened to drive a wooden lance into a commenter,Rhettsville?” Please elucidate and illuminate all of the dear dear readers! Oh, and do use examples for all to see, along with telling us who Rhettsville is?

            Now about Rhettswife and my invitation. Some readers don’t know how to read, some don’t read closely, and others just read between the lines. I understand reading between the lines having grown up with my brother Double, King of entendre.

            But read closely, and as Copperhead would say, very s l o w l y, I mentioned that we missed each other at the oaks. Though she last invited me to a duel under the oaks I was referring to 12 Oaks where only Ashley, Captain Butler and my fine mount were noted by Scarlett.

            Noticing Scarlett’s love of humor and our dear dear city, and in spite of our diversity of opinion, I invited her to join in our rein (em in) dear games. I refused Mammy’s advice to drive a lance through her heart.

            So you see, that’s all there is to it. But, don’t forget to “put up?”

            Am I wrong in thinking that “time-out” isn’t going to work for you?

            In conclusion, perhaps I should rethink joining any club that would have me as a member? I enjoy pilgrimages and may make one. In the mean time, enjoy the fish, and I appoint you master baitor.

        2. Steed, That was a lovely invitation to Rhettswife. I look forward to her reply.

          Lock, Greetings! Please let us know the article with the vile comments as I’d like to read it. Steed can get rather devilish (and is particularly “pointed” with Copperhead54), but it’s usually all in good fun and tongue in cheek. I did threaten to send them to their rooms once and it seemed to help.

          I appreciate being welcomed to this site and hope you all will advise if I ever overstep any etiquette or rules here. I was invited in by Muspench, and welcomed by Doug, but never was told any rules whatsoever only that Slabbed is uncensored (compared to

          1. Everyone is welcome here NOLA born. There is a backstory that I won’t go into but I announced Slabbed first ever terms of service here.

          2. Dears, I was thrilled to get the invitation to join this site. Now, this old Southern gentlewoman must learn the ins and outs about all. Rhett is doing fine,Steed, dear. We are just getting older. He is just a bit upset. The Rex organization did not choose him to be the merry monarch again this year. Such a tragedy, dears. We are waiting for some warmer weather to gather the members of the Brigade on the verandah for our gin and tonics. Rest assured, dears, this old broad will be back to post. Thank you Doug for you kindness

          3. RW,
            Gin and Tonic? I must make you a Mint Julep. I have a fine recipe courtesy of my recently arrived nephew L

          4. Doug, thanks for the clarification. LOVE Three Dog Night and Shambala.

            “Joy to the World”, “Mama Told Me (Not to COme)” and even “One (is the Lonliest Number)” would have worked too!

          5. NB,
            I knew One of the drummers (from La). I say One because the lineup changed and there was a huge drug problem in the band(the scourge of our society), but it was my favorite.

          6. Steed: you knew a drummer for Three Dog Night??? You really could do 6 degrees! OMG they were the BEST. So many hits.

          7. M Dear,
            So good to here from you, but you did mean rein didn’t you dear?

            We’ve been cooking and listening to music since you’ve been away. A great way to spend a day in da parish, but don’t keep us waiting and in suspense….

            Were you on a family outing or are we about to enjoy a real outing of a Plain Dealer variety???

  38. Re remoulade: I made a bastardized version, which was so very good I may never convert. It’s double most of the ingredients except for the white ones until midway through, when I just started dumping in the ingredients I liked, and we LOVED it (but then our palates are blasted from cheap restaurants + my cooking). 🙂

    I am very sorry to say we made fishburgers with Mrs. Paul’s fish sticks, onion rolls, and the Bastard Sauce, but that wasn’t quite it– it really needs fish patties, for the altered ration of fish to crunchy breading.

    Re Camp & Poydras Street wind tunnel: What an apt description! And when the sewers flood, one of the manhole covers comes off and a geyser erupts, meaning the manhole clatters ceaselessly until the waters subside. Quite an elemental location.

    Re Kennedy & Mann affidavits: Manuel Torres says they did not address comments specifically: “Instead, they both deny misconduct, more precisely any secret deal with Titus — if I recall correctly.” So the word misconduct should prepare to be parsed. :_) And I also asked whether he could tell us what had happened to that deadline for the reports to Engelhardt re leaks and USAO communications on comments.

    Re subpoenaed commenter FSU1982: His output is very similar to that of USMC1991. They both like to use these words/phrases: legitimize, back door deals, curbside recycling, connect the dots (and, once each, smoke screen). I’m not sure either ever discussed anything other than JP corruption, actually.

    There are small differences, though (USMC has one Wow! as opposed to numerous Wow, instances for FSU), so I can’t decide.

    Re new Sheriff: Well, but that type of coziness is what allowed the Letten problems to develop unchecked. You can see an example here in Engelhardt’s order. Here’s what he told the government to give him at first in terms of a report on leaks:

    “I would like that report to be categorical. It need not be lengthy but I would like to
    know event by event what was done to discern the source of the leaks that are
    referred to in these documents.8 It should also include government personnel,
    including, but not limited to, Mr. Perricone and his contact with others in terms of
    this subject matter. It should be categorical in its denial.”

    That presupposes such a denial is possible, and strongly suggests a willing market for same. :_) I think there’s been a lot of that over the years.

    Re definitive synopsis: I KNOW, that would be so very valuable, wouldn’t it? If there were one, I’d be sharing and studying it assiduously. :_)

    Re property tax avoidance: See, the New Orleans assessors did not always assess as state law said they should. A house was reassessed ONLY when sold, and that worked for everyone because old owners weren’t priced out and new owners could project an affordable range. But one of the post-K “reforms” was to reassess every four years (what state law demands), so certainly a sham sale would not today be of any use whatsoever in keeping property taxes low.

    One of my neighbors across the street had purchased his house for $2,500 in the 1930s, and that was the value when he died after Katrina.

    Re remedy for Nagin: Isn’t that an awful thing to say? Sal kept up a constant barrage of personal attacks, but that one certainly stood out. But I’m sure the answer will be the remarks did nothing to affect the evidence against him, and that’s an unassailable point. :_)

    Re PSA: Snort! Now that’s good times. 🙂 For sheer irksomeness, nothing is capable of outfacing a determined onslaught of dears, although Sal’s ray-jing dead ray comments would counter as well as any weapon known to man. (Dears are a bit much for me, but I rarely mention it because they’re certainly not hurting anybody.)

    1. M,
      Your answers, observations and wit made my day!

      But about the Bastard Sauce, I had you down for a purist at least once! I’m also guessing you like to be healthy, so hmmm, But ok, ok, “Is this thing on?” I’m gonna check Dining and Dying with Laughter Recipes (1st edition) for a suitable replacement for Mrs. Pauls fish stick/patty.

      I like to get away from the electronics and fish, so I’m sure I have something. I must confess (I hate it when I do that) that I have become a seared ahi tuna fan and hence the knowledge of all things horseradish hot and caviar salty.

      Because I’m in FL a good bit of the time, I must report to you the grouper is plentiful and would make an excellent patty.

      I know most N.O. residents would load their guns if I suggested Red Fish, Snapper or Trout. I don’t care for oily salmon or mackerel.

      I mostly tie the line to my lance, but that’s a trade secret.

      We are decadent enough to catch and smoke our tuna and then make a dip. And that could be a fish Pate recipe! 😎

      Ok, I know I digress, here goes and I’m throwing in the Steed Secret Fish Batter!

      Fried Fish Cakes

      2-3 Tablespoons cooking oil (I used grapeseed oil; or olive oil
      12 ounces frozen firm white fish (grouper is great)
      1/2 cup Italian dressing
      2 1/2 cups organic whole wheat flour
      1 Tablespoon each organic ground flax seed and chia seeds (opt.)
      1 teaspoon sea salt
      1 teaspoon lemon pepper
      3 eggs, whisked
      1/4 cup sliced almonds
      1/4 cup chopped kale

      Marinate the frozen fish in the Italian dressing for an hour or more until thawed.

      Cut up the fish into small pieces, about 1/4- to 1/2-inch square.

      Mix all ingredients except oil in a bowl, adding a little water or flour if necessary to get the consistency of a medium-thick pancake-like dough.

      Heat oil in frying pan and spoon about a 3-inch cake on the pan, frying each side for 3-6 minutes on medium heat until light brown.

      Serve hot with Bastard Sauce

      About 10 cakes

      Steed’s Fish Batter

      3 Pounds Fish Fillets
      2 Cups All?purpose flour
      3 Cups Pancake mix
      3 Cups Club soda
      1 Tablespoon Onion powder
      1 Tablespoon Seasoned salt

      Dip moistened fish pieces evenly but lightly in the flour.

      Dust off any excess flour and allow pieces to air dry on waxed paper, about 5 minutes.

      Whip the pancake mix with the club soda to the consistency of buttermilk? pourable, but not too thin and not too thick.

      Beat in the onion powder and seasoned salt.

      Dip floured fillets into batter and drop into 425 oil in heavy saucepan using meat thermometer.

      Brown about 4 minutes per side.

      Arrange on cookie sheet in 325 oven until all pieces have been fried.

      Am worried that NB may not have lived through her sauce but hopefully she is just gorging herself.

      Enjoy a great weekend!

      1. Steed, I just got home from an all you can eat fish fry and saw this recipe. This sounds amazing.

        Mus, I’m so proud of you for trying the sauce recipe. I’m waiting to put it on a fried green tomato/fried shrimp poor boy!

        Among your other many talents, I do believe you’re onto something with your linguistics review of those two commenters. Good job.

        Also, it is downright weird that the Court would ask for a “categorical denial” rather than a truthful report. Kind of asked for what he got, didn’t he? Then all hell broke lose when he got it. I will admit I feel like I’ve been on a different planet from these folks, rather than just another USAO’s office.

        I agree completely that Perricone’s comments will NOT taint Nagin’s case. The way the Judges are ruling about “a new sheriff in town” seems like they are ready to move forward on the criminal cases. But I think the comments will haunt Sal, Jan Mann, et al for a while perhaps discipline by State Bar and even a perjury/false statement charge for her.

        Like Doug says the “chicken is in the pot”….

  39. Recently had a conversation with one of my favorites, NB in which I mentioned Jack Johnson. Jack is someone that everyone should know and hear. Or at least one of his songs…

    “Never Know”

    I hear this old story before
    Where the people keep killing for the metaphors
    Don’t leave much up to the imagination,
    So I, wanna give this imagery back
    But I know it just ain’t so easy like that
    So, I turn the page and read the story again
    And again and again
    It sure seems the same, with a diff. name
    We’re breaking and rebuilding
    And we’re growing
    Always guessing

    Never knowing
    Shocking but we’re nothing
    We’re just moments
    We’re Clever but we’re clueless
    We’re just human
    Amusing but confusing
    Were trying but where is this all leading
    Never Know

    It all happened so much faster
    Than you could say disaster
    Wanna take a time lapse
    And look at it backwards
    From the last one
    And maybe thats just the answer
    That we’re after
    But after all
    We’re just a bubble in a boiling pot
    Just one breath in a chain of thought
    The moments just combusting
    Feel certain but we’ll never never know
    Just seems the same
    Give it a diff. name
    We’re beggin and we’re needing
    And we’re trying and we’re breathing

    Never knowing
    Shocking but we’re nothing
    We’re just moments
    We’re Clever but we’re clueless
    We’re just human
    Amusing but confusing
    Helping, we’re building
    And we’re growing
    Never Know

    Knock knock on the door to door
    Tell ya that the metaphor is better than yours
    And you can either sink or swim
    Things are looking pretty grim
    If you don’t believe in what this one feeding
    Its got no feeling
    So I read it again
    And again and again
    Just seems the same
    Too many different names
    Our hearts are strong our heads are weak
    We’ll always be competing never knowing

    Never knowing
    Shocking but we’re nothing
    We’re just moments
    We’re Clever but we’re clueless
    We’re just human
    Amusing but confusing
    But the truth is
    All we got is questions
    We’ll Never Know
    Never Know
    Never Know

    Just a thought, give it a listen!

  40. Has anyone else been following the coverage (and comments) to article on about the 60 year old woman shot by police in St. John’s parish? Supposedly there were 4 shots fired and she has at least 3 bullet wounds. No witnesses except the cop who killed her.

    First story was she was stopped by a rookie for a broken headlight, brandished a gun and drove away, chase with lights and sirens ensued and she was shot and killed when she stopped car at relatives home.

    Fact are morphing with multiple “corrections”, now her car had no headlights at all, the officer did not turn on lights and sirens and slow speed chase to the home. Now he’s new to that Department but has prior law enforcement experience.

    My antenna are up on this one. The police there are probably on high alert (and maybe a little trigger happy) with the shooting of two of their own earlier this year. I’m wondering if the woman had a cell phone in her hand calling relatives to tell them about the cop and he thought it was a gun?

    The whole thing sounds fishy to me. As far as I’ve heard she has no prior record and it would be highly unusual for a 60 year old woman to enter into a gun battle with police over anything, much less for a headlight infraction.

    1. NB,
      Fishy? Interesting choice of words! As in sleeps with tha?

      I saw the story and thought of course it was just another case of the heel of the boot, on the back of the neck, of the maan?

    1. What a wonderful program! I completely believe in second chances. Are you a part of this?

      I am very interested because when I was on the Juvenile Court bench, I founded a non-profit program for teens It’s a literacy/tutoring/scholarship program for girls and boys in custody. Do you know if they give grants for something like that?

      1. NB,
        I’m not a part of it but I know people involved in corrections work and was made aware of it. It would seem to be a possible source of help. Why not drop em an email? Couldn’t hurt to ask.

      2. NB,
        Forgot to mention that it looks like a great program and idea as well as one that should be expanded to adults and possibly other subjects!

        1. Thanks,Steed. I got the original idea from a LA times article about a book club with guards and women in a Boston women’s institution. Our program’s been going for almost 17 years and has been replicated in several other locations.

          Thanks also for the Likes on the St. John story. I hope somebody investigates that case. I could be completely wrong but don’t have a good feeling about it. My first job out of law school, I was a Trial attorney with Civil Rights Div. DOJ in DC, so I’ve reviewed cases like that. And you have to take into consideration that you’re taking weeks or months to review a split second, life or death decision. People often get caught in up in a cover up–that’s a lot easier to condemn. After that I transferred to USAO, then Juvie. Gosh, now you have my whole resume’.

    1. Steed we’ve been fleshing out the issues behind the corruption scandal literally real time. Telemachus was an early casualty of the relentless hunt to silence those commenting on the scandal.

      But you really need to back up to the Summer of 2009 and the Civil RICO suit Jacqueline Patterson Edwards filed against Bill Hubbard. Slabbed started coverage in January, 2010.

      1. Doug,
        Thanks, will do. I know it seems incredible, but the story has been something I glanced at and then moved on. I regret it because I’m having trouble following the timeline and the players. Very frankly, garbage and the players didn’t interest me much.

        I am very curious about the basis for the raid of the RB HQ? As I mentioned to NB, the give back of files, and the amount of time lapsed without action by JL is peculiar to say the least.

        Anyway, I’ll read the suit and tally forth from there. Thanks again,

        1. Thanks for sharing that, Doug and Steed: What a massive fraud investigation! A timeline would be a fantastic help to folks to get up to speed on this. I have to admit too this case has just been background noise for me–dumps, etc.. I didn’t find it so interesting. But it IS VERY interesting to see how much money there is in trash and what people do/did to get it.

          I do wonder WHY no indictments yet on this. If they wind up charging as a criminal RICO they could go back 10 years–so I’m guessing that’s possibly what’s in the works and why they are not in a rush.

    1. This is an interesting article and this comment

      “John Hassell, vice president of content at Advance Internet, said company officials are taking steps to block reporters and editors from seeing e-mail addresses in the future.”

      would seem to broaden the number of individuals with access at nola media to commenter identities.

      Has there been any more on that story? When is the hearing?

        1. Scary shit. So, basically, if Advance Media decides that the “public good” outweighs privacy concerns, then they reserve the right to out you! Amazing, and a pretty good clue to AZ’s questions raised on his blog. Great post.

    2. Presario, One of the links says a Judge sued and settled. She was one of the anonymous commenters who was outed. I didn’t see what she was commenting on–did you? I’m wondering if it was cases before her—seems like she would be in a ton of trouble.

    1. Never saw that one before! He’s a great guy. After leaving them he had radio talk shows and wrote about local politics (way different than mine) for years. Also ran many political campaigns, consulted with businesses and non-profits, etc.. Basically managed to never work a day job his whole life and did quite well. Still lives in beautiful place in the Quarter.

  41. All,

    I have had soft shell crabs on the brain lately and also been thinking that it is about time for some smoking out in the whole JL/Sheebe/Perricone/Mann deal and it occurred to me that I should share that

  42. Aaaargh! “Ratio” of fish to breading– apologies. Re purist: That’s just it, my soul longs toward Plato’s ideal culinary realm while my body, pressed for time, developed a thoroughly unhealthy love of Mrs. Paul’s fish products from occasional TV dinners in my misspent youth. :_) We bought this lot in anticipation of mr. muspench’s agonizing visit to the dentist, which turned out quite well, so we’re sharing the spoils.

    Ahi is absolutely terrific fish, seared or smoked, but grouper’s an old Gulf favorite of mind, and thank you SO much for the fish patty recipe, which I will make and report on this week. I wish we had fish-catching friends, but for special occasions we go to Restaurant Depot, which has a beautiful old-fashioned fish market (by which I mean functional: concrete floor, crates of ice and seafood, fine canned imports on the stock shelves & fresh fillets in front of the knife man). They’re PACKED at holidays, but it’s a long, long ride down MLK on bicycles to get there & an adventure crossing Broad by the overpass. 🙂

    Re living through the Bastard Sauce: If you can survive it once, you cannot live WITHOUT it– instantly addictive. And fried green tomatoes/Sauce? Sheer genius. I’m wondering whether some of the newly popular heirloom tomatoes might also do well in that role. Re former motorist in St. John: That one upset me to the extent I avoided the story, but on your recommendation I’ll dive in. But you’ll find no argument here on the very obvious problem. Her family must be devastated, and my only hope is her death can educate her grandchildren in style after the settlement. :/ And re commenting judge: My post-parade scan indicates yes, cases before that judge, but she & her daughter claim daughter commented. Either way it’s a massive indiscretion deserving reprimand.

    To lockem the diplomat: Very well said! Our hearts should be “filled with niceness” for each other & for our generous host Doug, who has plenty to put up with in the absence of any virtual barroom brawls (especially after you guys were kind enough to welcome the wrecking crew). If I ever step out o’line just let me know, and I will imitate the salted slug by curling up and exploding from shame. :_) Seriously, I’d hate to upset anyone, because to tell you the truth I was intimidated at the very idea of commenting here, and all you gray eminences were so nice it humbled me utterly, so I want nothing more than to follow your good examples.

    To Presario: Terrific catch, that story, and your dexterity is mentioned by IJR– I see he left a note earlier. Re issue of reporter/editors seeing e-mail addresses: Yes, that’s the case at, because I was contacted once due to something I said. The message was “would you mind if the reporter contacted you” & I’d already sent him an e-mail, so I thought nothing of it, but my default assumption is anyone who wants to know who I am will be able to figure out who my computer is from the Zombie end of the comment (if not from what I write, also quite possible). Then it’s only one step to Mr. International House. :_)

    I agree the easiest way to trail him to IH would have been using an IP, but he apparently knew what he said would draw attention, because if not why would he take the trouble to use a public computer? I’m wondering whether he was tracked from the other end. Here’s an example of how that might work: Mr. IH was on a specific job downtown with a law firm or ancillary company which would put him in contact with a particular set of documents from which the reference in the comment of interest was drawn. Gordon Russell said the comment was made in January 2011, and the River Birch raid took place at the end of September 2010.

    Those documents would have to be imaged and indexed in a database, which would take several months, and if the comment was drawn from one of them it wouldn’t be at all difficult to figure out who went where for lunch or during break at the company working on the database. But agreed IP would be a much easier method. It’s very hard to believe no one knows who he is, now that we know so much effort was put into discovering his identity.

      1. Agreed! And I am wearing my peace sign, well most of the time.

        But lockem,
        why did i get a message that your comment was banished earlier today?

        1. OAS:To my knowledge I had no comments “banished” and who would have sent you a false message that one of my comments had been banished ?

          The only thing I’ve noticed is that not all of the comments under ” blissfully disengaged” are always posted and intermittently they are all posted. Must be some kind of a technical glitch but with the Goatherders roaming the SlabbedNation is thankful to be up at all.

    1. Hi, All!

      Mus, I think the heirlooms would work to fry, it just has to be very firm (not ripe) as the green tomatoes are always quite tough compared to red. This should help them hold up to the frying.

      I would think many people know exactly who IH is by now–unless he is some hapless out of town businessman or tourist who walked out of the building and was photographed in error. Maybe the real Mr. IH slipped out a back way?

      The Lock/Steed thing was a simple misunderstanding. Glad, you’re all fine now.

      On the case Presario sent—any discipline for that Judge?? Did everybody buy that her daughter was posting about the Mom’s cases? I’d say that’s unlikely. My kids eyes glaze over when I discuss my work.

      1. All,
        Now hold on here a minute. Is this thing on? I love tomatoes! Heirlooms are great, perhaps the best fruit of the Gods there is, and yes they could be fried, but the Steeds think it would be a terrible waste of flavor to fry.

        Remind me to tell you about last year’s crop of 37 plants from seed planted in April and then again in August!

        Mrs. Steed gently suggests green beefsteak tomatoes for frying and I have been sent to the boat to be sure it is ready for a M fishing expedition.

        What am I to do? Leave the grouper in a cooler next to the LSU yard Gnome? It would be easier if y’all came to visit us in the panhandle. We could sip a beverage, listen to some oldies, watch the sunset, look for the green flash, and pontificate about all that matters in the world.

        Much better than Nova Scotia!

      2. Good morning, everyone! Thank you very much, guys. :_) Re greenness: AH! Got it. I will search for those, because I know I’ve seen them slipped in among the normal beefsteaks. Tomatoes from seed?! Good grief, that is master gardening. I have never been able to pull off anything remotely like that– well done indeed. Re garden gnome: I don’t know about LSU, but all the gnomes around here look like Ricky Mathews these days (although maybe that’s just because we now know what Ricky looks like). 🙂

        Re Mr. IH: I’m guessing whoever posted the comment knew its probable effect, because I can’t think of a reason to use the IH computer other than to avoid tracking. Therefore, it’s also possible that if Mr. IH is indeed the person who posted the comment, he may not be the same person who obtained the inflammatory info originally.

        If the info came from the River Birch documents which were in the FBI’s possession at the time, then it wouldn’t be impossible for a Mr. FBI to ask Mr. IH to post the comment using a public computer. Ridiculously complicated, yes, but look at the chain of events set in motion by the comment: Heebe team hires investigators, tracks Mr. IH, Gordon R. at eventually publishes formal story after American Zombie drops very broad hints about it, meaning the tale had leaked out some time previously.

        I would LOVE to know exactly what the guy said. 🙂 If he were the same person as Telemachus, for instance (because we both know they commented on Dutchie Connick in January 2011), then the Goatherders’ inquiry into Telemachus’ identity would have represented the Nova Scotia branch of the IH inquiry. But that’s overwhelmingly speculative.

        Re judge’s daughter: Agreed– the Plain Dealer described the comments as containing inside information, and the judge “acknowledged in an interview last month that such comments would have been improper if she had made them” ( So that answers THAT question. :_)

        I have to say what surprises me is the claim the privacy policy was enforceable: American Zombie pointed out’s user agreement was last updated on 12/04/2012, and although I don’t know what was changed at that time that policy is so broad as to be meaningless. Here’s an example: “Unless otherwise specified on the Service, we may sell or share information about you and your computer, mobile or other device, including without limitation your Registration Information and other personally identifiable information, with our parent, subsidiaries, and affiliates and with carefully selected companies who we think may offer services and/or products that may be of interest to you.” No help to the user, by design.

  43. M,
    Unusual for a parent to throw the child into the fire. Can’t help but wonder about the judge.

    Re: Tomatoes from seed aren’t all that, just start indoors in Feb and transplant mid March to early April. Add water, miracle grow and sunshine and ninety days later – Can you say Tomato Tamata?

    The real trick is the July-August plant and avoiding the bad weather. Last year it worked perfectly and we had fresh ripe tomatoes up until first frost lat November early December.

    Funny thing, we compost and the best tomato plant grew from the compost cuttings!

    Do you think NB would want a Oyster Pie recipe?

    As for Matthews, what can you say about a guy from AL? I have an LSU Gnome, and I mean, REALLY!

    1. Hello! Now, I want an LSU gnome! Where did you get that? I’m an LSU alum (took a few classes at UNO) and so I joined to attend a crawfish boil.

      I saw the Oyster Pie recipe–gotta think about whether to make that. I REALLY love RAW best, being an oyster purist and all. Except in an amazing and easy to cook Oyster soup (some say stew)–my Mom’s recipe. I’ll post it if anybody’s interested.

      Gotta a little gardening/farming background myself. Make canned tomato sauce for the year from what we grow and I do make fried green tomatoes from our garden.

      I thought about that Mom and daughter too. I’m guessing Mom wanted to hang on to their livelihood so the kid took the fall. Pretty awful thing for a mom to do (IF that’s what happened), especially a judge. Yuk.

      See that case about MLK Day shooter?—headline DA considering NOT filing as Adult?!? Makes NO sense. It was obviously an attempted murder case and belongs in adult court. Juvenile court is not designed to handle kids who cannot be rehabilitated in a few years. This kid will walk out in a few years with no adult record and no consequences. What do we think he’s going to do next? Mass murder? He already tried to do that! What is Cannizaro thinking? I’ve already been sending emails about sharing my opinion on that for what it’s worth. That’s my venting.

      1. OMG, they rushed that kid in to plead guilty as charged in Juvie. Bet that defense attorney couldn’t wait to take that sweet deal. He’ll be released into NOLA with no supervision and NO criminal adult record at 21 (or earlier).

        Does anybody know what’s up with this? Unless he has an Uncle or Grandma who works for the DA, this makes no sense to me at all.

      2. NB,
        Live a little or as Mrs. Steed says give it a try. She says that Emeril copied his from her – I’m not going there…

        We swap recipes all the time. We do an oyster and artichoke soup. We would enjoy seeing your mom’s Oyster Soup

        Very easy to make if you use prepared dough.

        Emeril’s ? Oyster Pie


        1 Double Pillsbury pie crust defrosted or double recipe pie crust,
        Recipe follows

        4 strips bacon, chopped
        1 Cup chopped yellow onions
        1/2 Cup chopped celery
        1/2 Cup chopped green onions
        2 Teaspoons minced garlic
        1/4 Cup all-purpose flour
        1 Tablespoon Creole seasoning
        3/4 Teaspoon salt
        1/8 Teaspoon Red Pepper
        1 quart oysters, cut in half or quarters if large, well drained and 3/4 cup liqueur reserved
        1/2 Cup heavy cream
        1 Teaspoon fresh lemon juice
        1/3 Cup chopped fresh parsley


        Preheat the oven to 375 degrees F.

        Divide the pie crust dough in half. Roll out 1/2 on a lightly floured surface to measure 11-inches in diameter. Transfer to a 9-inch pie pan and fit into the bottom. Roll out the second crust to the same size and set aside until ready to assemble the pie.

        In a large saut

  44. NB,
    You are a recipe behind 8-(

    Oyster & Artichoke Soup

    Serves: 6-8

    4 large fresh artichokes,
    1/2 Teaspoon salt,
    1 quart water,
    1/4 Teaspoon ground black pepper,
    1 quart heavy cream,
    1/4 Teaspoon ground red pepper,
    1 pint oyster liquor or oyster water,
    1/4 Teaspoon ground white pepper, (see below)
    2 dozen fresh oysters, shucked
    1 Teaspoon dried thyme,
    1/2 Cup chopped parsley or 1 tablespoon fresh
    1/2 Cup chopped green onions,
    1 Teaspoon dried basil, or 1 tablespoon fresh

    Place the artichokes in a medium saucepan, add the water, and bring to a boil over medium-high heat.

    Reduce the heat, cover, and cook until the artichokes are tender.

    Remove the artichokes and let cool.

    Pour the cooking liquid from the artichokes into a 4-6 quart stockpot, add the cream and oyster liquor, and bring to a boil over medium-high heat.

    Add the herbs, salt and peppers and let simmer slowly, stirring often with a whisk to keep the soup smooth and the cream from curdling, about 30 minutes.

    Meanwhile, separate the artichoke leaves and scoop their flesh into a small bowl, using a teaspoon.

    Cut the hearts into small pieces. Add the artichokes to the soup and continue to simmer for 20 minutes.

    Just before serving, add the oysters, parsley, and green onions to the soup and let simmer just until the edges of the oysters curl, 4-5 minutes.

    Serve immediately.

    You can, however, substitute canned or frozen artichokes if fresh ones are unavailable.
    Sometimes we add frozen artichokes anyway.

    1. Hey, that gnome is too cute. I took a few summer courses at UNO before/during college. The LSU alums in San Diego have a huge annual crawfish boil–thousands show up for crawfish flown in from LA, zydeco music etc… I was on the planning committee for a few years and they were going to make me an “honorary” alum–then I told them about my UNO classes and I am now actual member of the Assoc.

      Your recipes sound great especially artichokes in the oyster soup–that is a brilliant idea. But I still am not sure I would put oysters in a pie crust. Just me. I just like the way God made ’em–except for this soup:

      My recipes are not as detailed or fancy as yours. I just make them how my Mom did and no measuring if you know what I mean.

      My mom’s Oyster soup is all Milk (no water), 2 doz oysters for 4 people, if the oysters are big, cut in half, 2 onions chopped, butter, parsley. Cook onions in butter until soft/translucent. Add milk. Heat milk but NEVER let it boil or the soup is ruined. Put oysters and all oyster liquid in for last few minutes. When they start to shrivel up, taste an oyster to see if it’s cooked. Salt and pepper to taste.

      I just talked to my mom and she said this recipe looks so simple but requires constant tasting and attention to see if it’s seasoned correctly and hot enough but not boiling. Just remember if it boils, it’s ruined.
      Parsley goes in at the end. She also loves the idea of adding artichokes to this.

      1. PS My sister reminds me to use LOTS of butter (don’t you like my precise measurements?) and stir constantly to keep soup from sticking to bottom of pot. And if you’re stirring you are watching it the whole time.

        1. NB,
          You had a misspelling – butta

          A couple of years ago, after an exhaustive search for a family potato soup recipe we decided to take the family and more collection of recipes and put them in ms word. After that we copied to flash drives and distributed as Christmas presents to family members.

          Mostly the effort was about preserving and not letting Aunt so and so’s great such and such get lost. The effort included the measuring because some of the members have difficulty finding their way around a measuring spoon. We had great fun with the trial and error along with a big weight gain.

          The collection has been added to and grown to probably between 1,500 and 2,500 recipes and an extensive but complete list of categories. Each vegetable from A-Z has a folder to give you the idea.

          We all like Judith Walker (TP) but developed our own categories.

          Adding fuel to the fire is Pintrest – my wife loves, but I don’t have the time. Anyway some of those get converted. If you ever decide to do something similar, I would suggest crediting the author in every recipe. Also, we developed a very specific format.

          There are online places where you can file and share recipes, but we like our method.

          Thanks for yours and we will give it a try.

          Oh and about the pie, consider adding some other seafood like craw-fish, crab, and shrimp for something substantially better than chicken pot pie…

          Final thought I had you down for wild experimentation and M down as a purist. Maybe Mrs. Steed is right about my judgement…

          Bon apetit

          1. Thanks very much for the idea for gathering the family recipes. I still call my mom for advice and directions when I cook and my kids call me. I think my family would enjoy putting that together too. Unfortunately most of our older generation who were the GREAT cooks are gone but we could muddle through.

            Growing up we had Sunday dinner every week at my grandparents on Tennessee st. in the 9th ward (until it flooded in Betsy)–most amazing food every week–gumbo, stuffed mirlitons, etoufe’s, boiled seafood of all types. It was amazing what came out of that little kitchen.

            I’m IN if we’re adding crawfish, crab and shrimp to that pie. That’s a WHOLE different story. Now it’s a seafood pie and just sounds amazing. I will make this seafood pie and let you know how it goes.

            With the oysters I just prefer raw. Most of my family loves charbroiled but I prefer them untouched by human hands. People have warned me I can die eating raw oysters. My reply is “everybody’s got to die of something”. Sort of like the poor guy who died in the Beer cave in JP–maybe that’s exactly where and how he wanted to go. I guess that’s a little “wild”.

            Love to make potato and leek soup–not a NOLA dish but so simple and yummy.

            They are going to kick us off slabbed for sharing recipes and not talking politics, so I will say:

            I am disgusted and dismayed about the handling of that Juvenile case. Attempted murder shooting into a crowded street. A major blunder by DA’s office. Unfortunately, this kid’s Future victims will pay for this bad judgement by Cannizaro. I’m very disappointed in him and thought better of him.

          2. NB,
            May I be the voice of sweet reason? The story stinks admittedly, but am sure you know that the entire and correct version isn’t usually told to the public.

            While it may seem like the fix was in, there could be extenuating circumstances such as borderline or below IQ. All I’m really saying is that unless you can read the file, you don’t know. You have to place your faith (however misguided it may turnout to be) in the people charged with handling it.

            You know what is next….this is a big part of my deal over the EDLA Office. Moreover, transgressions were known by the bar and allowed to continue.

            More and more you are sounding like you need to be a candidate for something? Should I tell Mary?

            Just think of it, a standing table at an Oyster Bar of your choice! We could quote you…”When I took the oath of office, I didn’t take any vows of hunger!”

          3. Okay Steed, I couldn’t think of a scenario where this was a legitimate deal on the MLK shooting,

            BUT IF this kid is mentally retarded and he was put up to this by other gang members against whom he will testify in adult court, I would accept that deal. You helped reduce my blood pressure by several points and that is appreciated.

    1. I agree with Lockemup and Presario’s comments on the link from Sept 2012 you just sent.

      FYI, DoJ lawyers would NOT be impressed or intimidated by anyone here. DOJ handpicks the BEST from the whole country to hire out of law school. They get thousands of resumes, interview hundreds all over the country and hire a few dozen each year and train them very thoroughly. They handpick the BEST teams to send out on cases, especially with this kind of history.

      I’ve seen a LOT of these senior guys when I worked at DOJ and with a USAO (although I don’t know the ones on this case) and all I’ve seen are brilliant tacticians, top investigators and talented trial lawyers. They are like hired guns who go all over the country handling the biggest criminal cases for the US.

      Also,keep in mind that when DOJ lawyers are on a case, FBI and other federal law enforcement agencies take note and step up, providing THEIR best efforts and people too–really unlimited support and resources are available to them. Because their HQs are all in DC and they don’t want ANY complaints from those DOJ guys to their bosses.

      And most importantly, the Federal judges LOVE these guys. I think you’ve got a hint of that from the rulings so far. Judges know and respect that they are getting the top prosecutors in the country. They have enormous credibility and authority when they come into court.

      I’m sure Heebe and counsel are WELL aware that they are playing with the big boys now that USAO is off his case. I’ve wondered if he’s been second guessing his lawyers’ efforts to get Periconne and USAO EDLA off his investigation. He may have preferred the devil he knew.

      IMHO criminal and civil RICO prosecutions are a reasonable and likely occurrence here in due time. These guys are NOT in a rush. They are discreet. You will never get a leak or unprofessional statement from them. They are deliberate career prosecutors and they are not going anywhere.

  45. Re toasted child: Well, the judge (who is herself black) was making Amos & Andy remarks about an attorney she didn’t like using the account, so THAT should tell you something. A little familial bus-shoving would probably not come amiss. :_)

    Re tomatoes: I see. On the compost generation, do you mean the plant grew of its own accord therein? Every time I seed the garden I end up with stray plants in the oddest places, and I love that wandering. :_) These recipes are TERRIFIC, and I am so glad they’re being systematically preserved. I cannot think of anything more delicious than oysters with butter and artichokes with butter, and combining the two is brilliant. I really wish I’d managed to hold onto my grandmother’s recipe cards, which she kept in one of her old T-P file card boxes (once de rigueur for journalists).

    Re LSU gnome: ! I owe him an apology, then, because he’s quite handsome compared to the Ricky likenesses. My concept of gnomes has accordingly been revised. :_) Re butta: We say mmmmm…BUTta! because of the Parkay commercial (a muspench household favorite, but then we’re easily amused).

    Re beer cave: Now THAT is a New Orleans story, except of course it was Kenner. :_) I see the story is making the news-of-the-weird rounds, turning up on a Beaumont blog as “Beer cave of death!” (, with a don’t-miss photo of The Fatal Cave.

    /grump/ Re Super Bowl: My God, I am so WEARY of this ever-looming football game. I feel like Henry II yelling about Becket (“Will no one rid me of this turbulent priest?”), but there are no knights hastening to disburden me– only time will cure this ill. :_) All the city’s resources are focused on it, and while I am sometimes quite fond of games, I find this one’s welcome wore out a month or two ago. /end grump/, and many thanks for letting me air my soon-to-be-vanished grievance. P.S. Definitely a first-world problem, that. 🙂


    1. M,
      Where do you find the time???

      Roger that on the compost. We have a Castle Remains bowl that a certain Miss Rachael Somebody’s Dad Left N.O. and stole from us that we use only for organic compost material.

      Once night we made the decadent and sinfully rich but flavorful delicious stuffed tomatoes and seeds found their way into the Remains Bowl. The next thing ya know, a seedling in an unknown corner of the compost pile.

      You’ll see how the seeds made their way to the Castle Remains Bowl:

      Stuffed Tomatoes

      4 Creole/Beefsteak tomatoes, with the center removed and tomato pulp carved out
      1 pound Parmesean Cheese. Grated, or Kraft in the Bottle (3/4 Bottle) or
      1/2 pound mild Cheddar cheese, grated
      1/2 pound Monterey Jack cheese, grated
      1/2 cup to 1 cup homemade mayonaise
      1/2 cup chopped pimentos
      1 tablespoon minced garlic
      Salt and pepper

      Heat oven to 350 F.

      Season the tomatoes with salt and pepper.

      In a mixing bowl, combine the remaining ingredients and mix thoroughly.

      Season the stuffing mix with salt and pepper.

      Stuff each tomato with the cheese stuffing mixture.

      Place stuffed tomatoes in shallow pan upright.

      Bake for 20 – 30 minutes or until cheese topping is golden brown.

      Ditto on game and Carnival. We have grown tired of the crowds and hence are retreat. We love the city but are selective on when we are there.

      This year we will visit either Pensacola or Mobile for Mardi Gras.

      1. What game?

        We just had a Haydel’s cream cheese king cake. I think they have some of the best king cakes. And I collect their little glass dolls.

        1. re game
          Great point but if you visited here you would see a super bumper sticker:

          “If it’s tourist season,
          why can’t we shoot ’em?”

          Come to think of it, did Copper coin that?

          P.S. We gotta get you a hobby!

          BTW: Your home sounded similar to mine in many ways. That culture gave rise to my discourse about culture elsewhere, differences, and fostering a violent one.

          1. Hey, look ’em up. They are very cool little handpainted depictions of NOLA culture. Come free with a king cake yet some are selling for $75 each online.

            Does Mrs. Steed have Oscar’s Origninal pins? Same idea.

    2. I agree with the commenter who says the Beer cave should be named after that guy as a memorial. Likewise, If I die at Felix’s from eating raw oysters,please note that I would like a small plaque next to the oyster bar.

      Thanks for asking, Muspench. RICOs are wonderful things indeed— The law (18 USC 1961) was drafted by Prof. Robert Blakeley to make it possible to catch major players who used to be able to insulate themselves from prosecution by having lots of other people commit crimes (think mob bosses). It’s been widely expanded to apply to drug kingpins, leaders of Hells Angels, street gangs etc. I had the pleasure to attend 2 training conferences where he spoke–he’s a genius.

      First there has to be an “enterprise” alleged: any legitimate or illicit business will do (mob family, other criminal gang, corporation, labor union).

      Second there needs to be a “pattern of conduct”, some continuity showing similar offenses, similar conduct, similar MO, OR similar victims. The purpose is to demonstrate ongoing conduct, not an isolated offense.

      Third there needs to be “racketeering activity”. This is proved by 2 or more “predicate acts”–of 35 listed state or federal crimes.

      RICOs are relatively easy for a prosecutor to prove. You don’t need to prove the defendant actually committed the crimes their underlings did and yet they are held responsible for it all.

      And a truly wonderful aspect is that you can go back 10 YEARS from the last predicate act–so your statute of limitations is doubled and you can choose the last predicate act you charge so you can control the SOL. This allows you to sweep in so many wonderful things into your indictment. This is why DOJ is in no rush at all if this is what they are pursuing.

      The prosecutor can, at the same time as the indictment, freeze all assets for forfeiture. And RICO forfeitures can include legitimate as well as illicit assets. So for example if someone owns a legitimate business but launders $1 in criminal funds through that or uses the phones there to make one call to further the criminal enterprise, the whole business is gone. If a small division of a company is involved in illegal conduct, the entire corporation can be seized.

      The max. penalty is 20 years up to life (if murder is one of the predicates). I personally handled 3 RICO cases, all drug kingpins. All plead guilty to RICO charge with 15-20 year sentences and forfeitures of everything–millions. All three were also wiretap cases. Prof. Blakeley also drafted the wiretap statutes, so he’s a hero to federal prosecutors.

      DOJ keeps tight control over RICO prosecutions so they are not abused or used on anyone but major crooks because they really do have a sweeping scope and can wipe out entire organizations, including legitimate businesses. Hope this isn’t TMI.

    3. I’m thinking it may have been the “I’m not going down alone on this sinking ship” syndrome.

      1. Sorry this was in reply to Mus (posted in wrong spot).
        Why Heebe’s team went after Periconne–because they could and because he probably thought “I’m taking you guys with me”. But now he’s got DOJ team–may not have been his best tactical move. (but revenge seems to satisfying at the time)

  46. M, NB,
    If that game is on and you are watching the commercials, below is a way to drive your guests crazy!

    Patout’s Hot Crab Dip


    2 garlic cloves
    1 Teaspoon dried thyme
    1 Cup green onions
    6 drops Tabasco sauce
    2 medium yellow onions
    1 Teaspoon dried basil
    1 small bell pepper
    2 Teaspoons salt
    2 Teaspoons black pepper
    1 Teaspoon white pepper
    1/2 Cup butter (1/4 lb)
    1/2 Cup parsley
    1 pint heavy cream
    1 lb white crab meat (Fresh)


    Melt the butter in a medium saucepan over medium heat.

    Add the onions, bell pepper, and garlic and saute for 10-15 minutes, until wilted.

    Stir in the cream and bring to a simmer.

    Stir in the green onions, parsley, herbs, and seasonings and continue to simmer until the cream has reduced by about a quarter and the sauce is thick.

    Stir in the crab meat, return to a simmer, and let cook 2-3 minutes more.

    Pour into a chafing dish and serve as an hors d’oeuvre or as part of a buffet with crackers or Melba toast

    1. This crab dip sounds wonderful. Okay. I will admit that I do watch the commercials and the half time show. And I will cook for family and friends. A few actually watch the game (not moi).

      1. NB,
        Our recipes aren’t as fancy as they look, they just have been converted for the family members that are cooking challenged. Here is yours, and I hope you like the renaming 😎 Please check for accuracy.


  47. NB,
    You mentioned stuffed mirlitons which we love and I also grew up eating. It brought back memories of the family dining that was a requirement in the home where I was raised.

    We didn’t have the cokes, chips etc that are commonplace today. We couldn’t afford them. Gathering as a family was very much routine and Sunday dinner after church was an accepted and expected event.

    At dinner experiences were shared, expectations were shaped and there was always a lively discussion of state and world politics and affairs. Mother was a staunch JFK supporter and dad was to the right of George Wallace. Dinner made for lively entertainment, but it also taught tolerance and civic responsibility.

    We weren’t the Waltons, but the family of 5 children became 2 doctors, 2 engineers, and one business owner/consultant. In light of the the current discussions of guns and violence at the other place, your mention of your own family caused me to reflect that our successes came from a simple but strong family background and a good bit of it was at the dinner table.

    One of the things we enjoyed was Mirliton Soup. Give it a try and add tasso or andouille if you like. It was along these lines…

    Cream of Mirliton and Shrimp Soup

    Serves 10


    8 mirlitons, halved

    1. Yes, that’s how my family was too. Great growing up there. Our siblings are 2 lawyers, a TV executive and political consultant and neither parent went past high school but they were smart and hard working.

      Thanks for the mirliton soup recipe. I will try this. Sounds delicious an pretty easy too. We used to grow them when I was a kid and the vines just went everywhere and we had bushels full and I’d run around delivering them to the neighbors. In California, “chaote” is the name for mirliton and it’s used in Mexican cooking. Same exact veggie.

      Where’s Mus?

      1. NB,
        You should know that I’ll have an answer!

        I recently nominated Muspench for the Columbo Greasy London Fog Award for solving all important questions while riding her bicycle and having lunch.

        So my guess is she is busy jotting down the answers to:

        What caused the great depression?
        What is the origin of language?
        What started the Industrial Revolution?
        How is language acquired?
        What are numbers?
        Explaining the paradox of the heap
        Providing the framework to answer do black holes exist?
        Renaming Untriseptium
        Explaining why we dream
        Answering what are the chemical origins of life?

        That’s my answer and I’m sticking with it!

        1. Lady M deserves awards. She is really quite brilliant, isn’t she? And quite clever and fun too. I enjoyed her comments over there about using a bike instead of a car in NOLA. She’s very brave; I give her a lot of credit for that and for frequenting parts of town I may be leery of even in a car.

          As a kid, I rode a bike all over City Park,the Lakefront, even to UNO. But a friend of mine who was a UNO student lost her life to an opening car door and it put a damper on biking on streets for me.

          There’s a fabulous dedicated bike lane along the Silver Strand in Coronado with ocean views and the Navy SEALS in training that’s just amazing. I used to live there and taught my kids to ride bikes on the Strand. Can’t really bike anymore though.

          1. Have you been following case of DA who was killed by 2 masked shooters in Texas? They really wanted him dead. He was known for prosecuting Aryan Brotherhood, et al. Tough crowd that. I feel bad for the guy just doing his job, very tough and thankless work. The DA’s in Texas are amazing, tough cowboy prosecutors. I’ve seen a few great ones in action. Wonderful smart trial lawyers. In those small counties, They are grossly underpaid and many get no benefits such as health insurance etc..

            I handled a bit of that type of case in USAO and in Juvie and started a program for juveniles involved in that type of activity. Died for lack of funding after 5 years, but helped a lot of kids (and hopefully prevented a lot of victims).

            If a precipient witness dies often a case needs to be dropped of course. But it’s just stupid killing an attorney (or a Judge)—there are always more attorneys (or Judges) available to handle the cases. That’s how it was when I was threatened—colleagues saying “let ME do their case”. But I refused to get off the cases anyway of course (stubborn me).

            Maybe it was just revenge for someone he already put away. After a Hells Angels trial, a whole line of about 25-30 motorcycles followed me from the Courthouse in my car at the end of he day. I wasn’t heading home anyway, going to a meeting at Legal Aid. So they followed me through Downtown, on 2 freeways into the ghetto and when I pulled in to the parking lot, they stopped on the street revving their engines and I got out my car and went in. Then they just kept driving. The lawyers from the big civil firms who were there at the meeting said “what the hell was that?” I said they were my escort.

            I figured they were just sending a message because their President was found guilty that day and they sat through the trial every day. I’m sure the jury was impressed with that bunch wearing full colors literally stinking up the courtroom. I probably should have driven to a police station or told somebody (no cell phones then) but I didn’t and for some reason I wasn’t afraid. I figured we just looked like a parade and I was out front! Ha.

            There’s a big UNSOLVED case from L.A. County, a family court commissioner (judge) and his wife shot at his home coming home from a bar function. Definitely a hit. And they’ve never figured out who did it. A lot of people hate you if you’re a divorce lawyer/judge. And that’s all this guy did he whole career.

  48. NB,
    I have been following the case, and of course thinking about some of the things you have written.

    In my direct and extended family their have been members that practiced criminal defense law. Accordingly, I have known prosecutors, judges, and people involved in corrections and the justice system. This may be why you guessed I was a lawyer.

    I understand and have more experience around the system than most people. You probably better understand now why I mentioned that it is hard to make statements about a file you haven’t seen in that juvie case. I’ve heard it all before.

    What you have described experiencing, the murder in TX, and a general disrespect that is rampant in all members of our society for law enforcement, is a very overall sad commentary.

    Fortunately for our society I am not Suleiman the Magnificent, or Hirohito (Emperor Sh?wa.) While I detest the abandonment of principles from our constitution such as search and seizure, habeas corpus, etc., I also abhor a seeming general attitude that is prevalent in society that manifests itself in a wilingness to take matters in your own hands and a refusal to accept responsibility for ones actions.

    I’m sure you know where this is going and it is why i belive that less guns in our society if better than more guns. But that alone is not the solution. We have to get rid of the drugs and the money in drugs.

    We need to stop treating drug addicts as criminals and instead offer treatment programs for those that want help.

    We need a greater civic pride and responsibility instilled in all young individuals and a national consription that screens for mental illness, teaches law, responsibility and firearms capability might not be a bad idea.

    My version of conscription wouldn’t be a substitute for military service but more of the minor leagues for the military in the event one was called or enlisted in the service.

    Allow me draconian laws for violators, 20 year moratorium on the manufacturer of all firearms, an outright ban on ownership of handguns and a revocation of all patents for semi-automatics, and extended capacity magazines, further suspension of habeas corpus and search and seizure and I’ll show you a different society.

    I could go on, but what is the point? The problem is, as you know, it becomes a slippery slope. We have to believe in the system in place will work and trudge on with the sad feelings in our heart for the family that has suffered in TX.

    You mentioned riding your bicycle. My youth was carefree and little thought was given to personal safety. I never felt in danger. After multiple knee surgeries, I don’t ride and am very reistant to the recomended knee replacement, much less riding.

    I don’t own a gun or carry a weapon. Carrying a weapon has never entered my mind. I have heard the prosecutor was carrying? Sone good it did against a determined foe. Guns aren’t the answer. The guns and an an attitude are the problem.

    1. Steed done went and did it.

      Once upon a time I couldn’t have said it any better. After being threatened multiple times I pack. It may not do me any good but I carry my trusty 40 about everywhere I go.

      We’re privileged to have people of your caliber posting with us. 😉

      1. Doug,
        I genuinely appreciate the compliment, but must mention that you can’t live in fear. In high school, my mother. an attorney, received a death threat against me on her office recorder.

        She played it for me, I took a polygraph to prove I had no knowledge ( for law enforcement agencies ) and I went to school.

        I learned instantly that being stupid is one thing, but living in fear is another.

        Mom taught me something, it is a responsibility of every citizen to work to improve society. I will admit that I haven’t always done that, but it has never been far from my thoughts.

        1. I do not live in fear, quite the opposite in fact. Slabbed is living proof.

          But if the beast should come for me, I won’t lay down without a fight.

  49. Ha! My life has been threatened on numerous occasions. People who might actually kill you would never threaten your life. There is no beast, only cowards. Believe that justice can trump power, and it just might.

      1. Touche. I guess I should have framed that comment in better context. But even in the case of the Holocaust, justice did eventually trump power. My point was more about an individual threatening to kill a person. They rarely announce it. Genocide is something altogether different, IMHO.

  50. Just a thought,

    I will speak daggers to her but use none.
    My tongue and soul in this be hypocrites.
    How in my words somever she be shent,
    To give them seals never, my soul, consent!

    1. I guess a lot of people put their lives on the line everyday just doing their jobs. And I certainly agree with Sockpit that most people who threaten are not the ones you usually have to worry about. If somebody absolutely wants to kill a person, they can. Even with the level of protection available to heads of state and the Pope, we’ve seen so many assassinations and attempts. So people just have to “Keep calm and carry on”. What other choice is there?

      Steed, When I lived under Marshals protection for the drug cartel case I told you about earlier, I opted to stay at the USAO and handle my cases. But, I did send my daughter to NOLA to stay with my parents where she finished the school year. I thought that would be less traumatizing than living with marshals 24/7. My late husband also a lawyer was eventually also strongly encouraged to leave the state for a while–and he went to visit his family for a few months until the situation was resolved. He wanted me to quit the job, but of course I couldn’t and didn’t.

      On the guns for personal protection, I understand both points of view but I am with the concealed carry guys based on family and personal experience. Sure I might not be able to get it out in time, etc… but I’m willing to die tryin’. Nobody’s going to drag me around to a series of ATMs etc., it will all go down on the spot, I guarantee!

  51. NB,
    After Franki, take a look at this link ( if you haven’t already )

    with the thought of how it might fit into a pattern of interest to your ex employer?

    Maybe in light of Citizens v United, nothing there. I haven’t printed it yet, just “skimmed” it but a person of your “caliber” 😎 may have some insight?

    If you’ve done this and have a three dimensional cross tab, please share!

  52. Hello, everyone, and thank you so much! 🙂 It’s been an eventful day or two, with Mitch bucking the NOPD consent decree and Horn soft-pedaling the subpoena issue. How do you guys interpret Horn’s move? It strikes me as very odd indeed, just plain puzzling. Why burst out of the gate if you’re then going to break into a blazing amble? :_)

    I LOVE Steed’s list [said while clutching my precious grease-spotted London Fog award]. Henceforth, Untriseptium’s name shall be “George,” if it ever shows up to be called that. There, that should do it. :_) Re the biking: Bless your heart, NB, not brave at all– I just ride very slowly while assuming everyone may try to kill me, which helps me stay out of trouble. I’m imagining your colorful motorcycle escort and I hope it’s funny in retrospect, anyway, because it must have been quite unnerving at the time.

    And thank you SO much for your very clear explication of how the RICO prosecutions work, because that eases my mind somewhat about the delay in prosecuting Heebe & Ward. On this point (“you can go back 10 YEARS from the last predicate act

    1. Are we to believe that Mitch had no inkling that DOJ was negotiating a consent decree with the Sheriff regarding OPP? Everybody knows that place is deplorable and in need of changes, certainly the Mayor must have had that information. Wouldn’t the city necessarily be at the table if they are required to pay a share? If the city did not sign that it agreed to pay its share, then it’s not a party to the consent decree. Whoever from the City was involved with this apparently had authority to bind the city. I think THAT’s where the inquiry needs to be focused. Interestingly, I don’t hear Mitch trying to get out of the OPP consent decree.

      As far as the NOPD consent decree, Mitch was definitely at the table and was in fact a driving force. I don’t think he’ll get far with the Sal stuff. Mitch and NOPD agreed to certain reforms based on a history of corruption, civil rights violations and cover ups at NOPD. Are those reforms suddenly LESS NEEDED now because Sal Periconne is a blabbering idiot?

      And Sal–so pompous–envisioning himself police chief while working on a consent decree to reform NOPD–what a “master manipulator” he must have envisioned himself. The more I read about him and Jan Mann the more I can’t wait to hear that they’re being disbarred.

      1. M,
        Disbarrment before their home addresses are published?
        Well, ok.

        But keep something in mind, the judge hasn’t let the city off of, or out of anything, and even if so, modifications are ordinary.

      2. Regarding Mitch’s about face. Pure conjecture on my part but it appears Mary’s fast track nominee for US Attorney is out of time.

        A quick refresher on cockroaches is in order at this point:

        1. They operate as a coordinated unit.
        2. Under the cover of darkness.
        3. They scatter when light, especially Sunshine is applied.

        For Mitch Landrieu to suddenly discover the City can’t afford badly needed NOPD reforms is preposterous.

        There are high quality political observers that have consistently maintained there is a tug of war in DC between Holder and Mary Landrieu on who gets the US Attorney job.

        The multi-generational connections betweens the Landrieu family and the Heebes/Wards along with Little Man are well documented.

        This is one hell of a bar room brawl we got going. Mitch trying to bail on the consent decree – someone just got hit over the head with a chair but the fight is far from over.

        This also means there is plenty of job security for Team Journalism. As Patricia would say lets cook some rice.

        1. Doug,
          I don’t think that most know how plugged in Mr. Holder is as it relates to N.O. and current events.

          My $$$ will be on Mr. Holder’s choices prevailing.

          How much action do you want?

          1. I’ve leaned that way for a variety of reasons. At the minimum it will be a long time before a replacement is named.

            The two US Attorney’s offices in Mississippi were among those politicized during the Bush Administration. Obama took a long time naming replacments during his first term to both MSND and MSSD and lots of people left.

            Time will talk.

          2. Often when it’s a “tie” between 2 people for US Attorney a less political nominee slips in–often an apolitical AUSA. Isn’t that how Letten got the nod? I’ve seen it happen several times in other districts. That could mean somebody IN the office (is there an untainted AUSA in the race?) OR it could mean one of the guys DOJ brought in to clean up the mess OR working on cases here.

      3. Steed, home addresses aren’t secret anymore.

        Never have been really with a quick trip to the registrar of voters or county recorders office (or equivalent here)

        1. Be care my little pretty!

          Can I persuade you with my:

          A Soup of Fishes

          Makes 1-1/2 gallons.

          1/2 gallon medium oysters
          5 lbs. raw shrimp
          2 lbs. fish meat (red snapper, flounder, grouper white fish, etc.)
          2 cups white wine
          1 cup diced celery
          1 cup diced onions
          1 cup diced potatoes
          6 tbls. butter
          2 large cans shredded clams and juice
          4 tbls. flour
          Pinch of thyme, rosemary,
          1 bay leaf,
          6 crushed peppercorns and 2 cloves garlic
          Heavy cream
          Salt and pepper to taste
          Tabasco sauce to taste
          Worcestershire sauce to taste
          2 tbls. chopped parsley

          Parboil oysters, shrimp and fish in white wine.
          Saute onions, potatoes and celery in 2 tablespoons butter.

          In a separate skillet, make a roux of the remaining 4 tablespoons butter and flour. Add the liquid from the clams and the cooked wine from the boiled oysters, shrimp and fish to the roux.

          Tie together in cheesecloth the thyme, rosemary, bay leaf, peppercorns and garlic. Drop the seasoning bag into the simmering roux broth mixture. Simmer gently for 10 to 15 minutes.

          Add sauted onions, potatoes and celery, the clams and all of the wine-boiled seafood to the soup.

          Cook until the flavors blend and the potatoes are cooked through.

          Remove the cheesecloth bag of herbs.

          Stir in a little heavy cream. Season with salt, pepper, dash of Tabasco and Worcestershire sauce.

          Garnish with chopped parsley.

          From Charles Brandt
          Recipe from Charles Brandt was given to the Cancer Society

          Ask Mrs. Sneed, I love a girl that is easily persuaded.

          1. hmmm.
            Mrs. Steed is in a snit.

            Poor willy lee, shot will wong,
            a slight, but regrettable, slip of the tong!

          2. Lovely Fish soup recipe–that must feed an Army–“start with 1/2 gallon oysters”. oh, my! My favorite fish soup is ciopino, very popular in San Francisco but most Italian seafood places make it.

            We did South of the border for SB today: carne asada tacos, homemade guacamole and salsa, margaritas in the blender, chile lime corn on cob. Good stuff!

            NOLA did a good job with the SB, too bad about the power outage. I took a tour when the Superdome was first built. I’ve seen it catch fire, flood, house refugees but a power outage during a game–that had to be a first there.

            I heard that one tourist was overheard saying “Let’s get out of here before all hell breaks lose”. Like he thought they were trapped in there for Katrina. Heck they weren’t even in danger of running out of beer or nachos!

          3. We throw a hell of a big family and friends superbowl party!

            Our regular annual menu includes the soup along with brisket po-boys. Usually a visiting family member brings the po-boy bread. It is our take on surf and turf.

            As usual, the family was divided in opinion, but we were pulling for Sandra Bullock, and Michael Ohr.

            Here is the best brisket we have found and note the chef:

            Braised Brisket


            1 large flat or first-cut beef brisket,* about 5

  53. You guys are SO sharp. Mus you identified an obvious flaw in my comment.

    IF the RICO has ONLY 2 predicate crimes, then 1 could be in 1995 and the last must be NLT 2005.

    But if there are MANY predicate acts over many years the RICO statute of lims can be much, much longer.

    For example, if that first predicate is still in 1995, a second one in 2000, a third in 2010–this is fine too. As long as the LAST charged RICO predicate (the underlying crime charged) is within 10 years of the prior predicate. Now you can get 15 years worth of bad conduct before the court in your RICO–probably up to the present as subsequent conduct could represent “admissions” or other evidence of the charged crimes.

    Or if it’s charged as a Conspiracy the members would presumably still be conspiring up to the date of the indictment–so everything comes in up to the present.

    I was doing all this from memory (and not so well), but now you got me to actually look this up (I’ve become quite lazy and out of practice in retirement).

    If you Google “Criminal RICO manual foia” — you will find the manual federal prosecutors use for RICO cases. It’s public record, in fact, it’s a DOJ site for public docs.

    Mus, at p. 154 the manual discusses this RICO SOL issue with full caselaw and statutory citations. I think you’ll find it interesting.

    Steed, at p. 89, the manual discusses patterns of racketeering in detail. I wouldn’t presume to draft their RICO indictment for them, but you can easily see for yourself how the facts of a particular case fits with the law based on this section.

    1. HEY, DOUG, There’s a censorship massacre happening over at as we speak. It’s the article about the Garden District woman kidnapped, raped, carjacked outside her home on Chesnut.

      Time to inform people of–the healthy alternative where speech is free.

          1. Thanks for sharing that so I could go there and visit too. Nice to see Cop and Rhettswife there. Loved your exchange with her–outstanding!

            I’m not good at linking but if you can look up the comments on the story I mentioned above–there’s one total idiot who says since Susan Smith he assumes all victims are lying…so this poor woman is pretending to have been kidnapped, raped and carjacked? Astounding and how I wound up as the only person there in a war of words with this particular moron I can’t even figure out.

            Mus and Steed, have you had a chance to check out the RICO manual for prosecutors? It’s quite a resource.

          2. NB,
            I did in fact look at Section E, which to a layperson such as myself, would seem to open a big door of activity including what I was suggesting:


            Interesting to me the TP (which I am growing to dislike) published


            yesterday which suggested the very element that I had thought could be a factor.

            I’m not sure how I previously missed the contribution story, but as I have explained I really haven’t followed Sheebe and have had a tendency to give it a glance and move on.

            It seems to me that the contributions could tie an overall pattern together. I might point out, they would be mostly by marked checks.

            re: deletions over there are absurd and to see your posts I went to your profile. They were still there, as was mine. In the comment section they were gone. Previously, I thought when deleted, they went away period. Am sure M, could tell explain.

            On a broader note, the effort in society to be PC or to please all, is strange to me. No, normally I don’t seek to annoy other people, but on the other hand I don’t suffer the illusion that all must like me or that I must like all others. Diversity and differrences make life interesting. I can’t think of anything more boring than a world of same.

            Though I didn’t go back to read the other guy’s post, (why bother) I guessed he was baiting… Very poor taste and a sad story and I do remember the others.

            saw your facebook note – agreed and a point of disagreement in the steed household. i think it is an example of a world that has become self centered and every utterance or event in a life isn’t so profound that it needs to be shared with the world. reminds me of going to a relatives house in the 60’s and watching their black and white movies of their summer vacation. maybe i would have been more interested if we could have afforded a camera? mrs steed uses it as a method of keeping up with the events in the lives of family and friends, oh well.

            some browsers are easier to cut and paste links with than others, but once you are on something you want, just mark it in the browser direction window with a left click and it will be highlighted, then right click and select Copy, you shold be able to go where you want by left clicking and retrieve the link by right clicking and selecting Paste. Of course this is very elementary but if the process becomes interupted, then you lose the link and I asssume this is what you meant by “not being very good with.”

            Did I understand correctly you have your snow shoes on?

          3. Steed, Thanks for the instruction. Here’s one for you. I linked it myself (with a little help from one of my kids). Seriously watch the WHOLE thing if you haven’t seen it before.


            My problem was with this new little net book I got for Christmas, no right click button, so I found out I need to use alt keys (I know I sound like an idiot right now and with computers I am). My “real computer” with the printer, in my office (in another building on my property) I can this easily but I don’t blog there.

            Thanks again.

          4. NB,
            Sorry for being presumptuous! Seems like I have had a case of it today. My video card started flaking out just after refreshing and reading the hacking story and I instantly concluded a virus had been installed here!

            It is ok to be paranoid if people are out to get you, right? It sounds like Doug has and has had his hands full. It also sounds like some guys are headed for trouble. Some bad guys never learn.

            I also use a net book a good bit of the time for the ease of carrying. I bought it about 3 or 4 years ago as they were gaining some popularity. It has most of the functionality that I want and isn’t as clunky as a desk or lap top. My only real complaint is the lack of a cd/dvd drive, but an external can be plugged to it, so no big deal. You can do the same thing to overcome your mouse issue.

            Just get a remote control mouse with a controller that will plug into your device via USB and your done. Can add a remote keyboard as well if you are visually challenged like me. There are USB adapters that will expand your overall USB capability to add other devices but I’m unsure how well they work.

            Hope you saw the photo of the person of interest in the rape case.

            I posed a question to you on the hacker thread about charges and penalties?

            And about those snow boots…did you take a trip? You did make a reference to the southwest didn’t you?

          5. Steed, No problem, I know I am technically challenged. In fact, I’ve been trying to send a photo of Frankie Valli on the neutral ground.

            Must have me mixed up with somebody else as I do not own any snow shoes! But believe it or not, we do own a goatherd in CA (I swear). Will attach a photo sometime when I learn such things.

            Horray for the speedy arrest of one of the bad guys on that Garden District kidnapping case. What a nice clear photo of him from some nearby business or home! And on another positive note, his FAMILY persuaded him to turn himself in and confess. Sure he turned in his 2 buddies too. Match the DNA and case closed. Adios, muchachos! (Bye Boys).

          6. U must have misunderstood…

            “Can you say Tucumcari?”

            Where is the M when you need her!

            We could talk about photos because that was another family project that is ongoing…however, we will be sure that the old photos don’t get lost and that there are digital copies for all!

          7. Couldn’t find “hacked” article–what’s the title? Also please clarify—sorry I’m a little dense today, confused…

          8. Has everybody been following this case? Ex-LAPD, trained sniper, killed daughter of PD Captain who sat on the board in 2009 that fired him for filing false reports. He killed this Capt’s daughter and her fiance and has posted a list of names of his targets (about 20 officers and their families) posting facebook messages claiming credit for this and threatening others.

            After he killed these 2, he drove to San Diego (2-3 hour drive) and tried to highjack a boat to Mexico but failed. His LAPD badge and other ID was found outside Lindberg field (San Diego airport) probably trying to let cops think he took a flight.

            Then he shows back up in LA area and shoots 2 patrol cops in Riverside County sitting in their car (one died). Then tonight LA cops shot 2 innocent women thinking this guy was in their car. Now they’ve found his car by Big Bear a ski resort outside of L.A.–and they are now climbing/searching up there in a snowstorm. My guess is he left his car there to mislead them again.

            All the while he is updating his facebook page taunting them, taking credit for the shootings, etc.


            You couldn’t make this stuff up! Cops sending their families out of state. A cop killing other cops and their families. Cops guarding other cops.

            If all this happened in 2009, wonder what set him off in 2013 to carry this out? That’s a long time to NOT act out on this much crazy.

          9. re hacker : harassment and cracked hacker

            tucamari was from you and above 2/5

            because posts don’t follow subject, but follow dates instead, imho it is best to watch articles and posts by date(s) or commenter, but if comments push commenter off side screen, you will miss something.

          10. I mentioned it because you said Steed is not on the grid. With this interweb thing we all are!
            Snow shoes?

          11. Whitmiregate commented on another blog here that he apologized for not including a recipe with his comment. I’ve been kind of waiting for that and surprised it hasn’t come sooner.

            I think the law violated in that allegation in the link is Canadian–I have zero background in that. From what I’m reading there is a Speech Act which makes illegal in Canada speech that would often be protected by 1st Amendment here. Sorry I can’t be of more assistance.

            1. I appreciated the Goathead soup recipe myself.

              Steed I do have other insights. For now I’m keeping the business model “pure” for lack of a better term as advertising relationships carry their own risks as it concerns content.

              That said occasionally I get free advertising for my accounting practice:


              I must say it is a small world. I was hired after all hell had broken loose and I fixed certain tax compliance issues immediately. My work was noted by the powers that be in officialdom and I was retained to liquidate assets to satisfy forfeitures and that included bankruptcy work. It ended up as an 8 year engagement. The folks in the middle district’s civil division are first class people IMHO.

              So it turns out Valerie Titus could not have picked a better blogger to contact about those nasty forfeiture issues she faces but we have no professional relationship. I did give her the general benefit of my professional experiences.

              That said if the circumstances were right I would do work for the defense again and certainly either side of civil litigation, the more complex the better.

          12. NB,
            I thought it was a place in the s.w. U.S. and it might be snowing.

            I’d keep it on the down low around here that in fact you are a goat herder. I did post a tasty soup recipe with suggested music for it. You might want to give it a try.

            About the cop, there seems to be many bad ones that get noticed and fewer of the good ones ever mentioned. The real story would be in the timeframe before the carnage, or in another words what was the catalyst for the behavior?

            re: rape, I made a length post, but I like that place less and less.

            You never said if you liked the remolaude sauce? What gives? I’ll post the recipes, you and M do the bastardizing and bulletting reviews… 😎

          13. Doug,
            Roger that on middle district guys. I know a few of them, and an ex is a good friend and represents me from time to time. We both probably know Kevin Bacon.

            Do the wordpress tool box admin functions contain step increases for funtionality and money? As I have mentioned, I’m relatively new to blogging period.

            The database archival arrangement seems a bit puzzling to me. Is a nola like site a mixture of both web and blog based structures whereas this is pure blog?

            Again, just pondering the if s and a belief that if it is worth doing, it is worth doing well. I lost interest in coding 40+ years ago, and if it all can’t be handled by admin functions in packages, I’d lose interest quickly.

            I’m not very interested in employees and instead admire the collaborative efforts that come from “getting by with the help of my friends.”

          14. Doug,
            re: Malice – So, we DO both know Kevin Bacon!

            Assuming what was said is true ( it is on the internet right? ) Those guys neatly overlooked a point – you weren’t charged!

            If someone has been around, they know what that means!!!

            Thanks again, indeed interesting for the steed 😎

            1. I am sure we do. The trial was contentious with Lewis Unglesby challenging Mike Magner to a fight in open court. A CPA was indicted which was why I was brought in. A young CPA like me never could have gotten in the door with that bunch save for the fact they were radioactive. WWL AM Payola radio was pillaring the defendants at every turn and the case was widely publicized in the media. I went to school with the child of one of the defendants and they turned to me in desperation. As is my custom I grabbed the bull by the horns and gained a lifetime client. I was there when it was bad, I was there when it was really bad and I’ve been around long enough to see a happier ending than most thought possible back in the day. And the Kevin Bacon deal turned out to be a real plus.

              After things settled down I ended up chairing the State Society of CPAs Governmental Accounting and Auditing committee. The major responsibility is putting together a 2 day conference and I invited 2 lawyers in the middle district’s civil division to speak in a breakout session in Jackson. They in turn brought along a guy by the name of Shaun Clarke. Shaun had worked at the USA office in NOLA leaving in 1996. He was also the target of Sal Perricone’s online commentary. Clarke is an excellent lawyer.

              Through the years of that engagement Leary and Perret referred one of the things I noticed is the gang in Baton Rouge did not seem to trust the gang in NOLA. Little tidbit like that which I gleaned through time have profoundly colored my thinking when the scandal involving Team Letten broke. I never really felt comfortable sharing all this before but thanks to Randall that burden has been relieved. I hinted at all of this on Mark Moseley’s column from last November.

              With loose cannons like Perricone running around no wonder splits developed in the investigation into Team Heebe. I would highly urge the Virginian to revisit all the decision making.

          15. I smile every time I read “goatherder” here and I think of my little group–the patriarch is Obama and his favorite wife is Sarah Palin (and their fur is colored accordingly). They’ve had many children and he’s had other love interests but they are a pair.

            You are SO right about Dorner and the LAPD mess–that is a truly corrupt police department. I read his manifesto and I believe what he says.Obviously I don’t condone his killing people. But I believe he was wrongly drummed out of the LAPD for trying to do the right thing (report excessive force against a disabled man by a female cop who has a terrible record for excessive force). But he had friends in high places in the department and he was new.

            He was college grad, a Commander in the Navy, served several tours in Iraq, Afghanistan. He was also discharged from the Navy Reserves THIS MONTH as a result of the LAPD thing. So he truly lost everything. If you have a few minutes read it and see if you think it’s true.

          16. I meant SHE had friends in high places in the LAPD. He was a rookie still on probation when he reported her.

          17. I have also known of the differences between the regions and the EDLA views and operations being completely different.

            How very interesting. If you read any of my jumping up and down on Letten, it was due to that as a backdrop. That office has a long history of – BAD actors.

            A breath of fresh air would be refreshing!

            1. Indeed Mr Steed. Slabbed was pretty hard on Team Letten in both USA v Perdigao and USA v O’

              One thing I’ve learned is that it isn’t always obvious what draws people to a certain topic. Mr Letten’s crash and burn was satisfying to a good number of people for a variety of reasons.

              To me this is the bottom line. Historically the LAED US Attorney has played favorites and political power garners that favoritism. The corruption never ends because the big fish never get taken out. What the public sees as big fish like Ronald Bodenheimer are really the bottom feeders in the scheme of things. Wrinkled robe stopped way short.

              I think everyone will need to get used to having the Virginian around for a while. I think this is a good thing.

      1. ps I tried to mention slabbed and it was summarily deleted over there. There are over 200 comments listed on that article. Without the widespread deletions it would be over 500 now.

        1. That happens almost every time anyone mentions slabbed. My blogging time has been greatly limited of late, and I post very few comments over there.

          NB and Steed seem to spew comments effortlessly. I am a little more like muspench, whereas I kind of anguish over what I write. So the wasted time becomes a real consideration when the nola moderator has targeted certain commenters, or just generally has an itchy trigger-finger, like on the abduction/rape article. In very few instances, it is warranted. But is makes for a mess of a chronology. Keep up the outstanding work guys.

          1. SP,
            Thanks, but it is easier if you don’t worry much about what others think. See above.

            Those deletions are, were absurd. And so what about Slabbed? Is the TP worried that there will be a mass exodus. Such would probably crash Doug’s cloud in the sky.

            I for one, am glad Doug is here and allows the use of his space and time. The TP attitude of control strikes me as a little Orwellian.

            I’m joining the Workers’ Party of Marxist Unification. 😎


          2. Sockpit, Thanks for your kind comments. Of course I admire your comments and those of Muspench where every word is thought out and it’s more than worthwhile reading and re-reading. As Mark Twain said: “If I had more time, I would have written a shorter letter.”

            I speak (and type) very fast when I’m excited. So when I’m fired up about a case or something in the news, I fire off a comment. Of course, I’ve had a more than a few I wish I could take back.

            On NOLA when there was lots of howling about deletions on the article about the kipnapping, I mentioned that many of us are here at slabbed, including Muspench, On a Steed, Sockpit and Lockemup and many more and that speech here is free and uncensored. It was deleted within seconds.

            Next time I will try something more subtle as Mus and Steed have done–integrate it into the middle of a paragraph or two.

  54. Hello, you guys! I’ve been having serious connection issues, which have temporarily resolved upon purchase (but not installation) of new modem, which apparently convinced old modem I mean business. :_) Re Sal & Jan: You REALLY have to go out of your way to be disbarred around here, if I understand correctly, but I can’t imagine who’d be silly enough to hire them at this juncture. I agree that would be a poor substitute for never allowing them to pretend to be attorneys in future.

    Re Mary’s dilatory performance: Isn’t that interesting? I was wondering whether Holder wanted Boente to stick around for however long it takes to hose out that office with the bleach-laden water of acceptable practices, because it seems clear there are some current employees who are due to become ex-, and if there are TWO investigations going on then that adds to the timeline for restoring sanitary conditions.

    It’s the President’s second term, he let Mary vouch for an out-of-party USA last time around & was duly bitten, so he may be inclined to let Holder make the call (which I would support). You know, one of Sal’s very early comments said he was told about a deal he claimed Mary was making with Ralph Capitelli in 2008. Ralph was to be installed as USA, make her brother Maurice Landrieu his AUSA, and receive a federal judgeship, to which he would move (leaving brother in possession of the office).

    I think that was a campstblue or legacyusa comment, but I’m darned if I can find it. Anyway, THAT didn’t happen, but the idea didn’t sound wholly impossible. Perfect tie-in of the two subjects: I just downloaded the motion to vacate the NOPD consent decree, and it was signed by the Capitellis. 🙂 (I think Ralph is great, actually– I was very disappointed when he lost to Cannizzaro.)

    About how Letten got the nod: That is not at ALL clear to me, and it would be very helpful to know; excellent question, and I intend to keep poking around on that. About RICO: OH! Good heavens, yes, that’s a different kettle of utterly fabulous oyster soup, or even cioppino. 🙂 That chaining effect would indeed pull everything in, and thank you SO much– it is wonderful to have you as a resource, and I very much appreciate your help. I’m downloading the manual as I type– I’m behind on work and news because of the connectivity issue, and of course we have parades tonight, so I’m far, far behind where I want to be, unfortunately.

    Re mentions of Slabbed at I see the last three of mine, but of course I maunder on forever, so perhaps they were thus hidden. :_) (,,

    Re construction of comments: YES, I anguish and languish and generally make a comment’s life miserable before releasing it, simply because I have to do that for my paid writing and also because, as we see, what we say has an indefinite lifespan. I don’t want to be one of the people who failed to realize that and continue to be haunted by their own words, and I’m just lucky that my work leaves me free to say what I like. 🙂

    1. I am. I’d like to say that I am very proud of the work I did helping to settle a complex forfeiture case related to a criminal RICO prosecution. My title was “Liquidating Agent” and my role was to sell the forfeited assets to satisfy the RICO forfeitures that involved a number of entities.

      I think the US Attorney’s office in Baton Rouge, the office that handled the civil forfeiture, would give my job performance good marks. I did not work with anyone from the NOLA US Attorney’s Office.

    1. Doug,
      A note of explanation. While working around the house my I would every now and again refresh my browser to see new comments. When the browser ceased working I concluded I had picked something up in a refresh. My browser is still malfunctioning, but a security scan doesn’t detect any virus. So apparently I was wrong.

      I thought I read that a default judgement had been entered against you and the NS guys were trying an end run around for enforcement. Did I misunderstand that? That was the gist of my questions.

      1. Some of this will be in part 3. If you are a corrupt politician in the US, what better place to hide the graft than a province in a country:

        1. Abusive defamation laws.
        2. Has latent anti-american sentment dating to the late 1700s.

        And you have 2 self important, anal retentive assholes that were willing to run the ops. Leary is from northern New York so BF Nova Scotia is certainly more like home than Louisiana where the rest of ’em are from.

        For the media that SPEECH Act was a real game changer.

        To answer your question, in order to maximize the protections under SPEECH plus keep legal costs to a minimum, not answering the foreign defamation suit is the best way to go IMHO.

        No telling how much money Tom Benson forked over to Stewert McKelvey for almost 2 years to parse the minutiae surrounding Leary and Perret’s relationship with Broussard. That said I am grateful that Abel, Leary, and Perret were hog enough to belly up at the libel tourism trough 1 too many times.

        1. I think I get the picture, it was easier and less costly to ignore a baseless suit filed to harass you and that could never be collected in the U.S.

          I feel sure you already have a few recipes but you might like to add this one to your files:

          Goats Head Soup


          Chopped up goat head (the more the merrier) or whole goat head(s) if available
          Pimento seeds
          Salt to taste
          Whole green pepper
          Black pepper

          1. Too funny!

            There was a price though as the Goatherders cyber smeared me via a clueless reporter at the Toronto Star.


            Dick leaves out the default part and how the allegations are made up from whole cloth but that’s OK because I am an old salt reading law blogs.

            US Judges, especially those on the Federal Courts hate default judgments absent exceptional circumstances. I think they way they look at it, what’s the point if it is gonna end up in their court room anyway and rightfully so.

            That picture with Dick’s screed? That is the one I inline linked on the following post:


            Funny thing that when they thought they had won the PR battle that picture was good enough to be displayed on two other websites along with Dick’s propaganda piece in total and no one worried about copyright issues.

            When I paired it, appropriately so under fair use provisions of the US copyright law, with their latest SLAPP suit against me and AMV they no longer wanted it on the internet.

            I purposely in line linked it with one of the syndicated sites and within a week Leary and Perret made them take it down. Then I moved to the next site and within 10 days it was gone from that one. Leary and Perret were destroying their own PR, fabricated as it was. Then I simply linked the Star picture itself, giving full attribution I’ll add.

            It appears the Star no longer desires to carry water for these American SLAPP happy nut jobs. ‘Tis a shame Dick lacks the basic professionalism to get his story right and I admonished him back when he had been fed a line of bullshit.

            You gotta have a thick hide in this line of work.

            The whole deal has been a learning experience and if Slabbed is to have true longevity I reckon we need to know these things.

          2. Doug,
            Your post has put quite a bit in perspective for me. The story has been hard to follow for a newbie that didn’t know where to begin. Your continual pointing has been very helpful and I appreciate it.

            IMHO, and from what I have read, you have done an excellent job with Slabbed. It has made me consider the cost benefit model of originating a blog myself with a few contributors.

            My orientation would be completely different than the corruption perspectives that seems to be the Slabbed focus. I would seek to have a broader geographical perspective as well as subject perspective and be more humored in orientation as opposed to investigate. Perhaps more like or along the lines of the old Puck Magazine.


            Given your depth of experience versus my complete inexperience, would you do it again and has it been worth it? I have considerable business experience and I think I can see past the committment necessary and know how to gain eyeballs, but what about the cost and time benefit equations?

            You have been very helpful, and I would appreciate and consider valuable any thoughts or advice you may offer.

            1. Newspapers have found investigative reporting is expensive to produce and just guessing likely does not deliver the incremental readership to support the extra cost.

              A website dedicated to delivering high level high quality muck has profitability potential in a myriad of ways and I am not interested in expanding on that. The Time spent to money less expense ratio off a donate button is a losing proposition over the short and long term that fact I will verify. However I’ve also made contacts in the legal profession I never would have made otherwise and I’m talking attorneys at the pinnacle of the profession nationally. How does one value that?

          3. Thanks again! I assumed that content is mission critical and with nothing being really new, it had better be good.

            I also undestand the issues of focus versus a Life Magazine. Speciality has been the trend for over 40 years of my life, and probably longer. I would be surprised if the donate button outweighted its cost?

            You aren’t littered with ads? Unreasonable trade-offs for dollars in?

            Again I want to thank you, I’m just pondering the if s.

            As far as it goes, I’ve encountered a handful of the national guys both civil and criminal, attorney and non. Some I felt enriched by knowing, others I didn’t. I certainly understand your point. Quantifying those things is difficult at best.

            Does being able to call Jody Powell matter? Does it matter that I can get Karl Rove on the phone? I don’t know. I have found the talent pool in LA to be amazing and largely wasted.

            If you have other thoughts that you don’t mind sharing, I have always valued experienced insight.

            Thanks again and in the words of one of my favorite movie characters aka Robert Deniro as Harry Tuttle from Brazil “Remember, we’re all in this together.” 😎

            Keep up the good work!

        2. Doug

          Love the comment about you forcing them to take down photos from other MSM sites. It’s like you’re a Trojan horse, and they so stupidly fell right into your trap. What morons?

  55. ?Gulf of Mexico seafood industry leader is remembered following sudden death

    Mike Voisin passed away into murky waters.

    Voisin once declared, “I have oyster liquor running through my veins.” An autopsy has revealed it wasn’t oyster liquor.

    He is one of those people who come along every two or three generations.” — Chris Nelson

    When in FL, Chris writes for Copperhead54

    God Bless Mike!

  56. Doug,

    The world mostly knows that Goats Head Soup was recorded in Jamacia me crazy man. Unknown is how the most famous single from the album came to be.

    It is a hardly known that Mick was enjoying a bowl of Goats Head Soup when he got a bit of the scotch bonnet stuck in his throat and exclaimed Ah Ah Ah and then finaly An gie I still love you baby, which went on to be a run away hit.

    From there on he sang that song each time he made a bowl of that special soup. It seems to be a known fact that the NS boys have a fondness for that Mannish Water.

    I’m thinking Joe Cocker is great and especially his Mad Dogs and Englishmen, but maybe there is something in common here? What do the NS boys sing to each other?

    “Everywhere I look I see your eyes
    There ain’t a woman that comes close to you”

    Should they try a different language???

    1. Hey, Steed–I wouldn’t presume to say what charges should be filed in a specific federal case. That’s up to the USA in that district. Just not comfortable with that-sorry.

    1. Polite is listed as “Shareholder,” which I suppose means partner, and not admitted to Louisiana bar until 2010. That seems a little odd ( :_)

      1. M,
        Ah there you are dear? Been discussing with Doug, if you haven’t noticed, the possibility of a broader blog along the lines of the old Puck Magazine.

        Content being mission critical, have been thinking in terms of station chiefs or regular and ongoing columinsts/contributors. Your choice of subject matter of course. Would you have the time and or inclination to contribute regularly and of course gratis, at least to start?

        I told my source that it was impolite to notify me at 9:55. The TP story was already written! Damnation as Rhettswife would say.

        I will pose the same question to NB. She would make a fantastic one person crime bureau chief…

      2. Shareholder same as Partner. He was an AUSA in SDNY (NYC) handling major cases per his resume with his firm. That’s one of the top USA offices in the country and so if this is accurate he has a high level of experience as a prosecutor. Plus he has some civil experience before and after his time with USAO. Ivy League–Obama likes that.

        I think it’s a plus he’s only been here a short time–almost an outsider.

          1. In looking at the timeline of his resume, it’s hard to say how long he was an AUSA–maybe just a few years??
            He graduated 2000, 6 years civil firm and been here since 2010. That only leave 2-3 years to be an AUSA enough to get some trial experience but maybe not as impressive as it appeared at first glance.

          2. NB,
            Delighted to hear that. That magazine existed for about 50 years and was interesting. As we have discussed, I like diversity and view differences, but only pay attention to those that have a base or background of knowledge. I don’t have any particular agenda in mind, but I am thinking broader perspectives than many of the local editions.

            I’m working on organizational and legal questions of structure. I hope M has the inclination and time to join. I’ll keep you “posted”

        1. Would seem to be a great choice and I’m betting already has Mr. Holder’s approval!

          The tie to the Fazio case is interesting.

          How long before commenters and River Birch is wrapped up?

          You saw my note to M, if you have been following, you have been quiet. I’m thinking about a BANK of weekly contributors along with a few other things with more of a digital paper/blog feel Topical experts, real time news from feeds, more than single focus, andy rooneyish humor, etc. lack of censorship, i think.

          Take a look at the old Puck Magazine.

          1. Yes, I recall Puck. Actually my brother was a BIG fan. His politics are way to left but he’d love something like this. Did talk radio for years.

            I’d be happy to be part of your venture! Sounds fun. And if we’re reading all this stuff, may as well write too.

          2. Do you have a cartoonist in mind? I know somebody who might be interested, especially if you gave them ideas of what you wanted.

          3. What an interesting question. Something I had given some thought to but along the lines of the old stuff being in the public domain…

            Of course fresh is better! but professional & gratis???


            I’m excited about the possibilities but still fleshing out what if s…

            I have a lobbyist friend shouting go go go 😎

            You my friend, woudl be surprised at the Kevin Bacons we have in common.

          4. Sounds better than real. If you know mail dot com, set up there and we can go where this thing isn’t on. M, too if she is listening.

          5. I’d have to speak to her but I think she’d be interested. You’d have to give her ideas/direction but the drawing is excellent. I know a retired journalist in NOLA who might be interested too, he’s a published author–older, retired would probably do it for fun. My new name is
            barrygoldwater (if you know what I mean).

    1. Judge upheld the NOPD Consent decree. What was Mitch thinking trying to back out of the deal he negotiated?
      Time to fix the NOPD and move on.

  57. was just talking about you and and the steed does indeed, i think….8-) am hoping the M answers too!

  58. Good morning, dears, we will be leaving soon for our plantation to the west. Rhett refuses to bow to Rex and therefore, we will be taking a rest. However, I am still upset over the failure of to address through its reporters the causes of the crimes in the city of New Orleans. History will show the causes and reality must stop these murders, rapes, robberies, etc. Some of you might have seen my recent post when that 15 year old was arrested for the rape, etc. of that innocent woman in the “uptown” area. I even suggested that I might have to flaggelate myself in Jackson Square to get some action. I had to get the smelling salts for Rhett when he read that posting. Must run, dears.

    1. Rhettswife, I was just commenting on the same theme on another blog here at slabbed. I am a retired Juvenile Court Judge and I can tell you (sadly) that it is TOO LATE for these 3 arrested. That they have gone too far off civilized behavior at this age. When I saw a 16 or 17 year old with this type of behavior, their path in life (with very few exceptions) is set and it’s NOT pretty. Prison, gangs, destruction and death.

      On the brighter side (and there MUST be a bright side) there are programs working in other places where younger kids can be identified from risk factors. Supervision and services can be provided to them and their families and this can Break the Cycle of violence and prison for many of these families. It is working in other places.

      I hope you and Rhett enjoy your vacation FROM Mardi Gras. Hope to see you when you come back!

    2. Scarlett,
      Dear thanks for the visit! I noted and responded to your insightful comments in regard to that tragic situation.

      I wouldn’t be gentlemen if I allowed you self-flaggelation for the wrongs of our city and media. Can I offer myself in your place? You can administer the beating.

      My best to Captain Butler. With all of the illicit items in the city around this time, be careful what you hold close to his nose.

    3. Rhettswife, so wise of you and the Captain to leave town as it’s been crazier than usual. Hope to see you when you return.

  59. Hello, everyone! I have a, if that will do– I’m sloooowly catching up with work and what’s been going on here, but if you ever need to reach me for any reason I can always be found at that address. Valentine’s Day already? At least that explains why someone threw us that red plush “Be Mine” heart last weekend. :_)

    I’d love to participate in the magazine– I’m a little pressed for time at the moment, but the project I’m working on is winding down (second-to-last group of pages has been distributed) and I anticipate its end within two months. I LOVE the term “station chiefs,” too, because it sounds like it comes with solar topees and those look fabulous. Topees for everyone!

    Speaking of fabulous, the old Puck art I just glanced at is excellent, but I had no idea the magazine was American; I always thought British, but no doubt I’m confusing it with Punch. But yes, it sounds like a great deal of fun, and thank you SO much for asking me. 🙂

    Carnival Day was incredibly relaxed on St. Charles– at one point Rex was stopped, band members downed instruments and were wandering around talking to the crowd. In fact, there were stretches where the parade was not distinguishable as such at all, because it seemed to be a huge group of friends mingling and chatting on the avenue. There was a group of Swedish musicians in perfect formation looking bemused, which made an amusing contrast.

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