Slabbed updates the case of the extorting Tranny: Trial set for February 25, 2013

More interesting is the email I got from a reader in Orange County Florida that offered to score me all the paperwork right down to the name of the mystery John. Let’s set the alarms for February 25, 2013 and pop some popcorn shall we.

And he smelled lawnmower fumes when the oil was washing ashore back in 2010….

Folks, what can I say except that I was inspired by the Dean of all Mississippi Journalists today, Bill Minor and his column Bryant misstates state of the state’s economy. Here is a snippet:

Bryant enthusiastically told lawmakers that 2,700 new jobs had been “announced” in 2012, conveying the impression Mississippi’s employment rolls had increased that much. Trouble is, just the opposite had happened. According to state Department of Employment Security figures, Mississippi lost 1800 payroll jobs in 2012 since the previous year.

Even worse, said a year-end report by the College Board’s Economic Research Center, is that payroll employment in Mississippi is at its lowest level since 1996 and while most of the other states are recovering from the Great Recession that began in September 2008, Mississippi is still lagging behind.

One industry Mississippi (and our neighbors in Louisiana) do not lag is the New Media with websites like Yall Politics, Slabbed, Magnolia Report, American Zombie, the Lens, Library Chronicles, Moosedenied etc etc etc. Heck I think we may well be leading the nation in the voodoo we do.

So I said to myself, what can Slabbed do to help poor Gov Phil from losing more jobs? Then it hit me given the large number of people from across the country and world that read this little project courtesy of NOLA Born and Steed chatting away about King Cakes. Beyond hosting the Super Bowl it is also Mardi Gras time down here in Soggy Bottom.

There are some that are partial to Haydel’s King Cakes and Margaret Orr swears by the Voodoo Kingcake from Robert Fresh Market but for my money no one makes the “Catholic Cake” any better Continue reading “And he smelled lawnmower fumes when the oil was washing ashore back in 2010….”

Derrick Shepherd!??! Did someone say Derrick Shepherd!!!!

Folks we already knew that during the Goatherdian reign of terror in the bad old days the Parish Attorney’s office was stuffed to the point of bursting with useless political hacks. The following illustrates the process as it involved two felonious politicians in Derrick Shepherd and Aaron Broussard. If I had to guess Byron Lee will be joining those guys getting a new driver’s license.

Derrick Shepherd Parish Attorney

My lips are currently sealed…..

But one of those rumors floating about…….

It goes on for another 30 pages however I not going to post all of it. A Lot of it is a rehash of what has been in the Canadian suits. I will await to hear from Handshoe as his take if and when he gets served with the suit.

Will this be like the series finale of Seinfeld for Slabbed or the Shield for the Goatherders? Stay tuned for the next episode of the SLAPP Happy Goatherders……

I would like to acknowledge the fact there are lots of rumors swirling around about Slabbed

I may have even started one or two of ’em myself. That said I would like to repeat the following statement, which I have now published three times:

I have not been subpoenaed by Team Horn nor do I expect to receive one.

That said I do appreciate the fact the US Department of Justice thought enough of Slabbed’s coverage of the scandal in Jefferson Parish to come visit with me for a spell earlier this month.

But there are some hints floating about regarding a few of those rumors and I would like to point them out.  First is this snippet from Jason Berry’s post, A Corner Piece of the Commenter Puzzle:

The company is called Affinity Dynamics and its founder is an interesting guy who wears many hats… political consultant, writer, journalist….Glenn Smith. I don’t know exactly what role AD played in the process to hunt the commenter down but I do know they were aware of the exact date and times the commenter was logging in from the hotel as well as the fact that he was using a Yahoo email address to do so. I am not suggesting that AD or Mr. Smith did anything illicit….let me restate that….I am not suggesting that Affinity Dynamics or Glenn Smith did anything illegal. But I am stating that they had a lot of information about this man that should have been privy only to Advanced Publications/ I am also stating that they were assisting Heebe’s team in the effort to track the man down.

I actually made contact with Mr. Smith via email and he was very polite but stated that he could not comment about the matter due to the pending federal investigation. Fair enough.

As far as I know the mystery IH commenter circa February, 2011 was quarry for Fred Heebe but not Team Horn with DoJ OIG.  Am I missing something here about Smith’s pending investigation?  Let’s revisit Gordon Russell’s article on the Fred Heebe internet commenter witch hunt to add more color: Continue reading “I would like to acknowledge the fact there are lots of rumors swirling around about Slabbed”

Former Young Administration CAA Heather Hilliard files suit against Jefferson Parish

I guess it is only natural my email inbox got a workout late yesterday afternoon after Former Young Administration CAA Heather Hilliard filed suit against Jefferson Parish since Slabbed trail blazed the subject of Hilliard’s battles with Young’s former Deputy COO Richard Hart. In fact Slabbed was there in early 2011 with news that Hart was widely considered a snake in the grass reminscent of self admitted felon/POS Tim Whitmer by my peeps at the Yenni Building months before Hart’s name surfaced in the mass media.  So along those lines when open hostilities commenced Slabbed was again there “first with the most” and the story crossed into the mass media.

I would like to make one small request of Team Hilliard now that Slabbed is picking up coverage of the lawsuit: Ditch the watermark. Click the pic to get the 10 9 page pdf:
Hilliard v Parish of Jefferson Doc 3