Reality check time for Trout Point Lodge. A Eco-Libel Tourism Update

There is a country saying about poseurs that is a personal favorite folks and it is time I shared it with everyone.

Big hat, no cattle

Why do I mention this? First allow me to quote that phony news story dated December 21, 2012 by the Halifax Chronicle Herald’s Bill Powers on Slabbed’s historic SPEECH Act victory over the SLAPP Happy libel tourists at Trout Point Lodge:

Perret said he and his business partner will consult with their lawyer on the ruling and are tired of commenting on the case.

“We do not have high expectations of ever collecting any part of that $425,000. This was never about the money,” he said.

Unfortunately this is pure fantasy as Perret and his hubby Charles Leary tried enrolling the money portion of the specious Nova Scotia judgment against me in Hancock County Circuit Court earlier this year. Later they would ask for relief they did not plead in enforcement of the very broad injunction Nova Scotia Supreme Court Justice Suzanne Hood also issued.  Judge Guirola found both the money judgment and Hood’s injunction repugnant to the constitution of the United States under the SPEECH Act but Perret and Leary are in full tilt damage control mode after Guirola’s decision.  I’d submit Perret, a self proclaimed Park Avenue lawyer is fooling only himself, beclowning himself in the process.  Why do I mention this?

TPL v DKH Doc 37

Alas this is not some small time local yokel courthouse in BF Egypt of the type preferred by Charles Leary and Vaughn Perret. Federal Court is no place for boys to play a man’s game as put up or shut up time has arrived.

TPL v DKH Doc 38

At this point, well worth pointing out is the fact that self proclaimed Park Avenue lawyer Vaughn Perret put himself in this position.  The way the SPEECH Act works the burden is on the plaintiff in terms of burden of proof and a litigation instigating loser pays the fees.  You see folks I filed first under the SPEECH Act against Leary and Perret way back on February 8, 2012 and served the suit on them with Waivers of Service so that litigation costs were minimized.  They returned the paperwork unsigned refusing to accept service upon leaving to winter in Spain and then filed to enroll their specious judgment against me in March, taking the role of Plaintiff upon themselves.  Following is the copy of the suit I filed as a reminder to all that Perret and Leary landed themselves in the position of paying for my excellent lawyer, Bobby Truitt. (Thanks guys) :mrgreen:

DKH v TPL et al Doc 1

The bottom line is the federal court system has very efficient ways of dealing with frivolous litigation designed to “sue” a journalist “into bankruptcy”.  Speaking of bankruptcy I wonder how the hotel industry is doing in southern Nova Scotia since the ferry from Maine closed?  Let’s check in with one of the area’s preeminent citizens Michael Tavares and the following open letter he wrote to the “Dexter Government” asking for a taxpayer funded subsidy from Facebook:

The release of the RFP to seek a new transportation link from New England may seem like a wonderful attempt at righting a wrong however there is a bigger picture EVERYONE needs to realize. A daily service from the US will require a significant increase of accommodations and services in order to support the demands of the traveling public. Since 2009, the Yarmouth and Area has been crippled with the loss of overnight lodging and food service venues. Presently, we have only 307 hotel rooms, down from nearly 800. We simply cannot house and feed over 500 people per day at this time. A new ferry service would not begin for a year and a half which will only result in the loss of more services available in the area. In combination with this RFP, the Provincial Government needs to immediately invest in propping up the remaining service businesses and investing in attracting new service businesses to the area. The Town of Yarmouth, with the highest commercial tax rates in the Province, needs to revisit its policies and tax rate in order to attract investments to the area. In the past year, we have lost nearly 2000 residents to our Town and presently we have nearly 600 properties on the market. We have lost our human resource network further complicating the issue. If nothing changes on this front it could take a decade to rebuild our infrastructure, if ever. The ferry RFP is only one part of the pie. Alone it will not have a positive affect. As private operators we are beginning to question our long term commitment. WE ALL NEED HELP IN ORDER TO SUSTAIN OURSELVES, otherwise this action may be too little too late.

Man that sucks. You see folks we only think we have it bad in Mississippi compared to that!  The word I’m getting is there will be no new ferry service to Yarmouth so the tourism biz really looks to be in for continued very tough times.  And with the SPEECH Act the Nova Scotia libel tourism biz looks to be cratering as well. Stay tuned.

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  1. ‘…we have lost 2000 citizens and …there are 600 properties on the market’ says local resident Michael Tavares. Well that’s the reason in a nutshell for the frivolous libel tourists’ lawsuit against Slabbed.

    Plain and simple the Goatherders were trying to make Slabbed a proverbial ‘scapegoat’. Not only do they know nothing, like Sgt Schultz, about goats but they are really ignorant about herding innocent scapegoats to slaughter.

    In TRUTH the FERRY service being DISCONTINUED in 2009 caused the broad spread economic tourist downturn all over Yarnmouth. And it was not the alleged cause and effects of Slabbed’s on line comments concerning the Goatherders which caused their alleged economic injuries.

    They are walking on very thin ice appealing to the Fifth Circuit as they could award federal sanctions over and above the taxable court costs and attorney fees in Mississippi and for their frivolous appeal delaying collection of said fees and costs.

  2. So do Leary Deary and Pretty Perret have to put the funds for Mr. Pruitt’s invoice in escrow before the appeal is heard? Remind them that they are dealing in greenbacks.

    1. As I understand it the court will require the bond before the appeal can move forward. As I understand it my lawyer intends to enroll the award in every foreign jurisdiction these nuts job have property located plus here in the US.

      Jr if not for other people’s money Perret would be in a white coat working for Pip Brennan.

      Lockem exactly. For the courts in Canada to allow those grifters to claim the media coverage of their connection to the Jefferson parish scandal is the cause of the decline in their business willfully ignored the facts on the ground there in Yarmouth.

      Finally Danny Abel is having money trouble himself folks. It will get its own post but lookie at what is hot off the presses in the Louisiana Court system:

      Stiffing the court reporters is not good form for a lawyer, especially one that practices out of the Super 8 Motel on Clearview.

  3. sounds like suing bloggers from MS is another in a long line of failed business ventures. cheese farm, vegetarian restaurant, goat farm, costa rican resort, money laundering advisers, cook book publisher, mushroom farm, cooking tour operator, rental property manager etc.. and to imaging spending all that time and money on advanced degrees only to end up this way.



    The pertinent words of 28 U.S.C.A. Section 4105 to chew on and digest in your ruminating stomachs are as follows:

    “… the domestic court SHALL, absent exceptional circumstances, allow the party opposing recognition or enforcement of the {foreign} judgment a reasonable attorney’s fee…”

    SHALL in legal terms doesn’t mean ‘can’ or ‘will’ nor ‘maybe,possibly,or perhaps’. It means like the commandment of ‘thou shall’ smoke your Canadian bacon.

  5. “In late 1997, Michael and Neil met in Ft. Lauderdale and began discussing options for their lives. In 1998, while on summer vacation in Nova Scotia, conversation became more serious as to partnering in life and business. They returned to Nova Scotia that fall and perused the purchase of a large brick mansion in Yarmouth

  6. The filing of this nugatory notice of an appeal is a tell … and in the event a bond is posted, the certainty that the Jefferson Parish Politico Mafioso have conspired to shut Slabbed down will be be obviated … there are any number of JPPMs who have been ‘stabbed on the slab’ for their jackassery, from Heebe to Whitmer to Wilkinson et al, and who may be confederates with these dunces in Nova Scotia by continuing to finance this fiasco … the depravity of their UN-AMERICAN conduct will be their undoing …

  7. Could it be that Mr. Laird, of the firm of Jones, Walker, is benighted ?

    Yea, the same firm that invested with Broussard’s bank …

    Mon dieu quel putain de cluster !

    Mr. Laird files a notice of appeal in the same Court, whose presiding Judge is the very same Judge his clients have alleged to have been corrupted in ruling on behalf of the US Constitution … this specious insult is alleged in yet another new frivolous SLAPP libel tourist complaint filed by these UGLY AMERICANS abusing the laws of their foreign hosts … WUWT !!!

    Really Doug … tickets need to be sold for both the contempt hearing and hopefully a seperate bond hearing … PRICELESS !!!

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