DMR friends and family scandal day 62: Billy Walker is now not the only one with pictures on ’em (Updated)

No siree as Patricia is now on the case.

DMR Vernon Asper parody
Meantime Elizabeth Rooks-Barber has written a letter to the editor of the Sun Herald taking umbrage with the fact she has been pegged as one of the little political piggy beneficiaries of the DMR friends and family program.  She claims the Sun Herald’s reporting contained “several incorrect statements” that she just had to address and then proceeds to not mention a single inaccuracy in the reporting  let alone “several” while meticulously building a case why she alone is the only person on the planet qualified to work for the DMR friends and family program.  It is self entitled jackassery of the highest magnitude folks as the lone reader comment explains how the 99.9% of the people looking at this scandal from the outside view Ms Rooks-Barber:

You didn’t do yourself any favors. Are you going to now deny that you approved and authorized the unethical purchase of Tina Shumate’s parents property? Or perhaps you now have no memory of the purchase of Scott Walker’s property? And you never met Judy Steckler? And I guess it wasn’t you and your husband’s company that “helped” with all the over priced appraisals? And since your husband is part owner of the company that received hundred of thousands of dollars you want the public to believe that he somehow did not “benefit” in anyway? Good try.Maybe you and Tina should get together and brainstorm a more appropriate response, because if the feds don’t believe it why would you expect us taxpayers to believe it?

In these circumstances there is only one thing to do.

Update: Patricia worked fast:

Elizabeth Rooks-Barber Master Garden

10 thoughts on “DMR friends and family scandal day 62: Billy Walker is now not the only one with pictures on ’em (Updated)”

  1. I read it to mean “Its No-Bid-ness of anybodies except mine and Tinas.I did not review the appraisels because I kwew they were bogus and then would have no deniability if I had”.They have a real going back and forth on Jackson Jambalya about this matter with her husband trying to defend her work. Worth looking at.

  2. Asper as Shultz is a natural. Who would be Col.Klink ? I cannot decide if this would be Walker or the real commander of most of the schemes, David Harris.

  3. I feel certain before the week is out Slabbed will hear from her with another statement of what she claims is unfair.This company received a lot of money for very little work and 0 review an oversight.And why does it appear all the contracts to go to Jackson?

    1. Could it be that others in our fair city of Jackson are involved??? Could it be that they want to control the “Coast Trash”, as they call us? Well, look who’s the trash now!!!! Some of their own!!! And probably more to follow!!!

  4. Breaking News-CMR to hold special call meeting Friday to discuss William Walker.Has he asked for a leave of absence with pay so he can go take care of an indictment or two or three….?

    1. Leave of Absence with pay????? Are you kidding me???? Leave of Absence without pay maybe. What is the matter with our leaders???? This man should not be able to take a leave of absence with pay!!! I am outraged!!!

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