Slabbed’s historic SPEECH Act victory: Other voices

U.S. Federal court says no to $425,000 Trout Point Lodge damages judgement ~ Timothy Gillespie, South Coast Today, Shelburne Nova Scotia

Blogger claims win in ruling linked to N.S. lodge case ~ Bill Powers, Halifax Chronicle Herald

“Repugnant to the Constitution” ~ Mark Moseley, Your Right hand Thief

Slabbed gets the Canadian lawsuit against him tossed in good ole US Federal Court ~ Yall Politics

Ignatius Jeff Reilly:

Following Slabbed’s comments and tweets after the victory yesterday as sweet as it must have been.  Left unanswered are questions that I raise in my Post on 12/18/2012,Happy, Happy Joy, Joy, and yesterday on 12/19/2012 Handshoe Prevails

That being whats next?

I must say Doug Handshoe must be having the same thoughts given his comment on his post  ”Sunday Slabbed: Before we take another step….

As always in life there is seldom just the happy ending it just lead us to the next phase or next door in life to walk through.

Jim Brown has invited me to appear on his radio show early next year. Stay tuned.