From the publisher’s chair: Testing theories in a real world laboratory

Like that moral suasion thing I mentioned early this week. Some harbor doubt so we’ll term those folks “detractors”.

I’ve been here before and a select few of you folks have previously been “here” before with me. The detractors remain in denial, “ignorant to the very end“.

We have to talk OIG again because I submit the detractors only fool themselves.

4 thoughts on “From the publisher’s chair: Testing theories in a real world laboratory”

  1. What in the world is going on at Mississippi’s State Capitol? Why is the Governor and State Auditor in hiding and denial?? Why hasn’t the DMR Commissioners fired Bill Walker and cronies?
    It appears that Louisiana is in the same fix. Maybe there is just one big conspiracy? Seems like Louisiana has the same problem that we do….lie, deny, and demand video tape! What is this??? Don’t people know right from wrong anymore??? Or are our laws too complicated to extract true justice from????

    1. A tale of two Board whose directors failed to discharge their fiduciary duty in the wake of scathing OIG reports. Jefferson Parish Housing Authority – Offending members were summarily discharged by Parish Prez Young and the Parish Council.

      Commission on Marine resources – Gov Bryant remains in hiding along with every other state wide elected official with oversight/enforcement responsibilities. Jim Hood is also conspiciously missing from the DMR scene along with Bryant, Pickering and Tate Reeves.

      I imagine the pressure on them to stop covering for Walker and his band of leeches is intense. It needs to be.

      1. That is what I am saying….I can’t understand all of this happening and everyone remaining so quiet! It’s almost like it is an organized crime group or something???? Just how deep does it all go I wonder and also wonder if they are all tied in all the way to Texas??? Simply amazing!
        I do know that some of the ties at the DMR go over into Louisiana. I think Billy Hewes and his brother-in-law, Joe Zeigler, are originally from over that way. What makes people act this way??? It can’t just be money….maybe power and prestiege??? They will really be getting lots of that now if they end up in the caboose over this!

        1. On the bright side Gulfport could well end up with George Schloegel for another 4 years depending upon how deeply Hewes is involved.

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