So we are crystal clear on this….

My experience with 99% of the people from Canada that have interacted with Slabbed has been universally positive but there is that pesky 1% that think they have the right to dictate to American Citizens commenting online about an American Corruption scandal what they can say or not say.  Even worse they presume they have the right to dictate to Slabbed New Media how this organization covers said scandal.  This is terribly misinformed and outright boorish behavior but it is what it is folks.

Thus today I’m serving a very public notice to each and every one of you in the 1% that Slabbed New Media is prepared to assert torts against anyone, foreign or domestic, that tries to abridge, hinder or otherwise deny me my first Amendment rights under the Constitution of the United States.

With that said and after consultation with my lawyer Bobby Truitt, I made the decision to be gracious in victory.  That does not mean I’m not going to tell the amazing story of the intersection of libel terror and the local landfill business because I am gonna do that in full exercise of my constitutional rights. But I’m not gonna be brutal toward the dupes, nit-wits and half-wits that saw fit to interject themselves into the exercise of the expression of my inalienable rights as an American Citizen.

Alas there is a small time publication in Dartmouth Nova Scotia that is now playing the part of copyright troll for Danny Abel and company plus an even smaller time blogger in Halifax named Sheri Leigh White that swore an affidavit for the Goatherders in the recently decided SPEECH Act case.  Today I hang White on the Slabb without further commentary on my part. Continue reading “So we are crystal clear on this….”