Please stand by for an important announcement from Slabbed New Media

You guys know the drill. While I huddle up with legal please enjoy the following lovely music video.

16 thoughts on “Please stand by for an important announcement from Slabbed New Media”

  1. Congratulations to you Doug. And, thanks to Judge Louis Guirola, whom I have had the pleasure of being before in the past in a jury trial. He is a fair and intelligent jurist and a gentleman, and he has shown this to be true in this instance, as well. I am glad i was able to assist you and the other bloggers on Slabbed in preserving the right to free speech. Merry Christmas and happy holidays to all!

  2. This has been a hard fought and significant victory; but, it is not over, as they will now owe you for your attorney’s fees under the SPEECH Act, and they have submitted to the Court’s jurisdiction.

    1. That’s something to look forward to, Doug. Will it be done through motion practice, or will they have to put on some short sleeves and appear before the court?

      1. The Motion for Attorney’s Fees will be filed soon.

        In any action brought in a domestic court to enforce a foreign judgment for defamation, including any such action removed from State court to Federal court, the domestic court shall, absent exceptional circumstances, allow the party opposing recognition or enforcement of the judgment a reasonable attorney’s fee if such party prevails in the action on a ground specified in section 4102 (a), (b), or (c).28 U.S.C.A.

    2. Can y’all have Louisiana property seized to satisfy attorney’s costs? Can the court issue “lettres of marque & reprisal”? find some privateers to hound those filthy scum!

    1. I second your congratulations Anne Marie; and I also congratulate and applaud YOU! You are among my heroes! MERRY CHRISTMAS TO ALL!

  3. Congratulations Slabbed, Doug and Jack.
    Real work is getting done.
    The sacrifices made in the name of Truth, Law and Commmon Decency are made whole with this recent beam of hope.
    Never stop.

    Hopefully now the Feds will award the whole lot of them

    shiny new bracelets

  4. Grassshopper Dialog: When you can dance the public record without illusion upon the rice paper without leaving a mark only then will the domestic enemies of freedom hear you coming.

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