DMR Scandal Day 55: My guess is Bill Walker has pictures on ’em

‘A lot of accusations’ yield no action on DMR ~ Michael Newsom.

Words can not describe the incompetence and malfeasance on display yesterday at the Commission of Marine Resources meeting.

So if Walker has pictures on Vernon Asper and the other commissioners on the Commission on Marine Resources then Slabbed must replicate in kind so I just sent Patricia a bat signal on twitter!

Governor Phil Bryant remains in hiding.

4 thoughts on “DMR Scandal Day 55: My guess is Bill Walker has pictures on ’em”

  1. I’ve seen on posts comments about pictures of the guests on the Mississippi Taxpayer Fishing Charters, but could not find any by googling. Does anyone have a link?

  2. Please post the link to the photos if there are any available for the publics’ eyes. Not that this will get the Governor moving….unless, that is, he is in some of them????

  3. The pictures they referenced are said to be on Facebook.If they even existed they were posted to someones account.If the CMR Commissioners are not aware of the activities of Walker then what/who in the HELL are they overseeing? They will never convince the taxpaying public that they did not know about the land purchases,the boat leases,the for profit nonprofit foundations,the monies going to and from these same foundations an all the other questionable activities going on at DMR.AS the picture of Asper seems to say with hands out and shoulders cupped “RICO I do not know no RICO” Time will tell what they knew and when they knew it.

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