Self control was never one of Aaron Broussard’s strong points

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Attorney for the former Goatherder in chief, Robert Jenkins amuses with his latest installment of Goats on a rope but before we get to that lets set the atmosphere in the spirit of the season with the following reader suggested video from the good people at Giggle with the goats:

Yesterday Robert Jenkins took a break from representing the disgraced and soon to be indicted former mayor of New Orleans Ray Nagin to register indignation with Judge Head over Sal Perricone and Jan Mann playing on the internet. Drew Broach had all the skinny for NOLA including Jenkin’s motion which caused some “organic laughter” here at Team Slabbed.  Judging from the reader comments both on Drew’s original and updated story (linked above) Jenkin’s assertion that Broussard actually had a good reputation to lose pretrial is the stuff of sheer fantasy but the comment of the day goes to David Chistenson, whom I’ll publicly thank for all the new Google search referrals related to that pesky Katrina virus:

Greed is a terrible thing. Shut up and take the few years you are going to get. The DOJ will pull the plea and move the trial. Don’t be stupid.

This would be the best advise anyone has ever given Broussard but as they say on finance “Pigs get fat, Hogs get slaughtered”.

OK, time for another video:

Since Broussard brought up his treatment I think it is only fair I bring up the offensive nature of his plea deal, which many legal observers think stopped way far short.  For instance we have the redacted names of the people that bribed Aaron Broussard per the following court document filed in Broussard’s criminal case:

The prosecutors with Team Letten practiced no transparency there folks. I mean heck, if Broussard was guilty of being bribed by these mystery owners of Nova Scotia Enterprises it sure stands to reason the owners are guilty of bribing him yet in court filings these people get a pass. And then you have Broussard’s shadow law partner Danny Abel along with his boys Charles Leary and Vaughn Perret at Trout Point Lodge that actually ran Nova Scotia Enterprises. We know this from court filings in the Canadian SLAPP suit Leary and Perret filed against Fox 8 in Yarmouth Nova Scotia they up and admitted everything when it suited their purposes of trying to use abusive foreign defamation laws to shake down American Media outlets.

Slabbed is calling on Interim US Attorney Dana Boente to thoroughly review the handling of USA v Broussard including the decision to give passes to the corrupt business people that bribed or facilitated bribing Aaron Broussard.  The cesspool must be totally drained.  Criminal acts abound here, it is time everyone is called to account.

6 thoughts on “Self control was never one of Aaron Broussard’s strong points”

  1. Jim Letten, Sal Perricone, Jan Mann, et al. have done a great disservice to the taxpaying, law abiding citizens of the Eastern District of La. Becasue of their narcissism, criminals will be released from jail, indicted criminals will never go to jail and corruption will soon rise to the pre- Letten days.

    1. I agree on the disservice part. I disagree anyone will walk because of it with the possible exception of Dominick Fazzio.

      1. I hope you are right Doug. But look at the facts: Aaron Broussard shooting off his big mouth. Wilkinson, Coulon, Whitmer still out there selling insurance, etc. Hingle, still walking around free as a bird. Heebe, still not indicted. Nagin, still not indicted. Danziger case unwinding as we speak. Why are you so optimistic?

        1. None of those facts have anything to do with Sal and Jan playing on the internet. In fact I must admit I liked seeing Broussard make a mockery of the justice process. It will no doubt do much to curry favor with Judge Head come sentencing time. 🙂

  2. Do organic laughter at the goats’jackassery sound like – Ha, Ha, Ha,; or Ho, Ho, Ho or mo’ like Hoe, Hoe, Hoe

    Bout dat Motion,
    Dat’s soa’ good Lil’ Nap, done put yo’ Lil’ Sh*t Lolly Poop in reverse, vacate yo’ plea and full speed ahead so da’ Virginian lawman can try yo’ on yo’ 38 counts which should really be bout’ 69 counts, yo’ cryin’ POS.

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