It’s time we talked a bit about WWL Radio’s Benjamin Moore Great Home Makeover Contest

It is indeed time folks because something interesting happened right about the time the former Goatherder in Chief crashed and burned in early 2010. Today we set things up we gotta talk about the contest.  WWL radio ran this contest from November 2, 2009 to December 27, 2009 whereby the contest entrants had to go to one of the sponsors to pick up an entry blank before mailing it to the radio station.  There were all manner of home improvement goodies from a variety of sponsors offered.

Why do I mention this? Because there are rumors circulating about this contest that I feel compelled to get to the bottom of and there is enough of a trail out there to do it.  I’m pleased to say this will be a collaborative endeavor, the point of this post to tantalize, tease and perhaps obtain more high quality muck.  WWL Radio is indeed Garlandfill radio and if the rumors are true it will put certain events in a whole other light.

The bottom line is I am not going to rumor monger beyond acknowledging its existence and that the A team is on it. Slabbed will soon be going on assignment digging public documents.

Finally I need to acknowledge and give my heart felt thanks to those that gave to the cause yesterday along with a couple of new contacts from here in the Magnolia State.  I promise every email will be returned but right now things are a bit crazy around here so please bear with me.  🙂

God Bless this great land!

Self control was never one of Aaron Broussard’s strong points

Go ahead, make my day

Attorney for the former Goatherder in chief, Robert Jenkins amuses with his latest installment of Goats on a rope but before we get to that lets set the atmosphere in the spirit of the season with the following reader suggested video from the good people at Giggle with the goats:

Yesterday Robert Jenkins took a break from representing the disgraced and soon to be indicted former mayor of New Orleans Ray Nagin to register indignation with Judge Head over Sal Perricone and Jan Mann playing on the internet. Drew Broach had all the skinny for NOLA including Jenkin’s motion which caused some “organic laughter” here at Team Slabbed.  Judging from the reader comments both on Drew’s original and updated story (linked above) Jenkin’s assertion that Broussard actually had a good reputation to lose pretrial is the stuff of sheer fantasy but the comment of the day goes to David Chistenson, whom I’ll publicly thank for all the new Google search referrals related to that pesky Katrina virus:

Greed is a terrible thing. Shut up and take the few years you are going to get. The DOJ will pull the plea and move the trial. Don’t be stupid.

This would be the best advise anyone has ever given Broussard but as they say on finance “Pigs get fat, Hogs get slaughtered”.

OK, time for another video: Continue reading “Self control was never one of Aaron Broussard’s strong points”