The crooks at the Jefferson Parish Housing Authority are alright: Board refuses to fire Barry Bordelon

It is in your face corruption folks.  Those catching up may recall the HUD OIG issued a scathing report on the Jefferson Parish Housing Authority including potential criminal misdeeds on part of former executive director Barry Bordelon.  Naomi Martin at NOLA filed a very good report on the topic as it appears the gang of malfeasants on the Housing Authority Board are conspiring to insure Bordelon gets his full state retirement, despite the fact OIG makes clear he is as crooked as the day is long.  Martin’s story is a must read because she named names folks.

This kind of in your face, public disregard for fiduciary duty does not happen often folks as Hunley Dufour Jr. feigned ignorance of the kind that would have resulted in both tar and feather in an earlier day as Monica Hernandez at WWL Tee Vee illustrates:

Folks this kind of disregard for both the law and community can be cleaned up but people are gonna have to make noise.  I think ‘Gate once pointed out there is a criminal malfeasance statute in Louisiana.  Buddy Caldwell would be the guy to pursue anything along those lines and if enough people call his office and raise cain, well “tickle my ass with a feather” ol boy may just do something to earn his paycheck.  And of course there is the new guy Dana over at Car 54.

9 thoughts on “The crooks at the Jefferson Parish Housing Authority are alright: Board refuses to fire Barry Bordelon”

  1. can someone explain to me what dufor and pierson have to gain by keeping bordelon employed? when roberts and lagasse are calling you out it must be bad.

  2. perhaps they were the ones benefiting from the unaccounted for 650k and need to keep him happy so he doesnt broussard and start singing the deliverance squeal song on them…….

    1. yes, i see. $100k+ was paid to unnamed board members improperly for supposedly doing work. these members were not issued 1099’s to boot. i think the identity of these board members is obvious. these 2 idiots must not read the paper. if they did they would know that quietly resigning is the first thing one should do when a light is shined on a scam.

      1. The 5 year prison term like the one Judge Ozerden just slapped on Roger Ladner plus $1MM in restitution sounds plenty enough for each.

  3. The Passion Of Bordelon :

    For many years Barry Bordelon traveled Jefferson Parish claiming to be the savior of the poor and homeless turning crapping homes into castles with paid utilities. The poor and homeless called him ” The King of HUD “.

    However, occasionally he charged certain expenditures on his papyrus charge card.

    The Sanhedrin (Prez Young, LargASSe and King of Pay to Play) hearing of the news called for Bordelon, self professed King of HUD, to be crucified before the Council of Clowns and finally Pontius Pierson.

    Pontius Pierson washes his hands and says,” Why should we fire a man who is doing his job just because someone doesn’t like it. We have no reason to fire his man” .

    The Council is astounded and riotous and calls for Pontius Pierson to instead release LargASSe for responsibility for the Big Gray Elephant on Airline. Pontius responses saying, ” Release LargASSe”

    The Council audience then shouts , ” Crucify Pig Bordelon – crucify him – crucify him now “.

    Pontius Pierson in a twist shouts to the Council’s Board of HUD “Lets take a vote. And the results are a tie: three votes for, two against and three too chickenshit to vote due to political uncertainty”

    The Council audience grows angrier and shouts,” WTF, Pontius Pierson taking a vote is 2,000 yrs in the future”.

    Pontius finally says,” You’re correct, but let it be on your hands not mine “.

  4. What a couple of douche bags. But I’ve seen this mentality up close and personal. The JP hacks don’t shun the likes of Porteous, Broussard, Coulon, Whitmer, Wilkinson, Baroni or Benge. They are welcomed back into the fold as if they were wronged. Same here with Bordelon and his two benefactors. It’s sickening.

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