DMR friends and family scandal day 49: Phil Bryant’s political cronies at DMR exact a human toll as well.

According to sources familiar with the tragedy that would be the suicide of Michaela Hill, Bill Walker’s secretary on August 18, 2012, weeks before the OIG issued their DMR friends and family preliminary report.  Those same sources indicate to Slabbed certain elements of Hill’s family harbor strong feelings toward her former boss, the reasons for which have since bubbled up on these pages along with the Topix Forums and the Sun Herald.

Phil Bryant is officially MIA.

7 thoughts on “DMR friends and family scandal day 49: Phil Bryant’s political cronies at DMR exact a human toll as well.”

  1. May Michaela Hill rest in peace.The family must be aware that the only reason that she is mentioned by people is because we want to see that what took place at DMR that may have contibuted to her taking her own life is exposed and the people involved in any illegal activity prosecuted.I have been told that her suicide occured at the Bolton Building where DMR has it’s office.Can anyone confirm this? If so why is there not one word of this tragedy anywhere to be found.I have seach my fingers bloody but have not located one single word in the traditional press. only on Slabbed and some comments in the Sunhearld by individuals.Also the call for Gov.Bryant to take action may be misdirected.Walker was first appointed Executive Director of the DMR by Gov. Musgrove in 1992.He was then reappointed by Gov.Barbour then Gov. Bryant.All reappointments have to be approved by the Ms.Senate and/or Ms.House of Rep.But the way I read the formation documentation only the members of the Commision on Marine Resources have the authority to fire the Executive Director. Even the posted flow chart on the DMR website shows that position under the Commisioners who fall under the Governor. The Commisioners would have to vote to fire Walker because once appointed he works at their pleasure and direction.That brings me to the next question.Look at the Commisioners,who they are and how very long they have served.So what did they know and how long did they know it? Did they approved of the bogus boat leases on vessels that based on the repairs were not even operable at the time of the lease agreement? Did they know about the “Marine Resource Foundation”? Did they know about the overpayment for useless low floodplain property, some for over a $1,000.000.per acre, from friends of some of the very people who sit on that Board.I think we need to ask people like Jimmy Taylor if he knew about 323 Front Beach Blv.or Rod and Reel Road for starters.I feel certain Phil Bryant did not know about this situation when he agreed to reappoint Walker at the urging of the DMR Board of Commisioners.I think it may be time to start looking for a guillotine builder. I will check on Angie’s List to see who may be available!

    1. Very well put regarding Mrs Hill.

      Regarding Bryant and I want to be fair. After Anita Lee’s excellent series of stories on the port, Gov Phil put on his Gov boots and paid a visit to the Port Authority in Gulfport. After he got done kicking ass he even stopped to pose for the camera wearing those boots. Heads have rolled and the man got his way. I didn’t agree with the outcome but I accepted it because Gov Phil wears big boy cowboy boots and I don’t.

      I imagine inside the DMR these days employee morale has to be dismal and I mean beyond those people like Walker and Shumate that are squarely looking at being hit with Federal charges. The Gov needs to exhibit some leadership and do some grandstanding for the cameras again to let everyone know he intends on restoring the public’s trust in DMR post haste. Somebody go fetch that man his Gov boots!

  2. I agree Gov.Bryant can effect the situation but I think it is odd that the Board Walker serves has been totally silent.They have the ability and the authority to make the needed changes at the top.I will never believe they did not know or approve of the actions of the DMR staff.I hope someone stands up soon and declares enough already.I personally think they are waiting for Pickering or the Feds to send the demand/target letters to Walker,Shumate an others.And what about the YMCA Board(s) allowing David Harris to take assets from the Y and start YADA with them. How did that happen? Who voted/agreed to it? How many YMCA past and present Board members were aware of how the donation program was operated by Harris?Who is going to be penalize for bogus donation values by the IRS?This is more tangled than a hair ball exiting the rear end of my chow chow! I feel certain already that most of the records for all of these Harris non-profits were destroyed by a strong low tide at the YADA headquarters under the resturant building at Harbor Landing.There are a lot of people who have answers to these question who should come foward before they are forced to by the FEDS. Katrina, BP,Harris, Walker and John Does A,B,C,D,E,F,G,…… All disasters that have hit the Coast in recent years.

  3. I think the problem is that they are all trying to figure a way out of this. If you notice, Walker’s right hand man, Joe Zeigler and his brother-in-law, Billy Hewes, has not been mentioned in any of this. In my opinion, That is just two of the political parasites that have had many rides on those boats (yachts). The people that are going to come up in this investigation are people with money and power and clout. They are fighting to find a way out of this and that is why the Gov is stalling for time for them. After all, they were his supporters and he will need money to run again next go around.
    Just think, Billy Hewes will have free reign when he becomes Mayor of Gulfport….and people are really stupid enough to vote for him….even after all of this is done and over with. But, he and his tricky brother-in-law, Zeigler, will probably slip right out of this. And this also involves some Louisiana “buddies”. I hope these investigators are bulldogs and don’t stop.
    You are right….the DMR Commissioners could fire Walker…but you have to get a majority to do it, but you don’t know which ones are sticking by Walker because they are involved in this . So, there you have it!

  4. WOW. This fisherman is given the run-around by the Walker and company. They resort to bringing up Vietnamesse fisherman to try to anger him and make him look bad. Walker says he answered a call from the fisherman than later says he disagrees with him when directly asked if the man calle him. They laugh the man out the room later. They say he doesn’t make sense and he calls them out just for the jerks they were to him. Get rid of the entire board.

    1. The fisherman is asking for a voice in the process and the board can’t comprehend that a voice in matters directly impacting him is not only reasonable but necessary to solving the issues the fisherman faces. The woman is insulted by the board when they tell her that “smart people” are I charge of the program. Next he tells her she wants to stay on the BP payroll. Than it gets worse. They didn’t want to close down the waters after the spill to seafood harvesting and tried to enrage the people who were asking questions. Than they insulted them. Than they would not address the issues the people brought up. Very, very poor way to run a meeting. If they are so smart why do they not know how to run a meeting. We are not the rich people who get all the money. A fisherman can’t get no help from them but the rich people got millions. No wonder they didn’t want us on the board. We work for a living and don’t lie and steal.

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