9 thoughts on “And you’re outta there!”

  1. AWH … two big federal retirement checks on top of the Micelli Magnolia Liquor fortune … look out Fred, this couple has the $$$ to get back on your ass if they choose to … it’s about the spin for you people anyway …

  2. It appears there are still folks in the US Attorney’s office talking to reporters. Letten wasn’t done “done in” by his friends–he demise was his own doing.

    1. Welcome back Jack. I’m ready to gain a deeper understanding into the mechanics of Team Letten.

      Curious as to your opinion for how long the new guy will be around. It took Obama 2 years to fill the positions in Mississippi. Landrieu OTOH is fast tracking her choices to Obama’s desk. I think Dana is in there for at least 16 months.

      They have lots of vacancies to fill on Camp St.

  3. “You’re outta there” – SlabbedNation’s seasoned Umps, Prez and Sock, with great prophetic vision called them all out at home plate months ago.

    Hopefully USA Team under Coach Dana will play Gorilla Ball ( LSU in 1990’s), start swinging for the fences and not play anymore preferential small ball . If he’s successful in reaping revenge and defeats Team Heebe he could get a long term contract to permanently keep local Team Elephants in da’ cellar.

    Kinda’ early for base-a-ball but I’d like to throw the first pitch out and give a yell out to Coach Dana and Team USA, “Play Ball”.

  4. Jack: I agree the “Virginian” lawman, being from out of town, should probably stay forever but will he be happy with the local setting or will he grow frustrated as past AUSA with Eastern District federal judges and local political morals.

    Maybe our cajun creole cuisine will at least keep his belly satiated.

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