About these Kenner Mayor Mike Yenni text messages Slabbed keeps bringing up

Jingle, jangle, jingle. Here comes Mr. Bingle. With another message from Kris Kringle!

The rumors have been out there for years folks, that Kenner mayor Mike Yenni has a special friend from his days at Jesuit. Before I get to that though we need to hop into the Wayback Machine, setting the dial for July 8, 2010 for this Drew Broach/Mary Sparacello story:

The FBI is trying to determine whether Mike Yenni’s personal text messages ended up in the hands of his political opponent when Yenni was Kenner’s chief administrative officer and preparing to run for mayor of the city, according to sources familiar with the inquiry.

Kenner administration officials, speaking on the condition of anonymity, said they already suspect that the top two employees in the city’s Information Technology Department used City Hall’s computer servers to covertly download Yenni’s text messages on at least two occasions, once in December and once in January. The officials described the acts as a violation of city policy, although the employees’ attorney said monitoring text messages and e-mail traffic was an authorized function of their jobs.

But the federal investigation is focused on whether the pair gave Yenni’s messages to individuals outside City Hall, including Jefferson Parish Councilman Louis Congemi, who also was preparing to run for mayor and perhaps could have used the messages for political gain.

I do not know what the FBI found but I can vouch for the fact these messages went to people outside City Hall and they finally made it to my inbox via Patricia, who gets a huge hat tip as we continue:

Sources close to Yenni said they first grew suspicious in mid-January, when they said Congemi approached at least two Yenni supporters with word that he had seen highly embarrassing e-mail messages sent by Yenni. Congemi described the information as “devastating” to Yenni and voiced a desire for Yenni to know about the leak, one source said.


There is another way to look at this too as these text messages would also be considered prime blackmail material that could compromise Hiz Honner but I am happy to say it appears we share the same goal as this snippet from Mr Yenni’s campaign website explains:

Ensure all City operations are transparent

We’re the transparency blog and the reality here is every text message that was sent to or from any city issued cell phone is a public record under Louisiana Public Record Laws.  Here is the rub as Mayor Yenni tells Slabbed it was his personal cell phone that was hacked and this in turn puts a new light on this deal.  The new light is these are not City of Kenner exchange server emails sent from hiz honner’s smartphone but SMS text messages from his personal smartphone.

This point of the post would normally be the part where I would publish said text messages but as I indicated above I contacted Mayor Yenni for comment, sharing with him the picture I was sent and he categorically denied those were original text messages sent from his cellphone.  He further told me since this matter went before a federal grand jury he would be contacting the FBI and I can confirm the FBI took his call seriously.

There has been all manner of behind the scenes activity here at the proverbial Do Slabb Inn and the pace quickened when I teased everyone with documents that I will now never publish.  Never before however, has the level of chatter been this great and over the past month I got the distinct feeling I was being leaked information straight out of the “legal department” of the Super 8 Motel on Clearview Parkway. So the story goes, after the former Goatherder in Chief copped his plea to using Nova Scotia Enterprises LLC as a conduit from bribery and lost his law license he spent weeks cleaning out his office leaking a career’s worth of dirt to anyone that happened by.  You hear it once and think, that makes sense (the cleaning out his office part) but the dishing dirt? That’s not Broussard’s style.

So Patricia and I set about authenticating those text messages I was sent.  First she was told to say former Kenner Mayor/Jefferson Parish Councilman Louis Congemi was the source.  Then she told me that Aaron Broussard had cleaned out his law office at the Super 8 Motel….you heard that part. And then she finally was able to identify the source of the text messages, a name I’m not mentioning today due to the fact the FBI is taking this very seriously.  Patricia is an artist, a free spirit and she wears her emotions on her sleeve at times but she is incapable of deceit or guile.  She is also vulnerable because she is literally existing on the razors edge of homelessness.  I fear dark Goatherderian forces tried to exploit that.  Allow me to explain.

Those two former city technology officials that hacked Yenni’s cell phone happen to be Louis Congemi’s ex-wife and her current hubby.  Multiple sources tell Slabbed the ex and her hubby are on very good terms with Congemi.  Congemi in turn is closely allied with the former Goatherder in chief.  We know from the reporting it was Congemi that approached Yenni through a third party and given the social context it is a fair assumption Congemi got those text messages from his ex wife.  According to local lore the message logs have been shown around but my due diligence on this matter indicated that the documents I received traced straight back to the original players to the phone hacking.

Now maybe I’m being paranoid but Broussard’s business agents at Nova Scotia Enterprises, Libel tourists Charles Leary and Vaughn Perret filed another SLAPP suit against me in Nova Scotia and later that day I am leaked documents purporting to show Yenni setting up a tryst with a former classmate from Jesuit.  Congemi and Yenni are political rivals to boot.  Given the fact set it should come as no surprise that both the Wino and ‘Gate told me without even seeing the text messages that I was being set up by the former Goatherder in chief and frankly I must agree that bad ol’ Aaron is being a very naughty boy.

Our readers may remember that immediately after copping a plea Broussard made a mockery of the process outside the Federal Courthouse in New Orleans so this comes as no surprise.  You see folks I continue to dig up bones so that the former Goatherder in chief’s expurgation of a lifetime of criminal misdeeds is complete and total. But what I’m not is a vigilante and this brings us to part two of this series of post as Henry Mouton gets a phone call.

4 thoughts on “About these Kenner Mayor Mike Yenni text messages Slabbed keeps bringing up”

  1. Holy Hack Job, Leaking Lizards, Snap Da’ Trap and SLAPP Yo’ Ass – Batman, dis’ been supa’ serious.

    Calling Car ” USA Dana” – Calling Car ” USA Dana ” – come in – mo’ felonies in progress po’ ceed to da’ Bat Cave fo’ yo’ instructions

  2. i am so lost. if the texts were hacked, they are authentic. if the FBI is taking this seriously, they are authentic. the FBI is not in the business of reputation protection. they do not look into whether the national enquirer photo shopped images of kirstie alley’s head on another woman’s body, nor would they respond to complaints that my enemy made up defamatory text messages in my name. the ONLY way, to my knowledge, the FBI would get take my complaint seriously, as you suggested they have, is if i authenticated the text messages.

    having said all that, i’m glad you chose not to publish the messages. yenni didn’t use his gov’t cell phone, this didn’t involve an abuse of office, he’s taken no homophobic public positions, etc., and so publishing them would seem to me to have more to do with the business of personal destruction than any legitimate purpose or business…..

    1. Assuming facts not in evidence DS. Based on what I was furnished there is no way to determine the authenticity of the message log. Yenni disputed it so there is no way to know.

      The FBIs interest derives from the fact that certain people are evidently morons. Hacking is illegal. Altering a doc and passing it off as a hacked phone log is something else entirely different.

      Nice try though.

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