They have a way of making enemies everywhere: Charles Leary and Vaughn Perret threaten a Canadian Journalist

Fake press releases? This folks can only be the work of SLAPP happy nut jobs doing the bidding of their corrupt business associates:

—– Original Message —–
From: foodvacation Canada
To: Timothy Gillespie
Sent: Wednesday, September 14, 2011 11:45 PM
Subject: Re: slabbed


The “press release” issued by Trout Point Lodge today didn’t really go out to the news media.

It was only sent to one email address other than the one belonging to Trout Point: [email protected]

The slabbed blog has now published it in full a few hours after it was sent to you. This was a test to see if you were conspiring with Mr. Handshoe.

We are frankly once again shocked by your behaviour and doubly over by your hatefulness and bigotry. We thought of you as a friend in the local community.

You will be hearing from us again, using public and civil methods rather than the anonymous, underhanded, and cowardly ones you have used.


Now that Mr Gillespie has failed to knuckle under to their predatory tactics he is now termed a conspirator in Charles Leary and Vaughn Perret latest SLAPP happy screed but folks the jackassery from the Trout Point Lodge duo only gets worse.

—– Original Message —–
From: foodvacation Canada
To: Timothy Gillespie
Sent: Thursday, September 15, 2011 9:43 AM
Subject: Notice

Timothy Gillespie:

You have failed to retract false statements of facts in your Shelburne County Today publications. Taking them down did not equal retraction and/or apology. We have the original publications saved.

We are putting you on notice not to destroy any documents or electronic information relevant to your publications about Trout Point Lodge, Vaughn Perret, and/or Charles Leary as well as your communications with Doug Handshoe, any persons you know to be publishing on the blog, anything you have sent to “slabbed,” and/or communications to and from Joyce Case-Harlow.

To understand what electronic information is, you may consult the Nova Scotia Civil Procedure Rules, Rule16 to be found online at: It includes emails, voice mails, and online messages.

We also advise you of our intention to take action against in a civil law suit in the Supreme Court of Nova Scotia. We advise you to seek legal counsel, and would also like to know if you or your legal counsel will accept service of a Notice of Action.

Charles Leary & Vaughn Perret
Trout Point Lodge, Limited

Such an unhealthy fixation these Goatherders have with Slabbed and the US Citziens that commented thereto. A clear pattern of abuse these Nova Scotia Enterprises associates of self admitted felon Aaron Broussard are perpetrating.

To be continued.

3 thoughts on “They have a way of making enemies everywhere: Charles Leary and Vaughn Perret threaten a Canadian Journalist”

  1. When the media gets “test” press releases that is news itself. Any member of the media who receives such “test” press releases are well within their rights to make it the story. I would hope anyone involved in this matter would understand this without having to resort to a Judge telling them. They should further understand that when one sues others those persons have a right to legal notice of such suits as defined by the law, legal representation, investigative actions to defend themselves etc etc etc. Those activities listed are not conspiracy actions but the basis of our legal system. To try to pervert the rights given by our Government and Constitution by such baseless legal proceedings are infact a waste of the Judges time. Couching it in a flag of potical correctness only makes it more obvious that the matter has no legal basis and is merely an appeal to emotion.

    There is a reason lady justice wears a blind fold. The most reaching part of the claim made to date is that Slabbed is operating a blog in Canada. Nope. Alternative New Media for the Gulf South is what the blog does. Defending baseless claims by US citizens who live in Spain and Canada are not operating a business in another country. It is defending the blog from baseless claims by US citizens.

    All items in the lawsuit which claim to demonstrate the blog was operating in another region are infact all responses to false claims made by the accusers. Defend yourself and you will be drug to a forgein nation to answer for your free speech you American. You just have to take whatever we claim about you in silense and any attempt to defend yourself will result in your being punished up here in Canada. Yea right. Anyone who reports on our actions will be subject to our legal filings which we prepare ourselves, so we will make you pay.

  2. i recently found your blog (during tranny-gate). i’ve enjoyed reading it and hope you beat this lawsuit on 1st amendment and jurisdictional grounds.

    i hadn’t paid attn to the broussard scandal before tranny gate or much after (I don’t live in Jeff Parish, don’t know the players and just took for granted that it was corrupt). i think i’m pretty much caught up now. I was predisposed to dislike these guys (Perrett and Vaughn) for their litigiousness but having read this exchange I actually find their story quite compelling.

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