I fear innocent people are fixing to get hurt…..

By people that claim to be good government activists indulging personal vendettas.

I mention this because there has been a document dump that is being partially circulated through out Jefferson Parish including what could be evidence of criminal activity. Please leave the investigation to the authorities folks because if an innocent person gets hurt I’ll be naming names.

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      1. I have way more rights (by merely being BORN) than may be designated by a corrupt government, church or society. It is BEYOND their scope of knowledge & JURISDICTION.

        1. That is not the question I asked. You and your friend have dragged innocent people into this. I hope the jollies you got were worth it.

  1. We still have the right to free speech. If others are allowed to use that against anyone who uses free speech, then shame on everyone who stands by and lets it happen! It is a basic right given to us by (1)God and (2) our Constitution. Shame on anyone who puts a law to stop that in place otherwise.
    You have to have people who will accept this information for it to become law. Surely, no one with any good common sense will adhere to such and consider it mutterings of either an extremely far right nutcase or a senile old soul??

    1. This has nothing to do with free speech and everything to do with spoilating evidence of possible crimes.

    2. From the looks of it, Stanley, as an attorney dedicated to cutting away the corruption aka State activity, I much rather the “mutterings” of a so-called far right nutcase” than the sell-outs we once knew as liberals.

  2. LAW….”MAN’S LAW” contradicts that which is NATURAL & LOGICAL & THAT, is what has this world in such disarray; environmentally, spiritually, holistically.

  3. EVIDENCE..?? There is more than enough evidence within the content of this blog & readily available on the WORLD WIDE WEB to LYNCH Whitmer & Wilkinson, RAY NAGIN, CONNICK. & MUST I GO ON?
    WHERE ARE THEY & their PIGGIE Families?
    Livin large & laughin! & snortin

  4. My name is Patricia Fay Fournet Hunter Andrepont Baker Fournet & my take on MARRIAGE & LIFE in general is :
    “There’s NO NEED to involve the authorities”.

    1. They’re already involved. You’re the one that is late to this party. You and your friend that are off acting like FBI agents that is.

    2. And by the way given the way this has been handled I’m ready to out your playtime FBI agent partner.

      1. Well stated Steve.

        Vic, Mike Yenni’s text messages or at least documents that purport to be Mike Yenni’s text messages have been leaked to several people including Patricia and myself. Other documents have also been circulating in certain circles, snippets of which have been leaked to me through Patricia. I can not verify their authenticity so I will not run them and frankly if they indicate what I’ve been told they indicate then they need to go to the FBI In Total. I fear the evidence has been spoilated which in turn makes my blood boil.

        The same person that is using Patricia to leak these documents has also called and harassed one of the defendants that has plead guilty. It is an understatement to say the actions of this person are, at best, very ill conceived.

        I’ve heard word three different ways about what is going on so it is a fair assumption this is not a secret in Kenner political circles. Last time someone played with Mike Yenni’s personal text messages Louis Congemi got an invite to the federal grand jury. Patricia may be judgment proof but the person that I think is playing her isn’t.

          1. I know sweet. You can slap me in the face later but I am showing you love right now. 🙂

            I’m leaving the other comment in moderation as I really don’t want to name names here. It is out on the street for anyone so interested.

            And to think Garlandfill and Payola radio again no less!!! Leaving this on the cutting room floor hurts. Bad. Real bad.

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