I fear innocent people are fixing to get hurt…..

By people that claim to be good government activists indulging personal vendettas.

I mention this because there has been a document dump that is being partially circulated through out Jefferson Parish including what could be evidence of criminal activity. Please leave the investigation to the authorities folks because if an innocent person gets hurt I’ll be naming names.

Repost: You have the Right to Free Speech

Ok its no secret that I follow and have followed Slabbed.org and in reading a recent post that led me to a TP link that had another link (yea, link after link, but follow me here) to U.S. District Judge Kurt Engelhardt recent order of November 26, 2012 with regard to certain people posting on the TP web site on cases that they had knowledge of or were involved in.

Now with that being said, I can see the problem that presents itself; and while I have internal disagreements as to the 1st amendment issues involved; I can fully understand and agree I do not want a prosecutor or defense attorney, nor law enforcement trying a case via the press or blogs.

Where I have a problem with Judge Engelhardt’s order is his further pontificating (on Page 17) on who has 1st amendment right and what other parties that should refrain from such conduct. Judge Engelhardt states; “the undersigned commented on the inappropriateness and impropriety of persons engaged in certain professions, such as lawyers, government employees and other public sector workers, and persons who handle sensitive/confidential information, for instance, in posting unprofessional opinions, unauthorized comments, or even some factual statements hidden behind the mask of an online alias regarding matters related to their professions or employment.”

Unless I miss reading the statement, he is not limiting this prohibition to just the DOJ and parties involved in the current case. He would remove the right to express ones opinion to all who work for any agency of the state, county or local government. Continue reading……..