Small town Mississippi rocked to the core

Click here for a very good overview of the social science behind the type of financial fraud highlighted below via WLOX. I’m personally curious as to the rationalization. The following story makes clear the motive aka the unshareable need was keeping up with the Jones, behavior I personally find imbecilic. Both have school age children which makes this a bigger tragedy. – The News for South Mississippi

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  1. This is sad; but really small peanuts compared to the DMR conspiracy. Any new news on that disgrace?

    1. The rumor mill has been going full tilt on DMR. My own opinion is at least 2 people are going to end up in prison and deservedly so. That said 2 is at least 12 people too few but US Attorneys down South seem to always stop short. We’ll see.

  2. Sunhearld has DMR on the front page this Sunday morning.I guess this is the next leg down .The description and details of what went on and continues to go on with this boat leasing scam is down right incredible.This will be proven to be as illegal as the land scam.And to add further insult we see the same players as the Cedar Point scandel starting to emerge.Frank Palazzo was part owner of a certain property at 323 Front Beach that sold to DMR for a greatly inflated price.This property is identified as the “Reynolds Property” has a very low elavation an is a natural drainway an is less than an acre in size commanded almost $1,000,000.00! After collecting the insurance monies from Katrina the owners tried to sell the property for a while with no takers. Again this property is very low an in a V zone for construction an insurance purposes.No value to anyone except DMR. I guess they Cedar Point gang has gotten back together and continues to relieve the taxpayers of monies needed for legitimate projects.Something must be done to stop the looting.

    1. Now we know why the coverup. Congressman Palazzo’s daddy was in the friends and family program. This comes as no surprise.

      I’m taking today for myself but I’ll have something on today’s latest developments.

      To the extent Mayor Connie Moran seems to serve as Harris’ promoter at the City of Ocean Springs I wonder how she fits in here?

  3. Yes, this is the same Tom Reynolds Sr. Of course what is shown is the entity that involved him, Frank Palazzo and David Harris. The LLC was canceled after a legal fight over how to divide the DMR money between the LLC members which was resolved before going to court. The word is that Palazzo got over $250,000. from the sale to DMR of 323 Front Beach as his part.

  4. As these documents were coming out I was genuinely surprised that I didn’t see any names I recognized from Palazzo fundraisers. But there he is daddy Palazzo himself.

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