Small town Mississippi rocked to the core

Click here for a very good overview of the social science behind the type of financial fraud highlighted below via WLOX. I’m personally curious as to the rationalization. The following story makes clear the motive aka the unshareable need was keeping up with the Jones, behavior I personally find imbecilic. Both have school age children which makes this a bigger tragedy. – The News for South Mississippi

WWL TeeVee reported last night Jan Mann DID NOT resign……

And this folks is a stunning turn of events given that every media outlet reported she went out with her former boss Jim Letten.

I bet these are interesting times indeed on Camp Street. There has to be a reason Mann is staying because I can’t imagine she is very popular with the gang given her misrepresentations in two high profile cases cost her boss his job. Whatever the reason it looks to be the act of a completely selfish person from the outside looking in.

Meantime a reader caught this John Simerman story on a 10 year sentence given Mitchell Marks for perjury.