There are few people in this world that are as free spirited as Patricia

Everyone that reads this blog certainly knows our own Patricia, creator of photoshop parodies of local politicians that know no equal.

And as is more common than many of our readers might think, she is homeless.

The weather is turning nasty and she is running out of options. I offered to run a plea for help days ago. While Patricia has a very free spirit she has also been largely self sufficient so she turned me down. Her permission for me to run this post means she feels like she is out of options.

To paraphrase Scotty, Damnit Jim I’m a CPA not a social worker but I’m thinking there are people out there reading this in greater NOLA that can help get her out of the french quarter area park where she has been sleeping of late.

I can facilitate contact via comment on this post or via email to me. Thanks.

11 thoughts on “There are few people in this world that are as free spirited as Patricia”

  1. I forgot to mention in the post that she does have vintage vinyl LPs collection and she is willing to sell them all to raise money for you folks that still like LPs.

  2. SlabbedNation:If you have ever enjoyed Patricia’s parodies, have respect for an intelligent and an independent American who refuses to take government entitlements and who just needs a hand up in this screwed up economy now is the time to show some support so her Christmas will not be so burdensome.

    1. The response has been excellent Lockem. The Slabbed Nation is taking care of its own. I could not be prouder of our readers than I am right now.

  3. Doug: Perfect Word to give a hat-tip to He who said similar words 2,000 yrs. ago I suspected the SlabbedNation would come together for one of its own family. Thanks to Doug and everyone whose responded.

    Patricia: Hang in there its Christmas and things will get better. Trust and Faith. Arod this foggy night sends his wise barrister advice to maintain a “stiff upper lip and graciously allow your friends to help and hopes to be able to help you in the future”.

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