7 thoughts on “Slabbed takes the Roger Goodell bounty challenge as we begin our own bounty program: Is Goodell in the Canal Street Madam’s black book?

  1. jr

    not seeing that at all. goodell has been a martinet especially in matters of off the field conduct. he has a cute younger wife to boot.

  2. lockemuptight

    If his name was in the Book and if Giget was a true Saints’ fan she should violate her pledge of anonymity of the client list.

    NOLA could then have a real sadomasochistic tool to sensuously vibrate Goodell on the Bounty negotiations table, stimulating him to have some favorable fantasy thoughts and thereby possibly bringing Goodell’s irrational, prejudicial mind to climax producing a spontaneous ejection of justice upon the Black and Gold.

    Personally though we should all wake up as this sounds like a 350 lb lineman’s wet dream.

  3. Curious

    C’mon. Saints were doing something illegal and they got caught. Stop blaming the big bad guy who caught them. Some sports fans are children.

    1. Doug Handshoe

      This topic is one of those that unless you are a tweep, you’re not on the inside of the joke.

      In all seriousness, Vilma is fighting for his last 4 game checks as his career is likely done after this season. Check back for an update when his appeal is decided.


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