24 thoughts on “WDSU is reporting Jim Letten has scheduled a presser to announce his resignation.”

    1. Word is Heebe is fixing to out a third employee. Speculation is centering on Jan Mann’s hubby Jim Mann.

      The Wino is saying if that is true, then Heebe is still holding a hole card.

    2. Me too, but I did not get the same response you did. The real problem is who replaces Letten. The next U.S. Attorney should be someone from outside of La. with no political ties here, but we all know Mary Landrieu won’t do that.

      1. After reading Mitch ‘half-moon’ Landrieu’s remarks about him getting together with Barry and Mary to decide about THEIR choice you know we’re fucked already. There are 13 Parishes that comprise the EDLA who says the next person has to be from Orleans or Jefferson Parish or Louisiana for that matter…

    1. I have heard that rumor, was given a name and am sworn to secrecy. It does not take much of a leap to Jim Mann. That 4th name OTOH…..

  1. How can Jan Mann still be in that office? She completely lacks integrity and her presence in that office only causes more disruption and taints pending investigations.

    1. It defies the imagination. Rumor mill holds the big guy in DC personally asked for her resignation.

  2. Jan and Jim Mann leaving. Dana Boente is very familiar with New Orleans corruption as he lead Bill Jefferson trial and conviction. The 4th person’s name is now everywhere. He will be resigning shortly

  3. Would that be Fred Harper … the Broussard insider whom Jan Mann found it necessary to vouch for his integrity !!!

  4. The real problem is (also) the legal system itself does not afford proper checks and balances on prosecutors.
    From the linked yale law journal article which examines the reason why existing profefssional responsibility measures cannot protect againt prosecutorial misconduct. The legal team for River Birch is exposing this issue in a manner which could result in changes on a national level. Very good read which also gives a chilling historic account of how the New Orleans District Attorney

    1. Actually, Steve, the better solution is to eliminate that feudal bullshit embraced by “conservatives” and “progressives” alike of “sovereign immunity” (and corollaries like those found in our own Revised Statutes TItle 9 and elsewhere) and allow litigants to pursue both the government and the thugs. A few choice damage awards would dampen prosecutorial ardour for enabling the ongoing destruction of liberties (“no thank you, get another hitman to do your dity work”) when the errant thugs end up working for the innocent they helped railroad.

      The Yalies’ solution laughingly resembles the old “solve the problem with more doses of the same.”

      One might argue deprivation of the union card is a “solution,” which is of course meaningless to the victim, but then look around, isn’t it odd that the thugs end up with a golden pillow landing somewhere? Doesn’t one tire of seeing this sort laughing their way to the bank when all is said and done?

  5. Just a WAG, really– he came to mind because Lemann accused him of submitting a false affidavit (October 2011) in which Kennedy swore he knew of no prosecutorial misconduct, despite the fact Magner had communicated his suspicions about Sal to Kennedy directly. Kennedy would have had a reason to bury that info if he too had been involved.

    1. That Kennedy lied in Court pleadings is a fact; whether he commented along with his fellow miscreants is a matter of conjecture.

  6. Yes, exactly, pure conjecture. The third name, Jim Mann, was reported yesterday in a Paul Murphy story (WWL), but that paragraph was withdrawn by last night… and this was it (“One more shoe could drop in Letten’s office before the end of the year. Jan Mann’s husband Jim, who also serves an [sic] an Assistant U.S. Attorney is also implicated by some in the posting scandal and may soon face a defamation lawsuit of his own”).

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