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  1. The Obama Administration will take Sen. Landrieu’s suggestions and politely file them in the proverbial spam filter. The Obama Administration is going to place their own team in the US Attorneys office for the foreseeable future. The media continually get it wrong when they think that Landrieu and Obama are close or that Obama really cherishes Mary Landrieu’s input on anything. The Obama administration likes loyalty which is something Mary Landrieu doesn’t bring to the table. If the media would ever actually report on their relationship they would clearly see that Virginia is going to sweep out most of the dead weight in the US Attorneys office. I suspect that we will see no less than 15 to 20 new US Attorneys in the EDLA from out of state and a significant shakeup in the staff.

    #teamheebe has officially opened up pandora’s box for local political players. Anyone want to wager on when the black book is now made public because the old guard isn’t there to protect that from being sealed now.

    1. They keep including Kim Boyles on the short list to irritate ‘Gate. 😉

      I’ll take a Goatherdian position and say I’m sticking by the post I did until proven wrong and none of my names were in Alpert’s story.

  2. They are going to be waiting a very long time before they get the appointment. It will take at least 15 months before we see an appointment and if the Boente carries a white hat then he could be here through Obama’s term.

  3. Pardon my ignorance, but all I see as “criminal” issues facing Mann (or Perricone) are possibly related to DOJ ethics protocols, as some sort of mal/mis-feasance: But absent demonstable violation of grand jury or court ordered gag rule, I see nothing other than a P/R fiasco, or possible (POSSIBLE) tort…..although not libel if not untrue! I not aware of any allegations of gag violations; only the Heebe SLAPP suit has been juxtaposed to “inappropriate” online comments in the press at large.
    Someone should tell “freddy the freeloader” that P/R only works to influence the simple-minded and is not generally good defence to solid evidence. Methinks groundwork is being laid for a bought & Paid for Judge to be brought in as a “ringer”. Cornered rats are vicious fighters!

    1. Read Judge Engelhardt’s order in the Archie Kaufman case. The Judge seems to think they lied to him under oath and judging from the transcripts contained in that order I must say it looks bad for them.

  4. Pres: I second your comments on the USA reserves coming in and doing the complete job on all pending political indictments/investigations before a permanent replacement is selected.

    Lets have another 1990’s Houston type wipeout and removal of many of these Turd World Politicos.

    Concerning the Black Book, that’s why I commented earlier that Judge Engelhardt should be careful what he prays for in his voluminous 50 page Order cause of the rumor mill that he may have been involved in Vitter’s foibles as his campaign manager. However, there just maybe some democrat local politicos in the Book that might object strongly to opening the Book which Honorable Judge Le’Melon says is already open..

  5. Welcome to Slabbed Dana Boente. It just so happens you and the owner of Slabbed have A LOT in common.

    1- Dana Boente specialized in tax fraud. Doug Handshoe is a CPA who loves investigative work.

    2- Dana Boente had a link to a financial group on LinkedIn which studies economic crimes. Doug
    Handshoe has a blog which studies economic crimes and tries to place the crime in context
    to various economic theories(especially behavioral economics) to help the audience understand
    the impact crime has upon the economic structures of society.

    3- When I went to Mr. Boentes LinkedIn site this morning I noted he had membership in the below



    Kind of a strange thing when the work Slabbed is doing online mirrors the exact profile of the
    person sent down here to address issues. Which came first. The chicken or the egg?
    IE did the reporting on slabbed cause issues to be addressed in the Metro New Orleans
    area which then are being handled by the DOJ out of DC? It seems strange that the
    person who runs this blog and the lawyer send down to address legal issues mirror each
    other in interest so much. We have an opportunity here to clean up some of the multigenerational
    crime issues which have resulted in a near collaspe in economic expansion beyond
    the petro-chemical and river based industy in the region. Texas used their energy sector
    to attract and expand their economic base. Louisiana has not had that happen. I suggest
    the reason nobody wants to locate business in Louisiana is because of public corruption.

    Obama and his administration have picked the right man to come here. If we can get enough
    people to come forward with the help he needs to wipe out of crime problem it might work.
    Then someone will need to serve as a watch dog going forward.

    Leary and Perrett have served to attract needed attention to Slabbed and its issues. For this we should all be grateful. But they are now entering into legal cases directly related to River Birch. Given the nature of their past suits discovery patterns. It would behoove a new person to become familiar with the people who engage in such suits. They now are trying to dig into the case which involves the very reason the DOJ brought a new man down here. This couldn’t be more news worthy if John Grishman wrote the plot.

    1. Umm..I’m a little confused here. Are you implying that the person who runs this blog is actually Mr. Boente & not Doug Handshoe? Or that they are one in the same?

      1. Steve is clearly excited Stacey. He understands something that has not yet entered into the public mind. I well understand the same thing (thanks to Steve who is an internet sleuth extraordinaire).

        I’ll put on my Carnac hat and predict that those of you that liked Jim Letten will really like Mr. Boente.

        Gone are the days when citizens that want the cesspool drained are termed “fender lizards”. In are the days where following the money and unraveling complex financial transactions will be the rule of the day.

        To the extent that is exactly what Slabbed New Media has done, the reason for Steve’s excitement should be clear to everyone.

        I think Team Letten stopped short on the evidence they gathered in USA v Broussard, way short in fact. I’m not going to be patronizing and say “if you knew what I knew” because all the leads are either on these pages or in the Broussard documents I examined during the Slabbed New Media Jefferson Parish PRR project, documents which the good guys also possess.

        You’ll never clean up the politics until you clean up the dishonest businessmen(women) that are willing to come out of pocket to bribe them in order to get business. I think even Henry Mencken 1951 understood that.

        Given what happened after Public Intrgrity took over the Heebe investigation, I think the first step the new team will take will be to undertake a comprehensive review of all the evidence and leads gathered in the cases they inherit. This is a good thing IMHO.

        1. Yes and no, Doug. I’m not enthralled if a prosecutor bags his scalps on “tax evasion,” given as you are aware the “nuances” in tax law. If this a Capone-means to and end, I’ll hold my nose. However, there’s more than sufficient direct acts of fraud with fed funds w/o the need for oblique attack.

          1. I think there is an international money laundering component here that has been missed. If he hangs tax evasion charges I’ll hold my nose too but I do not think where that is going.

  6. Maybe so, Doug. But first Steve lists all the things that you and Boente have done that are the same. He lists some things he found doing internet searches that are almost identical between you two and calls them “strange” twice. It seems to me that he is implying that you and Mr. Boente are one and the same.

      1. Over on NOLA.com Sandy Rosenthal comment on this revealed her as a hypocrite.

        This Jim Letten implosion has revealed splits in the community I never imagined were there ‘Gate including people that say they want an end to corruption that are evidently also willing to sacrifice our Bill of Rights and Constitution in the process.

        Slabbed is about the search for the truth wherever it may lead. Sometimes the truth causes some people’s wiring to short circuit and we’re seeing it in spades these days.

          1. “The practice of abusing online forums such as nola.com’s comment section is widespread. The practice of hiding one’s identity and defaming another is entrenched. It needs to be exposed, but not at the expense of a good and competent man.”


            The same woman that has made a living crying about CoE employees disagreeing with her scapegoating of them in comments to NOLA.com stories now gives Jim Letten a pass.

            As someone that is actively fighting to ensure everyone’s constitutional rights under the first amendment are preserved I found Sandy’s remarks patently offense.

          2. Thank you, Doug, a point that few apparently want to understand. The usual thought pattern is “my gang, good; your gang, bad.”

  7. Letten should have been taken away in HANDCUFFS!
    How many of Team Letten’s cases are tainted?
    ALL of THEM.

    “Make no mistake: I stand here before you… with enormous, unabashed pride in everything we’ve accomplished and in the tremendous successes we’ve forged over the years,” Letten said.



  8. TOP Ten Things Overheard in Jim Letten’s Office

    10) What’s that sticky stuff all over your laptop?
    9) Do NOT go in the bathroom, Fred Heebe was just in there
    8) Turn around & bend over
    7) NOT YOU JAN!
    6) If you show me your online moniker, I’ll show you mine
    5) Random sounds of sniveling & sobbing
    4) Does this power suit make my ass look FAT
    3) Pass the Ketchup
    2) OINK!
    AND THE #1 Thing overheard in Letten’s office ~ DRUM ROLL PLEASE

    1) How do you spell “LOL”?

  9. Wonder if the new DOJ man will bring in the forensic financial investigation team along with him when he cranks up the office?

    The FAU was established in March 2009 to support all FBI investigative matters requiring a forensic financial investigation. The FAU provides oversight of the forensic accountant (FoA) and financial analyst (FA) programs, ensuring that the FBI

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