Because I’m in the mood to talk a bit of smack with the shattered remnants of the Goatherder Nation

Yes, you guys.  I think I’ve maybe shown 10% of the stuff I have here on Slabbed.

Today I publish a piece of hate mail I received on May 28, 2011, right around the time Charles Leary obtained, via perjured affidavit in the Fox 8 case, a court order in Canada which was used to invade the privacy of 3 Slabbed commenters. “Painful hell of legal entanglement soon to come” Gee I wonder who wrote that?  Click the pic to get the full 3 page PDF chock full of Goatherderian jackassery.

Next up. Charles Leary’s enemies are everywhere as Trout Point Lodge, in a fit of paranoia, issues a fake press release and threatens a Canadian journalist.

17 thoughts on “Because I’m in the mood to talk a bit of smack with the shattered remnants of the Goatherder Nation”

  1. gee whiz. one would assume living a pastoral lifestyle in the wilds of nova scotia would keep one tranquil.

      1. you should change your handle to “Douglas K. Handshoe, CPA Wiggins, MS”. …trout point this time of year must be like the overlook hotel in the shining. too much solitude will drive a person(s) insane.

          1. Doug, I think Shining is a little too strong and the letter writers would have been committed by now if that was the case.

            Instead, I correct my first impression of the letter from being a menstrual period, emotional outburst to a more probable post menopausal rage considering the ages.


            Watch this similar temporary insanity situation created when one PMS force meets another PMS headon and see if this parallels the letter:


  2. Hell, maybe you caught attention of the ethically-challenged one at the Southern Law Poverty Con.

    1. They are talking about Ashton and his racism problem doing the mix and match thing as is their wont. It doesn’t take a linguistic expert to notice the similarities between the letter I received anonymously from them and the screed they sent Tim Gillespie early this year that I linked above.

      1. I was being glib (in part, of course since a whizz from the Poverty Law Pimp would truly mark you as one of the Truly Arrived!)

        You might rethink use of a linguistic expert. He’d have good cause for emotional distress once he read both pieces of goatherding crap side by side.

  3. What is funny is the broadbrush font selected as if to make the letter more emphatic, but in effect prevents same by making it difficult to read and therefore to understand .

    It reads like a letter written under the influence or during a menstrual period in which there is no flow of related thoughts in related paragraphs, but like a poorly prepared gumbo is over seasoned with irrational emotional outbursts.

    I did not see any closing script like “sincerely yours or yours truly” nor any signatures.

    So much for Letter Writing 101. Grade : F-

  4. Santa, please let Timothy Gillespie have a new blog entry posted soon and please let it be even more hilarious than puppies, bogeymen and yellow rhino. Your friend, Incroyable.

  5. “What is funny” is the letter is implying that everything you are publishing is inconsequential while citing specific items you’ve published that could only have come from someone who reads Slabbed with conviction. That is too rich.

    1. They became avid readers in January 2010. I have the site visits documented for posteriety. 🙂

  6. XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX Hey SOP! I know i’ve been away for awhile BUT when I do check in – no matter when it is – there’s always something to comment on. First, regarding this HATE LETTER, the moron who wrote it – and I use the term “moron” loosely – obviously reads SLABBED enough to keep on reading it….IF IT’S SO BAD WHY THE LOYALTY? SECOND, DIGLOUS,DIUGLIS (moron’s spelling) I’m a hick too and damn proud of it! THIRD, i’ve never seen anything falsely written on SLABBED….SLABBED CALLS IT LIKE IT IS AND IF REALITY IS TOO MUCH FOR THOSE GUILTY OF PUBLISHED MISDEEDS, STRAIGHTEN UP AND DO RIGHT….it’s not that difficult. FINALLY, I know that you welcome all comments, SOP, even “hate mail.” Oh yeah, why didn’t moron sign his/her name to their letter? They have all your info…..only seems fair doesn’t it? And let’s not forget all the bad names and innuendos leveled at SLABBED readers – like myself – sticks and stones may break my bones but WORDS WILL NEVER HURT ME AND THANK GOD I LIVE IN A WORLD WHERE FREEDOM OF SPEECH EXISTS AND I’LL GLADLY PUBLISH MY NAME:

    (Tampa, FL) 🙂

    1. Shirley welcome back dear and great to have you comment with us today. 🙂

      There is so much more to this story and I can’t wait to share it all. I’ll add the more eyes that are on this the better IMHO.

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