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After almost 5 years I’m very proud of what an ordinary group of people responding online to an extraordinary natural disaster have been able to accomplish. To the extent Slabbed was literally born in the parking lot of the Cracker Barrel at intersection of Highway 49 and Interstate 59 in Hattiesburg the Slabbed Nation sure has come a long way.

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I am hearing word that Mark Titus’ motion to have the additional charges against him dismissed has been denied (Updated)

We await the court order or Manuel’s reporting on same, whichever comes first.  You newbies that want to know what the heck I am talking about should run “Titus” through the search box on the right.


We’re going to nickname Manuel, Johnny on the spot as he has put out two stories on this topic, the last one being a comprehensive update that is well worth the read.

“It’s only Brady material if they know about it”: Context key in understanding actions of rogue Assistant US Attorneys in Jim Letten’s office

… should not go unnoticed that Letten, Perricone, Mann, Kennedy and Coman all learned how to prosecute under the tutelage of the justifiably-maligned Harry Connick. The excoriating opinions from the U.S. Supreme Court, which primarily address Connick’s office’s mishandling of Brady materials, are reflective of a “win at all costs” approach. It’s not as if Letten and his posse were able to purge themselves of the manner in which they were trained to prosecute cases when they advanced to the US Attorney’s office.

Sockpuppet’s comment pairs nicely with the quote in the post title from an alumnus of former Orleans Parish DA Harry Connick’s office quoting what used to be a common banter between the prosecutors there. After yesterday’s events related to the Perricone disaster a reader email finally prompted me to finish this post as his non-lawyerly observations were astute:

This US Attorneys office is starting to look like Harry Connick (is) at the USAO Your commentors may have hit on something….whats the old HR term? Train the trainers. Lets see the ends justify the means…

Yep defines our times. Niccolo Machiavelli’ is alive and well and living here in New Orleans and working as an Assistant US Attorney General.

I think it is clear, given all the revelations and related chatter of more dirty laundry to come, the ghost of Harry Connick is very much alive and well down on Camp Street. I mention all this because the prosecutorial misconduct chickens continue to come home to roost for Team Connick as Times Picayune pundit James Varney recently explained: Continue reading ““It’s only Brady material if they know about it”: Context key in understanding actions of rogue Assistant US Attorneys in Jim Letten’s office”