The case of the skeeting lawyer ends prematurely as Magness cops a plea

As John Simerman explains in comments to his piece on the case of doughnut glazed dress over at Judy Barrasso’s shop, the Louisiana Legislature needs to get on the stick to tweak and massage that section of the Louisiana criminal code dealing with public sex acts.

In event the sticky wicket Keith Magness found himself is nearing a complete resolution, with only the ODC left hanging.

8 thoughts on “The case of the skeeting lawyer ends prematurely as Magness cops a plea”

  1. The article also mentions the DNA report shows three men’s semen on the chair and the “victim” refused to take the stand to back up her allegations. Seems like there’s more to this story that initially led on to me.

    1. If I’m not mistaken, this was the first mention of multiple men’s semen. This caught me by surprise. There is video of Magness being caught in mid-whack, but where did the other semen cum from? What exactly was going on in that chair?

    2. Nope, nothing else there, why don’t you read the article again now that the reporter has corrected his misleading statements? There wasn’t semen from three men, there was semen from one man and DNA from the skin cells of two other people, probably the victim and whoever had the chair before her.

      You’ll also notice the story no longer has the “refused to testify” sentence because that was also false. You can’t “refuse to testify” or else you’ll go to jail.

    1. Clearly leakage, but from whom and under what circumstances? If there is more to this story, hopefully someone will get spunky and cum here and enlighten the rest of us.

  2. CSI needs to check the underside of the chair for the initials CSB.

    Chair could have been purchased at auction when the Canal St. Brothel went bust (” it always seem to circle back to Gidget”) hat-tip to Doug.

    1. Again, the DNA of 3 people on an office chair used since the firm opened in 2006 isn’t a mystery. It had touch/skin cell DNA from two people (probably the victim and whoever else used the chair before her) and the guy’s semen. The article has since been corrected to make it clear that there was not semen from 3 different people.

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