Monday Links: The implosion at Jim Letten’s hastens

Lots of good stuff this afternoon from NOLA’s JP beat team.  First up is Manuel Torres and his piece on the problems with Jefferson Parish procurement that features the Citizens for Good Government.  Next, Drew Broach gave us a hat tip in his piece on Jefferson Parish Councilman Chris Roberts being sued for a business loan on his Quizno’s. I thought that was nice.

Next up is the ghost of Ronald Bodenheimer continues to haunt the court system as Paul Purpura covers a case of outrageous prosecutorial misconduct by Bodenheimer when he was still a prosecutor in Mamou’s office involving a capital murder that landed Manuel Ortiz on Angola’s death row.

Jim Letten is the news gift that keeps on giving as the crash and burn of his office has attracted the attention of the New York Times Editorial Board, who are calling for an independent counsel to investigate the prosecutorial misconduct in his office. This editorial comes exactly one day before Letten admits in a letter to Judge Hayden Head that Jan Mann fibbed earlier in USA v Broussard regarding the online activity in his office and manned up that Jan was indeed “eweman”.  Next up, who is Martyfed?

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  1. Oh yea … could you have imagined … another Landrieu continues the family pig trough tradition without a lump … Maurice “the muncher” Landrieu is a done deal … you know I want to be wrong, but my gut is churning …

    ” … The Times urged Attorney General Eric Holder to “make that appointment immediately and show that the department has the will to discipline rogue lawyers in its ranks.”

    New York Times says independent counsel should investigate leaks from Letten’s Office

  2. The way I see it ‘Gate, and particularly after having a ‘Moon Pie’ thrown in my face blinding me with 1/2 Moon’s wife appointed as the 5th Circuit Clerk of Court ( I thought she is a resident of Orleans Parish ?), you’re probably going to be proven right. Blind I can be at times, but not naive.

  3. Anyone (no matter where you fall in this matter), who cannot see the lay of the land at this juncture, is either deaf, dumb and/or blind. Letten has chosen that being blind at this moment in time might save his sorry self… he apparently can’t see his ass from a hole in the ground.

  4. The author of martyfed is the same author as campstblue, legacyusa, Mencken, dramatis. I’d bet the farm on it. I’d borrow money to bet on it. That’s a lead pipe cinch, according to my research. But, one puzzle is– who is “marty”? All the other elements of all the other handles seem pretty clear in their reference.

    I assume the “fed” is short for “federal”, but who does “marty” refer to?

    1. Oyster, I think ‘Gate had a comment about this previously. Doesn’t look like either Perricone or Mann could be the culprit ?

      Q. Okay. What about

    1. Re Feldman: that’s the only Marty I can think of also, but Sal HATED federal judges. So it’s hard to imagine him assuming the name for that reason, and I’m also convinced martyfed = Sal. I’m puzzled. –muspench

        1. Welcome here Muspench. I’ve enjoyed your commentary on NOLA.

          Somewhere in the back of my mind I think both Judge Marty and Sal share work in the post 9-11 national security areas of their respective branches of government. Very possible they got to know each other from that connection.

          1. Trust me … they’re confederates … and GretnaMentality is a common denominator … you never saw the names of of LETTEN, the MANNS, PERRICONE, KENNEDY, COMEN, LANDRIEU, and/or HARPER mentioned in the Impeachment Proceedings against the reprobate of reprobates, TOM PORTEOUS !!!

          2. Have you really? Good heavens, that’s like an attaboy from God, in all seriousness. Thank you, Doug! You guys are the experts I refer to, and it’s very nice to meet you all. :) I agree Judge Feldman’s a character, and re the national security connection I’ll start viewing items as they come to me with that in mind.

            Sal always gave the impression of planning his next visit to a bar within the next 8 hours, at the latest, and I remember when I visited that vanished Smith & Wollensky on Poydras years ago, Judge Feldman’s name was inscribed on a tiny golden plaque affixed to one of the barstools (which broke me up completely). So some connection of that nature wouldn’t be out of the question either.

            P.S. Thank you very much, Sock Puppet– I’m afraid the only thing we share is our fashion sense, but that’s much appreciated. :)

            1. Why thank you Muspench, I never viewed myself on the level of the almighty but will happily accept the endorsement.

  5. Congratulations Doug. Its hard for those so directly impacted by a cultural problem to see clearly the impact it has upon their lives. Slabbed is changing the long standing problems of open public corruption which has plagued Lousiana for generations. I have seen every form of manipulation used by the purveyors of public corruption in South Louisiana used to try to side track slabbed from its mission of being a beacon of light for the public. Keep the light shining.

  6. Certainly I am not alone with Slabbed followers in seeing firsthand the fulfillment of the quip attributed to Kurfursten Otto von Bismarck: Je weniger die Leute dar

  7. Good evening to the Slabbed community. At my last comment here, due to unwanted / unfortunate controversy, I wrote that I HOPE that I don’t post anything here again. I’ve never felt unwelcome; I visit ALL THE TIME; and of course, is A-okay in my book :). But, I couldn’t resist an inclination to have my say about Letten’s office and da judge who appeared to take Letten’s office to task. The following is my two and a half cents:

    The U.S. Attorney

      1. State court justice indeed is laughable; and its clerk of court, Dale Atkins more dangerous than Jim Letten. Yet, there are worse kinds of things that happen to certain people aside from matters of justice. (Arod is not the only one with horror experiences from that 500 Poydras Street federal hell house.)

        1. Lawgrace, is that because Dale’s general work habit is that of absence from her office in her lawfirm and in her elected office? Astounding to never have seen her at either one on any occasion, especially as the two were sepaated by about two thousand feet at most.

          1. Sorry for taking so long to reply guys. (I probably need a comment alert or something.) The primary reason(s) why Atkins is so loathsome to me is because she STEERS newly-filed lawsuits to the judges of Atkins’ choice-despite that new lawsuits should be randomly allotted. The other reason is because Atkins facilitates unlawful “removal” of state law cases to federal even when “Notices of Removal” might contain language as asinine as “Ring Around the Rosie,” and certainly not language consistent with removal statutes. Worse, often the plaintiff only learns of such removals well after the fact –in some instances, 12(b)(6) dismissals are granted in Federal Court (in instances when people were Katrina-displaced), which meant they were forced to appellate procedures despite their cases never should have been in federal court in the first place –and which meant that pro se plaintiffs which did all they could to learn State law, had added burdens to learn federal laws, including a federal brief.

            If not those issues, thanks to Atkins, unlawful, unfair removal of cases for pro se litigants who study hard to prepare for prosecuting their causes in state court, unjustly become burdened with needing to learn Federal Rules of Civil Procedure –and need to contend with federal judges who allow “motions” to sit w/o hearings for months, aside from various other sorts of procedural unfairness prejudicial to pro se litigants.

            Indeed, it is better to have a lawyer, but when minorities can’t afford lawyers, they should not be barred from justice due to being pro se. Federal Court is merciless, and overall designed to prevent justice, especially when adversaries are large corporations –and Atkins is extremely helpful1

            Atkins also conveniently lost / damaged mortgage flies and records pertaining to untold numbers of false commercial and residential real estate! Recall: “The Big Crash” @ Humid Beings Because of Atkins dirty property titles will remain scrambled, falsified property conveyances undiscovered, and so on.

            I would venture to say that New Orleans’ violence, murders, apathy, substance and alcohol abuses –and just about everything else that’s wrong and evil, is connected to Dale N. Atkins. I would feel more safe around either Bodenheimer or Porteous than Atkins.


    Jim Letten’s admission provides opening for Aaron Broussard, Tom Wilkinson
    By Drew Broach, | The Times-Picayune
    on December 04, 2012 at 7:46 PM, updated December 04, 2012 at 9:05 PM

    Some sage advice from Whitmer’s attorney Pat Fanning:

    “If you file a motion to withdraw your plea, you may or may not be successful,” Fanning said. “And if you do win, be careful what you ask for.”

    … “You might be worse off,” Fanning said. “There’s something to be said for getting it over with.”


    River Birch probe defendants to face off with prosecutors in another legal round

    By Manuel Torres, | The Times-Picayune.
    on December 04, 2012 at 7:01 PM, updated December 04, 2012 at 9:10 PM

    Opinions abound, as we read:

    “Titus’ attorney, Jimmy Ardoin, said Tuesday that the government can’t unilaterally decide his client breached the plea deal. Only a federal judge could decide that, Ardoin said, and prosecutors never sought that affirmation from the court.”

    “Attorney Shaun Clarke, a former federal prosecutor, said the law supports the government’s arguments, but it will be up to Berrigan to decide.”

    NOW WTF IS THIS ABOUT Judge Berrigan ?

    “… Fazzio’s recent motion seeking the recusal of prosecutor Greg Kennedy is not scheduled for a hearing until Dec. 19, two days after the trial is set to start.


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