Let’s drill down on the OIG report on DMR’s friends and family program to expose fatal flaws in the appraisals obtained by the Bay Waveland School District in the Bay Tech Building Scandal

Let’s use some excerpts of the OIG report on DMR’s land acquisitions to illustrate why the taxpayer paid appraisals obtained by the Bay Waveland School Board as cover for their friends and family program are not worth the paper they are written on. First up we need to know what the OIG auditors did and they well explain it:

You see folks, the auditors may have had specific information that DMR Director Bill Walker and his assistant Tina Shumate were looting the program for their personal gain but going in blank they would have noticed a ton of red flags. Preliminary procedures would include comparing the real estate valuations (appraisals) against tax roll appraised values. Drilling down into the appraisal report themselves for those transactions that had large variances would include evaluating the appraiser’s work product against professional standards in the field. The OIG was kind enough to identify for us 15 requirements and best practices and summarize how each DMR transaction failed at least 4 of those 15 best practices/requirements:

Slabbed covered the Bay Tech Building Appraisal used to set the valuation for the second sale from School Board Attorney Ronnie Artigues’ friends Gerald Rigsby and Lloyd Nicaud, who did not yet own the building when he ordered the appraisal on behalf of the School District on May 4, 2012.  Of course, given the relationships I’d submit at least 3 of the above best practices as proscribed by “Uniform Appraisal Standards for Federal Land Acquisitions” (UASFLA) in requirements A, E, and M (possibly I as well) shown above in the OIG table on the DMR land acquisitions were violated.  It was these appraisals School Board Attorney Atrigues waved around for the folks at the Sea Coast Echo, valuations which the DMR scandal illustrates as worthless.  Despite the fact, at the school board November meeting the School Board authorized payment to Global Valuations for the worthless appraisal, after previously improperly discussing it in executive session well before this scandal broke.  My personal experience is friends and family programs can only exist where there is no transparency and it did not take me long to figure out the Bay Waveland School Board likes to conduct almost all the public’s business behind closed doors.  Lest I digress as here is what the OIG had to say in the DMR report regarding requirement E, inadequate investigation of consideration of sales history:

Finally I hope it is not lost on anyone that appraisal used in the Bay tech Building swindle, Global Valuation Services, Inc. also appeared in the DMR OIG report.

The taxpayers in Hancock County deserve far better from their school board and we need a clean slate and I openly invite the citizens of Waveland to take out their trash. Notably MIA is the local newspaper, you know the one that regularly excoriated Waveland Mayor Tommy Longo after Katrina for things like taking a long weekend in November 2005 to visit his displaced wife and children.

There are all manner of behind the scenes gyrations happening in this matter, none of which I can disclose at this juncture but there will be more – there always is in these type matters. Stay tuned.  Next up we examine a few of those DMR land buys.

Links to Slabbed’s previous coverage of this matter:

4 thoughts on “Let’s drill down on the OIG report on DMR’s friends and family program to expose fatal flaws in the appraisals obtained by the Bay Waveland School District in the Bay Tech Building Scandal”

  1. Great information to read and think about.I wonder if a file for each property exists that is available to the public? According to the DMR website all CIAP grants start with a request for consideration which is done by completing the standard form and supplying the requested information listed on the DMR checklist.This is then submitted for approval by someone at the agency.That would answer a lot of questions.Also I am curious why some properties are identified by the name of the seller like” Reynolds” and some are not like “Old Fort Bayou” The reason I ask is because without the seller’s name or an address you cannot find the location.Where is the “Old Fort Bayou” property located? The CIAP monies must be used in total compliance with the preset guidelines. If they are not all future funding is stopped until all issues are resolved or someone repays all inappropriate spending.I guess the taxpayers may have to pay twice for this mess to keep the future CIAP funds coming to Mississippi.

    1. The project names were coined by someone at DMR, likely when they opened their file on the project. Trying to trace the transactions with limited info is hard work. It should be lost on no one the State Auditor likely nabbed every such file which is likely why the Sun Herald is having a hard time with their PRRs.

      These records would also be available to the public via the Dept of the Interior though FOIA takes a while.

      That said it is possible to backdoor many of the properties, at least in Harrison County. For instance the 76 acres on the Wolf River, parcel ID 0408-07-002.004, can be title searched and back solved. 🙂

  2. I need to stop reading these stories because every time I read another one, I get physically ill. How can these people sleep at night? Who do they think they are….Gods? Do they think they have a different set of rules than the rest of us lower than dirt Taxpayers do? It is simply like I am in a nightmare reading about this. And to think people that were raised here in Mississippi could do this kind of thing to their fellow human beings.
    I say give them the worst punishment that you can give them. Every stinking one of them. They are already responsible for the death of one upstanding individual. They should be tried for murder too!

  3. How about recovering the money paid for all of these parcels of land from the crooks who created the fraud in the first place? We need to remind the US Attorney’s office to file for these reimbursements with each and every indictment. Otherwise through their error we will never see a dime of ill-gotten, fraudulent, corrupt and dishonest money go back into the tax payer’s coffers as has happen so often in the past. You asked how these people can sleep at night? The Street says you can see one of them in his truck at the O.S. harbor drinking himself into a stupor almost every night. Let’s hope the rest are spending equally miserable days and nights. And when you brag “I am a thief but will never be caught” it makes us all the more hopeful THIS TIME you will cough up OUR TAX MONEY!

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