8 thoughts on “Oh sweet Lord do I have an update on Vandenweghe v Jefferson Parish!”

    1. It started out as a triple threat match but with Satan’s sisters involved it is now a fatal 4 way.

      One day the story will be told and it is a doozie.

  1. Its the Great Race for the Truth

    That looks like Royal Hindass, TheRiot, arriving first with one of his General Counsel( with sword); followed closely by the arrival of attorney Truitt, in white, with AMV in red.

    After a few pie assaults the Evil Ones flee in the smoking black car with Truitt and AMV naturally in hot pursuit in white limo

    Tune in for the next sequel depo.

  2. I hear word that there are some interesting emails out there that might be discussed in depositions. Should be interesting to watch. Thanks for the update.

  3. Here’s JOHN YOUNG’S “tagline” on Facebook

    A Committed Parish President Who Fights Corruption and Knows How To Create Jobs.

    RIGHT…He needs to be COMMITTED. Send him to Pineville ~

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