Moooooving along it appears Boss Hogg may have his own “Beef Plant”

We have lots of relative newbies here on Slabbed and so I’d be remiss if I did not point out Slabbed was the Beef Plant blog back in the day, thus the post title, as economic development boondoggles are nothing new in Mississippi.  With the Solar pump in full swing I reckon it is no surprise the MDA flushed $26 million taxpayer dollars down the toilet up Senatobia way on a Solar plant that never produced a single solar panel. At best this is the type of MDA incompetence that makes you want to grab a pitchfork and head to Jackson and at worst, well in the Beef Plant case things got far worse.

Since we’ve covered economic development boondoggles literally across the entire North American continent, I reckon Slabbed will follow this one too.

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