Let’s chat about the next LAED US Attorney

A reader sent me a snippet from John Maginnis’ newsletter Louisiana Politics Weekly which discusses a short list of rumored candidates to replace Jim Letten. Here is that excerpt:

Several political sources say the short list includes: Sen. Karen Carter Peterson, Clerk of Civil District Court Dale Atkins, Judge Keva Landrum-Johnson and attorneys Kim Boyle and Ken Polite.

Yawn…….Oh yeah, here is an informed take that drills down a bit deeper into the matter:

The only person on that list that has a chance to be appointed is Polite, although he is young. He is from the USA’s office but not in the USA’s office. And he must be very close to Judge Brian Jackson (see Liskow & Lewis connection) who would have had the job, but for the Landrieu/Letten politics. Jackson is very close to Holder, so if Main Justice is pushing Polite then it comes from that camp, and not Landrieu.

If Landrieu is given the call, look for Tanya Tetlow who is a professor at Loyola with USA experience. Landrieu will be absolutely be pushing a woman, black or white, for the job.

My best guess on this though is that it will be Brian Jackson. This was the job he wanted from the minute Obama was first elected, and there was much acrimony between DC and Landrieu in keeping Letten rather than going with Jackson. Holder had hand picked his close friend Jackson for the job. Now who would give up a Federal Judgeship for the USA job? Well that involves the motivation of Jackson, and how much he wanted the USA job, and not the consolation job of Judge in a District he did not live in.

Other than that, the others are just self-promoting, like Charles Rice does, but have no chance of appointment. Carter-Peterson for example is simply positioning to be the head democrat in the state, and what really is going there is her political battle with Landrieu for Statewide recognition.

My reader needs to go into the newsletter business IMHO. 😉

12 thoughts on “Let’s chat about the next LAED US Attorney”

  1. Oh fuck! You know what I just overheard having lunch on the Westbank in the heart of Gretna Mentality ? That either Paul Connick, Jr. or Ike Spears is gonna be appointed the next US Attorney. Say it at so Barry.

  2. That would require someone to breathe life into the corpse of Paul Connick, who is presumed missing and dead. As for Ike Spears – not a shot! Let’s not forget ole Ike’s wife was impersonating a City Court judge while she was living on Knob Hill.

    1. Carpe..you nailed it.. Paul Connick Jr. is way past comatose…it would require quite a few defibrillators to bring him back into a conscious state…he manages to endorse the back of his Jefferson Parish paycheck each month but other than that…no evidence he is with us anymore….

    1. At the risk of being cynical, I trust she’s a Loyola grad; if you tell me Tulane, I have visions of her getting those state legislative “Tulane scholarships” which of course are among the prized benefits of being a member of the nomenklatura.

  3. While I am not a fan of this, from an appearance standpoint, I will tell you that Cheryl Quirk Landrieu has worked at the Louisiana Fifth Circuit since graduating from law school back in the late 1980’s. I would assume this is a logical step up for her and that she is well-qualified; however, if she and I were up for the same job, given my no-name last name (Angry), I would bet she would get the nod. That is why the appearance of stink is present in this.

    1. And the kicker is a 62% pay raise … $80 plus thousand salary as a law clerk ?!?!?! … now a a salary of $140 thousand plus … this is OBSCENE … the same incestuous politico mafioso giving us the “Moon” pie …

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