Social Media Rewind: Kenna Mayor Mike Yenni takes umbrage with Patricia on Facebook

Folks this Kenner politicians monument deal still has people talking and since hiz honner is still trying to defend what ‘Gate calls the indefensible we need to catch up and then highlight the latest as rumor holds Mayor Yenni is angry that Patricia’s artistic renderings of Kenner monument to its politicians are more popular with the public than his Great Wall of Felons going up in Kenner’s City Council Chambers so lets start off with some more of Patricia’s artistic renderings:

But alas Patricia is nowhere near alone marveling at the overstuffed egos populating Kenner City government as Times Picayune pundit Jarvis DeBerry explained before Thanksgiving:

Speaking of walls, perhaps it was the movie “Do the Right Thing” that inspired Kenner’s self adulation? You remember Buggin’ Out, don’t you? He was the customer at Sal’s Pizzeria who, after seeing all the 8×10 glossies of Italian Americans around him, demanded, “Sal, how come you ain’t got no brothers up on the wall here?” Sal responds by pulling out his Louisville Slugger.

The Kenner City Council has no Sal to petition, only itself. Can’t you just hear them: “How come we ain’t up on the wall here? Yeah, brother. Yeah, sister. How come?”

Kenner City Council member Michele Branigan hamming it up for the cameras after Hurricane Katrina

The unscientific poll included with DeBerry’s piece indicates only the politicians wanting to see their names engraved think this is a good idea but as we since found out never, ever try to get between Kenner politicians and the self-indulgence of their egos, despite the following protestation from councilwoman Michele Branigan:

“Council Chairwoman Michele Branigan said it’s a little ridiculous that some people have criticized the wall as an attempt by politicians to seek attention. Branigan argued that most of the city’s politicians shun the spotlight.

“Honestly, we’re not jumping in front of the photographer,” she said.”

Indeed Branigan does not appear to jump in front of photographers as she evidently favors kneeling and this brings us to that throw down between Mayor Yenni and Patricia but first another of her artistic renderings:

Indeed Mike we all love you to death. 😉

And Mayor Mike gets in a final word:


16 thoughts on “Social Media Rewind: Kenna Mayor Mike Yenni takes umbrage with Patricia on Facebook”

  1. Sticks & stone may break your bones but NAMES will never hurt me?
    What is this, 2nd grade?
    Is Yenni another Rhodes Scholar?
    Perhaps he learned that at politician’s camp?
    What a base minded simpleton & by the way….

  2. The utter disregard for the citizens of Kenner is just amazing. These self-centered and egotistical morons should and will be voted out in the next elections.

    1. I am glad to see the hard working city mayor of Kenner take time away from his busy schedule to demonstrate his mastery of elementary school yard politics. I wonder if telling the other kids back then who his mommy was stopped the ridicule of his childish behavior then too ?

  3. HOW TELLING is this?
    I confronted MR. MAYOR on the OPEN Thread via facebook
    & he replied using the personal message format
    then has the GALL to CALL me a COWARD?

  4. how about no naming anything paid with public funds after former or current elected officials. also, none of this bs alrio center jive either (naming after alario’s dad who never did anything of note.)

  5. Patricia : Dat ol’ Chameleon of Political Names be reading da’ wisdom and artistry of da’ SlabbedNation – Dats flattering bro’

    GOOD EVENING YOU BIG ELUSIVE MIKE YETTI IN DAT TURD WORLD OF KENYA – You blogging on da’ parish time, huh. Betta’ not let DaRiot and da’ Banana get ya’ doe

    I happen to done been in favor of da’ wall Mr.Yetti as long as it done been written da’ names of who dat honorable POS’s were indicted, for what criminal act/s and da’ time served along wit da’ color pics of dem’ infamous’ genital liquor shots on da’ Council Pres from da’ Jersey Shore boys – Done better leave lotta’ room under Lil’ Napoleon’s name doe

    How bout’ naming da’ wall – Who Dat POS Wall – and done plez built it close to da’ old Saints’ Museum where dat fake JP paralegal, Ken Trahan, be da’ MC over da’ Saints’ induction ceremonies.

    Don’t ya’ dare touch dat dial Yetti, moe artistry to come at 10 PM

    1. The Honorable Mike Yenni
      The Honorable Michele Branigan
      The Honorable Joe Stagni

      The Honorable BEN ZAHN.
      Is dat boy a ET?

      They are like a gang of gremlins.

      Self-absorbed reprobates who should be picking up litter or delivering hot meals to the elderly …
      SOMETHING…ANYTHING …of merit…

      I cringe every time they get together in a room & now they playin on the internet?
      GAWD…Someone get them away from electronics & heavy MACHINERY.

  6. Patricia: NO Patricia, dem gremlins need to read da’ SlabbedNation’s wisdom, artistry and opinions to dig dere’ arrogant heads out of dere’ rectums. Let dem’ have dere’ Wall of POS’s what we done needed is——-

    As da’ SlabbedNation in da’ Parish dis’ Mardi Gras is a parade like in NOLA where we done satirize and roast dem’.

    Grand Marshalls – Da’ M& M Sistas riding in da’ pur’ white Caddie wit’ dere’ bullet proof bubble top;

    Float No. 1: Da’ 4G Terlit Float wit’ da’ “King of Pay to Play” aboard throwing out rubber piles of campaign deposits;

    Float No. 2: Da’ Grey Elephant on Airline Float wit’ contractor Calderara throwing $100 dollar bills and LargASSe pointin ‘and sayin’,” Hearing no opposition, den pay dat man now”;

    Float No.3: Lil’ Napoleon waving aboard his Good Sh*t Lolly Poop as it hits reef AMV, wit’ his Fruit da’ Loom showing scandalous skid marks and is sinking;

    Float No.5: Da’ Heebe – Jeebie – Sneedie – Ward Dump Float wit’ bags of $$$$$ along wit’ bags of garbage, toxic wastes and George Peterson holding his nose and Garlandfill wit’ a sign on his ass sayin’ “NOLA’s News Leader”;etc.

    Parade to start at Yenn?i Elmwood wit’ disbanding, indictment and instant incarceration at Camp/Poydras St.

    So Doug, Patricia and me done built da’ floats but yo’ tink yo’ done get dat permit since yo’ up so tight wit’ da’ Administration

  7. Impending homelessness has me busy at the present
    although I am formulating an idea about Mayor YETI ~ Keep da Faith ~
    The world is due to end on December 21,
    but we still have Mardi Gras to look forward to in February.

  8. Yenni sends his framed pics to businesses, then sends a “spy” in a few days later, to make sure it’s still up. One restaurant in particular, Mr.Ed’s, had the picture displayed & several people went in there & left because they didn’t want to eat & see Yenni’s head shot.
    So, they took pic down…spy goes in & told them to hang it up. (WHY they do this?…I don’t know. intimidation.)
    The cook ends up smashing the picture with a cooking pot & when spy comes in again…
    Manager says…there was an “incident” .
    Picture was broken…

    Yenni sent another.

          1. The HUGE Waterhead photos of him are all over council chambers…
            I attended a meeting last week, where I was visually assaulted as soon as I walked in the door.
            Inside the meeting room, I saw TWO MORE EXACTLY THE SAME & 2 identical glamour shots of Michele Branigan hanging together in the same GROUP!

            Jeannie BLACK appeared to be severely intoxicated & voted for Joe Stagni TWICE.
            Not sure what was in Michele’s DIET COKE CAN?

            The vote was CONTINUALLY 7-0.

            Pay raise given to Folse woman, another unqualified for the position piggie appointed by John Young.
            It was a grotesque political circle jerk, full of self-aggrandizing narcissists.

            After Michele was referred to as “Madam President” for the FIFTIETH TIME….
            I had to to go vomit.

            Gawd Save Louisiana from the POLITICAL PIGGIES.

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